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Top  > Business  > Business to Business  > Construction  > Materials and Supplies  > Site Construction  > Playground Equipment 
  • Bluegrass Playgrounds - Provides playground equipment, park structures and picnic tables to schools, apartment complexes, city parks, daycares, churches and the general public.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Perl  > Help and Tutorials 
  • Perltoot - Fundamental guide to the object-oriented Perl language including its class data, inheritance, meta-classical tools, and proxy methods.
  • FreeSkills: Perl - Collection of tutorials covering wide array of topics and program samples.
  • FreeTechBooks: Free Perl Books - Title list of Practical Extraction and Reporting Language-related text, with book excerpts and reviews.
  • Perl: Downloading the Latest Version of Perl - Provides accessibility to the programming language’s featured edition on source codes and binary distributions.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Perl  > Modules 
  • Apache: HTTP Cookie Class - Perl interface on Libareq routines based from Lincoln Stein’s CGI cookie module. With description of each method.
  • SourceForge: Apache Htaccess - Presents Perl module applications with .htaccess files. Available for download.
  • Mod_perl: Apache/Perl Modules - Features several modules of Perl and Apache, includes short descriptions of each.
  • Perl Cache - Modules utilized in web applications for storing data. With ReadMe file, sample code, and Cache interface documentation details.
  • CDDB / CDDB_get - Perl module that needs Linux, CD-ROM drive, and Internet connection for getting audio CD. Includes version list and history.
  • - Customary library used in designing CGI scripts written in Perl language. With tutorial examples, tips and hints, and featured books.
  • Class Date Perl Module Documentation - Provides sample data type. Includes manual, version history, and subversion repository.
  • Fatalmind:Config - Module in Perl scripting language for caching files. Supplies user guide, Perldocs, and changelog.
  • Daemon: Config - Features Perl module used for opening and parsing file contents. With sample configuration code.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Shooter  > Medal of Honor Series 
  • Medal of Honor Airborne - EA's official site for the game posting gameplay video clips, game information, a downloadable PC game demo, and fan message boards.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Digestive Disorders  > Intestinal  > Celiac Disease  > Associations 
  • Canadian Celiac Association - Contains profile of the organization, overview about the autoimmune disorder of the small bowel, and details on the programs and support services promoted by the national group.
  • Canadian Celiac Association - Vancouver Chapter - Provides updates on the local chapter's events, details on membership benefits, list of officiating bodies, and publication resource.
  • Canadian Celiac Association - Edmonton Chapter - Consists of information about the medical condition as well as details on the chapter's offered projects and events.
  • Coeliac Society of Australia - Group established to provide a venue for promoting programs and services intended to support medically diagnosed Coeliacs and their families.
  • Coeliac Society of UK - Provides a guide for gluten-free living, resources for health care professionals, and information on support programs offered for parents and carers of coeliac children.
  • National Foundation for Celiac Awareness - Funds researches intended to finding a cure for the autoimmune disorder. Includes outline of the group's vision and mission, roster of officials, and updates on current findings.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Digestive Disorders  > Intestinal  > Celiac Disease  > Support Groups 
  • Celiac Support Group of the Mohawk Valley - Includes outline of the group's objectives and missions in dealing with the autoimmune disease. Also provides resources for gluten-free diet as well as rules in the selection of food.
  • Cincinnati Celiac Support Group - Provides assistance and support to local celiacs and their families in the Cincinnati area through meetings and events that promote awareness about the disease.
  • Gluten Free In WNY - Support group that promotes services for celiac afflicted people and their families. Also includes a gluten-free guide for after diagnosed patients.
  • Houston Celiac Support Group - Includes schedule of the chapter's meetings and events, an article about the diagnosis of the disease, overview on its symptoms and complications.
  • Louisville Celiac Support Group - Assists individuals afflicted with the autoimmune disease of the small bowel. With meeting schedule and updates on the group's activities.
  • Rochester Celiac Support Group - Posts schedule of the support group's meetings and events and includes a guide for recipes and shopping establishments offering gluten-free products.
  • Southern Arizona Celiac Support - Official site of the support group in Southern Arizona. Contains calendar of events, a guide for gluten-free recipes, and by-laws of the association.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Digestive Disorders  > Liver  > Associations 
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Digestive Disorders  > Liver  > Hepatitis  > Autoimmune 
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Digestive Disorders  > Liver  > Hepatitis  > Hepatitis C  > Organizations 
  • Hepatitis C Association - Contains details on the group's upcoming events, news updates, overview on the liver inflammation causing disease, and a guide for those interested in donating.
  • Hepatitis C Council of NSW - Promotes awareness programs and services advocated by the charitable group in aiding people affected with the liver disease. With membership policies and volunteering details provided.
  • Hepatitis C Trust - Official site of the UK-based charity group provides resources for members and beneficiaries of programs and services intended for HCV afflicted people and their families.
  • Hep-C Alert - Non-profit group dedicated to support programs and services intended to raise awareness and assist people who diagnosed with or are affected by the viral disease.
  • HepCBC - Non-profit group run by and for people infected and affected by Hepatitis C. Includes details on the programs and services, publications, and other community resources.
