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  • Fair Trial Initiative - A group of lawyers focused in ensuring that crime defendants receive competent counsel and fair litigation. Also provides information for similar court cases, as well as online advice for defendants.
  • Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - Provides information on various criminal defense programs, as well as an avenue to seek out lawyers online.
  • Innocence Project Northwest - A legal group in the Northwest, United States that aids in the prevention and rectification of wrongful convictions, and provides legal advice to criminal defendants.
  • Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - An organization committed to the protection of the rights of criminal defendants. Also includes a directory of attorneys and legal resources.
  • Office of the Appellate Defender - A non-profit organization that provides appellate and post-conviction legal aid to indigents. Also features information on social work, employment updates, and VAD programs.
  • Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - A state lawyer association which promotes various criminal laws and procedures. Features information on the association's community programs and mission statement.
  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - An organization of law students and attorneys engaged in the defense of criminal cases. The website contains information on the organization's criminal defense resource center.
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association - A law association which aims to protect and ensure the rights of each citizen. Also includes legal news items and membership information.
  • Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers - A legal association committed to the administration of justice and the enhancement of the criminal defense profession. Also contains details on legal terminologies and cases.
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  • European Union of Rechstpfleger - A union composed by judicial officials. Features information on legal articles and resources for the European Union.
  • National College of Probate Judges - Provides support for judicial education for probate judges, and aids in supplying resources to judicial administration in probate courts.
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  • AALS - A legal association which drives for the continuing education and growth of its members.
  • Legal Secretaries Internation Inc. - An association of legal secretaries that provides help, support and information to its members.
  • Arizona Legal Support - A weblog that proivides details on various legal topics for discussion. It also contains resources on support services.
  • NALS - Provides information and discussion programs to aid legal secretaries.
  • NALS of Atlanta - Features information on legal discussions, education, as well as online legal articles for its members.
  • Nals of Washington - Shows information and resources on the organization's code of ethics, benefit articles, as well as listings of chapter members.
  • Wisconsin Association of Legal Professionals - A multi-level association of legal professionals which aims to provide education and support programs to its members.

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