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  Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Animal House 
  • Animal House (1978) - The Internet Movie Database breaks down this comedy classic with cast and crew information, user reviews, photographs and sound clips.
  • Animal House - After more than 25 years, an official site still lives and you can take quiz on the movie, relive some classic memories or see the actual theatrical trailer.
  • Box Office Mojo - The total lifetime gross of this film is well over 140 million. Get all the numbers and check out the grading system here.
  • Soundtrack Collector - Check out all the tunes on one of the most timeless movie sound tracks of all time, from Shout to Louie Louie.
  • Useless Movie Quotes - Some of these useless movie quotes have .wav files with them so you can hear them as they were said in the movie.
  • Killer Movies -- Animal House - Killer Movies offers up a small synopsis, information on the DVD/VHS and a comment board to encourage user opinions.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Dodgeball 
  • Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) - At the Internet Movie Database, check out trivia, goofs, a full cast and crew listing, alternate versions, sound clips and user reviews.
  • - JoBlo offers its visitors an extensive gallery of photos from the film, a plot summary and a collection of news pieces.
  • Box Office Mojo - Check out the grade percentages this film got, then find out whether or not it got an A in revenue. Total gross sales figures are here.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - At Rotten Tomatoes, users will see a large conglomeration of reviews from periodicals and online sites throughout the country.
  • Killer Movies -- Dodgeball - Post your comments on the film on the message board, then, check out the film's trailer in high, medium or low resolution, depending on your connection.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Fletch 
  • Fletch (1985) - Get sound clips from the film, check out a full cast and crew listing and click on memorable quotes to read some of the classic one-liners from this film.
  • Laker Jim's Fletch Won - At this comprehensive fan site, check out downloads, a Where Are They Now section, DVD petitions and information on an apparent Fletch video game.
  • Erasing Clouds - This well-written tribute article pays homage to the film, but it also speaks of plans of a possible Kevin Smith prequel to Fletch that would star Jason Lee.
  • Soundtrack Collector - Most 80s comedies feature the appropriate harpsichord theme music, but they aren't often easy to find. All the tracks on the Fletch sound track live right here.
  • Killer Movies -- Fletch - Killer Movies offers up information on the VHS and DVD versions of the movie, as well as a comment board for discussion of the film.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Mrs. Doubtfire 
  • Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) - The Internet Movie Database provides sound clips of this family comedy, as well as memorable quotes and cast information.
  • Soundtrack Collector - This sound track is not an easy one to find, but the Collector comes through. View the tracks and find out how to get your hands on a copy here.
  • Movie Mistakes - This site concentrates on what slipped through the cracks in the filming of movies, including Mrs. Doubtfire. They deal in filming and continuity.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Old School 
  • Old School (2003) - The Internet Movie Database has cast listings, user and external reviews, sound clips, memorable quotes, trivia and movie goofs.
  • Old School - Get downloads, learn about DVD features and play the ever popular Frank the Tank's Streak-O-Matic game at the official Dreamworks site.
  • - Get an Old School movie poster and download wallpaper and screensavers to your home computer. Then, take a peak at the trailer.
  • - Check out details on Will Farrell and rest of the cast and crew, then view an extensive photo gallery and link up to the trailer.
  • Killer Movies -- Old School - Killer Movies has a gallery of photos, links to the trailer and a comment board for users to share their favorite moments.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Critics are slightly on the good side of the fence at Rotten Tomatoes, but apparently they haven't polled the masses of teens and 20-somethings who treat this movie like the new Animal House.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Road Trip 
  • Road Trip (2000) - There are many memorable quotes to remember at IMDB, as well as sound clips, reviews, trivia and information on the cast and crew of this slapstick comedy.
  • DVD Wolf - The DVD Wolf reviews the movie and then helps users find the best price to purchase the DVD.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Reading some of these reviews, you wonder if critics have a sense of humor. Opinions from periodicals and web sites highlight this link.
  • Killer Movies -- Road Trip - View the Quicktime trailer, read up on reviews or post your comments about the film on the message board at Killer Movies.
Top  > Business  > Business to Business  > Communications and Networking  > Telecommunications  > Consulting 
  • JPorter Industries, Inc. - Business development firm that offers a web design, hosting and domain registration package as well as telecommunication services.
Top  > Business  > Business to Business  > Health Care  > Software  > Practice Management 
  • Software Motif - Specializes in patient SOAP note documentation and reports with integrated insurance billing for chiropractic practices.
Top  > Business  > Business to Business  > Information Technology  > Consultants 
  • Robert Kohl & ITWorkx - Offers IT consulting services as well as reseller hosting and cheap web design for small business.
Top  > Computers  > Hardware  > Education  > Tutorials 
  • Computer Hope - Offers free computer help including FAQ's, related links, and downloads.
