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Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Dance  > Chinese 
Top  > Business  > Shopping and Services  > General Merchandise 
  • The Round Table - Gifts for men including bar ware, flasks, games, cigar accessories, golf items, pub signs and more.
Top  > Business  > Shopping and Services  > Sports  > Triathlon 
  • - Offering triathlon equipment and gear with a focus on swimming, biking, running and nutrition.
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  • Podcast Pickle - Podcast and Vidcast focused community offering an extensive directory of Podcasts, user forums, and Podcast reviews.
Top  > Computers  > Software  > Freeware  > Internet  > Email 
  • Bluebottle - Offering free, spam-protected email with 250MB of storage, POP3 and web-based access and outgoing SMTP. Paid service levels are available with enhanced features.
Top  > Kids and Teens  > Society  > Biography 
  • - Searchable biographical dictionary of famous people from past to present.
Top  > Kids and Teens  > Society  > Organizations 
  • High-Tech Kids - Nonprofit organization promoting science and technology education for K-12 youth.
  • Clubs for Young People - Voluntary youth organization promotes involvement and enjoyment of the young people in various activities.
Top  > Kids and Teens  > Society  > Organizations  > Media 
  • Global Action Project - Information on programs and training to immerse the young people in media arts and leadership.
Top  > Kids and Teens  > Society  > Organizations  > Personal Development 
  • Camp Fire USA - Nonprofit youth organization established to promote youth development.
  • Inwood House - Features research and programs designed to provide guidance for delinquent teens.
Top  > Kids and Teens  > Society  > Organizations  > Personal Development  > Scouting 
  • Scout Movement - Contains information on activities and events of this global organization for the youth.
  • White Stag Leadership Development - Resource for information related to junior leadership training.
  • Scouts Canada - Nonprofit organization features short-term and long-term non-formal education programs for the youth.
Top  > Kids and Teens  > Society  > Volunteering and Service  > Community Service 
Top  > Recreation  > Aviation  > Aircraft  > Foot Launched  > Paragliding  > Schools and Instruction  > Europe 
  • SkyNomads - Offers cross-country paragliding training and guiding.
  • Super Sky Paragliding - Gives information on the company, paragliding school, vacations, flying sites, and contact details. Also contains a photo gallery and list of related links.
  • - Features information on tours for summer and for the winter, parashop, and paragliding in Bulgaria. Also contains a photo gallery and contact details.
  • Easy Fly Paragliding - Company specializing on construction and development of paragliding gears.
  • Minstral Paragliding - Information about training for different levels with the prices.
  • Paragliding School - Shows a picture gallery and informs about services offered and rates.
  • Paragliding Touch and Go - Information on flying school, tandem flights, products, flying sites, weather forecasts, contact details along with related links and news update.
  • Flying Paradise - Team of four persons offering paragliding courses and holidays.
  • ICNA Paragliding on Crete - Contains information about the team, on flying sites, holidays, accommodation, and contact details. Also contains a picture gallery and site maps.
  • Gardena Tandem Fly - Company that offers tandem flights in Dolomites.
  • Entrenuvols - Information about tandem flights, paragliding courses, paramotor training, gear shop, and the training team.
  • Fly Spain - Information about the company, on paragliding tuition, holidays, and courses, calendar of events, latest events, booking, and site map.
  • Fly Away Ecole de Parapente de Champoussin - Information on the training school, tandem flights, and on equipment, along with a photo gallery and related links.
  • Paragliding Gstaad - Information on a training school, tandem flights, and equipment shop.
  • Paragliding Passenger Flights in Switzerland - Gives information on passenger flights, flying areas, news update, and on Markus Heimberg. Also contains contact details and related links.
  • Smith Paragliding - Offers tandem flights over the Swiss Alps for both children and adults.
Top  > Recreation  > Aviation  > Aircraft  > Foot Launched  > Paragliding  > Schools and Instruction  > Europe  > France 
  • Adventure Extreme - Offers overseas paragliding courses and holidays.
  • Alpine Flying Centre - Information about paragliding training, thermalling and introductory mountain courses, fly guiding, and chalet accommodation.
  • Altore - Limited company specializing in training and support for outdoor sports, as well as sales of equipment.
  • Cumulus - Established in 1993 and offers quality courses in paragliding.
  • Chamonix-Parapente School of the Mont Blanc - Information on the school, courses offered, news update, photo gallery, and reservation details.
  • Paragliders Alpine Paradise - Contains photo gallery, related links, as well as information on the pilots, accommodation, reservations, and tandem flights.
  • Pegase Air Samoens - Information on flight courses, the school, news update, weather forecast, and gear shop.
  • Adventure and Travel - Information about flying sites, paragliding, skiing and snowboarding, and contact details.
Top  > Recreation  > Aviation  > Aircraft  > Foot Launched  > Paragliding  > Schools and Instruction  > Middle East 
  • Highline Air Tours - Offers tandem paragliding flights, aerial photos, banner display, single pilot transport and guiding, as well as paragliding equipment.
  • Flying in Israel - Contains forum, articles, video, photo gallery, pilot tips, as well as information on flying sites, paragliding schools, and equipment.
  • Shamaiim - Professional full-time paragliding operator offering services such as instruction, tandem flights, paramotor courses, equipment sale, and aerial promotion.
  • Sky Sports Paragliding - Information including tandem flights, training course, accommodation, contact details, weather forecasts, and bookings.