  • Status C Unknown - Contains the non-profit group's health guide and advisories related to the infectious viral disease. Includes calendar of events and details on upcoming activities.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Digestive Disorders  > Liver  > Hepatitis  > Organizations 
  • Hepatitis Activist - Advocacy group that pleas for the improvement of funding of medical researches and educational programs that ought to aid those who are suffering from the chronic liver disease.
  • Hepatitis Australia - Provides information about the chronic liver disease as well as overview on the association's mission and goals in supporting Australians affected by or at risk of viral hepatitis.
  • Hepatitis B Foundation UK - Charitable group offering services, assistance, and advices to individuals suffering from the viral infection of the liver. Includes news updates as well as patient's personal stories.
  • Hepatitis Foundation International - Helps in the education of the public and increasing awareness about the viral disease through promotion of programs that aide in the recovery and prevention of the liver disorder.
  • Hepatitis Foundation of NZ - Contains resources on the different types of liver diseases, insights about the group's services, as well as facts on how the liver functions.
  • Swiss Experts in Viral Hepatitis - Resource for comprehensive information about the viral disease intended for patients, physicians, and the general public. With articles on Hepatitis and other related diseases provided.
  • World Hepatitis Day - Sponsored by the World Hepatitis Alliance, includes background, disease information, programs, news, and public health panel.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Digestive Disorders  > Liver  > Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Education 
  • Disaster First Aid - Provides various resources about safety guidelines for the general public. Topics include first aid and triage.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > Europe 
  • City of Rome Fire Department - Provides fire safety guidelines and shows an overview of the rescue operations in the city.
  • Milan Fire Rescue - Details the station units and fire apparatus of the company. Also shows a calendar of events and news of the agency’s activities.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > News and Media 
  • Firefighter Times - Provides a brief introduction about the importance of emergency rescuers in communities. Also presents a tribute to deceased members in the form of pictures and videos of them.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > Canada  > British Columbia 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Georgia 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Kentucky 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Maryland 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > New York 
  • Garden City Park Fire Department - Provides information about the company's drill principles and exercises related to ventilation and displays pictures of the members.
  • Granby Fire Department - Shows the unit's training schedule and details on the importance and installation of smoke detectors.
  • Hudson Falls Fire Department - Posts schedules and training sessions on handling flammable substances, extinguishing of structural fires, and radio communications skills.
  • Fire Department Johnson City - Provides information about burn injuries and the hazards caused by carbon monoxide and how to respond to inhalation of the fatal gas.
  • Lake Delta Fire Department - Presents training schedules, call statistics, and an overview of the firefighting organization.
  • Lake George Volunteer Fire Department - Contains information about the fire and life safety programs the group facilitates for the local communities and details the land and water fire vehicles of the unit.
  • Liverpool Fire Department - Provides details about the stations in the city, reports on drills, and response statistics from emergency calls.
  • Moyers Corners Fire Department - Contains general public health safety notices and details on the station bunk-in student program the company has started on 1999.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Virginia 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > Personal Pages 
  • Fire Department New York - Contains articles about conflagrations and rescue operations by the city agency. Includes details on a book that lists members in the industry who died in the line of service.
  • Code 2 High - Shows details about dispatching and tactical statistics in the metropolis and shows a collection of rescue vehicles used in various units in Los Angeles, USA.
Top  > Kids and Teens  > Games  > Online  > Virtual Pets  > Neopets  > Guilds 
  • Milkshake - Discusssion and resource forum for players. Details cheats, competition times, and council information.
  • TGGON - Contains guild highlights, presents event details, and features lists of avatars.
Top  > News  > Chats and Forums 
  • DebateGate - Provides news feeds and hosts discussion forums on various current affairs topics.
Top  > News  > Directories 
  • Cosmic Tribune - Collection of links to news and magazine articles, newspapers online, and other reference pages.
  • - Online news source offering links to a variety of business, sports, national, international, national, and entertainment articles.
  • Gebbie Press - All-in-one media directory offering over 24,000 listings of daily and weekly newspapers, radio and television stations, consumer magazines, trade publications, and news syndicates.
  • International Affairs Resources - Compiles international news search engine and news source links with descriptions.
  • LinxNet - Directory of various content-rich news resources online. Includes listings of news, sports, weather, magazine, television, and web exploration sites.
  • NetPapers - Searchable database and directory of world newspapers. Maintains over 5000 links to newspaper sites in 184 countries.
  • - Country-by-country listings of newspaper and news publication website links.
  • - Directory of newspapers, radio, and television stations in Canada and the United States.
  • - International news and current affairs blog links. With language translation tools.
  • - Online media guide that includes links to newspaper, magazine, radio station, and TV websites.
  • Paperboy - Links to over 6000 online newspaper and magazine sites. With a newspaper search tool and headline feeds.
  • QuickNews - Provides news search engines, world news links, news in pictures, satellite photos, and various other information resources.
  • - World and local newspaper links sorted by region. With press freedom data, reports, and online journals.
Top  > News  > Directories  > Headline Links 
  • Moreover - Offering free and comprehensive online news headlines and information for websites.
  • NewsZoom - News search resource and newspaper directory offering headlines in a number of categories.
  • FeedDirect - Pools in and sorts news and current affairs articles from various resource sites worldwide.
  • 1stHeadlines - Provides up-to-date headlines and newspaper and broadcast items from various news sources worldwide.
  • InsideWorld - News resource offering a wide range of country-specific updates and information.
