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  Top  > Business  > Business to Business  > Publishing and Printing  > Printing  > Equipment 
  • TRI Elektronik - Features a pad printing and screen printing machinery and supplies trade company. Site contains useful articles about pad printing.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > JavaScript  > Scripts 
  • Email AntiLeech - Provides information on the purpose, tips, and usage of the script. Includes a code that can be inserted into the user’s page.
  • gifART - Offers scripts that can be inserted into an HTML document to make a mouse-over effect. Includes instructions.
  • Hscripts - Collection of free downloadable JavaScript software, tools, and sources. Also supplies HTML, CSS, MySQL and PHP tutorials, and purchasable products.
  • HTML2XHTML Converter - Features the JavaScript converter, which can be utilized in content management systems.
  • I-Announce - Presents the premium and freeware editions of the pop-ups with a list of features and live samples. Allows users to create their own windows provided that they comply with the registration details.
  • ChunyuLui - Contains a collection of several JavaScript animations such as revolving circles, freeway traffic, and running horses.
  • JavaScript Diagram Builder - Presents a library that consists of objects and functions needed to create a chart or a graph on a web page.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > JavaScript  > Scripts  > Collections 
  • BlueShoes - List of JavaScript input components, each having their feature list, descriptions and screenshots.
  • CGI-Bin - Contains JScript tools for ad management, audio, links and buttons, maps and graphs, mics, money, background effects, money and calculators. Each is available for downloading, referring, rating and reviewing.
  • Codefoot - Provides a collection of JavaScripts each with short descriptions and source codes.
  • CodeLifter - Contains freeware JScipts that can be included in HTML documents. Provides brief descriptions, samples, and source codes.
  • Coding Library: Java Programs and Files - Listing of numerous downloads and source codes of the scripting language.
  • JavaScript Kit - Contains JavaScript tools for games, messages, mouse cursor, slideshows, music, text and cookies. Each have their descriptions, examples and codes.
  • Development Scripts - Compilation of submitted JavaScripts designed for affiliate management, forms manipulation, image and graphics, email, and redirection. With descriptions and codes.
  • etLux: JavaScripts - Showcases details and codes of the language’s scripts that are arranged by category.
  • EZGoal JavaScripts - Contains submitted downloadable scripts with information on its purpose and use.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > JavaScript  > Scripts  > Encryption 
  • DES Encryption - Defines the JavaScript implementation of the data encryption standard, which is an algorithm which can work on bits. Includes source code, further details, and a trial version.
  • JavaScript Encryption Program - Provides information on the open-source implementation and its usage and features. With sample programs included.
  • JavaScript MD5 - Presentation of scripts with downloadable versions, demos, source codes, and installation instructions. With details on the hashes and limitations of the cryptography.
  • Encrypt HTML - Contains information about protecting codes in the hypertext markup language as well as in the scripting language. Provides downloadable demos and source codes.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > JavaScript  > Scripts  > Games 
  • Def-Logic - Contains freeware games such as Swarm, Flatland, Dark Age, Equalizer, Replicator and Popaloon that are JavaScript-written and made by Brent Silby.
  • Kielack’s Javascript Games - Indices of one-player and two-player games that are written with the scripting language.
  • JS Games - Showcases online games namely Marbles, Place It, Jigsaw Puzzle, Arrange, TicTacToe, and Hi-Lo. Includes descriptions and list of rules.
  • Pear Web - Provides JScript downloadable games like the Number Guess and Hangman game.
  • Cowthello - Shows the JavaScript version of the Othello board game with cows as objects instead of counters. With rules, and links to other related games.
  • David Lawrence Memory Game - Consists of different pairs of pictures that make up the game. Includes details on its rules, difficulty, and number of attempts.
  • Hop Studio Games - Comprises of JavaScript two-player games namely TicTacToe and Connect 4. With details and instructions about each.
  • HotBlocks - Features the online Meta Spider game with a code that can be included in an HTML document and on a web page.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > JavaScript  > Scripts  > Site Navigation 
  • Accessible Website Drop Down Menu - List of the advantages of the dynamic hypertext markup language menu. Offers purchasable and downloadable products and shows demonstrations.
  • Delux Menu: DHTML Javascript Menu - Showcases a version of the navigation script that is available for trial downloading and ordering. Includes details on its features, compatibility, setup and integration.
  • Scand: dhtmlxMenu - Highlights the customizable menu with its feature list, sample, downloads, related documents and examples.
  • Destroy: Javascripts Tree - Introduces the dTree, a tree-generating script. Provides examples, feature list, an application programming interface, and downloadable versions.
  • mapbMenu - Showcases a drop-down menu system with a feature list, downloads, and documentation with sample codes and diagrams.
  • Menu and PopMenu - Navigation tools that that can be downloaded. Contains examples, a list of its features, and version history.
  • Milonic - JavaScript menu system for dynamic HTML development for websites. Includes samples, downloads, and details on its compatibility.
  • Morten’s JavaScript Tree Menu - Presents a JS-powered menu with its features, downloads, projects and articles, and installation guide.
  • SmartMenus - Shows the DHTML and JavaScript menu including its features, recent news and updates, and a downloadable edition.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > JavaScript  > Tools 
  • AEVITA Software - Features the product No Right Click including its screenshots, protection highlights, comparison table, and downloads.
  • Creative Software - Detailed information about the JavaScript editor, its functionalities, usage, features, and screenshots and codes for illustration.
  • Dynamic Popup Generator - Contains information about unblockable Dhtml and sticky, pressure, picto, conditional, and rotating pop-ups.
  • JavaScripts - Presents navigation tools such as a pop-up window, drop down menu, BG music, digital clock, countdown, slideshow and watermark with samples provided for each.
  • JavaScript Coder - Consists of several well-known articles and tutorials related to the scripting language.
  • JHP10 - Contains JavaScript-written examples that use pop-ups for outputs.
  • JavaScript Joystick Plug-in - Defines the browser plug-in that can make JScripts gain access to gamepads and joysticks. Contains examples in applet, flash and shockwave, and an application programming interface documentation.
  • Harmony Hollow Software - Showcases the JavaScript Menu Master, which is a web design program. Includes a list of its new features, screenshots, and downloads.
  • JSLint - Introduces the tool that can take and scan a JavaScript source. Discusses its undefined variables, line breaking, and required blocks.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > JavaScript  > Tools  > Obfuscators 
  • Free Javascript Obfuscator - Supplies a sample of the tool that protects codes from theft. Includes options for keeping linefeeds and indentations, and encoding string and numbers.
  • Javascript Compressor - Example program of the tool that can obfuscate codes online. Offers downloadable versions with documentation.
  • Creativyst Software: CSS & JavaScript Compressor - Provides a demo program of the obfuscating tool that can be purchased online. Includes an installation guide and a changelog.
  • JS Cruncher - Introduction of the JScript file compressor, its features, example code, and downloads.
  • Semantic Designs Inc: ECMA Script - Information about the source code formatter tool that indents code blocks. Includes downloads, related documents, and purchasable products.
  • Javascript Source - Showcases the tool for converting source codes into scrambled and unreadable forms to protect it from theft. Contains a main window screenshot and a sample code.
  • Jsjam - Features Jsjam, a Javascript code compressor. Includes an example code of the tool.
  • NetDemon HayWure Nullifier - Features the Javascript decoder including instructions on its usage.
  • Stunnix - Presents a JavaScript obfuscator that can convert codes in input files into an unreadable form. Includes a list of its code meanings, and downloadable trial versions.
  • Syntropy Development - Information about the code converter called the JCE Pro Obfuscator. Provides free trial and demo versions and shows feature and comparison lists, and a changelog.
  • W3Compiler - Features the JavaScript code compressor and provides a downloadable trial version.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > JavaScript  > Tutorials 
  • ABC of JavaScript - Contains an interactive tutorial on the basic usage of the scripting language and includes a sample Test Box where users can type in commands that can be executed in a dialog box.
  • Active Client Page Basics - Introduction of the ACP that combines two techniques in running a database on a web page.
  • HTMLSource: Basic JavaScript - Tutorial on the fundamentals of the scripting language with sample codes.
  • Web Developers Notes: JavaScript Tutorial - Collection of numerous lessons on the scripting language’s methods, handlers, operators, and objects.
  • Page Resource - Contains several JavaScript tutorials arranged by category.
  • Console Scripts - Consists of instructional console topics with source codes and an attribute list.
  • GBDirect: JavaScript Courses - Shows an outline of the various training topics that are offered. Includes scheduled dates, and prices for each offered lesson.
  • GeniusBug - Collection of JavaScript-related tutorials that can be downloaded for free.
  • Web Teacher: Javascript Tutorial - Step-by-step course on the scripting language created for non-programmers. With downloads, and a Dynamic Select list sample program.
Top  > Games  > Video Games 
  • - Offers player forums, resource databases, and server lists.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Action  > Alan Wake 
  • GameFAQs - Features the game's images, player forums, and guides.
  • GameSpy: Alan Wake - Discusses the development highlights and storyline of the game. Also shows screenshots and reviews of the action thriller game.
  • IGN: Alan Wake - Compiles images and videos of the action game. Also provides player reviews and forums.
  • The Armchair Empire - Article detailing the graphical and story highlights of the game.
  • Computer And VideoGames - Discusses the highlights, shows images, and provides reviews of the horror game.
  • Eurogamer - Shows an article detailing the graphical and story highlights of the game.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Cheats and Hints 
  • Active Gamer - Shows categorized list of cheats from different playing consoles.
  • Cheat Happens - Provides game wallpapers, reviews, and cheatcodes.
  • Cheat Monster - Gives emulation reviews, shows links to flash games, and provides console details.
  • Cheat Patch - Offers cheat codes, wallpapers, and forums of the games within the different consoles.
  • CheatingPlanet - Compiles hints and playing guides for the games on the different playing platforms.
  • CheatingPlanet - Categorized listings of cheats on the different gaming systems.
  • Cheats 2k - Provides game reviews and cheats; also provides forums for players to interact.
  • IGN Cheats - Shows buying guides, provides cheats, and compiles resources for players on the different platforms.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Console Platforms  > Atari 
  • Atari - Contains game information, shows links to local sites, and presents player resources.
  • Infogrames - Shows galleries and reviews of the company's published games.
  • YSRnRY: Infogrames - Shows rankings and details of the company's developed games.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Console Platforms  > Nintendo 
  • Nintendo Canada - Provides product registration guides, shows item catalogs, and gives game resources.
  • Nintendo of America, Inc. - Collates game cheats and hints, provides product reviews, and shows player resources.
  • Nintendo of Australia - Contains gaming and product codes, offers member resources, and shows player forums.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Developers and Publishers 
  • Adventureland : Microsoft - Gives an in-dept review of the games developed by the company. Also shows resource links.
  • Microsoft Game Studios - Official site of the company's development department. Shows game tips and reviews.
  • Adventureland : Activision - Collates reviews and screenshots of the games developed by the company.
  • Blizzard Entertainment - Official site of the development company. Shows game reviews, download archives, and item screenshots.
  • Electronic Arts - Contains game screenshots, resources, and reviews.
  • EA Sports - Official site of the gaming development company that shows tips, server lists, and download links.
  • IGN: Mindscape - Official site of the game development company. Shows game lists, player forums and resources, and product reviews.
  • Rare-Extreme - Gives cheat lists, patches, and reviews of the company's games.
  • Rareware - Official website of the company showing links to game patches, reviews, and profile.
  • Square Enix - Contains game profiles, shows player resources, and gives guides and tips.
  • Square Insider - Contains game reviews, shows interview excerpts of the company's programmers, and provides player forums.
  • Sega - Shows product reviews, game lists, and platform highlights.
  • PlayStation North America - Collates game download links, provides player forums, and shows support resources.
  • Apogee FAQ - Explains the development of the company, shows game reviews, and provides player resources.
  • Atlus USA - Shows media releases, contains game profile, and gives player forums.
  • Bethesda Softworks - Gives player support forums, shows store catalogs, and provides job opportunities.
  • BioWare - Collates product catalogs, shows player support links, and gives game details and screenshots.
  • Blue Fang Games - Explores the history of the company, shows game download links, and provides job availability details.
  • Adventureland : Broderbund Software - Gives game list, details company profile, and shows links for player resources.
  • Bungie Software - Gives player support links, shows project details, and provides product catalogs.
  • Chris Sawyer Software Development - Highlights the games developed by the company including the Tycoon game series. Also provides staff profiles and contact details.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Recreation  > Fishing  > Action Bass 
  • GameFAQs - Collates images, discusses cheats and secrets, and provides reviews of the game.
  • Games First - Discusses the features and highlights of the fishing simulation game.
  • Eurogamer - Discusses the features and highlights of the game.
  • IGN - Shows a review done by David Zdyrko detailing the gameplay highlights and features.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Recreation  > Fishing  > American Bass Challenge 
  • GameFAQs - Contains lists of cheats and secret codes; compiles image galleries, and shows game availability.
  • GameSpy - Discusses the highlights and features of the fishing simulation game.
  • IGN - Presents an article discussing the development highlights and graphical features of the game.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Roleplaying  > Alien Syndrome 
  • GameFAQs - Shows cheat codes and secrets list; provides game images, and contains player guides.
  • GameSpy - Discusses cheat codes, provides screenshot archives, and shows reviews of the action game.
  • IGN - Collection of images and video clips of the game. Also provides reviews and playing guides.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Roleplaying  > Massive Multiplayer Online  > Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures 
  • GameSpy: Age of Conan - Contains interview excerpts of the game developers. Shows movie archives and cheat list.
  • IGN: Age of Conan - Provides screenshots, trailers, and reviews of the online RPG game.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Roleplaying  > The Agency 
  • GameSpy - Lists cheat codes, shows screenshots, and provides player resources.
  • IGN - Shows images and contains reviews of the online RPG game. Also contains player resources.
  • WorthPlaying - Discusses the game's features, storyline, and development highlights.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Shooter  > Halo Series  > Halo 3 
  • Halo 3 - Coverage of the game including news, articles, game videos, and information on the shooter.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Simulation  > Ace Combat Series  > Ace Combat 5 
  • IGN: Ace Combat 5 - Explores player reviews and ratings, shows links to patches and mods, and provides playing guides and tips on the game.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Simulation  > Ace Combat Series  > Ace Combat 6 
  • GameSpy - Contains player resources, game cheats, and trailer videos.