Top  > Recreation  > Aviation  > Aircraft  > Foot Launched  > Schools and Instruction 
  • Airtopia - Offers paragliding training and flying trips in Montenegro.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > NonSporting-Utility Group  > Tibetan Terrier 
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > NonSporting-Utility Group  > Tibetan Terrier  > Breeders 
  • Alilah Tibetan Terriers - Historical overview about the breed, including featured dogs, available puppies, stud team, links, and contact details.
  • Amaia Tibetan Terriers - Breeder's page containing recent news, photo gallery, featured dogs, breed overview, contacts, and links.
  • Amogasiddhi Tibetan Terriers - Background information about the breeder, plus featured male and female Terriers, litter updates, and related web rings.
  • Araki Tibetan Terriers - Presents historical information about the breed, including show gallery, puppy facts, pet page, and puppies for sale.
  • Baba Raja Dipankara - Page index presents breed standard, featured dogs, litter updates, available puppies, pictures, news update, and links.
  • Bambabibi Tibetan Terriers - Consists of breed overview, pedigree information, links, and related web rings.
  • Caerlaverock Tibetan Terriers - Home site presents links, champion dogs, breed overview, puppy facts, import services, and contact particulars.
  • caRo's Moppets - Facts about the breeder and the breed, affiliated clubs, pedigree information, photo gallery, and puppy updates.
  • Cedar Creek Tibetans - Breeder's information, including featured dogs, champion studs, and available puppies.
  • Christate Tibetan Terriers - Offers show team details, puppy facts, news update, links, and contact particulars.
  • Colledge Bearded Collies and Tibetan Terriers - Brief information about the breeder, that includes show details, and photos.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Vizsla 
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Vizsla  > Breeders 
  • Broad Run - Home page presents dog gallery, available puppies, news update, links, and contact particulars.
  • Chulak - Features planned litters, dog gallery, puppy inquiry, show results, health issues, photos, news, and resources.
  • Dirigo - Page contains historical overview about the breed, picture gallery, links, and contact facts.
  • Elver's Creek - Brief overview about the breed, including pedigree information, litter news, links, and featured articles.
  • Gonego's - Features dog pages, contact facts, and breeder's information.
  • HR Stalker - Breed description, pictures, and pedigree information are provided in this page.
  • Just Bird Dog Kennels - Kennel page presents show awards, training facts, boarding details, dog gallery, resources, and contact particulars.
  • Midan - Provides male and female Vizsla, upcoming litters, photo gallery, contact facts, and guest book entry.
  • Onpoint - News updates, photo gallery, breed information, and litter announcement are featured in this page.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Vizsla  > Clubs 
  • Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club - Gallery of upcoming events, plus contact details, rescue services, referrals, photos, and links.
  • Hungarian Vizsla Club of New South Wales - Home page presents breed information, standard facts, rescue dogs, show results, contact facts, merchandise, and links.
  • Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla Association - Provides association information, event calendar, show results, news update, and contact facts.
  • Rio Salado Vizsla Club - News update, calendar of events, breed history and standard, newsletter, and photo gallery are provided in this page.
  • South Louisiana Vizsla Club - Shows club information, featured activities, photo gallery, links, and rescue services.
  • Tampa Bay Vizsla Club - Club information includes upcoming events, show results, photo gallery, articles, links, and rescue services.
  • Vizsla Canada - Provides adoption information, breeder's directory, club details, event calendar, merchandise, show results, and links.
  • Vizsla Club of Central New England - Page contains club information, event calendar, rescue programs, breeder's list, links, and forum sites.
  • Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta - Page menu includes club information, monthly meetings, event calendar, photo gallery, rescue facts, articles, and references.
  • Vizsla Club of Michigan - Facts about Vizsla Club of Michigan, including news update, event calendar, services, photo gallery, featured dogs, and links.
  • Vizsla Club of Northern California - Shows membership details, contact facts, gallery, rescue services, event calendar, newsletter, articles, and puppies for sale.
  • Vizsla Club of the Carolinas - Displays club profile, meeting schedules, event calendar, breed overview, rescue services, links, and contact particulars.
  • The Vizsla Society of Ontario - Regional Vizsla breed club for Ontario, Canada. Features news update, event calendar, breed information, breeder's referrals, Vizsla rescue, contact facts, and links.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Vizsla  > Personal Pages 
  • Lester Young - Presents pet profile, photo gallery, links, and guest book entry.
  • World of Bama and Neo - Shares information and pictures of two Vizsla dogs named Bama and Neo.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Vizsla  > Rescues and Shelters 
  • Colorado / Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group - Group information includes success stories, adoption facts, rescue services, and resources.
  • North Texas Vizsla Rescue - Provides club information, adoption details, stories, links, and breed overview.
  • Vizsla Rescue Fund - Tax exempt non-profit corporation that provides services, club details, rescue stories, online database, links, and additional entries.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Weimaraner 
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Weimaraner  > Clubs 
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Weimaraner  > Personal Pages 
  • Mystical Shadows - Page contains stories, photos, dog profiles, show results, news, and articles related to the breed.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Weimaraner  > Rescues and Shelters 
  • Florida Weimaraner Rescue - Facts about the Florida Weimaraner Rescue group, including available dogs for adoption, links, and information sources.
  • Heartland Weimaraner Rescue - Presents adoption process, available dogs, rescue merchandise, news update, success stories, and upcoming events.
  • Michigan Weimaraner Rescue - Shows picture gallery, adoption application, available dogs, and links.
  • Northern California Weimaraner Rescue - Home page presents adoption details, available dogs, success stories, links, and contact particulars.
  • Tarheel Weimaraner Rescue - Pictures and descriptions of available dogs, adoption process, and contact information are presented in this page.
