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  Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Be Cool 
  • Be Cool (2005) - Look for video and sound clips, photographs, posters, literature listings, film location information and trivia at the Internet Movie Database.
  • - Have you heard of the Popcorn Meter? Find out how to rate high on it and see if this Vince Vaughn flick does. Then, go to the discussion boards and view movie images.
  • Box Office Mojo - Check out the grade breakdown and weigh in with your own vote, then check out summaries of both the overseas and domestic financial statistics.
  • - View the trailer of the film, read a summary, look into news and the photo gallery, or check out the cast.
  • DVD Wolf - The DVD Wolf helps visitors compare prices when shopping for the DVD, offers a review and serves up a summary of the film.
  • Killer Movies -- Be Cool - Not only can visitors post comments about the film on the message board, but they can also view the Quicktime trailer in low, medium or high resolution.
  • Rope of Silicon - The e-mail alerts bring the movie to the user, as does buying the poster and reading the box office charts here.
  • Soundtrack Collector - Christina Milian stars in the movie and on the sound track. Find out if anyone else make an appearance in both by searching the tracks listed at the Collector.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Because of Winn-Dixie 
  • Because of Winn-Dixie (2005) - The Internet Movie Database's Promotional sections offer taglines, trailers, posters and much more.
  • - See how this puppy flick rated on the Popcorn Meter, join the discussion board, buy a poster or check out movie images.
  • Box Office Mojo - The Mojo provides rankings like All Time Domestic, Yearly and Opening Weekend. It also reveals financial statistics.
  • - Click on the trailer link to see the movie preview, view a gallery of photos and get profiles of cast members at
  • DVD Wolf - Visitors to the Wolf come for the comparison shopping, helping them find the best price on the Internet for the DVD.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Watch trailers and clips, compare prices for the DVD, get box office figures or read a myriad of reviews on the film.
  • Killer Movies -- Because of Winn-Dixie - View a gallery of photos, read up on a selection of reviews and a synopsis or post your comments on the message boards.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Coach Carter 
  • Coach Carter (2005) - Provides synopsis, list of cast and crew plus reviews.
  • Coach Carter - The official site has a gallery up front and music from the sound track pumping. It also has a game, desktop downloads and AIM icons.
  • - Movie images highlight, but you can talk movies with others on the discussion board and get ahold of the Coach Carter movie poster.
  • Box Office Mojo - Visitors have currently graded this movie a solid B. Jump in with your own two cents to skew the grade in either direction. Also, get lifetime financial figures.
  • Coach Carter - Provides profiles of the actors, gallery, a synopsis and the trailer.
  • DVD Wolf - Read a synopsis, compare prices on the DVD or click an actor in the cast to view a collection of their movies for purchase on DVD.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Read the critics split reviews on this film, get box office figures, rate the movie or compare prices on the DVD.
  • Killer Movies -- Coach Carter - Check out the low, medium or high resolution versions of the Quicktime trailer to accommodate your Internet connection speed.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Constantine 
  • IMDb: Constantine (2005) - Offers sound and video clips, news articles, DVD details and merchandising links.
  • - Join in conversation on the discussion board, rate the film, look at movie images or buy the poster.
  • Box Office Mojo - Investigate the disparity between Constantine's domestic and overseas numbers using daily and weekend breakdowns at the Mojo.
  • Constantine - Details of cast and crew, a photo gallery, a collection of news stories, a synopsis and a link to the trailer.
  • DVD Wolf - Compare prices on the Constantine DVD, read a summary of the movie or check out a review at the DVD Wolf.
  • Killer Movies -- Constantine - At Killer Movies, check out the Super Commercial for the film, then look at the Quicktime move theater trailer. Then post comments.
  • Superhero Lives - This site, which concentrates on comic books turned movies, looks at Hellblazer, the character who Keanu Reeves' is inspired by in Constantine.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Take your pick of the movie poster and take your pick of the many reviews written by critics from all over the web.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Hostage 
  • Hostage (2005) - Check out user ratings and comments and external reviews, as well as memorable quotes, a plot summary, trivia and goofs.
  • - Check out some movie images, read a plot summary, buy a poster or jump on the discussion board.