  • IGN - Provides image galleries, video archives, and player resources pertaining to the game series.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Simulation  > Ace Combat Series  > Ace Combat X 
  • GameSpy - Gives user reviews, publisher notes, and screenshots of the game.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Simulation  > Animal Crossing 
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Sports  > Amped 3 
  • GameSpy: Amped 3 - Explains the development highlights, presents interview excerpts of the programmers, and shows player resources.
  • IGN: Amped 3 - Gives highlights and discusses the features of the snowboarding simulation game.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Sports  > Basketball  > AND 1 Streetball 
  • GameFAQs - Discusses secret cheats, provides save files, and shows images of the game.
  • GameSpy - Proffers cheat codes, movie and image archives, and shows player reviews.
  • IGN - Collection of images and videos of the game. Also provides cheat codes.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Strategy  > Act of War - Direct Action 
  • FilePlanet - Provides demo files, map archives, and patch details.
  • GameFAQs - Contains the game's facts, guides, and cheat codes.
  • GameSpy - Discusses the highlights and story line of the strategy game.
  • IGN - Compiles images and videos highlighting the features of the RTS game.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Strategy  > American Conquest 
  • American Conquest - Covers the game's storyline, shows screenshots, and provides support forums.
  • GameFAQs - Shows data, provides cheat codes, and compiles images of the game.
  • GameSpy - Explains game specifications, shows links to development details, and provides player forums and resources.
  • IGN - Presents the game's storyline, shows patch links, and provides player reviews.
  • Eurogamer - Review on the strategy game gives highlights of the storyline.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Strategy  > Ancient Wars - Sparta 
  • GameSpy - Describes the storyline and graphical highlights of the simulation game.
  • IGN - Collection of images and video archives from the game that simulates the battle of Sparta.
  • Eurogamer - Shows the game review done by Rob Fahey highlighting the campaign aspects of the game.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Strategy  > Anno 1701 
  • GameFAQs - Discusses development information, shows image and video galleries, and presents resources of the game.
  • GameSpy - Explains the storyline and development of the strategy game.
  • IGN - Presents game reviews, video clips, and image collections.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Strategy  > Generation of Chaos 
  • GameSpy - Gives player forums, shows cheat list, and provides game screenshots.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Neurological Disorders  > Trauma and Injuries  > Brain Injury  > Organizations 
  • National Association of State Head Injury Administrators - Provides information on policies, programs, and technical services. With educational opportunities, links, and contact details.
  • Pittsburgh Area Brain Injury Alliance - Contains information on damage related cases and treatments, details on support services, and education on TBI related cases.
  • Vancouver Island Head Injury Society - Provides overview on support services and medical and social programs intended for people with brain injuries and their families.
  • Wayne Howard Trust - Organization that supports and gives advices to acquired brain injured patients and their families. Posts updates on events and fund raising activities as well as profiles of the governing committees.
  • International Brain Injury Association - Operates for the improvement and development of medical and clinical services for professionals, advocates, medical communities, and survivors.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Neurological Disorders  > Trauma and Injuries  > Brain Injury  > Organizations  > Brain Injury Association 
  • Brain Injury Association of Connecticut - Non-profit organization that offers support services for persons with brain injury and their families. Also conducts monitoring of survivors' activities in home, school or work areas.
  • Brain Injury Association of Florida - Contains overview on the services and programs intended for brain injury patients and their families. Lists events and activities sponsored by the group.
  • Brain Injury Association of Kentucky - Provides services for the survivors in the region through advocacy, educational awareness, prevention, and research programs.
  • Brain Injury Association of New Zealand - Promotes the services and advocacies intended for brain injured victims, family members, and caregivers. Also outlines the social rehabilitation clinics situated in various cities.
  • Brain Injury Association of Queensland, Inc. - Aids survivors and their families through support services, advocacy, and social programs. Contains publications, FAQs, and fact sheets.
  • Brain Injury Association of Texas - Disseminates information for brain injury survivors, family members, and medical professionals. Also assists in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from traumatic brain injury.
  • Brain Injury Association of Washington - Educates brain injury victims and promotes services that would aid survivors and their families. Includes calendar of events and links to various support groups.
  • Brain Injury Association of America - National organization dedicated to provide social services, medical assistance, and support for traumatic brain injury survivors and families.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Neurological Disorders  > Trauma and Injuries  > Brain Injury  > Organizations  > Headway 
  • Edinburgh Headway Group - Proffers physical fitness programs, complementary therapies, and social activities for brain-injured people and their families.
  • Headway Portsmouth and Southeast Hampshire - Outlines the objectives and goals of the organization that supports and assists the victims and families of brain injury cases. Includes details on the activities promoted by the group.
  • Headway Rotherham - Promotes understanding and social awareness about the medical condition through social activities and the establishment of support groups. With newsletters, photo gallery, and related articles.
  • Headway Victoria - Non-profit group that works alongside people living with acquired brain injury. Also provides support services and trainings.
  • Herefordshire Headway - Rehabilitates and assists people with acquired brain injuries. With information on events, news, details on activities, and profiles of the staff.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Neurological Disorders  > Trauma and Injuries  > Brain Injury  > Personal Pages 
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Neurological Disorders  > Trauma and Injuries  > Brain Injury  > Research 
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Neurological Disorders  > Trauma and Injuries  > Brain Injury  > Support Groups 
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Neurological Disorders  > Trauma and Injuries  > Brain Injury  > Support Groups  > Chats and Forums 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety 
  • Betty C. Jung - Contains links to various health departments in the country for professionals, families, and interested individuals.
  • Euro Health - Networks various health institutions in Europe with projects related to health equity and tackling health inequalities. Includes details on the projects of the governing organization, policy areas, and publications.
  • Altarum - Non-profit research institute that provides health care system studies and solutions. Contents include discussion on the company’s analysis of the nation’s delivery and financing capacity for health related programs.
  • Injury Prevention Web - Hosts several agencies and organizations that aim to prevent injury cases through proper dissemination of details. Includes weekly literary materials, statistics, and links.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Community Health 
  • Community Tool Box - Network of various organizations and communities that promote health care development in the communities. With services containing documentation and support on medical programs.
  • Greater New Bedford Community Health Care Center Inc - Offers various range of medical services to underprivileged families. Includes profiles of the administrators of the organization and overview on various health issues.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Community Health  > Mobile Health Clinics 
  • University of California, Irvine - Clinical organization in the locality designed to provide medical care accesses and diagnosis. Includes details on the physicians and support groups.
  • Resources for Care - Contains details on the health care systems and practices in all the states in America.
  • San Mateo Mobile Health Clinic - Lists the health services of the mobile clinic. With descriptions on the various health issues and translation in Spanish.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Disease Control and Prevention  > Health Promotion 
  • American Journal of Health Promotion - Conducts researches on health care promotion to improve legislations and policies in the field of medicine. With resources on published articles, advocacies, and conferences.
  • Australian Health Promotion Association - Shows updates on the organization’s events and promotional health news. Details on journals, newsletters, and conferences are specified.
  • Health Promotions Advocates - Collaborative efforts of various sectors in the country that integrates health promotion concepts and national health policies. Updates on legislations and strategic plans are elucidated.
  • Health Promotion Foundation - Global institution that aims to advance health promotion foundations through exchanging of information and enhance the performances of the organizations. Details on the events, video materials, and overview of the foundation.
  • International Union for Health Promotion and Education - Supports all organizations concerned with the advancement of health promotions through information and education. With membership details and scientific activities.
  • Office of Disease Prevention of Health Promotion - Highlights agency’s featured events, conferences, and guideline on matters concerning promotion of health in the country. Also with facts sheets that comprehensively discuss related programs.
  • Vic Health - Conducts researches and dissemination of information for prevention of diseases. With details on the history, strategic priorities, and governing body of the organization.
  • Curtin University of Technology - Multi-disciplinary center that focuses on research, consultation, advocacy, and training on community-based intervention methods to improve health practices in the country. Annual reports and projects are also displayed.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Disease Control and Prevention  > Immunizations 
  • Institute for Vaccine Safety - Provides assessment on vaccination, guide to medical practitioners, and educate the media and general public for prevention of diseases and related cases. With information on manufacturers and overview of the organization.
  • Funding for Immunization - Non-profit organization that aims to accelerate funding for immunization and health programs. Details on finances, supporting groups, and news are described.
  • International Vaccine Institute - Contributes to reduction and prevention of diseases through access to vaccination. Programs of the institute include laboratory researches, development, training, and technical support.
  • Vaccine Place - Shows data on various diseases and immunization products for the prevention of diseases.
  • Sabin Vaccine Institute - Provides details on the campaign projects of the organization that aim to provide vaccination and immunization to under-privileged communities. Publishes researches materials and programs.
  • UTMB Sealy Center for Vaccine Development - Research academy that facilitates on laboratory studies for the discovery of novel vaccinations to fight against diseases. With profile of the faculty, details on the practices, and reports on symposiums.
  • Elsevier: Vaccine - Fact sheet that details on the description and key features on vaccines. With an issue on the immunization item for screening and prevention on cervical cancer.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : Vaccines and Immunizations - Contains downloadable published materials on various virus-causing agents as compiled by the national agency that monitors on illnesses and preventive measures.
  • Health Link: Smallpox Vaccine at the Medical College of Wisconsin - Accounts on the vaccination a process and immunization shot administered at the academic institution for purpose of study of vaccinia virus.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Disease Control and Prevention  > Immunizations  > Travelers 
  • Health Link: Travel Medicine - Contains various articles that detail on infection cases caused by viral agents.
  • Passport Health - Accounts on the importance of vaccinations for travelers. Includes details on the immunization procedure to avoid getting infected with various diseases while in the region.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Disease Control and Prevention  > Injury 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Disease Control and Prevention  > Poisoning 
  • National Center for Injury Prevention and Control - Provides safety guidelines for poisoning cases for families. Featured precautionary measure on handling chemicals, drugs and medicines, and first aid tips.
  • Tennessee Poison Center - Offers clinical advice in cases of poisoning at home, work place, and environment. Programs include hot line centers for emergencies, education for social awareness, and statewide surveillance.
  • National Capital Poison Center - Provides preventive measures on poisoning cases and financial assistance to treatment. Included details are safety tips and first aid guides, information on health issues, and hospital supporters.
  • Oregon Poison Center - State agency that caters to cases of poisonings through provision of immediate medical attention and advocacy on awareness.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Disease Control and Prevention  > Poisoning  > Plants 
  • Poisonous Plants - Contains a tabulated data on toxic plants species. Information sites the toxic part and various symptoms of affected individuals.
  • California Turtle and Tortoise Club: Poisonous Plant List - Contains comprehensive list of hazardous vegetations that are toxic to turtles when taken. Includes description on the toxicity levels and possible treatment procedure.
  • Australian National Botanic Gardens - Displays a gallery of illustrative images of poisonous plant species in the country. Includes details on the common and scientific names and toxic parts of the vegetations.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > Canada  > Manitoba 
  • Birtle Fire Department - Fire brigade of the city that aims to control and prevent incidents of fire within the community. Shows profile of the organization, the members, and video materials.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > Canada  > New Brunswick 
  • East Franklin Fire Department Station 27 - Responds to rescue operations and fire prevention programs in the city of Somerset. Archives of cases, amenities, and gallery of pictures are displayed.
  • Sackville Volunteer Fire Department - Rescue organization comprising of volunteers and resident fire fighters that responds to emergency calls on fire cases in the city. With profiles of the members and health care information.
  • Woodstock Fire Department - Discusses the organizational structure of the city agency and of the fire-related services offered. Gallery of pictures and safety tips are presented.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Georgia 
  • Columbus Georgia Fire and Emergency Medical Services - Shows information on course opportunities and preventive guidelines as designed by the association of firefighters in the community to reduce cases of fire and medical emergencies.
  • Dobbins Fire and Emergency Services - Provides information about the organization's officers and shows the schedule of their training sessions.
  • City of Alpharetta Georgia - Provides information about the fire and emergency services that the city renders for its populace. Shows the phone numbers and maps of various fire stations in the general area.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Hawaii 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Idaho 
  • City of Boise Fire Department - Posts reports and news on organizational activities and cases of fire incidents. Details on the emergency response team are also shown.
  • Payette Fire Department - Discusses briefly the response vehicles and equipment of the organization uses in emergency cases and critical fire conditions in the community.
  • Northern Lake Fire District - Renders fire, critical cases, paramedics, and ambulance services. Details on the administration and facilities used by the company are included.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Illinois 
  • Polo Fire Department - State protection agency that focuses on suppression of fire cases and offering immediate responses to medical crises. With tabular data of the distress calls and safety tips.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Indiana 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Iowa 
  • Denison Fire Department - Combined professional and volunteer firefighters in the region offer services for suppression of fire and provision of first aid treatment to patients.
  • City of Cedar Rapids: Fire Department - Metropolitan center that accounts and assists cases of fire incidents and medical emergencies in the county. Safety guidelines are presented to educate the citizens.
  • North Liberty Fire Department - Ensures the safety of the community’s possession from the destructive effects of fire incidents. Contains safety guidelines and tips.
  • Polk City Fire and Rescue - Features emergency medical services and fire protection programs offered by the paid-per-call organization. Information on the membership and schedule of events are posted.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Kansas 
  • Kansas State Fire Marshal - Oversees safety guidelines and training for handling emergencies and fires throughout the state.
  • Kingman Fire Department - Comprises of volunteer workers who carry out duties in firefighting and pre-hospital medical treatment. Displays list of members and equipment.
  • Pomona Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services - Introduces the fire agency in the region that is responsible for the protection of properties and the lives of the people in the community. Also features a national weather service radar where people can send reports about fire cases.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Kentucky 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Louisiana 
  • Shreveport Fire Department - Responds to emergency alarms and distress signals in cases of fire and medical emergency crises in the county. Contains pictures of the team on their operations.
  • Louisiana State Fire Marshall Office - Local government administrator who oversees programs and services of the fire stations in the county. Includes details on reports, plan reviews, and health care.
