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  • CJ EVP Research - Presents information on EVP recording techniques, with archives of recordings and details of investigations.
  • Haunted Voices Radio Network - Featuring articles and advice on recording EVP, with examples.
  • ITC Bridge - Dedicated to researching paranormal contacts made using modern technology, including EVP and ITC. Includes a forum, photo and audio galleries and articles.
  • Alberta EVP Research - Canadian researcher presents his own collection of Electronic Voice Phenomena.
  • World ITC - Dedicated to exploring Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC); the use of modern technology to communicate with spirit entities. Includes background information, FAQ, sample contacts and theories.
  • Instrumental Transcommunication - Contains image galleries and articles on the philosophy behind ITC.
  • VTF: The German Association for Transcommunication Research - Details this association's activities, with FAQ.
  • EVP and ITC Australia - Provides advice on EVP and ITC recording techniques and a monthly update of new recordings, plus information and articles on other paranormal topics.

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