  • PageOneQ - Updates and news resource specializing in issues and topics that affect the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community.
  • Newser - Guide to daily top stories covering the areas of politics, business, technology, science and health, sports, culture, and society.
  • - Encyclopedic compilation of current events stories in over 9000 topics. Provides live news feeds, cross-linked abstracts, and archived articles.
  • WinInsider - Online news resource focusing on Microsoft and Windows related information and updates.
  • Simply-Info - International headline links resource covering a wide range of fields and subjects. With bulletin boards and Internet radio.
  • Reddit - Offers user-generated news links presented by popularity. Readers vote to promote their favorite stories to the front page.
  • ShoutWire - Listings of global news generated collaboratively. With community discussions, blogs, and editorials.
Top  > News  > Directories  > Search Engines 
  • Pandia Newsfinder - Metasearch tool and directory for news headlines, newsletters, blogs, summaries, and links to articles.
Top  > News  > Newspapers  > Regional  > United States  > New York  > Daily 
  • NY Daily News - Newspaper's online edition offering articles, comprehensive sports coverage, and subscription information.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Cities  > Cairo  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Aegyptus - Travel agency based in Cairo provides details of tours including information on classical, desert and Christian heritage tours.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Education 
  • Last of the Victorians - Community portal dedicated to members and previous students of Victoria College in Egypt, with photo albums, forums and member database.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Government 
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Government  > Embassies and Consulates  > Foreign 
  • Embassy of the United States - Posts articles about news and event updates from the consular bureau and includes information about public, visa and consular affairs.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Government  > Ministries 
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Guides and Directories 
  • Countries and Regions – Egypt - Supplies comprehensive information pertaining to the country's various features ranging from its geography and history to its economy and human rights.
  • University of Pennsylvania – African Studies Center - Provides alphabetized listings of different online resources pertinent to Egypt, with brief descriptions of each site.
  • US Department of State – Egypt - Presents a map of the country together with full copies of various documents relating to the nation such as its Bilateral Investment Treaty.
  • Portals to the World – Egypt - Features different categories for reference listings pertinent to the North African country, which include business and economy, genealogy and history.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Society and Culture 
  • Community Services Association - Features event calendar for the organization aiming to assist international expatriates in adjusting to life and culture in Egypt.
  • El-Shella - Community portal that serves as venue for Egyptians in the country and around the world to connect with one another.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Society and Culture  > Aid and Development 
  • Amnesty International – Egypt - Features a collection of documents pertaining to reports, articles and other related information regarding human rights practices and violations in the country.
  • Amnesty International USA – Egypt - Contains details regarding human rights concerns in the country together with news articles and reports about various acts violating the sanctity of life.
  • Coptic Orphans - Presents the foundation’s mission and background history and provides details about its various programs such as Sponsor a Child, Rosetta and Valuable Girl project.
  • Hands Along the Nile Development Services - Non-profit American organization aiming to connect people from Egypt and the United States through different programs for intercultural understanding.
  • Sawiris Foundation - Features documents for project proposal guidelines and progress report from the organization that specializes in providing grants to projects focusing on job creation.
  • United Nations Development Program - Supplies news articles and reports detailing the mission’s activities and programs in the North African country of Egypt.
  • UNICEF At a Glance – Egypt - Cites issues facing the country’s younger generation together with descriptions of the organization’s conducted programs and activities targeting the nation’s children.
  • USAID – Egypt - Overview of the coordination between America and the Arab country as well as summaries of various programs geared towards attaining economic development and regional stability.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Society and Culture  > History  > Nubia 
  • Nubia - A collection of resources about the history and culture of Nubia, once an independent nation between Egypt and Sudan.
  • Nubia - A brief illustrated outline of the history of Nubia, from Neolithic era to 1956.
  • Timeline of Nubian Royalty - An illustrated history of Nubia until the Islamic period, including the Meroitic civilization.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Egypt Consular Information Sheet - Supplies information on entry and exit requirements in the country as well as details regarding safety and security, crime and health services provided.
  • World Travels – Egypt Travel Guide - Contains useful information regarding the country’s background and its various sectors like health, climate and currency.
  • Zeina Salem - Consists of photographs and useful information for tourists and travelers interested in availing of the services offered by the English-speaking guide.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services  > Tour Operators 
  • African Angler - Travel agency offering fresh water fishing safaris in Lake Nasser to interested enthusiasts in the sport. Includes details for schedules and prices.
  • All One World Egypt Tours - Contains short descriptions as well as detailed accounts of various tour packages and day-to-day itineraries of excursion packages offered by the company.
  • Go Travel Egypt - Brief introduction to the tour agency and extensive information regarding tourist attractions in the country and different types of excursion packages and itineraries.
  • Castle Tours - Presents different travel packages offered by the agency to different areas in Egypt such as Cairo, Luxor and Abu Simbel.
  • Champion Tours - Comprised of photographs showing a map of Egypt and various historical sites as well as information regarding the travel agency’s background profile and its offered excursion packages.
  • Chrismar Travel - Enumerates services provided by the agency, which ranges from airport and border transfer to sightseeing tours. Includes details about offered tour packages.
  • Delta Egypt - Previews background information regarding the travel agency that offers different types of tour packages and cruises to various sites in the country.
  • Egitalloyd Travel and Tours - Details excursions packages provided by the outfit, which range from classic trips and diving destinations to museum visits.