  • Bayou Cane Fire District - Agency of the metropolitan that offers assistance to critical situations including fire, injuries and illnesses; also conducts search and rescue operations.
  • Houma Fire Department - Covers divisions, equipment, and station locations.
  • Baton Rouge Fire Department - Reduces cases of deaths and destruction of properties through responding to emergencies in the community. Educational programs and trainings are employed to increase the level of protection.
  • Westlake Fire Department - Safeguards the lives, possessions, and the environment for the residents and visitors in the state. Contains discussion on training programs and list of events.
  • Louisiana State Fireman’s Association - Offers training programs and promotes fellowship among members. Includes overview of the organization, membership details, district map and executive board directory.
  • City of Thibodaux: Volunteer Fire Department - Details the the non-paid staff and first response services of the unit.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Fire Fighting  > North America  > United States  > Maine 
  • Frandford Mutual Aid Fire Training Association - Training center that provides programs and activities related to firefighting activities. Supports the county’s department in protecting the communities from adversities.
  • Woodstock Fire Department - Introduces the background and duties of the unit. Resources and information related to fire prevention are posted.
  • Madison Maine Fire Department - Provides information about the history and general responsibilities of the organization. Includes features on fire detecting devices and safety materials.
  • York Fire Department - Renders services that include suppression of fire, rescue operations, and decontamination of the environment.
  • Brunswick Fire Department - Provides resources on safety precautions and recovery. Aims to educate and support the people during critical situations.
  • Portland Professional Firefighters - Presents pictures and video materials of the trained personnel during emergency operations.
  • Poland Fire Rescue - Reports on the firefighting responsibilities of the institution. Details on the emergency vehicles are also shown. With photos.
  • Orono Fire Department - Public organization of full-time firefighters that monitors cases of emergencies and critical situations. Details on the apparatus and statistics are presented.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Medical 
  • Boulder Community Network - Shows comprehensive list of emergency centers in the city. Includes resources of other agencies.
  • Emergency Services International - Offers medical care and trauma management for leisure and corporate travelers. With details on the company’s profile and general services.
  • Global EEMS and Emergency Services Experts - Medical consultation company that provides wide range of services including customized programs for improvement of health care, financial effectives, and resources.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Medical  > Air Ambulance 
  • Aeromed 365 - Offers travel-related emergency services such bespoke repatriation, comprehensive air ambulance, extensive medical units, and multilingual health specialists. Includes details on the company’s overview and of the team.
  • Air Ambulance Card - Features the organization’ prepaid air medical services. Includes guidelines on transportation, rebate programs, and profile of the team.
  • Air Ambulance Specialists - Manages domestic and international air medical transportation services. Contents include background of the company, treatment provedure, guidelines, and facilities.
  • Air Care Alliance - Governing body of all humanitarian flying institutes that provides community services such as patient transport, medical care, disaster relief programs, and environmental support.
  • Air Ambulance - Services of the company include domestic and international air ambulance, commercial stretcher device, medical escorts, and organ transplant standby services. Includes details on rates and quotes and affiliate aircraft fleet.
  • Asia Air Ambulance - Services include medical monitoring and evacuations of aircraft travelers on emergency cases.
  • Flight Web - Contains resources and information for the air medial practitioners including emergency medical services pilots, flight nurses, and medics. With news and updates.
  • Fox Flight - Air ambulance provider that offers transportation of patients in various pats of the world. Service crews are physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and paramedics.
  • Healix Group of Companies - Governing institution that assists patients with medical services. Includes news, insurance programs, and links.
  • Lifeline Air Ambulance - Specializes on emergency routines ad ambulance transportation services. With profile on the medical attendants, quotation, and facilities of the company.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Medical  > Air Ambulance  > United States 
  • Advanced Air Ambulance - Ambulance company that provides emergency medical services. Includes profile of the company and medical staff.
  • Aeromedevac Air Ambulance Inc. - Shows information on the domestic and international air ambulance services. Includes guidelines, insurance details, and training of the staff.
  • Air Ambulance America - Services include transportation with patients, life support equipment, and medical care to various conditions. Briefly discusses the aircraft, staff, and resource guide.
  • Air Charity Network - Non-profit organization that offers access to people in need of transportation for medical purposes and family concerns. With contact information for people interested to request for a flight.
  • Air Methods - Provides air medical emergency care and facilities. With specialty on transportation of patients to various regions.
  • Air Trek Inc - Privately owned medical transportation services that specialize on emergency care for patients to be transferred. Includes details on the medical equipment, commercial escorts, and price quotation.
  • Air Care at UMC - Service unit of University of Mississippi Medical Center that caters to medical transportation of critically ill and injured patients. Profile of the aircraft and safety guidelines are shown.
  • Air Evac Lifeteam - Overviews on the background of the company, the medical services offered, equipment, and areas of operation. Guide to safety and membership details are displayed.
  • Air Lift Northwest - Approaches to medical emergency response are highlighted. Includes details on the services and financial assistance.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Medical  > DMAT 
  • San Francisco Bay Area DMAT - Overviews on the organization’s profiles and services. With pictures and profile of the administrative staff.
  • Texas 3 Disaster Medical Assistance Team - Conducts programs that provide emergency medical care services to regions affected with hazardous conditions. Announcements and outreach activities are also presented.
  • Medic Com - Designed to aid the Toledo Area Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Also responds to various emergency cases such as typhoons, floods, and tornadoes.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Medical  > Education 
  • Alberta Health and Safety Training Institute - Trainings offered include CPR, first aid, industrial, and pre-hospital care services. All curriculum provided are monitored and supervised by the National Red Cross.
  • Snowy River EMS Education - Training institute that provides students with programs on medical and emergency assistance such as fire departments, law enforcement, security, lifeguard, army, industrial response, and recreational area staff.
  • Creighton University Emergency Medical Services - Provides full range of educational courses of paramedics and medical service personnel. Enumerates areas on which the programs are most useful for and profile of each curriculum.
  • UMBC Emergency Health Services - Academic and training institute that trains individuals to become experts in Emergency Medical Services through liberal arts and science curricula.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Medical  > First Responders 
  • Amherst College Emergency Medical Service - Organization maintained and supervised by the students that cater to emergency cases in the campus through provision on basic guide in life support quick responses.
  • Bates Emergency Medical Services - Volunteer group that administers first-aid services to the academic center and community. Details on the facilities, history, and statistical data are shown.
  • Carleton Student Emergency Response Team - Student-run organization that offers first-aid treatment and on-call emergency response. Updates on application processes, details on the equipment, and shows archives of news.
  • Colby Emergency Response - Rescue-squad group of students that responds to medical emergency situations in the campus and of the community. Also shows guidelines on how to reach the organization.
  • Cornell University: Emergency Medical Service - Provides medical assistance to the academic community. All activities and programs are funded by the university.
  • First Respondents Florida State University - Volunteers on providing life support and quick response medical attentions. Includes details on becoming a member, events, and articles.
  • Geneseo First Response - Explores on the organization’s profile, affiliations, and medical services to the campus, community, and visitors in the academic institution.
  • Georgetown Medical Assist Team Volunteer EMS First Responders - Acknowledged by the Texas Department of Health as valid administrators of emergency medical and quick response services. Includes an article that briefly discusses the groups purpose and guide to make call.
  • Hampshire College Emergency Medical Service - Student organization that trains members in becoming medical emergency administrators. Schedule of activities, handbook, and schedule of programs are displayed.
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Medical  > Organizations 
Top  > Health  > Public Health and Safety  > Emergency Services  > Medical  > Organizations  > Regional Councils 
  • EMMCO West - Assists programs and activities to emergency medical providers in the community. Approaches involve education, training, and technical assistance.
  • Greater Miami Valley EMS Council - Regional institution that responds to immediate medical attention. With details on the company’s background, trainings, and facilities.
  • Department of Health and Senior Services - State agency that overviews and implements projects and programs on health care system. Lists services, details on trainings, and updates organizational events.
Top  > Kids and Teens  > Games  > Computer and Video 
Top  > Reference  > Museums  > Recreation and Sports 
  • Olympic Museum - Official site offering information on the museum, an online virtual tour, visitor resources, and a calendar of events.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Angola  > Business and Economy 
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Botswana  > Business and Economy 
  • Mascom - Dedicated to transferring technological advancements to Botswana features communication tools, offered services, and dealers.
  • Botswanacraft Marketing - Showcases basketry and bushman crafts from Botswana with gallery and online shop included.
  • Armstrongs Attorneys, Notaries, and Conveyancers - Corporate law firm with display of professionals, special fields, clients, and recent projects.
  • MicroBX - Features telephone management and accounting software with demonstrations, guided tour, and information included.
  • Dinesh Textiles - Manufacturer of garments presents the factory, products, and photos of finished products.
  • Kgetsi Ya Tsie - Women’s initiative for entrepreneurial activities showcases products, price listings, and guide on where to buy them.
  • - Features Botswana’s web directory with search menu for quick searches.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Botswana  > Business and Economy  > Associations 
  • Botswana Telecommunications Corporation - Accountable for Botswana’s national and international telecommunications services presents products and services, employment, and latest news updates.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Botswana  > Business and Economy  > Computers and Internet 
  • Info Botswana Internet Services - Displays services, resources, and free downloads.
  • Botsnet - Provider of quality internet services in Botswana provides information on services and support with contact details.
  • eDumela - Botswana’s online community offers chat rooms, job centers, message boards, and classifieds.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Business and Economy  > Shopping 
  • International Computer Center for Toner - Shows photographs and photographs for services and products offered by the company, which range from refilling machines to printer parts from different brands.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Cities  > Alexandria 
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Cities  > Alexandria  > Business and Economy 
  • Alex Tiles - Egyptian-owned company that specializes in manufacturing different types of slabs made from limestone, marble and granite.
  • Alexandria Business Association - Details the organization’s background profile and its mission of providing support services and networking opportunities for the country’s trade community.
  • El Eman for Trade and Contracting Co. - Introduces the Alexandria-based construction company and provides photographs and summaries of its different projects.
  • El Nasr Clothing and Textile Co. - Detailed overview of the company’s background profile as well as photographs its various products, which range from training suits to children’s wear.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Cities  > Alexandria  > Education 
  • American School of Alexandria - Provides background information on the learning institution and its school curriculum as well as requirements for graduation.
  • Riada Language School - Language school provides details of the divisions, standards, family environment, news and events.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Cities  > Alexandria  > Health 
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Cities  > Alexandria  > Society and Culture 
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Cities  > Alexandria  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Africana Hotel - Features a virtual tour to the tourist facility with photographs showing guest rooms, recreation facilities and dining establishments. Conference room picture also supplied.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Cities  > Aswan 
  • City of Aswan - Comprehensive introduction to the locality and its background as well as information guide to its hotels, night clubs and other tourist services.
  • Marhaba Hotel - Cites services offered by the lodging establishment and provides photographs and prices for different types of room accommodations.
  • Miskaa Fishing and Safari - Supplies background information regarding Lake Nasser and includes photographs and specifications for fishing vessels and equipment supplied by the company.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Cities  > Siwa Oasis 
  • Badawiya Expedition Travel - Introduces the tour company with provided information regarding its came safari packages, Gilf Kebir expedition and other special trips offered.
  • History of the Siwa Oasis - Features the extensive article that chronicle the origins and history of the oasis from its early occupation in Paleolithic and Neolithic times to its transformation as a tourist destination.
  • Saudi Aramco World: Siwa – Oasis Extraordinary - Detailed article describing the features of the oasis situated between the Qattara Depression and the Egyptian Sand Sea.
  • Saudi Aramco World: Siwa – Resort of Kings - Chronicles one travel adventurer’s trip to the famous oasis and his views of its history and origins.
  • Siwa Oasis - Contains comprehensive information regarding the history and culture of one of Egypt’s famous oasis, includes guide for tourists.
  • Aljazeera Net - Features one article detailing the effects of changes like television and tourism to the culture of close-knit communities in the Siwa Oasis.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Guides and Directories 
  • Damanhour City - Comprised of various resources and relevant information pertaining to the locality also known as Hermopolis Mikra.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Red Sea  > Hurghada 
  • El Salam Hospital - Previews background information on the medical institution and its various facilities, which includes laboratories, surgeries and clinics.
  • Tour Egypt – Hurghada - Consists of photographs and pertinent information detailing the city’s history and background including its accommodations, dining establishments and tourist spots.
  • Hurghada Egypt - Information database regarding the city that serves as the tourist center in the Red Sea region of the country. Details range from maps and accommodations to current events and travel insurance.
  • Sunny Hurghada - Provides pertinent information for tourists interested in available attractions in the city such as its beaches, accommodations and windsurfing activities.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Red Sea  > Hurghada  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Aida Verdie Resort and Leisure Park - Provides photographs of facilities found in the holiday and tourist destination, with descriptions of its different rooms.
  • El Gouna Hotels - Supplies overview of the leisure getaway as well as detailed information regarding its different offered activities like golf, diving and shopping.
  • El Tabia Hotel - Hotel provides details of the rooms, restaurants, facilities, sports, disco, tours and rates.
  • Magawish - Displays photographs of beaches and other tourist spots found in the locality. Includes images of the lodging establishment’s rooms.
  • Mahmiya - Comprised of photographs and details pertaining to the activities, services and tour programs available at the tourist facility.
  • Mina Mark Beach Resort - Introduces the seaside lodging and tourist establishment and shows photographs of its rooms, swimming pool and other guest facilities.
  • Sun Shine Diving - Previews comprehensive information regarding the tour company that offers different sightseeing excursions packages to the Nile and Red Sea.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Red Sea  > Quseir 
  • Akassia Swiss Resort Marsa Alam - Contains information regarding the tourist destination’s directions and location as well as on its premises, rooms and other available guest facilities.
  • Tour Egypt – Quseir - Previews background details of the city known as White Harbor during the reign of Ptolemy as well as other related information like weather, accommodations and dining establishments.
  • Radisson SAS Resort - Describes the features of the tourist getaway that offers standard rooms and suite accommodations to suite the needs of its guests.
