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  • Alabama Law Foundation - A charitable organization affiliated with the Alabama State Bar. Provides scholarships and awards funding and grants for law-related charitable projects.
  • American Bar Association Legal Services - Gives access to justice, by delivering legal services.Provides law school accreditation, legal education, and information about the law in general.
  • Equal Justice Works - Promotes public knowledge and interest about law. Spearheads summer and postgraduate public interest opportunities for law students and lawyers.
  • Legal Aid University - Provides training to legal aid lawyers, using carefully-designed activities to promote real learning subjects.
  • Legal Services Agency - Provides legal assistance to people who cannot afford legal services. This website provides legal information for the general public especially for those within the New Zealand legal jurisdiction.
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  • Plan USA - Fights HIV/AIDS for children with its relief funds, programs, and sponsorships.
  • Children, Incorporated - Presents profile and background of the association with child sponsorship, division news, and contact details.
  • The Children of War - Focuses on giving education and empowerment for the orphaned children within Afghanistan. Contains news updates, reports, and sponsorship of an orphan.
  • Christian Children’s Fund - Contains details on sponsorships, donations, and gift giving for the benefit of orphaned children.
  • Every Child - Supports orphaned kids through its relief funds, donations and partner sponsorship. Includes news updates, history of the organization, and photo library.
  • Orphan Sponsorship International - Offers sponsorship to orphaned children with its list of programs. Contains background information of the association.
  • Out of - Disseminates information on its child sponsorship, educational programs, and volunteering openings in Africa.
  • Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund - Shows news updates, event schedules, and sponsorships for children with discussion boards.
  • Plan UK - Aims to help children recognize their skills through its educational programs and activities. Contains media files and virtual village.
  • Project Zawadi - Non-profit organization that deals with educational programs and provides sponsorships for students in Tanzania.
  • Save the Children - Advocates for children’s rights with sponsorship, donations, and event updates.
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