  • Tasairgid Weimaraners - Facts about Tasairgid Weimaraner breeders, plus photo album, breed guide, health issues, rescue services, and contact facts.
  • Weimaraner Rescue - Providing for the rescue, care, and adoption of lost, surrendered, and homeless Weimaraners. Also includes public education about the breed and responsible Weimaraner ownership.
  • Weimaraner Rescue of the South - All volunteer, non-profit organization devoted to finding loving homes for abandoned and displaced Weimaraners.
  • Wolf Creek Weimaraner Rescue - Facts about the rescue group, including adoption process, health issues, activities, and available dogs.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Toy Group  > Toy Fox Terrier 
  • Foxbriar - Information page about a Toy Fox Terrier named Foxbriar.
  • Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc - Detailed information about the club, that includes breed history, standard details, upcoming events, puppy facts, show page, links, and contact particulars.
  • Wilkins Toy Fox Terriers - Page contains male and female Terries, photo gallery, breeder's facts, and mailing list.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Toy Group  > Toy Fox Terrier  > Breeders 
  • Awesome Toy Fox Terriers - Presents breeder's information, dogs for sale, shipping details, health care, puppy facts, photo gallery, and contact particulars.
  • Davidson's Toy Fox Terriers - Gives historical information, personality overview about the breed, standards, and photo gallery.
  • Dynasty Toy Fox Terriers - Contains breeder's information, featured male and female Fox Terrier, available dogs, litter update, photo page, and links.
  • oxhill Toy Fox Terriers - Located in DuBois, PA.Breeder's page contains photo gallery, contact facts, and links.
  • Foxytoy Toy Fox Terriers - Describes available puppies, breed standard, picture gallery, and contact facts.
  • Haverman's Toy Fox Terriers - Information page containing breeds history and standard, picture gallery, contact facts, and additional resources.
  • La Isla Toy Fox Terriers - Home page presents dog gallery, links, breeder's information, and contact facts.
  • Olive Toy Fox Terriers - Brief overview about the breed, including available puppies, photo gallery, contact details, stud services, links, and mailing list.
  • Shangri-La Farm - Shows pet photos, available dogs, new puppies, affiliated organization, grooming, boarding, and caring tips, links, and contact facts.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors 
  • Amateur Radio Station N9OO - Features an online electric radio magazine index, magazine issue covers, articles, plus mods products.
  • Boatanchor FAQ - Contains facts and questions about vintage tube-type ham radio and communications equipment.
  • Boatanchors Amateur Radio Web Ring - Web ring that provides a collection of vintage amateur radio equipments.
  • Clegg 22'er - Showcases gallery of vintage 2m FM transceiver radio photos.
  • Electronic Schematics - Showcases a variety of electronic schematics, photos and project plans for hobbyists.
  • Geloso - Historical information about the works of John Geloso, which include photos of vintage radio equipments, and schematics.
  • Boat Anchor Manufacturers - Includes vintage ham radio product listings, with manufacturer and collectors information.
  • Micamold XTR-1 - Transmitter manufactured by the Micamold Radio Corporation. Includes thumbnail photos of the vintage equipment.
  • Morrow Radio - Home page of the first product lines of Morrow radio transmitters and receivers. Includes detailed facts and photos.
  • The Old Tube Radio Network - Voluntary association of people interested in the hobby of Citizen's Band radio. Provides information on the restoration, use and maintenance of Vacuum tube-type 11-meter CB radios.
  • RA17 - Information on the various valve types used in the Racal RA17 and 117 HF receivers.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Collins 
  • Collins compendium by VK3JQ/VK3KCM - Page dedicated to Collins amateur radio equipment and company in Australia.
  • Collins 204F-1 - Provides detailed information about the classic military unit, Collins 204F-1 power amplifier.
  • Collins KWS-1 and 75A4 - Includes thumbnail photos of Collins KWS-1 instruction manual, transmitter, and receiver.
  • Collins Radio Classics - Provides information on archive facts and resources about Collins radios, plus site overview about the virtual museum.
  • Collins Radio Photo Gallery - Features a virtual museum of Collins radios that contains pictures and model specifications.
  • Collins S-Line - Displays photos and descriptions of Collins S-Line radios.
  • Gold Dust Twins - Displays photo collection of 75A4 receiver and KWS-1 transmitter, which include personal opinion and commentary by author.
  • 51H-3 HF receiver - Information page about 51H-3 HF receiver, include old photos, and frequency details.
  • Jay Miller, KK5IM - Personal page of Jay Miller that offers vintage ham radio equipment information, photo gallery, radio publications, and links.
  • 30L-1 Linear Amplifier - Features 30L-1 specifications, circuitry, and photo information.
  • Lino Esposito's Collins Collection - Facts and features of the vintage Collins radio receivers by Lino Esposito.
  • R-390A Restorations - Contains services and resources in the restoration of R-390A receiver radios. Also includes latest updates, photo compilation, and featured rebuilding kits.
  • Ronnie Reams - Shows completed restoration photos of Collins, 312B5 control unit.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Drake 
  • Drake List - Provides Drake online database, with details on parts sources, service, and tips. Includes a web based forum, modifications, and links.
  • Drake Radio Photo Gallery - Showcases virtual museum of Drake radios, includes pictures, manuals, and historical information overview.
  • LA6OP - Sindre Torp - Collection of equipment made by Drake with detailed pictures, and site updates.
  • RL Drake 1A Receiver Photos - SSB Receiver page that includes photos of Drake 1A receiver's cabinet, chassis, front panel, and side panel without cover.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Scanning 
  • FCC-WTB Wireless Telecommunications Bureau - Handles all FCC domestic wireless telecommunications programs, policies, and outreach initiatives.