  • World Heritage – Quseir Amra - Features the famous desert castle that served as fortress and home of the Umayyad caliphs. Copies of documents pertaining to the historical site also provided.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Red Sea  > Safaga 
  • Menaville Resort - Shows photographs of the facility and its various attractions and provides information regarding accommodations, guest services and water sports activities.
  • Shams Hotels and Nile Cruises - Repository of information and resources regarding different lodging establishments, holiday resorts and sightseeing cruises in the locality.
  • Sheraton Soma Bay Resort - Features the virtual tour of different rooms found in the leisure facility, which include guest rooms, executive and beachfront suites as well as royal suites.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Red Sea  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Daniela Village - Consists of photographs and pertinent information regarding the holiday and diving resort situated in the localities of St. Katherine and Dahab.
  • Iberotel Hotels and Resorts - Contains comprehensive descriptions and useful details relating to different holiday accommodations and tour packages offered.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Sinai North 
  • Sinai – Egypt’s Beauty - Displays photographs of different sceneries found in the area as well as information on its inhabitants, geography and history.
  • EGYPT My Way - Supplies photographs and descriptions of Oberoi Al Arish Hotel and its different facilities offered to holiday goers and tourists.
  • Al’ Arish, Egypt - Features map of the largest city in Shamal Sina governorate, with data on its latitude, longitude and altitude. Includes list of nearby cities, towns and airports.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Sinai South 
  • Sinai 4 You - Brief descriptive essay detailing the features of the region that serves as destination to many tourists with its different adventure holiday tours and accommodations.
  • Marsa Alam International Airport - Provides flight schedules, fees and tariffs guidelines as well as list of various passenger facilities provided by the aviation terminal.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Sinai South  > Sharm el Sheikh 
  • Sharm Air - Cites different types of aero sport activities offered by the company, which include motor glider, hanglider and parachuting.
  • South Sinai Info – Sharm El Sheikh - Resource portal for the city that serves as administrative center for the Southern Sinai province, with comprehensive information regarding its diving centers, restaurants and other features.
  • Sharm el Sheikh - Contains information on different activities available in the area such as diving, snorkeling and other water sports. Data regarding hotels and restaurants also provided.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Sinai South  > Sharm el Sheikh  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort - Features a panoramic photograph of the hotel complex and overview its different rooms and amenities, guest services and other features.
  • Red Sea Riviera - Supplies photographs and brief descriptions of the apartment’s different sections from bedrooms and bathrooms to roof terrace.
  • Sea Queen Fleet - Previews background information regarding staff members of the company that specializes in live-aboard diving excursions to its customers.
  • Sharm Reef Hotel - Consists of photographs showing different features of the tourist facility together with details on its various services, which range from restaurant to t-shirt shop.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Regions  > Sinai South  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Dahab and Bishbishi Garden Village - Presents different room rates and diving packages offered by the tourist facility, includes information on South Sinai activities.
  • Blue Beach Club - Features images of the hotel premises and facilities as well as list of room rates for different seasons throughout the year.
  • Dahab Holiday Flats - Previews background information on the lodging establishment’s owners and the town named after the Arabic word for gold.
  • Habiba Village - Comprised of photographs, room rates and other pertinent details on the lodging establishment’s accommodations and dining establishment.
  • Hyatt Regency - Cites the hotel’s different features, which range from its rooms and amenities to various function rooms and conference facilities.
  • Tobya Boutique Hotel - Displays photographs of standard and executive rooms as well as suites and apartments offered by the holiday getaway to its customers.
  • Trekking in Sinai - Contains background information regarding the mountain tours office and cites different hiking and tour packages offered to adventure travelers.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Egypt  > Travel and Tourism  > Lodging 
  • Tour Egypt – Giza Plateau - Highlights a photograph and interactive map showing the famous pyramids of Egypt and the layouts of its different complexes.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Ghana  > Business and Economy 
  • Qualiplast Company Limited - Displays photographs of products from the company, which cover a variety of plastic packaging products ranging from basins and baskets to water bottles and crates.
  • Troncorp Communications Ltd - Supplies the company’s background profile and its works in different sectors such as finance, healthcare and technology.
  • Sony Center Ghana - Presents different types of products from the brand with the likes of LCD TV’s, digital cameras and tape recorders.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Ghana  > Business and Economy  > Real Estate 
  • DMI - Previews the company’s background and its management team and provides information regarding its design and build service.
  • Efie Online Ltd - Provides descriptions of services offered by the company as well as listings of different available properties.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Ghana  > Business and Economy  > Shipping, Storage and Logistics 
  • Tarzan Enterprises Limited - Contains background information and history about the company and its offered services, which include haulage and container depots.
  • Equitorial Import and Export - Supplies brief details regarding services offered by the shipping agency as well as general information on different countries in Africa.
  • Ghana Shipper’s Council - Consists of extensive information regarding the organization’s background and its mission of managing the demand side of the country’s shipping industry.
  • Jon Moore International - Offers different transport and logistics services such as heavy and abnormal transport, warehouse and storage as well as international freight forwarding.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > Ghana  > Society and Culture  > Aid and Development 
  • Integrated Regional Information Networks News – Ghana - Contains extensive articles detailing news, events and programs pertinent to humanitarian affairs and issues. Includes weekly reports and interviews of prominent political figures in the country.
  • Leaders of Tomorrow Foundation - Provides detailed background information regarding the organization, its different objectives and its programs implemented in Africa.
  • USAID – Ghana - Supplies detailed information relevant to the international organization’s projects in the West African country as well as annual reports and budget allocations.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Eastern Cape  > Cities  > Port Elizabeth  > Travel and Tourism  > Accommodation 
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Eastern Cape  > Recreation and Sports 
  • Karoo River Rafting - Adventure and water expedition center. Includes photos, related links, and contact information.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Eastern Cape  > Regions  > Cacadu District 
  • Baviaanskloof Mountain Passes - Provides visitors with guide and tour on George, Plettenberg, and Jeffrey’s Bay wilderness. With profile of package deals and area specifications.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Eastern Cape  > Travel and Tourism  > Accommodation 
  • Peak High Mountaineering - Showcases tour adventures including trail hiking and mountain climbing. Includes photo gallery and contact particulars.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Eastern Cape  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services 
  • Amanzi Tours - Specializes in guided environmental visits, personalized traveling schemes, and management of the basic needs of tourists.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Gauteng  > Society and Culture 
  • Johannesburg Child Welfare Society - Provides direct services to young individuals who are neglected, abandoned, and abused. Includes details on projects, programs, and advocacy.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Gauteng  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services 
  • Ataraxia Tours and Travel - Assists in the planning and arrangement of the traveling needs of visitors in the country.
  • Govertical Mountaineering Adventures - Adventure company that provides services and facilities for tourists interested with mountaineering sports.
  • Living on the Edge Adventures - Event organizer and facilitator for teambuilding activities, corporate, and personal vacation schemes.
  • Outrageous Adventures - Proffers tour packages and adventures such as white water river rafting, kayaking, teambuilding adventures, and abseiling.
  • Transfrontiers Walking Safaris - Ventures on different expeditions in the land for tourists. Contains news, map, and contact details.
  • African Outposts - Provides tourism services for visitors alike. Includes profiles and contact information.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > KwaZulu-Natal  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services 
  • Blue Dolphin Tourist Services - Agency that presents boarding centers, aircraft trips with helicopters, battlefield and game reserve tours, and various safari expeditions.
  • South Adventure Trails - Endeavors on trailing adventure activities such as hiking and mountain biking. Comes with newsletter and details on tour trails.
  • Thaba Tours - Offers various mountain biking expeditions in the country. Includes photos and contact information.
  • African Odyssey Wildlife Safaris and Tours - Facilitates travel and vacation needs of tourists in the country such as boarding, recreation activities, and dining.
  • Albizia Tours - Facilitates tours on safaris and wetlands as well as birds and animal gaming activities and various recreational activities. With company profile and contact details.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Northern Cape  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Kalahari Adventure Center - Features facilities and management services on guided river trails, overland safaris, and outdoor expeditions.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Society and Culture 
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Society and Culture  > Aid and Development 
  • Beth Uriel – House of Light - Sanctuary for children and young adults with unhealthy backgrounds such as those living under extreme poverty and troubled families, abused, and related cases.
  • Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard - Care center that offers home-based service for people with AIDS; also serves as malnutrition clinic, pre-primary school, and residence for abandoned and homeless children.
  • The Donald Gordon Foundation - Private institution that funds various community public welfare organizations. Includes related links and details on projects.
  • Hope Africa - Social development center that provides education and mosquito nets for various families to prevent and reduce cases of malaria in the region.
  • Learn to Earn - Baptist training center that operates on Khayelitsha, Durbanville, and Hermanus offering courses on sewing, woodwork, baking, computer graphics, and life skills.
  • Masiphumelele - Non-profit center that participates in building houses and communal activities for the locals. With newsletters and annual reports.
  • The Social Housing Foundation - Institution that provides products and services in creating housing and residential units for families earning from low to moderate incomes.
  • SOS Childrens South Africa - Facilitates shelter, care, and basic necessities for orphans and abandoned children. Includes profile of the company, FAQs, and contact information.
  • Southern African Regional Poverty Network - Dedicated to the reduction and prevention of poverty in the region through knowledge management and assistance.
  • St. Philomena’s Anchored in God - Non-profit medical center that offers intensive care, health-related guidance, and treatment for various diseases of children.
  • Water for School’s Project - Funds projects and aids academic centers. Contains details on programs and application.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Society and Culture  > Human Rights 
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Society and Culture  > Organizations 
  • Black Sash - Offers paralegal services for people having problems on child support, social grants, labor problems, and citizenship.
  • Charity - Contains news updates, events list, related links, and contact particulars.
  • Child Safe - Promotes health programs, developmental activities, environmental management, and education to prevent injuries and accidents.
  • Drive Alive - Details on road safety and awareness for prevention of vehicular accidents. With information on courses, statistics, and factual accounts.
  • Field Band Foundation - Training organization that aims to enhance the singing and dancing abilities of the local youth for recreation and the reduction of unemployment.
  • Helping Hands - Knysna South Africa - Non-government office that offers supports for community, conservation, educational, and developmental projects. With news and contact details.
  • Narcotics Anonymous South African Region - Promotes recovery of addicted people through rehabilitation, professional treatment, and support services. Includes news and related links.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services  > Tour Operators 
  • Ashlaw Tours - Tour operator provides details of accommodation, vehicles, travel tips, weather, bookings, visa information and contacts.
  • Blue Moon Travel - Specializes in tailor-made tour packages and services for family vacations, personal runaways, and corporate functions. With gallery of pictures and contact details.
  • Bushtrackers Africa - Safari and tour operator that features expeditions on the area. Includes pictures, related links, and contact details.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services  > Tour Operators  > Safaris 
  • Amatikulu - African safari tours offered with information on the destinations, game reserves, accommodation and itineraries.
  • The Bush Camp - Four wheel drive bush camp tours and safaris offered to the Baviaanskloof, Lesotho, Garden Route, Klein Karoo, Wild Coast and the Winterberg.
  • Kiwanja - Showcases adventure safaris, outdoor activities, water expeditions, and 4x4 events. Includes photo gallery and contact details.
  • Tandem Tours: Hunting Safaris and Southern African Tours - Professional guide and facilitator for various exploration activities in the country. With company profile and photo gallery.
  • Africa Uncovered: Luxury African Safari - Information on the different lodging centers and adventure activities for tourists in the country. With pictures, FAQs, and related links.
  • The African Chapter - Features recreational activities, tour packages, and guide services. With map and profile of the company.
  • Far and Wild Safaris: African Safaris and Ecotourism - Details on various expeditions and related activities, boarding centers, and adventure centers in the country.
  • South Africa Tours and Safaris - Operates vacation tours and manages visitors' necessities while in the country. Contact information posted.
  • African Sun Safaris - Presents various tour packages and services for visitors including lodging and expeditions.
  • All Afrika Tours and Safaris - Features national parks, tour centers and honeymoon accommodation centers. Includes price and booking details.
  • All Ways Africa Tours and Safaris - Includes company profile, contact information, and details on offered tour packages and services.
  • Ambula Safaris and Tours - Showcases wildlife and adventure activities. Comes with related links and contact information.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services  > Travel Agents 
  • Africa Awaits Tours and Safaris - Specializes in personalized vacation packages and exclusive self-driving. With picture gallery and contact details.
  • AYS Travels - Focuses on leisure travels for both local and foreign tourists. Contains booking and contact information.
  • Club Travel - Includes contact information, photos, and details on offered services and tour packages.
  • Conlyn Travel - Advertises the company’s adventure programs along with photo gallery and contact particulars.
  • Footprints in Africa – Tours and Safaris - Offers consultation and management services of families, groups, schools, individuals, and corporate visitors in the country.
  • Go Africa Travel Tours and Safaris - Overview on services and packages offered along with photos and details on booking reservations.
  • Ivory Tours - Organizes traveler’s needs including travel and adventure schemes and activities. Includes contact and booking details.
  • Moonlight Travel and Tours - Information on touring services offered along with photos, related links, and contact particulars.
  • Siyabona Africa Travel - Facilitates tour services and recreational activities for tourists in various regions of the country.
  • South Africa Travel Guides - Portfolio of boarding and adventure centers found within the region. With events listings and related links.
  • On the Go – Holiday Manouvers - Venue and vacation broker that offers settlement, facilities, and expertise on special occasions such as honeymoon, timeshare, conferences, and social functions.
  • Outlook Africa: South African Travel Specialists - Specializes in leisure services such as aerial, overland safari, and guided tours, hiking, tailor-made itinerary, and helicopter flips.
  • Safari 2 Africa - Proffers luxury travel and tours such as honeymoon events, safaris, and vacation holidays. With pictures and contact particulars.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Western Cape  > Cities  > Gansbaai  > Recreation and Sports 
  • Great White Shark Diving - Presents preview of the adventure services and activities the company offers. Includes gallery, related links, and contact particulars.
  • Shark Cage Diving - Contains news updates, company profile, photo gallery, and details on services offered.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Western Cape  > Travel and Tourism 
  • Horse Trail Safaris - Facilitates horseback trailing adventures on different areas in the region. Includes pictures and booking details.