Top  > Computers  > Internet  > Web Design and Development  > Designers  > Freelance 
  • - Offers web design and development services as well as corporate identity creation, shopping cart development, multimedia flash design and logo design solutions.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Basset  > Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen 
  • PBGV of America - AKC parent club maintains the breed standard and promotes the breed through educational efforts, specialty shows and obedience trials.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Hounds  > Plott Hound 
  • Bear Pen Plotts - Talks about the history of the Plott, hosts several photos and a discussion forum.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Welsh Corgi  > Pembroke 
  • Corgi-L - Hosts an e-mail list for owners to discuss all issues about their Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Welsh Corgi  > Pembroke  > Breeders 
  • Elfwish Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Breeder and exhibitor of Pembroke Welsh Corgis in Chardon, Ohio. Site provides show results and pictures.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Welsh Corgi  > Pembroke  > Clubs 
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Business and Economy  > Classifieds 
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Business and Economy  > Shipping  > Cargo Services  > Air Cargo Services 
  • Pacific Airlift - Aircraft and project management specialist.
  • Singapore Airlines Cargo - Air freight services provider for perishable cargo, value cargo, live animals, dangerous goods and unaccompanied baggage.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Business and Economy  > Shipping  > Cargo Services  > Maritime Cargo Services 
  • NYK Logistics and Mega Carrier - Offers container transport, RORO, bulk and energy resource transport, terminal and cruise services.
  • NOL (Neptune Orient Lines) Group - Specializes in container transportation and supply chain management.
  • PSA International - Ports and terminals company with investments in Singapore, Belgium, Brunei, China, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea and Thailand.
  • APL - Logistics and container transportation company and a wholly owned subsidiary of NOL Group.
  • Portnet - Real-time e-commerce and computer-integrated terminal opertaions systems that brings products and services to customers across the globe.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Business and Economy  > Shipping  > Courier Services 
  • Regent Courier Service - Transports packages anywhere in Singapore. Also offers deliveries of gift items, collection/deliveries of banking, shipping documents, airline tickets, trade samples and parts, renewal of passport, license, and more.
  • CMS - Courier services include 1-day express, 3-hour express and 1-hour express.
  • Xdel - Delivers all consignments throughout Singapore within four hours from time of activation.
  • DAP Asia Pacific - Offers storage, packing and distribution services, day/night courier services, gift redemption programs solutions and letter-shopping and mail management.
  • SLX Couriers and Transportation - Provides normal consignment delivery, bulk breaking courier services, processing services, lorry services, house removal and passenger bus service for Singapore and Malaysia.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Business and Economy  > Shipping  > Movers 
  • Asian Tigers K.C. Dat Singapore - Offers moving household goods from Singapore and to Singapore, executive domestic removal, business relocation, commercial cargo and fine arts logistics.
  • Vanpac International Singapore - Find details of international and domestic moving services for corporate and residential customers.
  • Rhema Movers - Services include door-to-door moving services, fine arts forwarding and warehousing, local removals of homes, offices and factories, customs clearance and short/long term storage of household and office goods.
  • Expat Movers - Specializes in international, local or office relocation, storage, fine art packing, insurance, exhibition forwarding or general cargo moving.
  • Euro Pac Shipping Agencies - Provides a range of logistic services and solutions including international freight forwading, warehousing, handling of commodities, exhibitions, removals, projects and air freight.
  • Bradford Logistics - Specializes in moving and storing industrial machineries and packing and transportation of items locally and internationally for commercial offices and warehouses.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Business and Economy  > Shipping  > Postal Services 
  • DHL Singapore - International air express company.
  • FedEx Singapore - Express transportation company delivering any size and any weight package throughout the world via its all-cargo airline.
  • SpeedPost - Offers parcel deliveries and courier services island-wide and worldwide.
  • Pomaildrop - Offers mail, fax, forwarding/redirection, voice, mail, and re-mailing services from Singapore to any destination in the world.
  • SingPost - Provider of domestic and international postal services in Singapore.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Business and Economy  > Storage 
  • Transerve - Designs and manufactures portable and container cabins and prefabricated buildings to serve the construction, oilfield, offshore and marine industries.
  • Ebellco Engineering Pte Ltd. - Supplies warehouse equipment including docklevellers, dock lift, safety equipment and specialty dock products, high-speed roll doors and sectional overhead insulated doors and more.
  • Kaichi Spacemaster Pte Ltd. - Supplier and installer of different types of locks and lockers.
  • Besco - Offers lockers and security locks as well as restroom cubicles, jet towel, baby minder, support grab bar, wall cladding, acoustic walls, seating/chairs and privacy modesty panel.