  • - Aircraft Frequencies - Information about air traffic control frequencies for scanners, live ATC, radio scanner and aviation information are presented in this site.
  • Live Scanner Broadcasts - Provides details about public safety information, live web cams, and scanner broadcasts.
  • Live Scanner Listeners Club - Broadcasts emergency, weather, and events information in a Yahoo!-based live scanner audio.
  • LivePoliceScan - Presents collection of live Police, fire and EMS scanner feeds in the United States and other countries.
  • Media Monitoring Guide - Listeners guide to TV, radio, and news scanner frequencies.
  • National Radio Data - Subscription-based provider of nationwide scanner frequencies, trunked frequencies, ham radio, and mass media for DXing.
  • PerCon Corporation - Frequency database company that provides FCC and FAA data products, latest news and archives, support information and ordering details.
  • Police Scanner Portal - Provides Police-scanner information, frequencies, live and recorded audio, and scanner related sites.
  • Radio Scanner Guide - Covers information on radio equipment reviews and recommendations, information for beginners, frequency guides, and scanning tips for enthusiasts.
  • Scanner Dweebs Radio Scanner Webring - Web ring that contains resources and materials for the radio scanner enthusiasts.
  • Scanner Recorder - Features Scanner Recorder software designed to record speech. Includes screen shot, and download details.
  • ScanShack - Home page dedicated to providing facts related to the hobby of radio scanning.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Scanning  > Brands and Models 
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Scanning  > Regional 
  • Radio Codes and Signals - Information site for scanner codes and signals, facts and questions about radio frequencies, and lists in United States and Canada.
  • Victorville, California Police and Fire Audio - Local police, fire, and other live emergency updates are provided by the RadioShack pro-97 triple trunk tracker.
  • Intercept Northwest - Contains bulletin boards, list of frequency information, message boards, and photos of various radio sites in the North West.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Scanning  > Regional  > Australia 
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Scanning  > Regional  > Canada 
  • Ontario Scanner Club - Yahoo!-based discussion site for scanning enthusiasts in Ontario.
  • - Provides online emergency services scanner feeds, storm chasing and free lance photography from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • ScanBC - British Columbia Scanning - British Columbia's online radio scanning community that provides frequency database, plus featured services in audio scanning.
  • Scanner Centre - Covers scanning information with the Canadian frequency guides.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Scanning  > Regional  > United States 
  • Oregon Live: Police Scanner - Details about Oregon Police live scan feeds, road reports, traffic cameras, and regional alerts are presented in this site.
  • Live Cleveland Police, Fire, and EMS Scanner - Featuring Cleveland Police Operations, live streaming broadcasts, and emergency service radio signals.
  • Long Island Scanning Resources - Scanning site that offers frequency guides and information for the entire Northeastern U.S.
  • East Central Florida Scanner Page - List of scanner frequencies for East Central Florida and the Orlando area.
  • Mobile Scanner and Radar Detector Laws - Information site about Federal and State laws concerning the use of scanners and radar detectors.
  • Freq Of Nature - Contains resources on scanner frequencies, with an online database, live scanners updates, featured photos, and news details.
  • South East Michigan Scanning - Features frequency lists and information on scanner radios and public safety communications in South East Michigan area.
  • West Coast Scanner Frequencies - Provides frequency lists, scanner plans, forum site, and links to scanning related information.
  • Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area - Radio scanning resource page that contains scan lists, frequency updates, featured photos, and events updates in Dallas and Fort Worth areas.
  • Northern Florida Scanning - Covers scanning information and updates on frequency guides, agency codes, and EMS maps in the Northern Florida region.
  • Austin Scanner Frequencies - Resource page for scanning frequencies that includes local law enforcement, and aviation in Austin.
  • Northern California Spectrum - Contains amateur radio guides, photo gallery, and an online scanner which monitors Northern California.
  • - Midwest monitoring site that contains FAQ's, talk groups, county frequencies, and message boards.
  • ScanGwinnett - Provides radio communications to Gwinnett County, Georgia police and fire department. Includes forum page, chat room, and photo gallery.
  • All Ohio Scanner Club - Presents club overview and directory, annual events details, plus general scanner information, and site links.
  • Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association - Scanner resource page in Chicago area that provides club information, frequency lists, and a picture gallery.
Top  > Recreation  > Travel  > Publications  > Magazines 
  • National Geographic Traveler - Official site of the magazine offering articles, photo galleries, subscription information, and travel related resources.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Politics 
  • Bob Barr - Contains biography, releases, articles and columns of Bob Barr. Also includes The Barr Report for political news and analysis.
  • Insider Advantage Georgia - Provides news and analysis of political events and issues in Georgia.
  • Georgia Public Policy Foundation - Independent, public policy research and education organization. Links to press releases, event calendar, subscription, and discussion of issues.
  • Georgia Reporter - Contains news, opinion and discussion of political issues in the state.
  • Georgians for Child Support Reform - Working to change Georgia’s ‘percent of obligor only’ child support formula to a calculation that would be fair to children of second-marriages.
  • League of Women Voters of Georgia - Links to news and events, issues, elections, Georgia leagues, legislature, and resources.
  • Political Vine - Contains political news, satire, rants and rumors. With link to subscription to newsletter.
  • - Directory of Georgia candidates for governor, state cabinet, United State senator and congress in the current election cycle. Also includes state news political issues.