Top  > Regional  > Africa  > South Africa  > Western Cape  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Services  > Tour Operators 
  • All About Africa Tours and Travel - Manages travel plans and needs of tourists in the country including boarding, transportations, and activities in various areas.
  • Bergwind Botanical Surveys and Tours - Presents the profile of the vegetation consultant and developer. Contact information posted.
  • Best South Africa Tours - Features traveling services such as transportations, gaming and adventures centers, and boarding establishments.
  • Big 6 Tours and Adventures - Facilitates various leisure and corporate traveling needs and services for tourists. With related links and contact details.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Japan  > Cities  > Nagoya 
  • - Contains information on restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Nagoya. Enables viewers to browse by category and location.
  • Nagoya Congress Center - Forum where visitors and residents can exchange information and communicate with each other. Consists of photographs and an area guide.
  • Nagoya Convention and Visitors Bureau - Provides a guide for tourists, consisting of facts about the city of Nagoya. Also includes travel tips and a list of events happening annually.
  • Nagoya Station Area Map - Presents a 3-Dimensional map with the names of train stations and well-known hotels situated in the metropolitan area.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Japan  > Cities  > Nagoya  > Arts and Entertainment 
  • Aichi Arts Center - Composed of facilities that consists of the prefectural museum of art, theatre, arts promotion service, and public library.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Japan  > Cities  > Nagoya  > Arts and Entertainment  > Museums 
  • Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art - Posts operational hours and details on admission fees as well as location and parking. Focuses exhibitions on Japanese modern art and 20th-century art.
  • Tokugawa Art Museum - Contains an outline of the museum and overview of the collection situated in different exhibition rooms.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Japan  > Cities  > Nagoya  > Business and Economy 
  • Japan Tradings - Imports and exports different brands of used cars from Japan and supplies car parts and accessories.
  • Media Wave - Internet lounge situated in Hirokoji street. Posts a map showing its location.
  • Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Focuses on promoting the infrastructure and cultural development of Nagoya, as well as supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Nagoya Urban Institute - Institute involved in city planning provides details of the organizational structure, membership, research and human resources.
  • Smart Move - Provides services on house or apartment finding and furniture leasing for people who are moving to the Nagoya area. Also contains a map that shows the establishment’s location.
  • Spark Kitchen and Bar - Destination for dining and entertainment in Nagoya. Includes a list of special shows and upcoming events.
  • Turkish Taste Restaurant - Serves original Turkish and halal foods, specializing on a particular dish known as the Doner Kebap. Features the restaurant’s sample menu.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Japan  > Cities  > Nagoya  > Education 
  • ABC Plus - School that specializes in teaching students how to speak conversational English. Offers employment opportunities for people fluent with the language.
  • Nagoya Commercial High School - Lists different club activities the school offers, together with details on the different courses available.
  • Nagoya International School - Details on the school’s facilities and programs are presented, as well as tuition fees and admission information.
  • Nagoya Ishida Educational Foundation - Educational institution that aims to train students through the English education and also consists of its own publishing house.
  • Potato Club English Conversation School - Guides children to learn the English language and broaden their vocabulary. Schools can be found throughout Nagoya city.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Japan  > Cities  > Nagoya  > Education  > Colleges and Universities 
  • Kinjo Gakuin University - Provides details on the women’s university, including information on the courses offered and characteristics of the exchange program.
  • Meijo University - Institution that consists of eight faculties and graduate school programs. Enumerates undergraduate faculties and features historical articles about the school.
  • Nagoya Bunri University - Offers entrance examinations for foreign and Japanese students abroad. Includes faculty list and contact details.
  • Nagoya City University - Contains information on the university’s history and background. Includes images and details on graduate school programs.
  • Nagoya University of Foreign Studies - Teaches Japanese to those whose main focus is to master the language. Also offers graduate school programs and foreign language studies.
  • Nanzan University - Provides list of faculties and departments, overview on research activities, admission details, campus guide, and facts about the school.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Philippines  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > Ateneo University  > Manila  > Loyola Schools 
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Philippines  > National Capital Region  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > Adamson University 
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Poland  > Society and Culture  > Genealogy 
  • Strubowiska/Smerek - Provides accounts that contain information on the village’s history, surnames, and census records.
  • Jewish Records Indexing – Poland - Resource for information on various topics related to the country’s records and family history.
  • Michigan Polonia - Contains pictures, documents, and records on genealogy, culture, and surnames of the people in the country.
  • PolandGenWeb - Provides resources for various information such as surnames, cities, towns, and villages in the region.
  • Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America - Institution dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about the country to the Polish-American community. Details news, events, and publications.
  • Polish Genealogical Society of America - Organization that collects, disseminates, and preserves information on the Polish-American community and genealogy.
  • PolishRoots - Collection of resources for people who wish to trace their roots.
  • Search Rzeszow Vital Records - Presents a searchable database of surnames of people that have been born, married to, and died in the country.
  • Vital Records in Poland - Information on the country’s civil registration of birth, marriage and death records.
  • Family Tree Maker: Zaluska Family - Highlights this account on the long line of lineage of Ted Zaluski; also presents a collection of family photos.
  • Zolynia Memorial Site - Discusses the geography and history of this rural community. Also provides photos and related links.
  • Polish Genealogical Translations - Offers translation services of records, documents, certificates and other materials. Provides location and contact details.
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Poland  > Society and Culture  > Genealogy  > Surnames 
  • Central European History Essays: Biega - Provides accounts that discuss issues and the history of the region, as well as the Biega families.
  • Furmaniuk - Presents the family tree of this lineage and details their history and origin.
  • Jarkiewicz Family - Resource for information on the ancestors of this family; also includes collection of photo images.
  • Krzyzanowski Surname ePortal - Explores through the origin, meaning, and stories of this family name; also provides references and related links.
  • Larysz Family - Displays photographs of the family members and provides resources on their genealogy.
  • Mazurkiewicz - Details the history of the surname and provides links to pages of some of the family members.
  • Mazurkiewicz Family Tree - Information on the lineage of this family. Includes a name index, schedule of events, and a collection of photos.
  • Pieniazek Family - Details on the origin and history of the family name. Comes with contact particulars and related links.
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Poland  > Society and Culture  > History 
  • Country Studies: Poland - Contains a discussion of different aspects of the country, including its history, geography, society, economy, and government.
  • Modern History Sourcebook: The Division of Poland - Article that details the state of the country during the administration of certain leaders in the late 18th-century.
  • Dobra Szlachecka Society - Provides documents that detail the history of the village. Contains pictures of different places.
  • History of Poland - Discusses the history of the country and its different time periods.
  • Poland - Provides information on the country’s history, transportation services, and events.
  • Notes on Polish History - Presents a timeline of past events in the country’s history.
  • Polish Aviation Museum - Includes details on the displays, publications, and history.
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Poland  > Society and Culture  > History  > Military 
  • Jozef Poniatowski - Highlights an article that details the life story of the Polish patriot and statesman.
  • Polish Renaissance Warfare - Discusses historical events in the country during times of war in the renaissance period.
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Poland  > Society and Culture  > History  > World War II 
  • History Place: World War Two in Europe - Features the content of the Nazi-Soviet pact signed by the Soviet Foreign minister at the start of WWII.
  • Block 13 - Details on the concentration camp and the experiences of the prisoners who survived and didn’t.
  • Forgotten Odyssey - Information on the documentary that focuses on the tragedy people experienced during the Second World War.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > New Zealand  > Waikato  > Health 
  • Waikato Head Injury Society - Renders counseling and advice, community awareness and education, and social services for brain injury survivors and their families.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Arizona  > Cities  > Casa Grande 
  • City of Casa Grande - Offers information about housing, city services, area attractions and events.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Arizona  > Cities  > Casa Grande  > Business and Economy 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Arizona  > Cities  > Casa Grande  > Business and Economy  > Real Estate 
  • Re/Max Casa Grande - Features home listings, tips for buyers/sellers and area information.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Arizona  > Cities  > Casa Grande  > Education 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Arizona  > Cities  > Sierra Vista  > Business and Economy 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Arizona  > Cities  > Tucson  > Business and Economy  > Automotive 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Arizona  > Cities  > Tucson  > Business and Economy  > Automotive  > Repair and Service 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Greenville 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Greenville  > Business and Economy 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Greenville  > Business and Economy  > Real Estate 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Greenville  > Government 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Greenville  > Health 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Greenville  > Recreation and Sports 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Greenville  > Society and Culture 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Greenville  > Travel and Tourism 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Greenville  > Weather 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Arts and Entertainment 
  • Camelot Theatre Company - Information about shows, times and dates, and contact details.
  • Main Street Theatre - Provides information on current production, reviews, past productions, theatre history, board of directors, calendar of events and tickets.
  • Griffin Ballet Theatre - Presents ballet performances. With links to shows, sponsors and contact details.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy 
  • Beacon Security Systems - Provides security systems for homes and commercial buildings. Links to services, central vacuum and location.
  • - Official website of the West Central Georgia Workforce Investment Board. Includes links to information about the state of the workforce, career centers, application and bid information, and youth council.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy  > Agriculture 
  • Mid Georgia Nursery - Specializes in landscape tree production. Links to catalog, containers and bare root, research and development, contact information, and directions.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy  > Animals 
  • B Sky's Kennel - Breeder and handler of English Toy Spaniels, Japanese Chins and Great Pyrenees. Links to breeds, services, photo gallery and contact details.
  • Pony Patch - Providing ponies and pony rides for birthday parties and festivals.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy  > Automotive 
  • A and B Auto Salvage - Provides used auto parts for various car models. Includes link to parts search and information on hours and contact details.
  • Griffin Ford - Seller of new and pre-owned Ford vehicles. With links to inventory, financing, service and contact information.
  • Griffin Toyota - Offers new and used Toyota vehicles. Links to inventory, specials, financing, parts and contact details.
  • Sons Honda - Offering new and used Honda cars. Links to inventory, finance, specials, service, parts and contact information.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy  > Business Services 
  • Financial Integrity Group - Assist trucking companies obtain federal interstate operating authority and permits necessary to run a new business legally in all states.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy  > Computers and Internet 
  • Stone Soup Technology, LLC - Providing website design and development services, software development, graphic design and related services. With links to portfolio and services offered.
  • Griffin Web Design - Offers web design, hosting and maintenance. Includes links to awards and testimonials, and contact information.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy  > Construction 
  • Hammond Services - Providing HVAC, plumbing, electrical and remodeling services to residential, commercial and industrial customers.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy  > Financial Services 
  • Jacobs Administrative Services - Performs accounting functions, including accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and additional business services to assist small- to medium-sized companies.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy  > Industries 
  • Diversified Fabricators Inc. - Provider of custom-built equipment for the fertilizer and construction industries.
  • SEFCOR, Inc. - Supplier of power connectors to the electric power industry. With links to designing solutions, fabrication and products.
  • Newton Crouch - Provider of equipment for the agricultural industry.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Griffin  > Business and Economy  > Real Estate 
  • Murray Company Realtors - Provides real estate services in Griffin, Georgia. Links to agents, featured properties and listings.
  • Randy Graham - Graham Realty - Real estate services covering Spalding County communities. With links to featured listings, agents, buyer and seller tips, and school information.
  • Randy Rawlings - RE/MAX Southern - Links to featured listings, bulletin board, home search, buyer and seller tips, calculator and interest rates.
  • Jessica Horton Team - Assists home and real estate buyers and sellers in Griffin, Georgia. Links to financing, services and featured properties.
  • Griffin New Homes - Listing of new and custom homes in Griffin, Georgia.
  • Griffin Senior Communities - Offers guide to senior community or assisted-living facilities in Griffin, Georgia.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Counties  > Spalding 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Illinois  > Cities  > Elmhurst 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Illinois  > Cities  > Maryville 
  • Maryville Fire Department - Contains a brief discussion on the general services and emergency responses to cases of medical crises and fire in the city. Also displays news reports and updates on activities.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Illinois  > Government 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Louisiana  > Health 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Massachusetts  > Travel and Tourism  > Lodging 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Central Missouri 
  • University Housing - Information on campus residence halls, services, programs, and staff. With downloadable forms.
  • Elliott Union - Provides information on the union's services, activities, and staff. With links to related pages.
  • University Health Center - Health facility operating on an appointment basis. Site provides information on eligibility, fees and costs, programs, and policies.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Central Missouri  > Centers and Institutes 
  • Center for Teaching and Learning - Resource for various development opportunities for faculty and administrators. Aims to foster advancement and educational innovation.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology 
  • University of Missouri - Rolla - Technological research university specializing in science and engineering. Site provides information on student admissions, academic program offerings, and student life.
  • Admissions - Resources and information on student registration requirements, procedures, costs, and fees. Includes answers to frequently asked student questions.
  • Alumni Association - Online alumni community and information on events, services, contacts, and volunteering opportunities.
  • Blackboard - Portal to University of Missouri - Rolla's online academic suite. Provides help tools and a Blackboard preview.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > Athletics 
  • UMR Miners - Official online home of the University of Missouri - Rolla athletics. Presents news, broadcasts, live statistics, and teams and games information.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > Centers and Institutes 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > College of Arts and Sciences 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > Libraries and Museums 
  • Curtis Laws Wilson Library - Overview of the library with newsletters, staff directory, research and subject guides, online databases, and information on library services and policies.
  • Western Historical Manuscript Collection - Comprehensive repository of primary historical documents related to southern Missouri and the Ozark Highland.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > Organizations 
  • Council of Graduate Students - Official governing body for the graduate students of University of Missouri - Rolla. Site presents news, meeting minutes, and information on officers and committees.
  • Video Communications Center - Video-based services provider established to support University of Missouri-Rolla's teaching and research objectives.
  • Student Union Board - Programming and entertainment services and support resource for the University of Missouri - Rolla campus.
  • Student Council - Information on the council's services, executive committee, officers, and membership. With an events calendar.
  • Staff Council - Site posts staff updates, announcements, meeting minutes, and information on awards and committees.