  • Egypt 7000 Travel - Photo gallery showcasing famous sites and landmarks in different regions of the country such as Giza, Cairo and Alexandria.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services  > Travel Agents 
  • Academy Travel Agency - Introduces the tour company and its offered services and excursion packages, which cover classical trips, Nile cruises and safari adventures.
  • Dana Tours - Overview of the travel agency’s background profile and presentation of its different trips to areas such as Cairo, Nile River and Alexandria.
  • All Season Tours - Previews the travel company’s background and includes information regarding tour packages for North American customers and the rest of the world.
  • Hermes Group - Presents different travel packages from the company, which range from classical tours to wind and kite surfing. Includes list of other services provided to clients.
  • Magi Tours - Preview of the travel company’s profile and list of its offered programs and excursion packages, with descriptions of day-to-day itineraries.
  • Memphis Tours Egypt - Showcased different types of excursion packages provided by the outfit, which range from holiday trips to family travels.
  • Nile Boats - Contains background information on the travel agency as well as useful guidelines for tourists and adventurers going on river cruises in Egypt.
  • Osoris Travel and Holidays - Offers different tour packages ranging from short trips to Egypt’s capital city of Cairo to Pharonic astronomical meditation programs.
  • Spot Red Sea - Information and resource portal to various business establishments and services in the region. Also provides details regarding learning courses for scuba diving, kite surfing and other related sports.
  • Road to Egypt - Presents the company’s background profile together with extensive descriptions of its offered private tours and cruises.
  • Safari Egypt - Comprised of photographs, travel tips and useful information regarding tour packages, Nile cruises and scuba diving excursions offered by the company.
  • Soliman Travel - Lists special tour offers from the agency and its offered tour and travel packages to different areas and destinations in Egypt.
  • Titi Tourism - Introduces the travel firm and its various tour packages, with detailed descriptions of trip itineraries and destinations waiting for tourists.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Business and Economy  > Financial Services  > Insurance 
  • SA Insurance Guide - Find the latest insurance industry news and information on all the available car and life insurance companies and products in South Africa.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Chhattisgarh  > Education  > Colleges and Universities 
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Education  > Colleges and Universities 
  • Asia-Pacific Institute of Management - Courses are centered on management education programs, with researches, training, and consultation modules. Includes online application, admission details, and profile of the faculty.
  • Bharati Vidyapeeeth’s College of Engineering - Provides theoretical and actual learning experiences for courses related to the Engineering discipline. With details on admission, gallery of pictures, and list of activities.
  • Bioinformatics Institute of India - Find information on life sciences courses including information on distance participations programs, projects and training.
  • DAV Institute of Management - Provides curricula in primary, secondary, undergraduate, post-graduate studies. With comprehensive details on the school’s mission, programs, and employment opportunities.
  • Faculty of Management Studies - Academic institution offers programs in various disciplines. Includes fieldwork, case studies, and theoretical frameworks.
  • Hindu College - Contains a college profile with details of admission, academics, campus life, departments, library, hostel and placement.
  • Indian Institute of Finance - Academic institution provides academic resources for comprehensive key educational disciplines. Highlights management and financial programs.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > All India Institute of Medical Sciences 
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > Delhi University 
  • Master of Finance and Control - Specializes on courses featuring financial and business studies. Records on the staff and students are presented.
  • Hans Raq College - Presents campus profiles, administrative offices, and academic programs. With admission and course details.
  • Institute of Economic Growth – University of Delhi Enclave - Research institution provides studies on sociology, economics, and demographics. With list of academic papers on various areas.
  • Rajdhani College - Details courses, degree modules, and programs of the institution. With list of activities and scholarship offerings.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Gujarat  > Education  > Colleges and Universities 
  • Dharmsinh Desai University - Offers formal academic modules and non-formal education for professionals and underprivileged women. With program list and announcements.
  • National Institute of Design - Shows brief background on the institution including its accreditations and admission procedures. Lists courses, news and events.
  • Nirma University - Highlights vision, mission, and core values of the academic center. Also details academic programs, admissions, and researches and publications.
  • Sankalchand Patel - Engineering college provides details of administration, departments, academics, facilities and activities.
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology - Contains overview on academic center, departments and colleges, placement information, central resources, and admission requirements and schedules.
  • Shree Swaminarayan College of Computer Science - Incorporates spiritual teachings with all academic program offerings. With list of activities and faculty members.
  • UV Patel College of Engineering - Lists academic courses the institution offers. With details on the departments, events, and general profile of the center.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Haryana  > Education  > Colleges and Universities 
  • Apeejay College of Engineering - Details accreditation, affiliation, and approval of the academic modules of the institution. With list of infrastructures and activities.
  • Apeejay Sarawasti Post Graduate College for Girls - Academic institution situated at Charkhi Dadri offers educational trainings on undergraduate and post-graduate curricula. With activities, events and publications list, and gallery of pictures.
  • KIIT Campus, Gurgaon - Approaches to trainings incorporate the use of technology. Presents colleges of Engineering, Master’s program, and Higher Education.
  • Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Shama - Offers bachelor degrees, master programs, and science related studies. Also discusses departments, campus background, and publications.
  • The Technological Institute of Textiles and Sciences - Institution offers theoretical and practical academic programs. Infrastructure of the campus and placement information are presented.