  • Red Clay Democrats - Promoting active participation in Georgia’s Democratic Party through fundraising, speaker events, campaign volunteering opportunities and community service projects.
  • Vote Central - Resource for Georgia elections, with calendar and information on election, candidates, ballot questions, election results, candidate events, voter guides, and links to political websites.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Politics  > Candidates and Campaigns 
  • Campaign Georgia - Offers information about public issues, political races, candidates, and office holders.
  • William Morton, MD, JD - Provides physician’s biography and attorney biography. With contact information.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Politics  > Candidates and Campaigns  > Governor 
  • Ray McBerry for Governor - 2010 - Contains information on the Republican candidate, platform summary, donations, announcements, downloads, latest news, event calendar and press releases.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Politics  > Interest Groups 
  • Boycott Scalla-Cola ... er COKE - Provides articles and links related to the boycott on Coke.
  • - Pro-family group promoting the public display of the ten commandments, pro-life and Christian values.
  • Georgia Right to Life - Information on the movement and links to breaking news, education, legislation and political action.
  • Georgia Sport Shooting Association - Official Georgia affiliate of the National Rifle Association of America, defending gun ownership rights.
  • Georgia's WIN List - Political action committee seeking to elect more pro-choice Democratic women to the General Assembly. Links to news, events, candidates, donations and resources.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Politics  > Parties 
  • Constitution Party of Georgia - Information on the party and links to membership, events, media central, elections, library and store.
  • Southern Party of Georgia - Grass roots effort for governance in Georgia. Includes ads, media and download center, special news, and issues.
  • Georgia Green Party - Breaking news and links to campaigns, affiliates, platform, governing documents, archives, contacts and member access.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Politics  > Parties  > Democratic 
  • Democratic Party of Georgia - Contains news, information on upcoming events, announcements, issues, internships, elected officials, contributions, blog, press, campaigns, calendar and voting information.
  • Clarke County Democratic Committee - Provides news and information about the committee, press releases and contact details.
  • Cobb County Democratic Committee - Information on party, getting involved, meetings, principles, election, calendar, news and photos.
  • Coweta County Democratic Party - News and information on joining, committee members, elected officials, events, voting information, blog and photo gallery.
  • Fulton County Democratic Party - Links to calendar of events, voter information, other democratic groups, leaders, county parties and news.
  • North Fulton County Democrats - Provides information on membership, meetings and events, election and voter information, democratic candidates, democratic principles, and contact details.
  • Georgia Young Democrats - Official youth arm of the Democratic Party in Georgia. With links to event calendar, membership, platform, photo gallery, contact information, contributions and campaigns.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Politics  > Parties  > Libertarian 
  • Libertarian Party of Georgia - Links to events and issues, candidates, affiliates, ballot access, state party platform and press releases.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Politics  > Parties  > Republican 
  • Georgia Republican Party - Information on events, news and links to resources, grassroots leadership, internship program, and donations.
  • BuckSprings Republican Breakfast - Held every third Saturday of the month at Jason’s Deli. With link to map.
  • Cobb County Republican Women's Club - Information on meetings, membership, officers, committees, calendar, newsletters, awards, candidates, news and contact details.
  • Columbia County Republican Party - Information on elected officials, candidates, platform and policy, events, calendar, officers, membership, voter registration and contact details.
  • Coweta County Republican Party - Provides information on upcoming events, elected officials, candidates, election calendar, party officials, delegates, membership information, newsletters, resources, precincts and principles.
  • Fulton County GOP - News and events, and links to calendar, groups and clubs, contact details, party officials, elected officials, candidates, Georgia government, media, and voter information.
  • Georgia Log Cabin Republicans - Information about the gay and lesbian Republican group. With news and information on membership, events, message boards, and related resources.
  • Gwinnett County GOP - Information about the party and links to executive board, chairman’s club, calendar, volunteer, resources and contact information.
  • Henry County Republican Party - News and links to party officers, calendar of events, voter information, candidates, volunteer resources and contact details.
  • Lamar County Republican Party - Information and links to current officers, invitation to join, membership information, platform and calendar of events.
  • Paulding County Republican Party - Information on meetings, membership, leadership, newsletter, official rules and contact details.
  • Georgia Tech College Republicans - News, information on upcoming events, and links to calendar, photos, alumni and email list.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Religion  > Christianity 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Society and Culture  > Religion  > Pagan 
  • Dogwood Local Council - Part of the Covenant of the Goddess, an international Wiccan organization. Links to events, history and photo gallery.
  • Pair Dynion Grove - Links to newsletter, public calendar, library, member access and contact information.
  • Georgia Pagan - Contains list of pagan individuals and groups, gatherings and events, beliefs, and associations. With links to moon times and seasonal times.
  • Witchvox - Information and resources for witches, pagans, wiccans and heathens. Links to news, events, poetry, personals, groups and services.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Oregon  > Cities  > White City 
  • Camp White Historical Association - Contains history, photos, newsletter, juke box presentations and contact information.
  • Obsidian Arts - Presents knife gallery, price list, order form, with arrows and jewelry, links and contacts.
  • Corbin Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. - Facts about the company that manufacturers of bullet swaging equipment and various types of business software. Contact information available.
  • Highway Products, Inc. - Shows product directory, dealers page, company history, contact information and links.
  • Northwest Industries Inc. - Serves industries across the board, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, marine, military, firearms, construction, and other related companies.
  • Peerless Networks - Company provides business computer solutions and services.
  • Pro Weld - Displays the company history, projects, news, contact information, links and employment opportunities.
  • River Marine - Dealer of boats, outboard motors and accessories.