  • Box Office Mojo - Research the daily or weekly breakdown on how how the money flowed in for this Bruce Willis thriller at the Mojo.
  • - Hostage - Contains actor profiles, a synopsis of the film and trailer.
  • DVD Wolf - Compare and contrast pricing models from different online DVD sellers to make sure you get the best deal before breaking out the credit card.
  • Killer Movies -- Hostage - Low, medium or high resolution Quicktime versions of the trailer will accommodate about any Internet connection speed here at Killer Movies.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Visitors can separate all the reviews by Fresh or Rotten to read the good and the bad together, or, read parent evaluations to keep the kids safe.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Kung Fu Hustle 
  • Kung Fu Hustle (2005) - The Internet Movie Database provides a plot summary, memorable quotes, trivia, goofs, sound track listings and much more.
  • - Enjoy a selection of movie images, a plot summary, links to buy the poster and the discussion boards at
  • Box Office Mojo - The Mojo provides the total lifetime gross revenue for the film, articles related to it and a grade system.
  • Soundtrack Collector - The Collector has all your sound track needs, including this strange collection of music perfect to get kung fu to.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Settle in at the computer for a large collection of trailers and clips of the film, as well as some positive reviews at Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Killer Movies -- Kung Fu Hustle - Check out the Quicktime version of the movie trailer, read a synopsis, post comments on the message boards or click the DVD link.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Man of the House 
  • Man of the House (2005) - The Internet Movie Database provides external and newsgroup reviews, merchandising links, filming location information and technical specs for the film.
  • Man of the House - If the trailer isn't enough, visitors of the official site can get a better look at the film by watching five full minutes of it here.
  • - Check out how this Tommy Lee Jones flick rated on the Popcorn Meter, get a glimpse of movie images and join the discussion boards.
  • Box Office Mojo - Grade the film and find out where it ranked on the grading scale compared to other 2005 films. Also, grab financial numbers.
  • - Click the cast button to be taken to individual profiles of the stars, view a gallery, read a synopsis or take a look at the trailer.
  • DVD Wolf - Buy the movie poster, read a synopsis or click on an actor to buy a collection of their movie DVDs.
  • Rope of Silicon - Get e-mail alerts about news, trailers, movie stills and DVD information, buy the poster or check out profiles of the filmmakers.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Grab a copy of the DVD, view clips or read the collection of stabbing reviews from critics all over the Internet.
  • Killer Movies -- Man of the House - View a gallery of photos, read reviews of the film, post comments on the message board or just read a synopsis.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > HTML  > Tutorials  > Beginners 
Top  > Computers  > Internet  > Searching the Internet  > Search Engines  > Google  > News and Media 
  • Google Blog - Offers commentary and insights into product and technology news.
  • GoogleGuy Says - Journal of what Google Guy says in the WebMasterWorld and SEW public forums.
Top  > Computers  > Internet  > Web Design and Development  > Authoring  > Beginner's Guides 
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Infectious Diseases  > Viral  > Herpes 
  • Live Herpes Free - Features genital herpes treatment Dynamiclear to treat outbreaks. Also features a book about herpes.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Baking  > Breads 
  • RecipeLand: Breads - Provides almost 3,000 recipes for yeast breads, including bread machine recipes.
  • RecipeSource: Breads - Offers over 2,000 recipes for breads, including bread machine and diabetic recipes.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Baking  > Cakes 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Baking  > Cakes  > Cheesecakes 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Baking  > Candy 
  • RecipeLand: Candy - Provides almost 500 recipes for candies, fudge, pralines, baklava, truffles, and more.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Baking  > Cookies 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Baking  > Cookies  > Brownies 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Baking  > Pies and Pastry 
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Business and Economy  > Home and Garden  > Fixtures 
  • Tilesand Taps - Runs a showroom displaying a range of bathroom fittings and accessories.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Business and Economy  > Home and Garden  > Furnishings 
  • Nalson's India - Designs and produces Indian handicrafts including photo frames, lamp shades, curtain tie backs, cushion covers and fashion accessories.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Business and Economy  > Home and Garden  > Interior Design 
  • The Space Talk - Provides interior design and consultancy and space management services.