  • Vaish College of Engineering - Caters to professional engineers trainings and programs. With picture gallery and infrastructures and news details.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Jharkhand  > Education  > Colleges and Universities 
Top  > Regional  > North America  > Canada  > Ontario  > Cities  > Toronto 
  • Toronto Events - Easy to use online calendar of events occurring in the Toronto area.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Australian Capital Territory  > Regions  > Canberra Central District  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Canberra HotelsCheap - Provides detailed room information, rates and reservations for many hotels in Canberra.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > New Zealand  > Auckland  > Cities  > Auckland City  > Business and Economy 
  • Dying Art - Creates and designs various imagery on casket surfaces. Shows images of designs and provides arrangement details.
  • Williamson Memorials Ltd - Specializes in headstones of various styles and colors. Posts pictures of products and contact information.
  • VM Distribution - Markets movies and documentaries in CD and DVD formats. Contains array of new and upcoming releases with synopses and pictures.
  • General Products Ltd - Furnishes fabrics in various colors. Enumerates products and includes contact details for inquiries.
  • Shaka Scientific Limited - Makers of water heating and cooling machines, and other electronic items. Posts product specifications and prices.
  • Auckland City Stamps - Prints stamps of various designs and holds auctions. Provides catalog index, price list, and ordering forms.
  • Signature Press 2000 Ltd - Engages in graphic design and digital printing solutions for corporate identity works. Includes list of services and portfolio.
  • Genesis Energy - State-owned enterprise that runs power plants and retails electricity in New Zealand. Provides facts about power generation and conservation.
  • Gemmell’s Footwear - Provides repairs of footwear and luggage items, as well as services in engravings and key cutting. Appends pictures and an inquiry form.
  • Guardsman Security Services - Retailers of assorted security items and systems and offers installations in private and commercial properties. Contains product catalog, price list, and company profile.
  • Sheffield Hamilton and Associates - Introductory and dating services for professionals and businesspersons. Enumerates profiles of members and includes contact details.
  • Better Service Ltd - Performs repairs on a wide variety of office equipment. With contact information presented.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > New Zealand  > Auckland  > Cities  > Auckland City  > Business and Economy  > Business to Business 
  • Poynter Agencies - Distributors of pipes, plastics, and other industrial materials from various manufacturers. Includes links to principals and an order form.
  • Specialist Office Supplies - Trades imported office machines. Posts special package offers and equipment catalogue.
  • 300 Richmond - Rents out furnished offices with available secretarial services provided. Posts FAQs, company overview, and clients testimonials.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > New Zealand  > Auckland  > Cities  > Auckland City  > Business and Economy  > Employment 
  • Change Solutions - Provides consultancy on performance enhancement of employees. Lists training courses and includes details on educational and human resource services.
  • Forté Career and Business Designs Limited - Offers career consultancy services. Contains FAQs, details on case studies, and insights on services provided for individual and corporate groups.
  • De Winter International - Specializes in IT personnel recruitment. Contains a job search tool as well as resources for applicants and employers.
  • Snakes and Ladders Group - Engages in human resource management through trainings. Details staff development resources and company profile.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > New Zealand  > Auckland  > Cities  > Auckland City  > Business and Economy  > Financial Services 
  • Gerry Rea Associates - Deals with business insolvencies and liquidation processes. Provides explanations on services and partners’ profiles.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > New Zealand  > Auckland  > Cities  > Auckland City  > Business and Economy  > Home and Garden 
  • Cool Awnings - Sells shading materials for houses, commercial spaces, and schools. Contains product range and pictures.
  • Flawless Cleaning Services - Conducts washing and cleaning services for houses. Lists offered services and posts photos of works and a feedback form.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > New Zealand  > Auckland  > Cities  > Auckland City  > Business and Economy  > Shopping 
  • Antipodes Water - Manufactures and sells bottled water in different countries. Posts delivery details and lists of distributors in each country.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Columbia 
  • Student Health Center - Resource for university physician and medical services. provides information on appointments, fees, service hours, requirements, staff, and administration.
  • MU Direct - University of Missouri-Columbia's continuing and distance education program. Site provides information on getting started, the degrees and programs available, requirements, and costs.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Columbia  > Athletics 
  • Lacrosse Club - Men’s - Presents a roster of members and coaching staff, game and tournament schedules, and information on recruitment.
  • Climbing Club - Club homepage presents photos, trip reports, a forum board, and information on members and meetings.
  • Missouri Crew - Club overview with information on meetings, practice, and membership. Also posts announcements, roster, regatta schedules and results.
  • Mizzou Cycling - Information on team sponsors, member-riders, rides, and accomplishments. With news, pictures, and a message board.
  • Columbia Ultimate Players - Site hosts forums, posts news and activity schedules, and presents photos and contact details.
  • Youn Wha Ryu Tae Kwon Do - Campus club dedicated to self defense and martial arts training. Site provides information on members, events, and classes.
  • MUtants Ultimate - Team's website contains a roster of members, game schedules and results, contact details, and tournament information.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Columbia  > Centers and Institutes 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Columbia  > Organizations 
  • National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law (NORML) - Advocacy focusing on reforming Marijuana Laws at the city, state, and federal government levels.
  • Stop Traffic - Grassroots movement aimed at fighting human trafficking through partnerships with communities, non-government organizations, and legislators.
