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  Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles 
  • The Lucky One - Romantic drama based on Nicholas Sparks' novel starring Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, and Blythe Danner.
Top  > Business  > Business to Business  > Financial Services  > Insurance  > Agents and Marketers 
  • Insurance Agent Reference - Provides local listings for insurance agents throughout the United States as well as free quotes for a range of related services.
Top  > Business  > Shopping and Services  > Pets  > Birds  > Accessories 
  • Bird Toy Outlet - Offers a variety of safe bird toys, cages, foraging accessories, and bird toy making parts.
  • Bird Toy Man - Products available include parrot toys, ladders, swings, bells, bungees, cement perches, cups and bottles, foot toys, millet holders, acrylic toys, and toy making parts.
  • Birdbilt - Provides different types and designs of bird feeders and houses.
  • Avian Fashions - Supplies bird diapers, avian costumes, hoodies, leashes, harnesses, as well as bird toys.
  • Animal Environments - Offers cages, play areas, toys, ring stands, and other products designed for safety and convenience.
Top  > Business  > Shopping and Services  > Pets  > Fish  > Supplies  > Hardware 
  • Alita Industries - Offers linear air pumps, air diffusers, ion and ozone generators, water pumps, and submersible water pumps.
  • Aquarium Hobbyist Supply - Source for do-it-yourself aquarium lighting kits and supplies.
  • Aqua FX - Specializes in reverse osmosis water filter systems for aquariums, fish farms, and reef keeping setups.
  • Truvu Aquariums - Sells fish tanks, aquariums, aquarium stands, filtration and lighting systems, calcium reactors, as well as cleaning and maintenance supplies.
  • Custom Sump Barr Aquatic Systems - Source for aquarium equipment developed using 3D modeling tools and tested on real reef tanks. Offers pumps, calcium reactors, waste collectors, protein skimmers, custom sumps, and accessories.
Top  > Computers  > Internet  > Web Design and Development  > Hosted Components and Services  > URL Redirection and Shortening 
  • - Redirect service that instantly adds the "www" URL part to naked domains.
Top  > Games  > Internet 
  • YouPlay - Offers online puzzle, crossword, sudoku, logic, trivia, and brain teaser games. Also provides downloadable games.
Top  > Health  > Conditions and Illness  > Digestive Disorders  > Intestinal  > Celiac Disease 
  • University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research - Undertakes studies aimed at finding a cure and improving the quality of life of celiac disease sufferers. Also provides comprehensive clinical care and long-term support for celiac disease patients.
Top  > Home  > Consumer Information  > Toys and Games 
  • Toy Review - Information and reviews on various toys sorted by character, category, and age group.
Top  > Home  > Personal Finance  > Insurance  > Car 
  • Car Insurance Calculator - Provides free and instant auto insurance quotes online, including price comparisons and related advice for shoppers.
Top  > Kids and Teens  > History and Government  > By Region  > North America  > United States  > Presidents  > Roosevelt, Theodore 
Top  > News  > Newspapers  > Regional  > United States  > Ohio 
  • The Plain City Advocate - Features local and AP news, sports, weather, columnists, and obituaries. Includes staff directory and local resource links.
Top  > Recreation  > Outdoors  > Hunting  > Guides and Outfitters  > Oceania  > Australia 
  • Boar Hunters - Pig hunting and dogging group provides details of the community, forum, classifieds, suppliers and contacts.
Top  > Reference  > Dictionaries  > Etymology 
  • - Etymology dictionary covering multiple languages, mostly European. Presents the relationship of certain words to other words in the same or in another language.
Top  > Regional  > Europe  > UK  > Scotland  > Inverclyde  > Greenock  > Business and Economy 
  • Pride of the Clyde Coaches - Offers a wide range of coach hire services; includes details of their fleet and booking contacts.
Top  > Regional  > North America  > Canada  > British Columbia  > Cities  > Vancouver  > Health 
Top  > Regional  > North America  > Canada  > British Columbia  > Cities  > Vancouver  > Health  > Alternative Medicine 
  • South Centre Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy and acupuncture clinic centrally located in Vancouver. Site presents an introductory video, blog, and contact details.
Top  > Regional  > North America  > Canada  > British Columbia  > Cities  > Vancouver  > Health  > Alternative Medicine  > Chiropractic 
  • Vancouver Chiropractic - Family chiropractic care clinic providing services to adults, children, and pregnant women.
  • Downtown Chiropractic - Clinic in Downtown Vancouver offering chiropractic treatments to address whiplash, back pains, and accident injuries.
  • In-Touch Chiropractic - Vancouver chiropractor offering subluxation, spinal adjustment, postural correction, and pre and post natal chiropractic treatment services.