  • Project Lead The Way - Nonprofit organization created to help college students in gaining knowledge and excelling in high-tech fields.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > Organizations  > Greek Life 
  • Panhellenic Council - Governing body for the women's Greek life groups of University of Missouri - Rolla. Site presents an activity calendar, meeting minutes, and related links.
  • Chi Omega - Eta Kappa chapter homepage provides information on membership, history, and contacts.
  • Kappa Delta Sorority - Information on the sorority's history, philanthropic involvements, activities, members, and recruitment.
  • Zeta Tau Alpha - Eta Theta chapter. Posts a calendar of events, presents photos, and provides information on membership.
  • Interfraternity Council - Representative body for the fraternities or men's Greek life groups of University of Missouri - Rolla.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > Organizations  > Honor Societies 
  • Alpha Chi Sigma - Beta Delta chapter of the national professional chemistry fraternity of the United States.
  • Tau Beta Sigma - Honorary band sorority, the Delta Xi chapter. Site provides lists of officers and members, alumni updates, and upcoming events information.
  • Tau Beta Pi - Association established to foster scholarship and recognize excellence in the field of engineering.
  • Pi Tau Sigma - University of Missouri-Rolla's honorary mechanical engineering fraternity.
  • Phi Eta Sigma - Collegiate organization aims to encourage and recognize academic excellence among freshmen in institutions of higher learning.
  • Order of Omega - Leadership honors organization, Pi Kappa chapter. Homepage provides information on history, membership, and qualifications.
  • Omega Chi Epsilon - Site presents a membership list, information on activities, and a copy of the organization's bylaws. Omega Chi is the honor society in chemical engineering.
  • National Residence Hall Honorary - Organization composed of the top 1% leaders in residence halls. Aims to educate future leaders and promote community involvement.
  • Kappa Kappa Psi - Detailing the honorary band fraternity's history, membership, and events. With a directory of officers.
  • Chi Epsilon - Online home of the honorary civil engineering fraternity of University of Missouri-Rolla. Provides information on pledges, services, and membership.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > Organizations  > Professional and Academic 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > Publications and Media 
  • The Missouri Miner - Campus publication offering news, features, sports reports, and entertainment and sports articles. With blogs and related links.
  • KMNR, 89.7 FM - Radio station's site presents charts, DJ profiles, show information, and town and campus news.
  • News @ MST - Online source for campus news, research updates, and upcoming events information. Includes links to university publication webpages.
  • eConnection - Provides campus news and updates as well as information on university research, events, facilities, and people.
  • Experience This - Publication of the University of Missouri - Rolla Student Design and Experiential Learning Center.
  • MST Magazine - Publication of Missouri Science and Technology - Rolla Alumni Association. With videos and back issue archives.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > School of Engineering 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > School of Management and Information Systems 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > Missouri University of Science and Technology  > School of Materials, Energy and Earth Resources 
  • Nuclear Engineering - Provides information on student admissions, scholarships, accreditation, and program objectives.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis 
  • University of Missouri - St. Louis - Site provides information for current and prospective students, on academic offerings, and about the university's faculty and staff.
  • Admissions - Guide to student application. Includes information on requirements, program options, and available scholarships.
  • University of Missouri St. Louis Athletics - Presents Triton team schedules, news, fan information, student-athlete profiles and details about men's and women's sports.
  • Information Technology Services (ITS) - Overview of ITS with information on the services provided, policies, development, contacts, and support. Includes an online knowledge base and security awareness updates.
  • Pierre Laclede Honors College - Overview of the college with information and resources for current and prospective students.
  • Graduate School - Information on the school's programs of study, faculty, deadlines, and contacts. With announcements and graduation guidelines.
  • MyGateway - Portal to various exclusive information and online services for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • Continuing Education - Posts news and announcements, a calendar of events, course and program details, and information on student registration.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > Centers and Institutes 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > College of Arts and Sciences 
  • College of Arts and Sciences - Overview of the college with information on student admissions, departments, and academic program offerings.
  • Anthropology Department - Department overview with student advising resources, faculty profiles, course schedule, and newsletters.
  • Department of Biology - Official department homepage posts news and announcements, faculty and staff directories, and program lists and details.
  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - Information on the department's faculty, research activities, programs of study, seminars, facilities, and events.
  • Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice - Site provides information on department academics, events, faculty, and continuing education and outreach.
  • Department of English - Posts department news, class schedules, course descriptions, academic program particulars, and related publications and links.
  • Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures - Introduces the department's faculty and staff, provides student advising resources, and posts a tutor schedule and job opportunity notices.
  • Department of History - Detailing the the department's array of program offerings, student admissions, and events. With newsletters and links to related pates.
  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - Presents the department's mission statement, programs of study, events, and research initiatives. With news and announcements.
  • Department of Philosophy - Introduction to Philosophy studies and information on the programs offered. Includes student advising resources, degree plans, and news.
  • Physics and Astronomy - Online guide to the different Physics and Astronomy programs, courses, colloquia, and research activities at the St. Louis campus of University of Missouri.
  • Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures - Department homepage contains program lists and details, posts bulletins, and presents a list of affiliated student organizations.
  • Department of Psychology - Site contains department news, a faculty and staff directory, contact details, and information on academic programs and research.
  • Department of Sociology - Mission statement, department news and contacts, guides to academic program offerings, and related links and resources.
  • School of Social Work - Overview of the school, announcements, resources for current and prospective students, and information on continuing education and outreach.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > College of Business Administration 
  • College of Business Administration - Overview of the college with information on academics, administration, departments, continuing education, and research.
  • Graduate Programs - Provides degree and certificate program particulars, course schedules, student resources, and accreditation information.
  • Management Area - University of Missouri - St. Louis' focal point for research, academic course work, non-credit instruction, consulting, and community service in the areas of general AND strategic management, HR, and small business management.
  • Logistics and Operations Management (LOM) - Program overview with research, graduate, and undergraduate information. Also presents related news and links.
  • Information Systems - Program designed to prepare students for technical and managerial careers that incorporate information technology.
  • Accounting Department - Site provides information on the department's faculty, degree and certificate programs, student support, and scholarships.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > College of Education 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > College of Fine Arts and Communications 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > College of Nursing 
  • College of Nursing - Information on the college's academic programs, research, clinical practice, outreach, and upcoming events.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > College of Optometry 
  • College of Optometry - Site provides an overview of the college's academic programs, clinical services, faculty, and projects.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > Libraries and Museums 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > Organizations 
  • Aiesec - University of Missouri - St. Louis chapter of the global organization dedicated to increasing cultural understanding and cooperation.
  • Alpha Phi Omega - Coeducational service fraternity founded on the principles of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Associated Students of the University of Missouri - Organization created to increase political awareness, concern, and participation among students.
  • Beta Alpha Psi - Honors organization for students in the field of accountancy. Aims to recognize and promote scholastic and professional excellence.
  • Catholic Newman Center - Site presents a photo album, virtual tour, officers directory, contact details, and information on activities and services.
  • Golden Key International Honour Society - Nonprofit organization established to recognize academic achievement among college and university students in all disciplines.
  • Horizons Peer Educators - Campus organization created to foster campus outreach and opportunities for student involvement.
  • Muslim Student Association (MSA) - Site provides information on MSA events, members, and prayer times. With a picture gallery.
  • Cycling Club - Site provides information on member bikers and racers, club updates, and copies of club Constitution and bylaws.
  • Student Senate Organization - Overview of the organization with information on committees, members, elections, and contacts. Also presents senate documents.
  • Student Investment Trust - Organization serves as a training ground for future financial and investment professionals and leaders.
  • Student Government Association (SGA) - Information on the University of Missouri - St. Louis SGA legislation, committees, and contacts. With a calendar of student events.
  • Student Court - Overview of the court, meeting minutes, answers to frequently asked questions, and information on appeals and regulations.
  • SistaKeeper - Campus group established to foster mental, physical, and spiritual empowerment, inspiration, and development among young women.
  • Prizm - University of Missouri - St. Louis' queer and straight student alliance. Site presents pictures, news, and a calendar of events.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > Organizations  > Greek Life 
  • Alpha Xi Delta - Epsilon Xi chapter's homepage presents news and updates, contact details, events information, and links to related pages.
  • Sigma Tau Gamma - Organization overview, news, photos, contact details, and information on events and services.
  • Sigma Pi - Delta Zeta chapter. Posts news, upcoming event dates, and information on members and alumni.
  • Pi Kappa Alpha - Official online home of the Zeta Phi chapter presents a calendar of events, news, contact details, and rush and membership information.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > Organizations  > Minority and International Students 
  • Chinese Student Association (Mainland) - Presents the organization's mission statement, posts announcements, and provides links to other pages of interest.
  • Taiwan Student Association - Overview of the association with news, membership information, picture gallery, and related links.
  • Indian Students Association - Organization representing and supporting Indian students on the University of Missouri - St. Louis campus. Also promotes the awareness of Indian culture and heritage.
  • Indonesian Student Association - Presents information on organization activities, committees, and contacts.
  • International Students Organization - Special interest group created to promote international understanding, facilitate cultural exchange, and assist international students in their acclimation to University of Missouri.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Missouri  > Education  > Colleges and Universities  > University of Missouri  > St. Louis  > Organizations  > Professional and Academic 
  • American Optometric Student Association - Organization dedicated to advancing and promoting high standards and ethical principles in the optometric profession.
  • Association of Student Anthropologists - Club overview, mission statement, news, photos, and events and contact information.
  • Biological Society - Information on club membership, recruitment, meetings, and events. With a frequently asked questions section.
  • Delta Sigma Pi - Eta Nu chapter of the professional fraternity organized to promote the study of business in universities.
  • Pre-Med Society - Information on society events and projects, officers, and contacts. With links to related pages.
  • Political Science Academy (PSA) - Campus group created to bring students and faculty together in discussions of current issues in an informal setting.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > Hardware Description Languages 
  • Ruby: Relational Design Language - Explains the notation that proposes development for integrated circuits and related hardware components and software architecture.
  • Doulos Know-How - Technical references for the definition of different types of verification languages and hardware design implementations.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > Hardware Description Languages  > Meta-HDLs 
  • JHDL: FPGA CAD Tools - Innovated system by Brigham Young University students, which is capable of multi-tasking performance in circuit layout and simulation debugging. Describes its functions with technical documents provided.
  • Perlilog - Describes the functions of the design tool, which can be used in fundamental script writing as well as automatic connection and instantiation of integrated circuit pads.
  • Hydra Computer Hardware Description Language - Explores the software tool’s ability in digital circuit designing and other computer architecture applications.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > Hardware Description Languages  > Proprietary HDLs 
  • Bluespec, Inc. - Produces sets of tools that integrate the functions of software prototyping, modeling, verification and implementation in a single ground. Cites the advantages of implemented systems.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > Hardware Description Languages  > Verilog 
  • v2html - Tool that can translate verilog to webpages using free perl script. What will be shown after the conversion includes color coding, hierarchical view of design and alphabetical index as well.
  • Doulos Verilog Models - Indexes source codes used in configuring tools including analog to digital converter, shift register and universal asynchronous receiver.
  • International Cadence Usergroup - Compiles reports from organized conferences by the organization that supports technical meetings to foster technology development.
  • Verilog HDL Quick Reference Guide - Indexes definition of terms used including hierarchy scopes, concurrency and declaration of data types. Also features keywords and modules of source codes.
  • Project VeriPage - Advertising entity providing training and product knowledge services in cryptographic cores. Provides an archive of updates on the hardware description language.
  • Verilog Center - References for the hardware description language with technical resources, list of publications and tools for enhanced productivity.
  • Source Navigator for Verilog - Operates by passing the language code into a database to search for files, trace connectivity and to look for modules and signals in the design.
  • Simucad Design Automation - Producer of various tools for interconnectivity and custom integrated circuit and digital CAD. Features news updates and technical support.
  • - Archive of tutorials, verification papers and consumer guide for tools related to the hardware description language.
  • Verilog FAQ - Covers technical topics discussing the functions of the hardware description language. Indicates description of tools and services.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > Hardware Description Languages  > VHDL 
  • CAST – IP Cores and Platforms - Developer of system on chip products as well as tools for electronic device automation systems. Provides information on modeling methods and technical support.
  • VHDL Example Models - Cites sample processes of the hardware description language that is used for high-speed integrated circuits such as heap sort parallel, synchronizer scaler and finite impulse response filter.
  • Free Model Foundry - Global distribution of open source models of electronic components utilized for designing systems and integrated circuit.
  • Alternative Systems Concepts - Initiates the development of tools for electronic device automation and licensing applications for design flows. Includes profile of the company’s operations and product gallery.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > Hardware Description Languages  > VHDL  > Tools 
  • GHDL Home Page - Overview of the functions of the simulator tool for hardware description language that is used for high-speed integrated circuit. Discusses its utilized technology with a downloadable version of the application.
  • Symphony EDA - Showcases different types of products manufactured by the company for hardware design, simulation and compilation applications.
  • FreeHDL Project - Linux-specific simulator developed for hardware description language intended for integrated circuits with high-speed characteristics. Provides links to references about the research program.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > PCB Design 
  • American Computer Aided Engineering - Provides technical support for electronic design automation with various services offered including consultations, product knowledge training and related functions.
  • Appropriate Technology Company - Engineering firm involved in various disciplines of service consultation and design contracting for systems embedded with hardware.
  • CA Design - Training services to learn how to layout printed circuit boards and design applications. Includes tips on assembly and fabrication processes.
  • Cadenergy Ltd. - Specified production of printed circuit boards aimed to reduce costs involved in unit assembly and manufacturing. Includes profile of the company’s operations and news updates.
  • DVK – Product Development - Silicon Valley-based entity involved in developing products such as high-speed design package, autorouters, and mentor graphics design tools.
  • Electron Systems - Commercial enterprise specializing in designing printed circuit boards. Indicates their experience in electronic design industry and service advantage.
  • FisherPCB - Claims to offer design solutions of printed circuit boards with cost efficiency. Cites the tools used by the company in their operations and links to related sources.
  • Gator-CAD - Staffed by design specialist involved in mechanical scheme of circuit boards. Capable in turnkey prototyping operations.
  • A1 Design Inc. - Technical services rendered focusing in project systems for electronic applications including the layout and production of circuit boards.