  • Mizzou Tigers For Tigers - Campus group established to raise awareness about the current status of Asian tigers and to initiate pertinent conservation efforts.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > New York  > Cities  > Rochester  > Travel and Tourism  > Lodging 
  • HotelsCheap: Rochester - Provides information about several Rochester hotels. Features rates and online reservations.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Research Centers 
  • Chipworks - Reverse engineering specialist providing services in extracting analog and digital circuits from semiconductor devices.
  • CSRI Elektropribor - Serves as the research facility for Russian navy's developments in navigation technology and related applications. Conducts specialized training for professionals engaged in the field.
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration - Established institution conducting developmental studies for wafer level integration, system design and other industrial applications of electronic systems.
  • IMEC - Insights to the operations of the organization in servicing the industrial processes of design methods, nanotechnology and development of integrated circuit systems.
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute - Atlanta-based developer of technologies required by industrial firms, government agencies and private organizations.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Entertainment  > Bible Quizzes 
  • Bible Games, Puzzles and Quizzes - Presents various non-denominational entertainment, exercises and learning. Includes checkers, sliding tiles, and word search.
  • Bible Quiz - Provides different categories and set of questions and daily trivia.
  • Bible Quizzes - Archives several sets of questions, crossword puzzles and music.
  • - Contains various Christian trivia quiz, crosswords, e-book and puzzles. Includes newsletters and articles.
  • Christian Bible Study and Games - Collection of printable and self-grading trivia quizzes covering abortion, Ten commandments and Scriptures.
  • Christian Unite: Bible Trivia Quizzes - Archives set of tests and questions or various categories, includes characters, objects, places, proverbs, leaders and stories.
  • Cross Daily: Bible Trivia - Presents demos, on-line quizzes, word games and challenges.
  • Fun Trivia: Bible Quizzes - Categorizes trivia, quotes and word games covering Old and New Testament, and biblical people.
  • Holy Bible Trivia - Encourages families, children, youth and adults to learn the Bible through various sets of puzzles and word games. With resources and memberships.
  • Jim Saxton's Crosswords - Compendium of New and Old Testament puzzles and games. With list of missionary projects and subscription details.
  • Micheal's Online Bible Quizzes, Games, and Animations - Topic selection includes the Ten Commandments, biblical persecution, biblical people, and the good Samaritan.
  • Quiz Corner - Features Bible quizzes, top scores, newsletters, and anecdotes.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Entertainment  > Humor 
  • Pastor Tim's Clean Laugh - Presents top ten comical strips and funny images, videos and audios for all ages. With subscription details and downloads.
  • Lord Love Life - Features Bible study, Christian-related stories, poems and humor, photos and music.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Entertainment  > Humor  > Comics 
  • Cartoonist Len Jones: Altar Ego - Presents Christian-related cartoon that depicts various challenges of everyday Church and Life. Includes archives and guidelines.
  • Back Pew - Features comic strips of various topics including church, family, heaven and hell, life and holidays.
  • Cartoon Church - Presents guides, greeting cards, and several worksheets. Includes FAQs and updates.
  • Christian Unite Cartoons - Collection of comics from different artists. Includes bi-weekly and monthly editions.
  • Christian and Family Cartoons - Indexes comics and strips covering Christian Scriptures, Bible, life and encouragements for all ages.
  • Christian Comics International - Features competitions, Christian catalogs, news interests, and animations. Includes FAQs and related links.
  • Church Mice - Comical strips and archives selection includes weekly sermons and holiday cartoons.
  • Webcomics Nation - Presents comical strips with topics on God, spiritual issues, Bible stories and life struggles.
  • Ninja Billy - Comics encourages laughter and fun through various strips, characters and stories.
  • Sheep Comics - Christian comical strips of various episodes, stories and funny experiences. Includes archives and panel cartoons.
  • Kevin Spear - Presents sample illustrations, designs, cartoons, and writings.
  • Theophilus - Archives different episodes of comical strips and articles, sketches and reflections.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Entertainment  > Science Fiction and Fantasy 
  • Christian Fandom - Archives arts, essays, and stories covering several genres and resources.
  • Edenstar Books and Games - Presents clean science fiction and fantasy-related books, authors, and audios.
  • Mythopoeic Society - Non-profit organization studies and discusses variety of fantastic and mythic literature and works.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Music  > Hymns  > Accompaniment 
  • Guitar Hymns - Helps Christian guitarists by providing hymns with chords, lyrics, notes and tips.
  • Project Hymnbook - Forum where users can post lyric sheets and chords for various songs and hymns.
Top  > Society  > Religion  > Traditional  > Christianity  > Music  > Hymns  > Recordings 
  • Congregational Praise - Collection from Inverness Reformed Baptist Church includes recordings of various hymns and by different people.
  • One-A-Group - An a cappella singing group presents songs of rejoices and happiness.
  • Hymns Alive - Provides Christian praise songs, records, and articles.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Thoroughbred  > Breeders  > Oceania  > Australia 
  • Lindsay Park - Presenting the park's racing and breeding facilities together with sales list, news, and statistics.
  • Lyndhurst Stud Farm - Brief history of the farm including details on its bloodstock sales and stallion services.
  • Mungrup Stud - Offering a wide range of stud and thoroughbred breeding services. Site contains details on stud fee rates, sales offerings, and contact references.