  • Locker and Lock - Products include PVC locker, post-formed PVC locker, keyless locker, electronic locker, coin locker, plastic locker, metal locker, combination padlock and coin return lock. Also offers locker rental services.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Business and Economy  > Telecommunications 
  • Zone 1511 - IDD service provider. Features rates, country and area codes list and call details viewing capability.
  • SingTel - International calling services provider. Features various IDD products and services with description.
  • Shinetown Telecom - International communications operator. Products include IDD services 1526 Chat Chat for corporate and residential users and prepaid international calling card.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Education  > Tutoring 
  • What's Up Tuition Agency - Matches students to qualified and experienced tutors.
  • - Facilitates recruitment and placement for teaching positions in Singapore.
  • PETRA Education Centre - Specializes in phonics/reading programs for kids.
  • NextLevel Tutor Network - Network of personal home tutors and teachers for hire in Singapore and Malaysia through online bidding.
  • Niche Online Tuition Agency - Tuition service provider focusing on academic subjects at the Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Junior College levels.
  • - Tutor search portal allowing online student and tutor registration.
  • Newcastle Education Centre - Private school offering various core subjects and enrichment programs for primary and secondary students.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Education  > Tutoring  > By Subject 
  • Trust Education Centre - Offers courses in speech, drama, reading, English, creative writing, Math and Science for children and adults.
  • Kumon - Emphasizes simple math calculation to strengthen the mental powers of both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  • Brightspan - Center for speech and drama for children and adults.
  • Formation Centre - Offers Math and Science enrichment courses for children.
  • Peggy Tuition Services - Offers tuition for all levels in subjects such as English, Chinese, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Society and Culture  > Chats and Forums 
  • KeepTouch - Community portal offering free SMS service, downloads, web and email hosting capability and allows users to post classified ads and upload photos.
  • Expats Forum - Discussion forum and message board for expats in Singapore and expatriates relocating to Singapore. Offers online search for apartments and houses for rent.
  • Alamak Chat - Web browser-based chat room allowing non-members and paying members.
  • KopiTalk - Lifestyle discussion forum open for free.
  • NTU (NewsToU) Forum - Discussion board for current affairs and global conditions. Offers buy/sell corner, interaction board and classified ads.
  • SG Forums - Singapore's online discussion network covering various topics such as bikes, cars, buy and sell, food, politics, sports and adult-themed topics.
  • Singapore Forums - Features discussion on leisure and entertainment, technology and electronics, investing, career, health and beauty, home and family and other topics.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Society and Culture  > Family 
  • Children Development Co-Savings (Baby Bonus) Scheme - Government eService portal containing information and services for everyone in the family concerning a wide range of family topics and issues.
  • Centre for Fathering Singapore - Offers personal programs, corporate programs and adventure programs to inspire responsible fatherhood.
  • Motherhood - Online version of Motherhood magazine covering issues and concerns related to pregnancy and birth, baby and child development, health, nutrition and the family.
  • Moms4Moms - Online community for mothers, fathers and would-be parents.
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Society and Culture  > Relationships  > Dating 
Top  > Regional  > Asia  > Singapore  > Society and Culture  > Relationships  > Personals 
  • Cupid One - Features discussion forum, online chat, computer match and Internet pal search. Organizes activities for members.
  • Matchmaker - Online community allowing members to search for soul mate, after-work penpal or weekend workout partner.
  • - Free dating, personals and friend finder services provider.
  • Singapore Cupid - Dating portal where Singaporeans and expatriates can meet for friendship, romance and love.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Georgia  > Cities  > Atlanta  > Business and Economy  > Construction  > Builders 
  • Monte Hewett Homes - An Atlanta new home builder since 1988 specializing in communities with custom built homes, and luxury resort homes in Florida.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Oregon  > Cities  > Portland  > Society and Culture 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Oregon  > Cities  > Portland  > Society and Culture  > Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual 
  • Gay Portland Oregon - Hosts a directory of groups and clubs, and features news of importance to the GLBT community.
  • Pride Northwest - Celebrates the positive diversity of GLBT communities, and educates all people by showcasing the history, accomplishments, and talents of these communities.
  • Keshet - Organizes social activities for GLBT Jews and their spouses, partners, significant others and good friends, whether Jewish or not.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Oregon  > Cities  > Portland  > Society and Culture  > Religion  > Judaism 
  • Jewish Federation of Portland - Builds and strengthens the Jewish community locally, nationally, overseas, and in Israel, in accordance with Jewish values.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Oregon  > Cities  > Portland  > Society and Culture  > Religion  > Unitarian Universalism 
  • First Unitarian Church - Creates a welcoming community of diverse individuals and promotes love, reason and freedom in religion.
Top  > Society  > Activism  > Anti-Corporation 

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