  • Vancouver Chiropractor Dr. Stoilov - Offers chiropractic adjustment, custom orthotics, soft tissue therapy, and correction for vertebral subluxation.
  • Nucca Health Clinic - Provides a distinctive chiropractic spinal treatment that focuses on postural balance and structural stability.
Top  > Regional  > North America  > Canada  > British Columbia  > Cities  > Vancouver  > Health  > Alternative Medicine  > Massage Therapy and Bodywork 
  • The Urban Primrose Massage - Wellness spa and massage center in Vancouver. Presents pricing and contact details.
  • Spruce Body Lab - Locally owned and operated day spa serving the Yaletown area and surrounding communities. Offers spa packages and skin care products.
  • Smile Thai Massage - Offers traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy oil massage, Thai massage with oil, Thai aromatherapy with exfoliation body scrub, and massage packages for couples.
  • Rebound - Massage, acupuncture, and exercise therapy clinic providing natural remedies for arthritis, neck and back pain, stress and anxiety, jaw pain, headaches, and menopausal symptoms.
  • Omana - Provider of massage therapy and bodywork services. Also offers meditation workshops and coaching.
  • Massage & Therapy Centre - Multidisciplinary clinic staffed by professional wellness practitioners. Offers massage therapy as well as acupuncture and reflexology.
  • Everest Therapeutics Inc. - Registered massage therapy clinic in Downtown Vancouver. Site presents therapist bios, forms, articles, and a video library.
  • Burrard Health Centre Massage Therapy - RMT clinic offering a variety of massage techniques including neuromuscular facilitation, trigger point therapy, myofascial active release, therapeautic exercise, stretching, postural education, and Swedish massage.
Top  > Regional  > North America  > Canada  > British Columbia  > Cities  > Vancouver  > Health  > Mental Health 
  • Michael Danyluk - Professional counselor in Vancouver specializing in stress and life issues, serious illnesses, depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, anger management, and relationship issues.
  • Judith Beale, M.A. - Registered Vancouver psychologist fully licensed for private practice. Provides psychotherapy and counseling for individuals and couples.
  • Adler Centre - Provider of educational programming and counseling services. Also offers workshops and volunteer opportunities.
  • Turning Point Therapy - Provides psychotherapy and counseling therapy services for trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Business and Economy  > Associations 
  • Construction and Mining Industry Group - Non profit organisation representing the construction and mining equipment industry, allied equipment and services.
  • Hire and Rental Industry Association - Official industry association for hire and rental companies in Australia provides details of member services, job vacancies, magazine and resources.
  • Tractor and Machinery Association - Member based industry association provides details of membership, affiliated companies, annual conference, training academy, events and resources.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Business and Economy  > Automotive 
  • Capricorn Society Limited - Cooperative assisting automotive repair and services business provides details of membership, suppliers and resources.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Business and Economy  > Construction  > Associations 
  • Australian Institute of Building Designers - Industry association representing building designers and architectural draftspeople provides details of membership, design awards, sponsors, events and contacts.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Health 
  • Lowitja Institute - National centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island health research provides details of activities, news and events, congress, research programs, resources for researchers, education, training and publications.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Arts and Entertainment 
  • Off The Leash - Guide to entertainment and art events in the Northern Territory.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Business and Economy 
  • Little Fish - Communications consultants provide details of programs, tools and products, approach taken and resources.
  • Major Industries Training Advisory Council - Non profit organisation funded by the Northern Territory government provides details of resources, training packages, events and funding, awards, newsletters, job market, industry profiles and contacts.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Cities  > Darwin  > Arts and Entertainment 
  • Northern Territory Writers Centre - Writers centre provides details of membership, festivals, awards, events, publications and resources including information on Northern Territory writers and editors.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Cities  > Darwin  > Education 
  • Kormilda College - College presents details of the learning environment, education offered, boarding facilities, enrolment, assessment schedule and event calendar.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Cities  > Darwin  > Society and Culture 
  • Darwin Community Legal Services - Free legal service assisting disadvantaged members of the community to protect their legal rights provides details of legal and advocacy services, events and publications.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Cities  > Humpty Doo  > Business and Economy 
  • Tagetarl Kennels - Breeding kennel provides details of the dogs, shows and results, application, available dogs, litters and testimonials.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Education 
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Government 
  • NT WorkSafe - Organisation responsible for the Territory wide regulation of workplace health and safety, dangerous goods, electrical safety, rehabilitation and workers compensation.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Recreation and Sports 
  • Cycling Northern Territory - Peak body governing competitive and recreational cycling in the Northern Territory provides details of the constitution, news, events, membership, cycling clubs, junior development and support.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Recreation and Sports  > Cricket 
  • Darwin Cricket Club - Cricket club provides details of membership, premierships, medalists, cricket gear, news and events.