  • Reavill Farm - Showcasing the farm's racing and breeding facilities with sales information and contact references.
  • Rheinwood Pastoral - Descriptive information on the farm's facilities with overview of its yearlings and sales offerings.
  • Riverdene Stud - Featuring the farm's thoroughbred nursery and equine hospital. Stud profiles, rates, and sales list provided.
  • X Stratheden Stud - Overview of the farm's facilities together with a breeding form, tipping services, and trainer profiles.
  • Tolka Stud - Presenting the farm's line of thoroughbred horses including its yearlings and facilities.
  • Twin Creeks - Detailed information on the farm's facilities with overview of its stallion services and sales offerings.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Handicapped and Therapeutic Riding  > United States 
  • Coffee Creek - Aims to provide therapeutic riding to disabled children and adults. Located in Edmond, OK.
  • Equest Special Riders - Nonprofit organization promoting physical and mental strength of people with disabilities through horseback riding activities, located in Tacoma, WA.
  • Majestic Hills Ranch - Overview of the program featuring therapeutic horseback riding activities to disabled children. Located in Lakeville, MN.
  • Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship - Offering horsemanship programs to challenged children and adults in Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Dream Power Therapeutic Equestrian Center - Nonprofit organization aiming to provide an equestrian therapeutic environment to disabled children and adults, located in Canton, GA.
  • Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship - Overview of the center's therapeutic horsemanship classes and activities. Located in Palmetto, GA.
  • RideAble - Information on the organization's equestrian program devoted to people with disabilities. With classes and donation details, located in Eugene, OR.
  • Medicine Horse Program - Featuring a therapeutic horsemanship program devoted to challenged children. Includes an events calendar along with donation details. Located in Boulder CO.
  • High Hopes Therapeutic Riding - Presenting the center's therapeutic horse riding programs and services. Located in Old Lyme, CT.
  • Circle of Hope - Therapeutic riding program offered to children and adults with disabilities, located in Barnesville, MD.
  • Windrush Farm Therapeutic Equitation - Nonprofit, working horse farm offering therapeutic equine program to children and adults with varied disabilities, located in Boxford, MA.
  • Magic Moments Riding Therapy - Nonprofit organization utilizing horseback riding as physical therapy to individuals with disabilities, located in Diamond, Mo.
  • Freedom Ride - Nonprofit equine facility providing therapeutic riding activities to adults and children with physical and mental disabilities, located in Orlando FL.
  • Horses and the Handicapped - Nonprofit organization providing therapeutic horseback riding and other equine-assisted activities to physically and mentally challenged people in Coconut Creek, FL.
  • Project Stable Foundation - Equestrian and farm program dedicated to children with special needs. Located in Southwest Ranches, FL.
  • Quantum Leap Farm - Nonprofit group offering therapeutic and recreational horseback riding to people with disabilities, located in Odessa, FL.
  • Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center - Volunteer-run program utilizing horses as therapy and recreation for disabled people, located in Loxahatchee, FL.
  • Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy - Aiming to improve the lives of physically and emotionally disabled people through equine assisted activities in Valley, NE.
  • Main Stay Therapeutic Riding Program - Provides people with physical and developmental disabilities help through equine-related therapeutic activities. Located in Richmond, IL.
  • Riding To The Top Therapeutic Riding Center - Nonprofit organization providing therapeutic riding services to adults and children with disabilities. Located in Windham, ME.
  • Willowind Therapeutic Riding Center - Offering people with physical, emotional, and mental disabilities therapeutic horse riding activities, located in Bar Harbor, ME.
  • Banbury Cross Therapeutic Equestrian Center - Nonprofit, charitable corporation providing therapeutic horse riding activities to people with disabilities. Located in Oxford, MI.
  • Forever Free Inc. - Family-run business aims to improve the lives of disabled people through therapeutic horseback lessons, located in Wales, Mi.
  • Kaleidoscope Learning Circle - Offering various programs aiming to increase awareness and understanding between the relationship of horses and humans. Located in Birch Run, MI.
  • OATS - Offering Alternative Therapy with Smiles - equine center offering therapeutic equine activities to disabled youth and adults. Located in Clarkston, MI.
  • From The Ground Up, Therapeutic Horsemanship - Presents a therapeutic riding program to adults and children with disabilities in New Woodstock, NY.
  • Horse Ability - Nonprofit organization offering therapeutic riding and hippotherapy programs to disabled youth and adults in Old Westbury, NY.
  • Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center - Organization established to provide therapeutic riding activities to people with various disabilities. Located in East Aurora, NY.
  • Pal-O-Mine Equestrian - Therapeutic horseback riding program offered to people with physical and mental challenges. Site presents facility features and events list. Located in Islandia, NY,
  • Riverwood Therapeutic Riding Center - Nonprofit, charitable organization providing equine assisted activities to both adults and children having various disabilities. Located in Tobaccoville, NC.
  • Wings of Eagles Ranch - Specializes in therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with learning disabilities, located in Concord, NC.
  • Shady Hollow Assisted Riding - Nonprofit agency supporting people with physical and emotional challenges through equine assisted activities, located in Birdsboro PA.
  • Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding - Overview of the center's equine assisted riding programs dedicated to people with handicaps, located in Malvern, PA.