  • Hamilton PCB Design - Renders layout plans for circuit boards as well as conceptualization of products and manufacturing applications. Indicates the services offered for electronic needs.
  • Holmes Circuit Designs Limited - Engaged in inspection services, procurement of components and full production of components with the company’s partnership with manufacturing firms.
  • Keimac Circuit Solutions - Develops actual production of circuit boards from schematic capture and prototyping concepts. Includes technical references on assembly services.
  • Golden Gate Graphics - Colorado-based designing firm for printed circuit boards. Also provides links to references on electronic project design and development.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > RF and Wireless 
  • TEK Industries, Inc. - Technical business entity developing electronic products specifically built for various applications. Provides details of available tools and ordering procedures.
  • Richardson Electronics Engineered Solutions - Variety of available devices tailored for uses in digital television broadcast, bipolar technologies and custom component design.
  • Diarcy Technologies - Outsource reserves for companies involved in system integration and manufacturing of electronic products. Provides company profile, service description and gallery of products.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > RF and Wireless  > Resources 
  • Frogtronics - Guide on how to build radio frequency transmitters and test gear. Explains the methods involved in assembly with calculation details.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > RF and Wireless  > Suppliers 
  • RFIC Design Ltd. - Specialist in constructing transceiver for wireless system applications including transmitter, circuit design and mixed signal system.
  • Texas Instruments Radio Frequency Identification Systems - Integrated application of various labels, tags and reader installations that utilizes the technology. Classifies various available products with evaluation kits provided.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > System Design 
  • A.A. Lab Systems - Manufacturing specialist for electronic equipment including aeronautics laboratories, testing facilities and research institutions. Cites technical support and details of available products.
  • VS Holdings LLC - Product developer conducting research projects to innovate the capabilities of electronic devices. Mentions repair services and updates on equipment.
  • Shax Engineering and Systems - Assistance provided from product planning to mass production of electronic devices. Also renders service in design and assembly of printed circuit boards.
  • Sanders Electronics Limited - Customized installation and manufacturing of electronic control systems for mechanical operations. Provides company profile and directions to facility location.
  • S3 Group - Focuses in connected consumer technology applications by integrating devices from electronic component manufacturing company to relative products for end-users. Features industry news updates and brochure downloads.
  • Prototype Express - Involved in conceptualizing electronic products to an output device. Serves various applications in integrated circuit design, industrial automation, mobile communications and instrumentation.
  • Nyno Technologies, Inc. - Consultancy services rendered for electronic design and quality monitoring of manufacturing procedures. Indexes various types of tools and systems.
  • A M Bromley Limited - Provider of electronic systems including software applications and supply of products. Includes details of case studies conducted and company profile.
  • HyperLabs - Maryland-based firm producing electronic devices depending on client requirements. Focuses in the design of electronic hardware and embedded processors.
  • Genie Electronics - Variety of services rendered for engineering applications including layout of circuit boards, mechanical assembly, custom functional tests and prototyping operations.
  • Future Test Inc. - Renders services for analog and digital design applications including microcontroller schemes and rapid prototyping of electromechanical and electronic installations.
  • KinTech Manufacturing, Inc. - Technical assistance provided for development of prototype structures to full-scale manufacturing. Involved in design implementation of custom engineering and embedded systems.
  • NorkaTech - Assists in patenting of electronic devices through its services including product design, prototyping and commercialization requirements.
  • Electronic Design Associates of Florida - Purpose-built facility for specified development of electronic tools, circuits and packaging as well. Indicates the processes involved in designing medical products.
  • Alfa Sprint Service - Hardware and software developer for specific applications in processors and microcontroller devices. Includes details of consultancy services and latest projects implemented.
  • Advanced Research and Technology Ltd. - Producer of equipment used for surveillance purposes. Also offers designing services for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Adaptive Micro-Ware, Inc. - Developer of electronic design applications. Manufactures devices capable of wireless interconnection and conversion of audio to Ethernet.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Design  > Verilog and VHDL Tools 
  • Sutherland HDL Training Workshops - Compilation of articles providing tutorials and technical guide for engineers to learn the assertion and verification operations of SystemVerilog including design introduction.
  • Saros Technology - Range of available devices for high-level design implementation and synthesis through the hardware description language.
  • Sandstorm Engineering - Devises a program capable of interpreting a non-synthesizable hardware description language file and provides a copy of it with possible synthesizing.
  • - Variety of training services rendered for engineers and companies involved in manufacturing electronic products. Includes company profile and compilation of tutorials and technical articles.
  • Green Mountain Computing Systems, Inc. - Developer of original equipment manufacturer software for custom application in electronic design. Utilizes programming languages that can interpret hardware components.
  • EDA Freeware Tools - Comparison of Verilog to hardware description languages presented as well as an index of downloadable applications.
  • eXsultation Inc. - Specialized training courses to educate engineers and designers about Verilog functions and hardware verifications of C++ for application-specific integrated circuits.
  • Esperan - Training services rendered for designers and engineers involved in electronics industry. Provides an archive of tutorials and technical references.
  • Aldec Inc. - Focuses in design verification methods. Highlights specifications of recently developed tools, coverage of events and industry updates.
  • Calyptech - Product developer for electronic components with services rendered for technology evaluation, regulatory compliance and design implementations for software, hardware and mechanical applications.
  • Accellera Verilog Analog Mixed-Signal Group - Insights to the operations of the subcommittee tasked to study related functions of analog extensions to the language.
  • Timing Tool - Web-based editing application with capabilities in determining annotations, parameter tables and other documentation requirements.
  • Time Rover - Illustrates the functions of the tool for development and modeling applications. Includes archive of documented and service description.
  • - Explains the functions of the tool built for verifying logic applications. Includes an editing mode for the language, which is utilized to plan and document electronic systems.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage 
  • High Voltage Experimenter’s Handbook - Documents the project conducted to study fundamental theories of electrostatics, watts measurement and power factor correction.
  • Sam’s Gadget FAQ - Indicates the uses of components and subsystems in photocopier, laser printer, barcode scanner and gas grill ignitor among others.
  • Sam Barros’ PowerLabs - Documentation of research projects and experiments including an archive of schematics, diagrams and technical data on devices.
  • Rich Creations - Collection of experiments on electronic and electrical components. Provides technical information on each project including those that are still under development.
  • Article and Book Reprints - Indexes written technical guide on wireless applications, vintage radio functions and electrostatic devices. Covers topics on static electricity, induction coils and vacuum discharge tubes.
  • PV Scientific Instruments - Outlook to the early technology of magnetism, electricity and atomic physics with an archive of reproduced articles and details on electrical experiments.
  • Penguin’s Lab - Paul Peng’s documentation of proposed research studies and experiments conducted on pulse discharge, ignition coils, holography and other related projects.
  • Litz Wire - Supplies a variety of connecting cables for transformers, semiconductors, choke coils, filters and inductors. Indicates ordering procedures and technical support.
  • Information Unlimited - Patented devices produced by the company that serves experimentation and technology applications. Lists various kits, electronic products and high voltage tools.
  • High Voltage Information - Article archive that contains guide to the functions of transmission lines and wires possessing voltage higher than the requirement for power distribution.
  • High Voltage Page – Jochen Kronjager - Technical references for electrical components and measurement tools. Also contains articles on multipliers, transformers and vacuum experiments.
  • Gamma High Voltage Research, Inc. - Supplier of power supplies and instruments with high voltage characteristics. Also renders customization of standard products for specific applications.
  • Falco Systems - Research enterprise involved in testing micro-electro mechanical systems to be used in actuation of electro-optical modulators to transducers and general electronic measurements.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Electronics 
  • American Power Design, Inc. - Distributor of various products including direct current converters and products with voltage ranging from 0.5 to 200 watts.
  • Water Resistors - Specifications of the developed tool, which has a tube filled with salt solution and an electrode attached to both ends. Indicates the calculations required for the device.
  • Army Inverter Maintenance and Training Manuals. - Classified references for manipulation of the tool. Includes categorized description of procedures depending on its unit.
  • Power Inverters 12V to 230V - Describes the methodologies indicated in building the device. Features layout of tool construction with diagrams indicating the placement of circuit parts.
  • Physicsci - Collection of science projects involving the manipulation of electrical devices including ball plasma, lifters and fusors as well.
  • Interworld Electronics – High Voltage Products - Highlights testimonials from clients on the efficiency of their devices such as spring loaded connector, voltage dividers, capacitors and resistors.
  • High Voltage Generating Circuits - Guide for the construction of electrical components including tools to charge capacitors used as flash energy storage.
  • Radio Frequency and Reconfigurable Systems Section - Discusses the functions of the division at the Southwest Research Institute. Deals primarily in developing radio communication systems and remote sensing applications.
  • - Selection of various electrical parts, test equipment and components for scientific and laboratory components. Available tools include transformers, motors, power supplies and diodes.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators 
  • Physique and Industrie - Development firm created to conduct research projects for industrial applications. Builds engineering systems and high power pulse generators.
  • 200kV Voltage Multiplier - Historical overview of how the component was invented. Specifies the components used and assembly instructions.
  • Jacob’s Ladder Construction - Indicates the procedures on how to build the climbing arc display. Provides technical information on its properties and explanation why it is reacted.
  • High Potential Limited - Manufacturing specialist for power supplies having high voltage properties. Devises electronic solutions for applicable technologies.
  • GOUTY Page - Interprets the experiments conducted by the enthusiast including projects on alternator, arc and spark displays. Provides an archive of related technical articles.
  • Capacitor-Bank Discharge Experiments - Technical article that details the methodologies indicated to construct the project labeled as dangerous in terms of failure effects.
  • Electrostatic Machines - Discusses the functions of the electromechanical device known to emit static electricity. Indicates the technical methods implemented with pictures provided.
  • Cojo Technology Inc. - Focuses in supplying power supply and generator built specifically for hazardous locations. Provides gallery of available products and contact references for the company.
  • Chaos Labs High Voltage Division - Variety of experiments and electrical projects built for manipulation of flyback circuit, tension multiplier and transformers.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Laser HV Power Supplies 
  • Jon’s Homebuilt Lasers - Contains an archive of video clips showing cap discharge operations. Includes technical references on laser devices.
  • Sam’s Laser FAQ - Index of articles discussing the operations of laser instruments including classification of various types of devices and technical documents.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Marx Generators 
  • Marx Generator Construction - Device capable of charging capacitors through a parallel circuit. Indicates technical methods in building it with a schematic illustration presented.
  • Marx Generators – Jim Lux Page - Overview of the functions of the circuit arrangement built to discharge capacitors in series and quantified charging of capacitors in parallel scheme.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils 
  • Tesla Coil Tutorial - Instructional article composed by Charles Hobson explaining the functions of the transformer built for tuned radio frequency applications.
  • Herb’s Tesla Coil Page - Indicates the safety considerations in setting up the high voltage device. Provides articles on design implementation and installation methods.
  • Bert Hickman’s Tesla Mania - Guide for the theories involved in the functions of the Tesla coil including pulsed power and its electrical explosion characteristics.
  • The Lightning Guy - Generates arc flashes and sparks using Tesla coils for its stunt performances with high voltage equipment. Also provides installations for exhibitions and educational demonstrations.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Commercial Sources 
  • HVFX - Performs voltage stunts and installation of lightning effects for various purposes including educational demonstrations and media presentations. Also permits renting of its available equipment.
  • Tesla Technology Research - Electrical firm involved in designing and producing Tesla coils and component parts. Available for assembly and consultation services as well.
  • Tesla Systems Research Inc. - Specialist in manufacturing equipment with high voltage characteristics built for museums and academic institutions that require the device for special effects and educational demonstrations.
  • Resonance Research Corporation - Instrumentation firm that conducts exhibitions to showcase crackle tubes, plasma balls, lightning generators and Tesla coils with high voltage.
  • Mega Volt - Installs lightning generators to create special effects by assembling high voltage Tesla coils capable of electrical explosion. Indicates technical references for its devices.
  • Legion Electronics - Fabricates custom Tesla coils for specific requirements. Also renders servicing for safety inspection and consultation of design schemes.
  • Electrotherapy Museum - Records the technical specification of vintage devices such as carbon arc lamps, static electric machines and resonance instruments. Includes articles on Tesla components and technologies.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Commercial Sources  > Capacitors 
  • Electrocube, Inc. - Supplier of custom designed passive components such as film capacitors, foil transformers, RC networks and EMI filters as well.
  • Plastic Capacitors, Inc. - Various types of electronic devices manufactured including high voltage transformers, dielectric capacitors and pulse forming networks.
  • NWL Transformers - Specialist in manipulating capacitors and power supplies to be used in applications requiring higher levels of current, voltage and frequency ranges.
  • Cardwell Condenser Corporation - Selection of various types of capacitors and inductors manufactured for vibration analysis, broadcasting and other electronic applications.
  • American Capacitor Corporation - Illustration of different types of high voltage capacitance devices manufactured by the company for electronic and related technology applications.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Commercial Sources  > Materials 
  • Accurate Plastics, Inc. - Manufactures various products including thermoset laminate sheets, standard grades and properties. Includes measurement of available items and location of its various branches.
  • Ryan Herco Products Corporation - Supplier of products provided for fluid handling, resistance of corrosion, filtration systems, pipe, valves and fittings. Covers industrial services for electronics, medical, chemical and waste management.
  • Port Plastics, Inc. - Various synthetic products distributed for original equipment manufacturer industries. Lists selection of fluoropolymers, acetal, static control materials, phenolics and polypropylene.
  • Polymer Plastics Corporation - Ordering procedure for available products including various types pf phenolics, paper, epoxy, copper clad and other components required to manufacture plastics.
  • Paramount Wire Company and CBC Metal Supply Corporation - Index of stocked items available for purchase including wires of different types such as stainless, aluminum, colored, copper, stitching, garland, magnet and bright annealed.
  • Micro Plastics, Inc. - Produces plastic fastening items such as wire handling clips, cable ties, washers, spacers, nuts, hole plugs and circuit board hardware. Indicates technical references for the products.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Commercial Sources  > Spark Gaps and Parts 
  • CMW Inc. - Developer of metallurgical products that are used in balancing, shielding and thermal conduction purposes. Also has an array of products for welding and other mechanical applications.
