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  • Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development - Aims to unite governments of different countries to support sustainable economic growth, boost employment, raise living standards, and maintain financial stability.
  • Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) - Specialized OECD agency involved in the areas of nuclear safety, radioactive waste, radiological protection, and nuclear science and development.
  • OECD Observer - Magazine and online information service offering authoritative updates and analyses of economic, corporate, and social issues.
  • OECD Washington Center - Site presents news, job and internship opportunities, contact details, and publication products.
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Organization of the Islamic Conference 
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > Association of Southeast Asian Nations 
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > Council of Europe 
  • Council of Europe - Official homepage of the council provides information on ministers, authorities, conferences, and activities. With news and updates.
  • Council of Europe Treaties - Presents information on Council of Europe conventions, agreements, treaties, and glossary.
  • Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly - Site presents newsletters, indexes, working documents, reports, lists of members, and information on committees and rules of procedure.
  • EDQM - Council of Europe organization involved in the harmonization and coordination of blood transfusion and organ transplant regulation, standardization, and quality control.
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > Economic Community of West African States 
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > European Union  > Agencies 
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > European Union  > Parties 
  • ALDE Group - Information on party leaders, coordinators, national delegations, events, and rules of procedure.
  • European Green Party - Site presents news releases, activity reports, policy documents, and information on party committees, statues, and resolutions.
  • European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) - Overview of the party with newsletters, upcoming event schedules, and information on organization structure.
  • European Liberal Youth - Political EU project and pan-European political youth organization aims to promote liberal values throughout Europe.
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > North Atlantic Treaty Organization 
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - International organization established by the North Atlantic Treaty for purposes of collective security. Official website presents press releases, information on services, and a multimedia gallery.
  • - Source for information on security, military techniques, and strategies. Features a section devoted to NATO analysis.
  • NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization (NAMSO) - North Atlantic Council established organization sets out to maximize the effectiveness of logistics to support the Armed Forces of NATO states.
  • NATO Parliamentary Assembly - Serves as a forum for exchanging views on security issues among NATO parliamentarians and partner country representatives.
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > Organization for Security and Cooperation Europe 
  • OCCE Austria - Site presents news, photos, program information, a calendar of events, and links to related pages.
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > Organization of American States 
  • Organization of American States (OAS) - Association of nations of the Western Hemisphere dedicated to strengthening cooperation on democratic values and discussions on major issues.
  • SICE - Foreign trade information system of the Organization of American States (OAS). Takes charge of the centralization of information on trade policy in the Americas.
  • CITEL - Entity of the Organization of American States (OAS) also known as the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission. Site provides information on committees, fellowships, services, and resources.
  • Summits of the Americas - Facilitates discussions and meetings among heads of states to find solutions to problems shared by Western Hemisphere countries.
  • Trust for the Americas - Nonprofit organization established by the Organization of American States to facilitate private and public sector participation in the promotion of government transparency and poverty alleviation.
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > Regional  > South American Community of Nations 
  • Andean Community - Official organization website presents news, treaties and legislation, and information on institutions and services.
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > United Nations  > Economic and Social Council 
Top  > Society  > Government  > Multilateral  > United Nations  > NGOs 
  • UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs - NGO Section - Site presents a database of organizations, forms and documents, contact details, and information on conferences and accreditation.
  • Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet) - Independent nonprofit network created to bring together US based organizations, communities, and individuals involved in sustainability initiatives.
  • Global Public Policy Institute - Nonprofit think tank based in Berlin and Geneva. Undertakes research focusing on effective and accountable governance.
  • One World Trust - Nongovernmental organization promotes education, training, and research into the changes required within global organizations.
  • The Regency Foundation - Nonprofit development agency created to facilitate partnerships between and among governments, businesses, civil society, and the United Nations.
  • UN Watch - Geneva-based nongovernmental organization created to monitor and assess the performance of the United States based on its own charter.
  • United Nations Foundation - Public charity builds and implements public-private partnerships to address pressing global problems and broad support for the UN through advocacy and public outreach.
  • Women's Environment and Development Organization - International organization advocating for equal regard for women in global policy.
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Top  > Society  > Law  > Services  > Lawyers and Firms  > Drunk Driving Defense  > New Hampshire 
  • Russman Law Offices - New Hampshire DWI attorney, Ryan Russman, helps clients avoid trials, reduce penalties, and save their driver's licenses from suspension and revocation.

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