  • Memo Rovers Cricket Club - Alice Springs club provides details of teams and training, fixtures and results, ladders, peak performers, club awards and contacts.
  • Tracey Village Cricket Club - Cricket club provides details of membership, registration, committee, results, statistics and draws, sponsors, life members, premierships and awards.
  • Palmerston Cricket Club - Club located in Palmerston provides details of teams, fixtures and results, committee, honour board and sponsors.
  • Waratah Cricket Club - Features details of the constitution, membership, statistics, teams, registration and payment, cricket gear and contacts.
  • Southern Districts Cricket Club - Club located at Fred's Pass provides details of facilities, membership, results and statistics, cricket gear, club policies and administration.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Northern Territory  > Society and Culture 
  • NT Working Womens Centre - Community based non profit organisation governed by a management committee of volunteers. Includes information on resources, fact sheets, centres, staff and membership.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Queensland  > Business and Economy  > Automotive 
  • Automotive Skills Queensland - Peak industry skills body for the Queensland automotive industry provides details of workforce development, retention advice and resources available to employers, government and training organisations.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Society and Culture  > Animal Welfare 
  • AustHorse - Offers a resource for horse lovers in Australia including breed profiles, feeding advice and information on hoof care.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Society and Culture  > Associations 
  • Foster Care Association of Western Australia - Association promoting the interests of foster carers provides details of membership, training, events and information on becoming a foster family.
  • Kids Safe - Non government charitable organisation dedicated to preventing childhood injuries and reducing death and disabilities in children under fifteen years of age.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Society and Culture  > Genealogy 
  • Family Tree Time - Genealogical services offered including information on researching family history, tips and publications.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > South Australia  > Society and Culture  > Genealogy 
  • Adelaide Proformat - Ancestral and local history researchers provide details of services, seminars, resources and interest groups.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Western Australia  > Business and Economy 
  • Childcare Association of WA - Peak private long day care childcare association in Western Australia provides details of membership, resources, events and employment.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Western Australia  > Recreation and Sports  > Martial Arts 
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Western Australia  > Regions  > South West 
  • Geographe Bay - Offers details of visitor centres, accommodation and tours, what's on, business directory and bookings.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Australia  > Western Australia  > Society and Culture  > Religion 
  • Council of Churches of WA - Find information on the role of the council, activities, events, vacancies, chaplaincy and news.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Business and Economy 
  • Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers - Association of individuals and organisations in the automotive industry with branches throughout Australia and New Zealand provides details of membership, services and contacts.
Top  > Regional  > Oceania  > Education 
  • Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association - Association dedicated to supporting children, parents and professionals involved in the field of Play Therapy provides details of membership, therapists, news and contacts.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Michigan  > Cities  > Chesaning  > Business and Economy 
  • Harris Custom Wood Floors - Offers new installation of custom hardwood flooring, as well as sanding and refinishing of existing floors. Includes a portfolio.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Michigan  > Cities  > Morrice 
  • Gary's Drywall - Full service drywall contracting company specializing in hanging, finishing, textures and repairs.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Oklahoma  > Cities  > Guthrie 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wisconsin  > Cities  > Brown Deer 
  • St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Affiliated with the Missouri Synod. Includes history, beliefs, staff, service times, ministries, news and events.
  • Trinity Community Church - Covers beliefs, what to expect, leadership, ministries, calendar of events, audio sermons, contact and directions.
  • Saint Mark Lutheran Church - Member of the Wisconsin Synod. Includes service schedule, pastor's profile, daily devotions, ministries, photo album, map and directions.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wisconsin  > Cities  > Neenah 
  • Neenah Public Library - Features its history, services, programs, policies and the collection. Includes FAQ, library board, events, online catalog, database, hours, and location.
  • Bergstrom-Mahler Museum - Features glass paperweights, a Germanic glass collection, and contemporary glass exhibits. Includes FAQ, history, visitor information, the collection, membership, events, and newsletter signup.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wisconsin  > Cities  > Neenah  > Society & Culture 
  • Faith United Methodist Church - Presents worship times, special events, ministries, sermon recordings, staff, and directions.
  • Calvary Bible Church - Provides visitor information, beliefs, worship times, ministries, calendar of events, resources, and driving directions.
  • Valley Harvest Church - Presents statement of faith, service schedule, ministries, events, Jubilee Circles, online store, map and directions.
  • Living Vine Community Church - Covers beliefs, service times, ministries, leadership, news and events, and location.
  • First Presbyterian Church of Neenah - Features a note from the pastor, upcoming events, worship times, ministries, staff directory, and newsletter.