  • Serene Interiors - Offers designing offices, commercial and residential space specializing in Vastu Shastra concept.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Business and Economy  > Industries  > Manufacturing 
  • Sage Metals Ltd. - Non-ferrous castings manufacturer for various industrial applications including automobile parts, builder's hardware, sanitary and drain fittings, and more.
  • Kay Jay Forgings Pvt. Ltd. - Manufactures forged components, fabricated components and machined and assembly components in the industrial city of Ludhiana.
  • Fixopan Machines Pvt. Ltd. - Produces rotomolding machines, molds/tooling, pu;verizer and rotomolding accessories.
  • Goel Engineers India - Fabricates perforated metal sheets, wire meshes and wedge wire screens.
  • RS Industries - Production and supply of gas regulators, gas cutting torches, welding torches, welding electrodes, welding accessories, welding cables, gas burners, welding hoses and welding electrode machinery.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Business and Economy  > Industries  > Printing 
  • Pressline India Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of web offset solutions with focus on newspaper printing.
  • Gopsons Papers Ltd. - Book printer, security printer and magazine publisher.
  • Rakesh Press - Full service printing company offering pre-press services, printing services and post-press/binding services.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Business and Economy  > Industries  > Publishing 
  • Sage Publications - Features a catalog of published books, textbooks, reference books and journals.
  • Delhi Law House - Includes a collection of law books, reports and journals covering all topics and subjects.
  • Tata McGraw-Hill - Publisher of original books targeted at the educational and professional markets.
  • Hindustan Book Agency - Publishes books and journals to libraries and academic institutions.
  • Star Publishers Distributors - Book distributors provides details of the catalogue and ordering information.
  • Prentice-Hall of India Publications - Publishes university-level text and reference books covering various subjects.
  • Roli Books - Carries titles that cover various subjects such as alternative medicine, travel, cuisine, sports and history.
  • Kitab Bhavan - Publisher and distributor of the Holy Qur'an in Arabic text with English commentary and translation, and other Islamic publications.
  • Children's Book Trust - Engages in publishing books and magazine on children's literature.
  • Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd. - Deals in Indian law books publishing. Also provides books by other Indian publishers.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Business and Economy  > Real Estate  > Agencies 
  • Settlers India - Offers consultancy services in the lease, sale or purchase of properties; relocation services; and property investment services. Also offers add-on services such as interior design, construction, property management services, and more.
  • Suresh Chand Jain and Sons - Engages in real estate brokerage, consultancy, development and construction.
  • Mukul India - Real estate agent and consultant for commercial, industrial and residential spaces in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mohan Coop, Okhla and Faridabad.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Business and Economy  > Real Estate  > Developers 
  • Eros Group - Engages in developing and building commercial, residential, entertainment, hospitality and retail properties.
  • Palmohan Group - Developer of farmhouses, residential buildings, shopping malls and commercial buildings. Also deals in hotel ownership and management, and turnkey interior design projects.
  • Landbase India Ltd. - Developer of exclusive condominiums, golf courses and resorts.
  • Chintels - Owns, develops and operates office space properties in New Delhi.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > India  > States and Union Territories  > Delhi  > Business and Economy  > Real Estate  > Rentals 
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Spain  > Autonomous Communities  > Basque Country  > Guipúzcoa  > Business and Economy  > Restaurants and Bars 
  • Zuberoa - Located in Oiarztzun. Evolution of the traditional recipes to the modern ones. Recipes, list of menus with prices.
  • Belaustegi - Located between Bilbao and San Sebastián. Traditional "Basque Cuisine" with an exotic touch.
  • Gurutze-Berri - Located in Oiartzun. Familiar celebrations, banquets and conventions.
  • Marina Berri - Located in Zumaia. Basque cuisine.
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Spain  > Autonomous Communities  > Basque Country  > Guipúzcoa  > San Sebastián  > Business and Economy  > Restaurants and Bars 
  • La Cepa - Specialty: hunt. Menu recommendations. Selection of hams.
  • Arzak - New Basque and investigation cuisine. Wine cave and publications. Reservation form.