  • S&B James Construction - Details about one of southern Oregon's larger general contractors doing commercial, industrial and institutional construction.
  • Stratus ParaSail Boats - Incorporated into the Strata Sailor are many additional features that make the boat a true multi-use sport vessel.
  • Towne and Country Cleaners & Laundry - Includes company background, services, prices, plus information on shopping, associations and related facts.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Oregon  > Cities  > Winchester Bay 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Oregon  > Cities  > Woodburn 
  • City of Woodburn - Official website informs about the city governance, departments, employment, history, statistics, businesses and area links.
  • Country Meadows Village - Includes course history, rules, scoreboard, fees and events, plus lessons, contacts and directions.
  • St. Luke Catholic Church - Offers the opportunity of showing the history of St Luke’s Parish in Woodburn, provides information about Mass, groups, organizations and activities.
  • Welcome to Woodburn - Displays information on dining, shopping, lodging and includes other entertainment festivities.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Oregon  > Cities  > Woodburn  > Business and Economy 
  • Chamber of Commerce - Information about the visitor's center, directory, members' page, site map, events and contact details.
  • Anabaptist Bookstore - Contains schedule, directions, results, mailing list and other related information.
  • Animal Medical Clinic - Includes park amenities, attractions, rates, reservations, maps, links and contacts.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle 
  • Burke Museum - Presents information on the museum's exhibits, events, research and collections. With news and Washington state field guides.
  • Henry Art Gallery - Site presents information on the exhibits, programs, events, and related activities.
  • Meany Hall for the Performing Arts - Facility serving as the performance platform for the School of Drama, the School of Music, and the Digital Arts and Experimental Media Program.
  • Statistical Consulting Services - Free service offering of the Departments of Biostatistics and Statistics. Provides assistance with the design of studies and experiments, visualization and presentation, and choice and application of statistical methods.
  • UW World Series - International music, theater, and dance event staged at the Meany Hall for the Performing Arts.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > Business School 
  • UW Business School - Presents information for current and prospective students, alumni, and corporate partners. With news and announcements.
  • Alumni - Updates and information page for graduates of the UW Business School. Includes alumni news, events information, and notes.
  • Executive Education - Presenting information on the Business School's executive involvement and related opportunities.
  • Certificate of International Studies in Business - Comprehensive program created to address the demand for managers in the global setting.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > Centers and Institutes 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > Centers and Institutes  > Research 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > College of Architecture and Urban Planning 
  • Urban Ecology Research Laboratory - Interdisciplinary research center dealing with the study of urban landscapes as hybrid phenomena involving the interaction of humans and ecological processes.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > College of Arts and Sciences 
  • College of Arts and Sciences - Official college website contains information on the programs offered, college administration, activities, and contacts.
  • Perspectives - Online newsletter of the College of Arts and Sciences. Also publishes research updates, a college calendar, and opinion articles.
  • Department of American Ethnic Studies - Multicultural and multiracial research and teaching department providing programs of study on race and ethnicity.
  • American Indian Studies - Information on the curriculum, course schedules, and related resources. With downloadable documents and forms.
  • Department of Anthropology - Information on the department's academic programs, courses, and events. With news and anthropology resources.
  • Department of Applied Mathematics - Course lists and details, information on admissions, faculty and staff profiles, and research updates.
  • School of Art - Glimpse of the school's academic offerings, faculty and staff directory, information on the facilities, and calendar of events.
  • Department of Asian Languages and Literature - Offers programs of instruction in the primary languages and literatures of Asia and its different regions.
  • Astronomy Department - Department overview with a faculty and staff directory, information on the department facilities, academic program details, and news.
  • Department of Atmospheric Sciences - Information on academics, department events, research, the faculty and staff, and alumni. With weather and climate data and forecasts.
  • Department of Chemistry - Presents department news, details of the courses and programs offered, events lists, and information on the facilities and services.
  • Department of Classics - Overview of the study of classics studies, information on the courses offered, department directory, and a downloadable Classics Department fact sheet.
  • Department of Communication - Official department website provides a calendar of activities, a faculty and staff directory, news, and information on the programs and courses offered.
  • Comparative History of Ideas - Interdisciplinary program dealing with the interrelation of ideas and the society.
  • Dance Program - Program overview with related news, course lists and details, faculty profiles, and a performance calendar.
  • School of Drama - Venue for the scholarly exploring of theater and performance arts - the practice, history, and meaning.
  • Earth and Space Sciences - Provides programs of study in atmospheres and space, surface processes, geobiology, and solid earth.
  • Department of Economics - Presents information on department's programs of instruction and research, news, features, and lists of upcoming seminars and events.
  • Law Societies and Justice - Undergraduate bachelor's providing students with interdisciplinary liberal arts education on the unique forms of social control, institutionalized disputing, and justice commonly identified with law or legality.
  • Linguistics Department - Provides programs of instruction in grammatical theory, phonetics, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, and second language acquisition theory.
  • Department of Mathematics - Major research Math department offers a full range of undergraduate courses and engages in a wide range of research interests, from algebra to string theory.
  • School of Music - Presents information on admissions, the programs and courses offered, school events, facilities, and the affiliated ensembles.
  • Near Eastern Languages and Civilization - Offering programs of instruction in Arabic, Biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Persian, Turkic, and Turkish.
  • Department of Philosophy - Posts a calendar of events, presents information on the programs offered, and introduces the faculty. With department news and contact lists.
  • Department of Physics - Details of the department's academics, administration, facilities, and research. With news and contact lists.