  • Our Savior's Lutheran Church - ELCA congregation. Includes worship times, news and events, programs, sermons, photos, church history, pastor's profile, map and directions.
  • Martin Luther Church - Affiliated with WELS. Includes visitor information, worship times, sermon library, calendar of events, ministries, daily devotion, and directions.
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church - ELCA congregation. Find worship times, beliefs, ministries, staff profiles, and virtual tour of the facilities.
  • St. Margaret Mary Parish - Catholic community in the Diocese of Green Bay. Includes Mass times, sacraments, ministries, weekly bulletin, and events.
  • St. Gabriel Parish - Features Mass times, events calendar, activities, staff directory, bulletins, and history of the parish.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wisconsin  > Cities  > Oconto 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wyoming  > Cities  > Buffalo 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wyoming  > Cities  > Casper  > Society and Culture  > Religion 
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wyoming  > Cities  > Cody  > Society and Culture  > Religion 
  • Cody Bible Church - Provides a welcome from the pastor, the location and contacts, the ministries, upcoming events, and sermons.
  • Cody First Presbyterian Church - Presents their missions and outreach programs, sermons, the church history, the staff, their beliefs, and an overview.
  • Christ Episcopal Church - Offers the office hours, the location and contacts, the worship times, the ministries, events, and information for visitors.
  • Christ the King Lutheran Church - Includes beliefs, membership information, aims and mission, calendar, and a welcome message.
  • Church of Saint Anthony of Padua - Supplies the office hours and contacts, news and announcements, details about the preschool, the clergy and staff, the ministries, Mass and devotions, and the parish history.
  • Cody Church of Christ - Find a sermons archive, bulletins, worship times, and directions.
  • Yellowstone Baptist Church - Includes the service times, the ministries, a pastor's corner, a mission statement, and their beliefs.
  • Cody Missionary Alliance Church - Presents the staff and the leadership, the ministries, galleries, sermons, newsletters, news, and prayer.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wyoming  > Cities  > Douglas 
  • First Baptist Church - Includes a welcome, a bulletin, a calendar, devotionals, the ministries, sermons, and the volunteer opportunities.
  • The Gathering - Informs about the weekend services and offers a newsletter, the service times, events, groups, and links.
  • Douglas Assembly of God - Offers the service times, a contact form, the staff, the ministries, their beliefs, and sermons.
  • Zion Lutheran Church Douglas - Gives contact information, the ministries, the service times, and a church profile.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wyoming  > Cities  > Dubois 
  • United Church of Christ - Find a welcome message, news, announcements, a calendar, sermons, a blog, and contacts.
Top  > Regional  > United States  > Wyoming  > Cities  > Laramie  > Society and Culture  > Religion 
Top  > Science  > Anomalies and Alternative Science  > 2012 Phenomenon 
  • 2012 Forum - Discussion site focusing on the 2012 prophecies and phenomenon. Includes threads on potential threats, survival, news items, theories, events and conferences.
Top  > Science  > Earth Sciences  > Meteorology  > Weather Phenomena  > Wind 
  • Wind Map - Interactive wind map that uses data from the National Digital Forecast Database.
Top  > Science  > Environment  > Water  > Products and Services  > Treatment and Filtration 
  • Green Frontiers - Features information about structured or hexagonal water treatment and related products and services.
Top  > Society  > Law  > News and Media  > Journals 
Top  > Sports  > Tennis  > College and University  > NCAA Division III  > Centennial Conference 
  • Johns Hopkins University Men's Tennis - Official site of the Blue Jays. Features roster, schedule/results, news, archives, head coach's profile, media guide, record book, and recruiting questionnaire.
  • Gettysburg College Men's Tennis - Official website of the Bullets team. Presents schedule, roster, coaches, statistics, program history, archives, and recruit questionnaire.
Top  > Sports  > Tennis  > College and University  > NCAA Division III  > New England Small College Athletic Conference 
  • Amherst College Men's Tennis - Covers headlines, schedule/results, roster, coaching staff, team history, and archives.
  • Wesleyan University Men's Tennis - Home of the Cardinals. Displays schedule/results, statistics, coaching staff, roster and team photos, archives, and prospective student-athlete questionnaire.
  • Hamilton College Men's Tennis - Presents program overview, schedule and results, roster, team history, records, and coaching staff.
  • Colby College Men's Tennis - Home of the Mules. Displays schedule/scores, coaching staff profiles, roster, archives, and recruiting information.
  • Middlebury College Men's Tennis - Home of the Panthers. Presents program overview, roster, schedule and results, archives, photo gallery, coaching staff, and recruiting form.

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