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Spain  > Science and Environment  > Agriculture 
  • IVIA - Valencian Institute for Agricultural Research. News and seminars. Departmet pages.
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Spain  > Science and Environment  > Botanical Gardens 
  • Botanical Garden Marimurtra - Located in Blanes, Gerona. Contains an 'Index Seminum' and offers information about the Research Center.
  • Jardí Botànic de Sollér - Located in Mallorca (Balearic Islands). Includes information about the botanic institute, the garden and objectives.
  • Gibraltar Botanic Gardens - Located in Gibraltar. Lists wildlife you can find there, news & activities and Nature shop.
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > Spain  > Transportation  > Airlines 
  • Iberia - Special offers. Travel insurance and hotel reservations. Online booking. Iberia Plus membership.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Colorado  > Cities  > Boulder  > Arts and Entertainment  > Music 
  • Boulder Chorale - Providing choral music to the citizens of Boulder through three ensembles: the Boulder Chorale, the Boulder Women's Chorale and the Boulder Chamber Chorale.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Colorado  > Cities  > Boulder  > Recreation and Sports 
  • Diamond Baseball of Boulder, Inc. - Supporting kids aged 13-19 playing competitive baseball in Boulder, Colo.
  • Boulder Lacrosse - Volunteer-based organization providing a variety of seasonal programs for boys and girls wanting to learn and participate in lacrosse.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Colorado  > Cities  > Boulder  > Society and Culture 
  • Boulder-Lhasa Sister City Project - Charity developing "non-political exchanges" to enhance health care, education, environment, technology and more in Boulder's sister city of Lhasa, Tibet.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Atlanta  > Business and Economy  > Real Estate  > Residential  > Agencies 
  • Century 21 Intown - Assists in buying, selling homes in Buckhead, Vinings, Midtown, Downtown, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Druid Hills, Grant Park, Virginia Highlands and all Atlanta Metro Counties.
  • Coldwell Banking - Engaged in buying and selling real estate, mortgage financing, and assists in moving locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Dona and Associates - Offers services to new homebuyers, sellers and people relocating to Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Eason Realty Group - Specializes in luxury real estate in Marietta, Alpharetta, North Atlanta, Woodstock, Roswell, Canton, Kennesaw, South Atlanta, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Cherokee, Henry, Paulding and the surrounding Georgia communities.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Atlanta  > Business and Economy  > Restaurants and Bars 
  • Agave - Southwestern eatery and tequila bar, reservations recommended.
  • Atkins Park - Atlanta's oldest continuously licensed tavern. With locations in Smyrna and Virginia Highlands.
  • Buckhead Diner - Offering American dishes, snappy service, retro style and funky atmosphere.
  • Buckhead Life Restaurant Group - Restaurants include 103 West (for private parties), Atlanta Fish Market, Bluepointe, Buckhead Diner, Chops/Lobster Bar, Corner Cafe, Kyma, Nava, Pano's & Paul's, Pricci, and Veni Vidi Vici.
  • Busy Bee Cafe - Features southern soul food in historical downtown. Find a menu and catering details.
  • Cafe Sunflower - Features vegetarian cuisine, incorporating elements from the Caribbean, Asia, the American Southwest, and the Mediterranean. With locations in Buckhead and Sandy Springs.
  • Canoe - Fine dining and award winning restaurant under the guidance of executive chef Carvel Grant Gould. Includes menu and wine lists, plus special events.
  • Carnegie's - American cuisine featuring burgers, chicken, fish, sandwiches, salads and soups.
  • Colonnade Restaurant - Specializes in southern American cooking with '50s decor and ambiance.
  • Daddy D'z BBQ Joint - Offers dine-in or take-out barbecue food as well as catering services.
  • Dailey's - Wine and dine club that also features nightly entertainment. With announcement of upcoming events and link to reservations.
  • The Earl - East Atlanta restaurant and lounge, serving food, booze and entertainment.
  • The Flying Biscuit Cafe - Great breakfasts, eclectic veggie, and southern fare. Offers a menu, cookbook, store, and franchise info.
  • Horseradish Grill - Neighborhood barn and grill. With link to reservations.
  • Imperial Fez - Features authentic Moroccan cuisine. With schedule of events and special nights.