  • Department of Political Science - Overview of the department's academic programs and on the study of political science. With newsletters, announcements, and events information.
  • Department of Psychology - Official department website serves as a guide to the programs offered, department-wide interests, related events, and faculty. With news and announcements.
  • Department of History - Provides insights on history studies, introduces the faculty, presents course details, and posts news and links to related pages.
  • Germanics at UW - Department website contains course lists and details, events information, faculty profiles, and an advisory board.
  • Department of Geography - Posts department news, course lists and details, research updates and profiles, as well as tech and career resources.
  • Division of French and Italian Studies - Outlining the division's academic thrusts, provides information on the courses offered, and posts related news and links.
  • Department of English - List and details of the courses and programs offered with department photos, publications, and related events information.
  • Department of Statistics - Site posts announcements, information on the programs offered, news, contact lists, and course schedules.
  • Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences - Overview of the department and information for prospective students, current students, faculty, and alumni.
  • Spanish and Portuguese Studies - Presents information on program admissions, courses, related events, as well as on volunteering and internship opportunities.
  • Department of Sociology - Description of the department and information on academics, related research, department events, and alumni.
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures - Information on the department's academics, people, events, and outreach activities. With news and student resources.
  • Department of Scandinavian Studies - Provides courses in the languages, literatures, history, politics, folklore, and cultures of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.
  • Baltic Studies Program - Scandinavian Department program centered on Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian topics.
  • History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) - Philosophy department program dealing with the study of the theories, methods, practices, and institutions of science from historical and philosophical perspectives.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > College of Education 
  • College of Education - Overview of the college and information on the program and courses it offers. With news, faculty profiles, and student resources.
  • Admissions - Guide to the student admission procedures and requirements. With contact information and details of the curriculum and programs offered.
  • Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - Information on the degree options, application requirements, and related research.
  • Educational Psychology - College of Education program prepares students for careers in measurement, educational research, university teaching, program evaluation, or school psychology.
  • Special Education - Academic program dedicated to training workers or professionals who will take active roles in identifying and solving education problems of children and youth with disabilities.
  • Faculty and Research Publications - Downloadable collection of research research and faculty publications. With overviews and cover previews.
  • Mentoring Network - Advocacy and service initiative aims to train a new generation of multicultural educators.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > College of Engineering 
  • College of Engineering - Presents college news, a calendar of activities, information on the academic and administrative departments, and contact lists.
  • Chemical Engineering - Department overview with information on the programs offered, postings for faculty vacancies, news, and people profiles.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering - Posts department news and events, course and program details, events information, and faculty and staff profiles.
  • Computer Science and Engineering - Description of the department, news, information on the programs offered, and a faculty and staff directory.
  • Electrical Engineering - Site presents program information, details of department research and faculty study projects, and electrical engineering career insights.
  • Industrial Engineering - Official department website provides news, course and program details, information on research areas, and faculty and staff profiles.
  • Materials Science and Engineering - Overview of the department with information on the programs offered, research areas, and related careers.
  • Mechanical Engineering - Information on the academic offerings, department administration, and related research. With news and events details.
  • Technical Communication (TC) - Insights on the TC field and information on the technical communication programs offered at UW. With details of the related research areas.
  • Bioengineering - Information about the bioengineering field, the programs offered, department research areas, and related career opportunities.
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics - Presents the academic program offerings, provides information on the department research areas, and posts department news and events.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > College of Forest Resources 
  • College of Forest Resources - Official website serves as a guide to the programs offered, the college's research works, and outreach activities.
  • Academic Programs - Directory of the different programs of study offered by the College of Forest Resources. Includes course schedules and faculty profiles.
  • Brockman Memorial Tree Tour - Virtual tour into the UW campus showcasing the different varieties of trees and other flora species on site.
  • Stand Management Cooperative - Organization composed agencies, suppliers, and universities who commit resources and expertise to provide high quality information on the long-term effects of silvicultural treatments and treatment regimes on stand and tree growth and development.
  • Rural Technology Initiative - Aims to enhance the existing infrastructure to use better technology in rural areas for managing forests.
  • Restoration Ecology Network - Tri-campus program, serving as a focal point for integrating student, faculty and community interests in ecological restoration and conservation.
  • Rare Plant Care and Conservation - Program dedicated to preserving the rare native plants of Washington through ex situ conservation, rare plant monitoring, research, reintroduction, and education.
  • Precision Forestry Cooperative - Promoting the use of high technology sensing and analytical tools to support site-specific economic, environmental, and sustainable decision making for the forestry sector.
  • Olympic Natural Resources Center - Explores and generates scientific information useful in addressing critical issues and problems related to forestry and marine sciences in Washington.
  • Northwest Environmental Forum - Serves as a venue for collaboration and discussion on applying scientific and policy information to address environmental and natural resource management issues.
  • Landscape Management System - Cooperative project created to develop concepts and tools needed to enhance the forests' potentials in being a provider to animals and mankind.
  • Pacific Northwest CESU - Research, technical assistance, and education partnership established to enhance the understanding and management of natural and cultural resources.
  • FORSYS Cooperative - Created to conduct forest-systems engineering research to help solve problems in forest harvesting and management.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > Graduate School 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > Information School 
  • Information School - Posts campus news and events details, presents information on the programs offered, and provides student and technology resources.
  • Informatics - Bachelor's program designed to provides a human-centered study of information systems and technology.
  • Library and Information Science - Globally recognized master's program prepares students for careers and leadership roles in the library and information professions.
  • Information Management - M.S. program provides instruction in the leadership, analysis, and technology of information-intensive organizations.