  • Equest - Specializes in providing therapeutic sports riding classes and hippotherapy to children and adults with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. Located in Wylie, TX.
  • Morning Glory Ranch - Nonprofit organization dedicated to providing equine assisted activities to disabled individuals. Located in Waller, TX.
  • Riding Unlimited - Features therapeutic riding and driving program devoted to adults and children with handicaps. Located in Ponder, TX.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Associations 
  • Racing Commissioners International - Association established to protect and uphold the integrity of horse racing sport. Site includes news and publication details.
  • International Racing Bureau - Online source for organization profile with racing news, fixtures list, and details on trainer's services.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Associations  > Asia 
  • Royal Calcutta Turf Club - Presenting the club's fixtures list and racing rules with statistics and current results.
  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club - Nonprofit group dedicated to providing horse racing and betting entertainment in Hong Kong. Site includes membership details and resources.
  • Horse Racing in Japan - Online guide for thoroughbred racing information in Japan. Includes links to affiliate organizations and betting resources.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Racing  > Associations  > Europe 
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Riding Stables  > North America  > United States  > New Hampshire 
  • Touchstone Farm - Offers horseback riding, driving or vaulting through lessons or summer camp. Includes description of classes, show information, and event calendar.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > Europe 
  • Kinway Ski Club - Includes newsletters, photo gallery, FAQs, and links to related pages.
  • Midland Ski Club - Provides ski coaching sessions for enthusiasts on the sport. With newsletter, competition results, and membership details.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > Canada 
  • Windsor Ski Club - Contains photos, membership details, related links, and information on trips and activities.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > California 
  • Torrey Pines Ski Club - Details on ski trips and upcoming events along with contact and membership information.
  • Tri Valley Ski Club - Includes newsletter, membership details, and calendar of events.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > Michigan 
  • Detroit Edison Ski Club - Provides details on upcoming events as well as membership information and history of the organization.
  • Greater Grand Rapids Ski Club - Highlights upcoming events along with links to related pages and details on trips and activities.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > Missouri 
  • Gateway Ski USA - Consists of photos, event schedules, discussion forum, and contact details.
  • Kansas City Ski Club - Overview on the organization's policies and membership application. Comes with photos and events calendar.
  • St. Louis Ski Club - Presents the history of the organization. Also includes price rates, contact particulars, and details on ski destinations.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > New Jersey 
  • High Life Ski Club - Includes calendar of events, membership details, photo gallery, and contact information,.
  • Ramapo Mountain Ski Club - Features the history of the facility along with newsletter, discussion forum, and contact details.
  • Sandblaster Skiers - Provides membership details, schedule, weather forecast, and gallery of photos.
  • Schussboomers Ski Club - Promotes and organizes skiing events and programs in the state. With photo gallery and membership details.
  • Short Hills Ski Club - Highlights schedule of activities and events. Comes with photos and membership information.
  • Sitzmark Ski Club - Contains newsletter, photos, contact details, and links to related pages.
  • Snowbound Ski Club International - Posts membership and contact details as well as events list and gallery of photos.
  • South Jersey Ski Club - Offers ski and snowboard trips for enthusiasts. Includes newsletter, membership details, and photo gallery.
  • Trailside Ski and Sports Club - Resource for photos and details on the organization's upcoming events. With articles and membership information.
  • Watchung Amateur Ski Club - Contains news updates, events listings, and calendar of events and activities.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > New York 
  • Diamond Dogs Ski Club - Presents video gallery and posts membership details, contact information, and links to related pages.
  • Lake Placid Ski Club - Non-profit organization that provides skiing tuition programs for children. Contains merchandise and contact details.
  • Out of Control Ski Club - Contains schedule of events, membership details, news updates, and price rates.
  • 50+ Ski Club - Consists of membership details, photos, related links, and details on the organization's ski trips and activities.
  • Rochester Ski Club - Posts photo gallery and registration details; also includes contact information and links to related pages.
  • Suffolk Skidaddlers Ski Club - Presents schedule of events and activities as well as news updates, history, and archives of pictures.
  • Thrillseekers Ski Club - Contains membership details, photos, and gallery of featured merchandise.
  • Trailsweepers Ski Club - Includes newsletters, image gallery, membership information, and calendar of upcoming events.
  • Triple Cities Ski Club - Details on news updates and upcoming events; also includes photos, related links, and history of the membership information.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > North Carolina 
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > Ohio 
  • Dayton Ski Club - Consists of news updates, events calendar, photos, and contact details.
  • Esprit Ski and Sports Club - Presents newsletters, photos, membership details, and information on featured ski trips and activities.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > Oregon 
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > Pennsylvania 
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > Texas 
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > Virginia 
  • Richmond Ski Club - Resource for newsletter, photos, event schedules, and history of the facility.
  • Roanoke Ski Club - Posts membership details and schedule of forthcoming events. Contains newsletter and photo gallery.
Top  > Sports  > Winter Sports  > Skiing  > Associations  > Clubs  > North America  > United States  > Wisconsin 
  • Milwaukee Ski Club - Offers skiing programs for beginners and experts alike. Contains photos and events listings.
  • Sitzmark Ski Club Of Milwaukee - Details on ski trips, tuition programs, and events. Comes with newsletter and related links.
  • Vagabond Ski Club - Contains list of featured activities along with membership information and details on ski trips.

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