  • Jakes Ice Creams & Sorbets - Offers southern style dishes. With links to store locations and franchising opportunity.
  • Jocks & Jills Sports Grill - Food and drinks in a relaxed, casual atmosphere, while watching sports on TV. Includes links to different locations.
  • Johnny's Hideaway - Nightclub and Atlanta hot spot. Gives links to calendar of events and photo gallery.
  • Mary Mac's Tea Room - Serving classic southern food. Read about their history, view the cookbook and blog.
  • Max Lager's American Grill and Brewery - With locations in downtown Atlanta and the Mall of Georgia.
  • McKinnon's Louisiane Restaurant - Specializing in New Orleans cuisine with southern hospitality. Entertainment starts at 7 each evening.
  • Nava - Southwestern restaurant offering lunch Monday to Friday, dinner 7 days a week.
  • Park Tavern - Micro brewery restaurant and special event venue. Find a gallery, and upcoming entertainment.
  • Radial - Farm to table cuisine. Features new artists or group each month. With links to menu, specials for the week, catering service, and directions to location.
  • Rathbun's - American restaurant voted Atlanta's best overall bar and restaurant. Links to menu, blog, and directions.
  • Sambuca Restaurants - Rocking dinner club for dining, dancing, and drinking.
  • Seeger's - Offers daily-changing, modern-classical cuisine, including a five-course meal, the exclusive eight-course chef's menu, and special seasonal truffle menus.
  • Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View - Contemporary American cuisine restaurant and special event venue in downtown Atlanta. Features live jazz every Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Swan Coach House - Restaurant, gift shop and gallery, located near the Atlanta History Center and the Swan House.
  • Ted's Montana Grill - Offers American dishes, hand-made with fresh ingredients. Entirely non-smoking.
  • The Vortex Bar and Grill - Offers pub food, burgers, beer and spirits. Includes menu and liquor lists, policies, and FAQs.
  • Limerick Junction - Irish pub with live entertainment nightly. Located in the Virginia-Highlands area.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Atlanta  > Business and Economy  > Restaurants and Bars  > Asian 
  • Haveli Indian Cuisine - North Indian and South Indian food includes samosas, biryani, pakoras, and basmati rice.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Atlanta  > Business and Economy  > Restaurants and Bars  > French 
  • Babette's Cafe - European dining, with the ambiance of a mixture of farmhouse and bistro. Located on North Highland Avenue. With link to online reservations.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Atlanta  > Business and Economy  > Restaurants and Bars  > Steaks and Seafood 
  • Six Feet Under Atlanta  - Pub and fish house for the best fried catfish. After work margaritas, and deep south hospitality.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Duluth  > Business and Economy  > Restaurants and Bars 
  • Kurt's Euro Bistro - European steakhouse and bistro. Includes history, menu, events calendar, hours, map and directions.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > New York  > Cities  > New York City  > Travel and Tourism  > Travel Guides 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Arlington  > Arts and Entertainment 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Arlington  > Business and Economy 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Arlington  > Government 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Arlington  > Health 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Arlington  > Recreation and Sports 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Arlington  > Society and Culture 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Arlington  > Society and Culture  > Religion 
  • Congregation Beth Shalom - Reform Jewish congregation. Details on worship services, religious education, and events.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Arlington  > Travel and Tourism 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Bastrop 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Bastrop  > Arts and Entertainment 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Cities  > Bastrop  > Education 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Texas  > Society and Culture  > Organizations 
  • Fleetwood Memorial Foundation - Organization providing grants to families of Texas law enforcement or fire protection personnel injured or killed on the job.
Top  > Science  > Math  > Logic and Foundations  > Directories 
Top  > Science  > Math  > Logic and Foundations  > Meetings 
  • CiE-CS - Series of Computability in Europe conference series. Organized by the CiE Conference Series Steering Committee: Barry Cooper, Benedikt Lwe, Dag Normann and Andrea Sorbi.
Top  > Science  > Math  > Logic and Foundations  > Meetings  > Calendars 
Top  > Science  > Math  > Logic and Foundations  > Meetings  > Past Events 
  • Amsterdam Colloquium 2001 - Brings together linguists, philosophers, logicians and computer scientists who share an interest in the formal study of semantics of natural and formal languages.