  • PhD in Information Science - Theory and research-based doctorate that focuses on creating and advancing new knowledge in information science.
  • Office of Research Services - Administrative unit providing support services that facilitate research and scholarship.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > Jackson School of International Studies 
  • Henry M. Jackson School of International Affairs - Overview of the school, information on the programs offered, a faculty and staff directory, and alumni updates.
  • China Studies - Offering graduate and undergraduate degrees that afford students with a broad understanding of the Chinese society and culture.
  • Comparative Religion - Social sciences and humanities based program designed to explore religion in various contexts.
  • Center for West European Studies - International studies center promotes the quality of teaching and research in European politics, society, and culture.
  • Japan Studies - Providing an interdisciplinary study of the Japanese history, politics, economics, society, business, law, arts, literature, languages, and culture.
  • Jewish Studies - Offering academic majors and minors on the study of Jewish life in a variety of international settings.
  • Korea Studies - Program of study provides training in a variety of disciplines - from language to culture to politics.
  • Latin American Studies - Undergraduate degree program designed to prepare students for international careers in a variety of disciplines.
  • Middle East Studies - Master's degree program involving a modern-view exploring of the Middle East economy, politics, and history.
  • Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies (REECAS) - Presents information on REECAS' program requirements, admissions, and courses.
  • South Asian Studies - Providing master's, bachelor's, and minor programs of study featuring a curriculum that combines rigorous training in one or more South Asian language with the study of modern and classical South Asian civilizations.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Washington  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Washington  > Seattle  > School of Law 
  • School of Law - Overview of the school with campus news, information on admissions and the programs offered, and a faculty and administration directory.
  • Career Planning and Public Service - Providing UW law school students with assistance in mapping career paths, finding career opportunities, and preparing for the job market.
  • Asian Law Center - Comprehensive teaching and research Asian law program that covers Central Asia, Indonesia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Center for Law, Science and Global Health - Academic unit established to provide a program of study that focuses on the cross between law and health sciences.
  • Global Health and Justice Project - Multidisciplinary project created to educate students with the legal contexts of individual and population health, human rights law and policy, and justice.
  • Innocence Project Northwest - Nonprofit group of lawyers, professors, and students advocating for the freedom of innocent prisoners.
  • Native American Law Center - Scholarship, public service and education facility promoting the development of Indian law.
  • Shidler Center for Law, Commerce, and Technology - Assesses and studies the impact of technological change on law, and examines the impact of commercial factors in transforming domestic and global markets and legal institutions.
  • Intellectual Property Law and Policy - Graduate program involving intensive education and training on the emerging legal issues of intellectual property as affected by technological innovation.
  • Taxation - Specialized graduate program of study on Federal tax law taught by major scholars and practitioners from the field.
Top  > Society  > Law  > Employment  > Job Search 
  • EmplawyerNet - Site provides various recruitment tools to lawyers, law students, and paralegals.
  • Attorney Jobs - Access to legal and law-related job opportunities for legal practitioners.
  • LawCrossing - Contains a wide array of hiring opportunities to lawyers worldwide.
  • Legal Career Center Network - Online resource for job placement services exclusively for legal practitioners.
Top  > Society  > Law  > Employment  > Legal Recruiters 
  • Exclusively Legal - Provides placement services for various law firms and corporate legal departments.
  • Abelson Legal Search - Full-service legal staffing corporation working exclusively for the legal community.
  • Alchemy Legal - San Diego-based placement company offering employment services to attorneys, paralegals and legal staff in various states.
  • Kent Daniels and Associates, Inc. - Posts updates on various employment opportunities for the legal community.
  • Legal Search Solutions - Client-driven consulting firm providing recruitment services to lawyers and executives.
  • The Morton Group - Resource for legal placement opportunities information.
Top  > Society  > Law  > Law Enforcement  > Employment 
  • - Access for police, corrections, and federal law enforcement job postings.
  • - Offers books and tests for acquiring law enforcement jobs as well as promotions.
  • PublicSafetyTesting - Aims to provide reliable hiring services for police officers, deputy sheriffs, firefighters, corrections officers and others.
Top  > Society  > Law  > Law Enforcement  > Organizations 
Top  > Society  > Law  > Law Enforcement  > Organizations  > Police Associations 
Top  > Society  > Law  > Law Enforcement  > Training 
Top  > Society  > Law  > Legal Information  > Intellectual Property 
Top  > Society  > Law  > Legal Information  > Intellectual Property  > Patents 
Top  > Society  > Law  > Services 
  • Coaching for Lawyers - Information about this professional coaching practice exclusively for lawyers.
Top  > Society  > Law  > Services  > Court Reporters 
  • European Court Reporting - Independently owned firm that provides court reporters, legal videographers, and interpreters to various firms in Europe.
Top  > Society  > Law  > Services  > Court Reporters  > Scopists 
  • ASEC International - Court reporters' resource for scoping, proofreading and editing solutions.
  • Internet Scoping School - Online resource for scopist training course. Presents overview on scoping and course information.
  • Lone Star Scoping - Features scoping services to court reporters nationwide.
Top  > Society  > Law  > Services  > Dispute Resolution 
  • Global Arbitration Mediation Association, Inc. - Free online database for alternative dispute resolution forums, organizations, and professionals.
  • International Mediators Group LLC - Professional international organization dedicated to providing alternative dispute resolution to various parties.
  • PDRC - Professional Dispute Resolution Centre - provides assistance for settling various disputes and problems.
Top  > Society  > Law  > Services  > Lawyers and Firms  > Intellectual Property  > North America  > United States 

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