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  • Lance Armstrong - Features information about the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Discovery Channel Team, and the Paceline. Provides updated articles and information on sponsorship and fans guestbook.
  • Ask Men - Find recent gossip, love life, bio, and links to other male icons.
  • Livestrong - Presents the Lance Armstrong Foundation which inspired and empowers people affected by cancer. Provides practical information and tools to people with cancer.
  • Sports Illustrated: 2002 Lance Armstrong - Features the other side of Lance, as a symbol of hope and life. Provides Sportsman master list, photo gallery and more.
  • Graham Watson Cycling Photography - Displays photograph gallery on racing events, race prints and porters, books and calendars and provides free wallpaper, screen saver, and gift items.
  • Tiger Who? Lance Armstrong Is the Real Sports Hero - Now focuses on cycling world, features the inspiration L. Armstrong. Provides links to news on nations worldwide, business and technology.
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  • Cycling Arkansas - Provides an online racing directory around the region. With featured links to bulletin board, email newsletter, AMBCS, USA Cycling and a lot more.
  • Frederic Lions Club - Provides general racing information such as courses, event schedule and car show.
  • International Cycling Classic - Post daily schedules, history, news and provides spectator info, gallery, rider info and lodging as well.
  • Passo dello Stelvio - Provides area history, statistics, profiles and links.
  • Race Across America - 2006 Race info, RAAM 2006, Rider’s Corner, newsletter, discussion forum, race photos, daily reports and videos.
  • Tour De Nez - Hosts pro racing festival, art exhibits, music, movies and more fun filled activities.
  • Tour of the Gila - Tour Presents the official website for New Mexico's premiere road cycling race, with information online entry current events photos stats and more.
  • Wicklow 200 - Features about Ireland's most challenging leisure cycle event, it’s a 200km mountain run. Show details, discussion forum, news list, and online entry.
  • Pro Cycling Tour - Premier professional road cycling races featuring world-class athletes, live television coverage and community festival events. Provides online store, tickets and race pass.
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Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Racing  > Training 
  • AreUfit - Provide detailed training, coaching, guiding and holiday services for cyclists and general fitness services for non-cyclists.
  • Arnie Baker Cycling - Includes articles, books, handouts, slide shows, and information about cycle coach services by A. Baker. Also offers details about biking camps, FAQs, and other services.
  • BicycleCam - Offer actual racing videos designed to be inspirational entertainment for the indoor trainer and aspiring cyclists.
  • Bicycle Coach - Offers searchable database of profiles of cycling coaches, and training methods and bike riding tips. Updated regularly.
  • Carmichael Training Systems - Provides cycling, triathlon, and endurance coaching by a group of coaches. Site includes training packages, camp dates and locations, coach profiles and levels, press releases, articles, and resources.
  • Coach Carl - Offers advance cycling and coaching information for cyclists of all levels including recreational and competitive cyclists, bike racing, coaches, triathlete, and bicycling fans. Site includes training manual, training articles and links.
  • Coaching Bible - Provides a wide selection of professional web-based coaching software for cycling, multisport, triathlon, adventure, and running coaches. System includes customized features, training templates, and message board.
  • Colorado Premier Training - Get coached by some of the top cycling coaches and get expert training advice all conveniently online! Features information on coaching rates, articles, cycling opportunities, and message boards.
  • Cycle-Smart Solution for Cycling - Provides personalized coaching and training for cyclo-cross, track racing, and mountain biking. Also provide information on cycling events, articles, coach blogs, and online forum.
  • Dave Lloyd - Complete coaching services, also offers coach info, athlete news, training camps and latest news.
  • FasCat Coaching - Offer coaching for mountain bikers and road riders. Specializes in personal training programs, provides bio, training tips, athletes, training camps and weight loss consultation.
  • 2Peak High-Tech Training - Coaching services on cycling, mountain biking, running, and triathlon events.
  • Kathy Watt Cycling - Offers specially design fitness programs for individuals and groups interested in improving their health and fitness, whether it be cycling, running, swimming, or weight training. Also offer various program packages, cycling gear and a lot more.
  • My Endurance Coach - Searchable coaches profiles on cycling, triathlon, bike, and multi-sport. Plus training tips, articles and forums.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Racing  > Training  > Camps 
  • AthletiCamps - Provide cycling training camps, coaching, performance touring and other services.
  • Davis Mountains Fitness and Training Camp - Provides outdoor activities such as biking, swimming, running and hiking, including program schedule, meals and lodging, registration, maps, and more links.
  • Mountain Workshop - Promotes corporate team building through dirt camp, awesome outdoor adventures, mountain and custom workshops, and school outdoors. Also provide information on news and events, gear list, directions and online brochure.
  • Eddie B. Cycling World Fitness - Provides information on cycle coaching, lectures, and seminars, race results, as well as training camps and related links.
Top  > Sports  > Cycling  > Railbikes 
  • Bentley Railbike - Informational website about railbikes, also features railbike construction plans, stories, loads of railbike pictures, and links to other railbikes and railbiking sites around the world.
  • Railbike Tours, Inc. - Provides railbike tours around the world. Also, features information about the group’s history, railbike stores, FAQs and other links.
  • Railriders - Manufacture railbikes, provides list of available rail ways and more links.

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