  • ACL2-2002 - Workshop held on April 8-9 (Monday/Tuesday), 2002, in Grenoble, France, on the ACL2 Theorem Prover and Its Applications.
  • Argument, Dialogue, and Decision 2002 - Program of activities for the special session of Non-Monotonic Reasoning.
  • Group of Logic and Computation - Augustus De Morgan Workshop on Frontiers of Revision and Contraction. Held November 5-6, 2001, in the Council Room of King's College London, Strand Campus.
  • ALP/PLILP/SAS 1996 - Conference on Algebraic and Logic Programming; Symposiums on Programming languages and static analysis. Held September of 1996 in Aachen, Germany.
  • BEST 11 - Tomek Bartoszynski, Paul Corazza and Justin Moore organized this seminar in the BEST series of 2002.
  • BEST 10 - 2001 BEST abstracts, participants and speakers contacts.
  • BEST 2005 - Includes speakers and participants, abstracts, and the schedule for this past conference.
  • CADE-17 - 17th International Conference on Automated Deduction. Held June 17-20, 2000, at the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • CADE-18 - Conference on Automated Deduction. Copenhagen, Denmark, July 27-30, 2002. With link to CADE-19.
  • CICLOPS 2001 - Workshops on the Implementation of Constraint and Logic Programming Systems. December 1, 2001, Coral Beach Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus.
  • CL2000 - International Conference on Computational Logic. Held July 24-28 2000, at the Imperial College, London, UK.
  • CLIMA'02 - Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems - Workshop held August 1, 2002, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Affiliated with ICLP 2002.
  • IJCAR 2004 - Workshop on Computer-Supported Mathematical Theory Development. Held in Cork, Ireland, on July 5, 2004.
  • BGU May Conference and Workshop - One-day conference, and a weeklong workshop in honor of Professor Saharon Shelah, winner of Bolyai and Wolf Prizes. May 21-25, 2001, Senate Hall, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.
  • Conference in Honor of D. A. Martin's 60th Birthday - Presented in coordination with the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute workshop, The Continuum Hypothesis. May 27 - 28, 2001, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA.
  • CSL'01 - Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic intended for computer scientists whose research activities involve logic, as well as for logicians working on issues significant for computer science. September 10-13, 2001, Paris, France.
  • CSL'02 - Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic, held September 22-25, 2002, in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • CSL 2000 - Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic, held August 21-26, 2000, in Fischbachau/Munich, Germany.
  • Description Logics Workshops - With links to past DL international workshops and proceedings.
  • DL 2001 - 14th International Workshop on Description Logics devoted to discussing developments and applications of knowledge representation formalisms. August 1-3, 2001, Stanford University, California, USA.
  • FICS'2001 Fixed Points in Computer Science - Satellite Workshop to PLI'2001. Held September 8, 2001, in Florence, Italy.
  • FLA 2001 - Second International ICSC symposium to foster the latest results both in the theory as well as applications of fuzzy logic. Organized as part of the International ICSC Congress on Computational Intelligence Methods and Applications (CIMA'2001). June 19-22 2001, Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom.
  • FLoC'02 - Third Federated Logic Conference. July 20 - August 1, 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark. With links to on-line papers and next conferences.
  • FOTFS III - PhD EuroConference by the Foundations of the Formal Sciences III on Complexity in Mathematics and Computer Science. September 21-24, 2001, Universität Wien Institut fü Formale Logik, Austria.
  • Fourth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation - Organized by the Centre for Language, Logic and Speech at the Tbilisi State University in conjunction with the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) of the University of Amsterdam. September 23-28, 2001, Borjomi, Georgia.
  • FroCoS98 - Second International workshop on Frontiers of Combining Systems, held October 2-4, 1998, at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Top  > Society  > Relationships  > Dating  > Speed Dating 
  • - Online speed dating service for residents of Canada. Learn how it works, find local events, success stories, and photos.
  • Hurry Date - Meet singles online or find speed dating events in a local city.
  • Blink Dating - Australian speed dating events with tips and answers to FAQ's.

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