  • McMaster-Carr - Classifies different selection of products provided for maintenance of machines, pumping, fittings, fabricating, sawing, process control and instrumentation requirements of industries.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Commercial Sources  > Top Loads 
  • Global Foam Company - Installs foam structures for decorations, residential needs, commercial applications, signs and concrete uses. Indicates shipping methods and policy rollout.
  • Science First - Instructional devices supplied for educational purposes to help ease the learning of physics and environmental science studies.
  • Salem Specialty Ball Company - Inventory of brass balls classified according to its sizes. Provides specific measurements of the product in millimeter and inches.
  • O. W. Landergreen, Inc. - Metal spinning specialist involved in providing welding services and related general machining procedures for aircraft refueling systems, evaporation domes and centrifuge components.
  • Grand Brass Lamp Parts, Inc. - Manufacturer of different components produced for lighting and chandelier installations. Indicates ordering procedures for available products.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Commercial Sources  > Transformers 
  • Actown-Electrocoil, Inc. - Producer of magnetic products supplied for telecommunications, medical and industrial applications. Includes technical details of available chip inductors and ballasts.
  • Warner Electric - Specialist in developing products for clutch, brakes and power transmission components. Includes location of merchandise distributors.
  • Transco, Inc. - Focuses in producing transformers used in illuminated sign components such as neon electrodes, coated tubing, ultra-vac manifold and accessories.
  • T and R Electric Supply Company Incorporated - Rewinding and reconditioning service rendered for transformers. Contains an index of available products including regulators, single and dry types.
  • Staco Variable Transformers - Selection of various products available for purchase including single and three phase with ratings from 120V to 600VAC. Indicates technical details of the components and index of resources.
  • Solomon Corporation - Specified installation services for components and other devices for the distribution of electricity. Available products for customization include substation transformers and voltage regulators.
  • SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Claims to have expertise in producing transformers, high frequency magnetics, coils and other devices utilized in electrical systems.
  • - Selection of various products available includes installation kits, power supplies and transformers for neon lighting installations. Indicates the technical specifications of each item.
  • Foster Transformer Company - Customizes transformer products and other magnetic devices for industrial uses. Includes description of their manufacturing facilities and catalog of available merchandise.
  • Fair Radio Sales Company, Inc. - Variety of devices supplied such as medical compressor, magnet, signal generators, vacuum cap, transistor sockets and coil form. Shows image and specification of each item.
  • Neon News – Bombarder and Choke Combination - Technical article written by Telford Dorr discussing voltage measurement and experimental verification. Also features a diagram.
  • Beason Enterprises Co., Ltd. - Supplier of cold cathode, converter of light emitting diode and transformer. Also have available processing devices for tube support, gases, torches, ribbon burner and diffusion pump.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Construction 
  • Rea Magnet Wire Company, Inc. - Producer of aluminum, copper and brass insulated magnet wire. Provides classified searching of products basing on its shape, insulation, temperature and conduction.
  • MatWeb - Technical guide for various materials including thermoplastic, nylon, polyethylene, polycarbonate and metallic components. Indicates its properties, brand and composition.
  • Litzendraht Wire - Specifies the components of the insulated strand that has lower resistance to alternating current. Defines its various functions and related technical data.
  • Two into One Homemade Neon Dimmer - Discusses the procedures in the assembly of the device capable of stroboscopic light effects. Includes specifications of the components used.
  • Brian’s Tesla Coils - References for the high voltage equipment including technical details of its components, video clips and collection of selected pictures.
  • Automotive Ignition Coils - Explains how the device functions in storing energy and setting up voltage. Arranges strands in a series connection.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Construction  > MMC and Rolled Capacitors 
  • Hifi Collective - Various devices available for purchase such as capacitors, sockets, valves, glasshouse transformers and hardwire boards.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Construction  > Transformer Tips 
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Construction  > Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils 
  • Miniature Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil - Composed article by Mark Rzeszotarski explaining the operation of the electronic installation. Indicates technical specifications of required devices.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Organizations and Teslathons 
  • The Greek Group - Non-profit assembly for students and educators involved in development studies for technology, math, engineering and science. Also organizes events and educational demonstrations.
  • Tesla Coil Builders of the UK - Chronicles the previous events organized by the organization. Also provides an archive of video clips and index of affiliations.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Generators  > Tesla Coils  > Theory and Math 
  • Tesla Coil Explanation - Expounds the mechanism of the electronic device’s functions. Relates theories in physics about its operations with calculations presented.
  • Paschen’s Law - Insights to the regulated theory regarding the breakdown properties of a gap, which is stated as product function of the gas pressure. Cites scientific evidences relating to the study.
  • Measuring Watts and VARS with a VOM - Indicates the procedures on calculating the perceptible current. Includes description of commercial power monitor functions with formulas presented.
  • JavaScript Tesla Coil Designer - Web-based application created in order to assist in planning the components required to assemble the electronic installation.
  • Corona - Specifies its characteristics as generated by any electric field that exceeds breakdown value for air or any material immersed in it. Discusses the origin of the phenomenon with equations presented.
  • Basic Electrostatics - Indicates the measurements included in the study involving charges and potentials. Provides formulas required to determine the capacitance of plates.
  • Classic Tesla Coil Design - Contains information on safety regulations imposed for the electronic system with pictures showing sample devices and tools for designing.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Lightning and its Effects 
  • High Voltage Mystery: Ball Lightning - Discusses the research studies conducted for the installation that emits electrical explosion. Includes links to relevant sources about the phenomenon.
  • National Lightning Safety Institute - Advocates protective demonstrations of the electrical exhibition. Conducts consultations and training to learn proper handling.
  • Lightning Safe - Supplier of equipment for protective purposes when exposed in the spark. Also provides methods on installing the device and components required.
  • Lightning Systems - Renders installation of protective systems, grounding installations and purchasing of surge mask components. Indexes various materials available.
  • Lightning Rod Man - Installs protective systems against the electrical spark for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. Indicates the equipment used for the structure.
  • Lightning Facts - Summarized details of the spark, studying the pattern of its physical appearance and the theories behind its mechanism and how it emits light.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > High Voltage  > Testing and Measurement 
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Electronics  > Power Electronics 
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Renewable  > Hydro  > Projects  > Aswan 
  • Effects of the Aswan Dam - Features the research article detailing the consequences of building the dam to the annual flooding of the Nile river and the nutrients it brings to surrounding areas.
Top  > Society  > People  > Expatriates  > South Africa 
  • Slapchips - Offers information on South African events and communities abroad including assistance in finding a local South African club and network.
Top  > Society  > Subcultures  > Cyberculture  > Net Legends 
Top  > Society  > Subcultures  > Geeks and Nerds 
  • LinuxChix - Presents a society for women who like Linux and free software. With membership details and related links.
  • Geek Code 3.12 CODEC - Provides information on the functions of this code generator, which is currently written in Fortran 77.
Top  > Society  > Subcultures  > Geeks and Nerds  > Tests 
Top  > Society  > Subcultures  > Gothic 
  • History of Goth - Displays an outline on the beginnings of the goth movement; with details on its influence in the development of fashion, music industry, and media.
  • Goth to be Different - Dedicated to Gothicism; comes with information on their beliefs and practices.
  • Goths for Jesus - Highlights this Christian outreach to the goth community. Includes news updates and related links.
  • Goth Culture - Discusses the history, practices and religious connections of the gothic community.
  • Sunlight and Shadow - Presents history as well as series of myths and links to related resources.
  • South Coast Today - Features an article that details goth practices, beliefs, and its influence to the youth.
Top  > Society  > Subcultures  > Gothic  > Art 
  • Juno Doran - Displays the paintings, photography, drawings, and texts of this contemporary visual artist.
  • Stephen Kasner - Official site of this Ohio-born painter, musician, graphic artist and magician. With gallery and links to related pages.
  • Art-Nocturn - Features Ver Curtiss' sculptures, airbrush art, secular artwork, and photography.
  • Autumn, Darkness, Monsters - Tributes the dark fantasy art in celebration of the 1996 Halloween.
  • Dark Chamber - Features articles on gothic art, culture and stories. Also includes an image galley and related links.
  • Dark Maiden - Official site of Duana R. Anderson, an artist practicing the elements of erotica and horror. Shows photos, poems, and articles.
  • Marcel de Jong - Features the Gothic artwork, illustrations, comics, and sculptures of this artist from Amsterdam.
  • Dark's Art Parlour - Specializes in the art that features oddities and grotesqueries. Includes news updates and events list.
  • Daughter of Darkness - Displays the auto-erotic imagery of Duana Anderson; also includes poems and stories.
  • Dying Sun - Presents galleries of dark art that include visionary, surreal, mystical, and unique artworks.
  • Eyes of Chaos - Highlights the dark art of Mike Bohatch. Comes with news articles, picture galleries, and merchandise details.
  • Grendel's Den Design Studio - Specializes in web design, branding, and graphic design that caters to the horror and science fiction industries.
Top  > Society  > Subcultures  > Gothic  > Art  > Chats and Forums 
  • Dark Forum - Provides a venue to discuss, post and share topics and artworks on dark art and religion.
  • Darkboy’s Gothic Friends Forum - Discussion community where gothic artists can share information, news, and concerns.
  • Florida Gothic - Highlights this venue where Gothic artists and enthusiasts discuss information and general gothic arts and music.
  • Vampire Freaks and Goth - Provides a venue for enthusiasts to share gothic-related information, news, and concerns.
  • Murder of Ravens - Discussion forum for the goth community to discuss death, poetry, music, and erotica.
  • Reno Gothic - Provides a message board for gothic followers that reside in Reno, Nevada.
Top  > Society  > Subcultures  > Gothic  > Fashion 
Top  > Society  > Subcultures  > Gothic  > Humor 
  • Bats Day in the Fun Park - Contains photos, related links, and details on upcoming events.
  • Go Goth - Information on this program that promotes gothic lifestyles along with links to related pages.
  • ArcticChaos Gothic Offramp - Provides commentary spaces, poem generators and crossword puzzles for the individuals who enjoy the dark side of life and music.
  • How to Dance Gothic - Presents a series of pointers on how to dance gothic style.
  • Insta Goth Kit - Contains fashion tips and styles on dressing the goth way. Comes with gallery and contact details.
  • Llamagoth - Contains pictures, articles, related links, and gothic-themed literature.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Quarter Horse  > Breeders  > North America  > United States 
  • Guillory Ranch - Breeding and selling palomino and buckskin quarter horses. Site includes sales list and related links.
  • Sky Blue Walker - Overview of the farm's facilities and location. Presents stud fee details, sales list, and an image gallery.
  • Evans Ranch Foundation Quarter Horses - Holds information on the farm's facilities and location. Sales list and training details provided.
  • Cold Creek Ranch Land and Livestock - Equine facility centered on breeding and selling foundation quarter horses.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Quarter Horse  > Breeders  > North America  > United States  > Kentucky 
  • Bay Badger Tivio - Descriptive information on the farm's facilities and location. Sales details and show schedule provided.
  • Hideaway Quarter Horses - Presenting the farm's line of equine care services as well as information on its quarter horse sales.
  • J Bar E Ranch - Homepage of the ranch presents facility features, sales list, and fees information.
  • Magnolia Quarter Horses - Details the farm's training program and show results. Sales list also provided.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Quarter Horse  > Breeders  > North America  > United States  > Minnesota 
  • Enloe Quarter Horses - Introduces the American quarter horse breeder. Includes news, sales list, and an image gallery.
  • OakHeart Quarter Horse - Family-owned and operated equine facility dedicated to breeding and selling quarter horses.
  • Rocking Hills Ranch - Specializes in breeding registered American quarter horses. Site holds sales information as well as contact details.
  • Sunup Ranch - Detailed information on ranch facilities and location including sales list and contact references.
  • Three Acre Wood - Aerial view of the farm together with information on its recently sold horses and sales list.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Quarter Horse  > Breeders  > North America  > United States  > Mississippi 
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Quarter Horse  > Breeders  > North America  > United States  > Missouri 
  • Flying U Ranch - Details the ranch's facilities and line of quarter horses. With client testimonials and images.
  • Jim Dudley Quarter Horses - Information on the ranch's horse training and lessons as well as details on its sales offerings.
  • Schafer Quarter Horses - Equine farm specializes in breeding and selling quarter horses. Site includes sales list and contact details.
  • Slocum Stable - Missouri-based ranch centered on breeding and quarter and paint horses. Site offers information on sales offerings as well as contact particulars.
  • Warner Quarter Horses - Overview of the ranch's quarter horse breeding program along with details on reference sires and sales offerings.
  • White Oaks Paints and Horses - Overview of the farm's paint and quarter horses as well as details on sales list and contact references.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Quarter Horse  > Breeders  > North America  > United States  > Montana 
  • Banjo Ranch - Overview on the ranch's facilities and location with details on its registered quarter horses.
  • Blue Quest Farm - Breeding and marketing quarter horses. Site also provides information on its sales offerings and contact particulars.
  • Dinnell Circle D Horses - Holds information on the ranch's reference sires and its for sale quarter horses.
  • Lynn's Quarter Horses - Gallery of images featuring the ranch's line of quarter horses. Sales list and rates information included.
  • Thunderball Ranch - Descriptive information on the farm's breeding facility with details on its line of quarter horses.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Quarter Horse  > Breeders  > North America  > United States  > Nebraska 
  • Dan McWhirter - Guide to farm information encompassing facility features, horse sales, and contact references.
  • Hatch's Quarter Horses - Overview of the farm's facilities with details on its line of quarter horses.
  • Haythorn - Detailed information on the ranch's facilities and location. Sale prospects and results provided.
  • HP Pitzer Ranch - Account on the ranch's history with details on its reference sires and for sale quarter horses.
Top  > Sports  > Equestrian  > Breeds  > Quarter Horse  > Breeders  > North America  > United States  > New York 
  • Sandy Hill Quarter Horses - Homepage of the farm featuring details on for sale quarter horses as well as information on broodmares.
  • Wolf Quarter Horses - Small family farm breeding and raising quarter horses. Site provides details on reference sires as well as its sales list.

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