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Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Cogeneration  > Micro CHP 
  • Ebara Corporation - Devises methods on renewable energy production as well as environmental engineering and relevant matters.
  • WhisperGen Limited - Established to implement innovations in micro combined heat and power systems. Provides historical index of the company's development in the industry.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Cogeneration  > Organizations 
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Conservation 
  • Air Leakage Resource Center - References for the impacts of discharges in air. Provides consultation and testing services of the equipment.
  • EIA - Energy Efficiency - Compiles articles discussing methods on how to save on utilization of fuel sources as well as related matters about environment.
  • ESPEnergy - Supplier of products capable of energy cost reduction such as booster and centrifugal fans, air purification systems and emergency lighting.
  • Energy Saving Now - Chronicles developments in energy utilization including water systems, architectural applications, ventilation and other electrical installations.
  • EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse - Serves as reference for energy utilization practices of industrial and government agencies. Indexes available products and rendered services.
  • Carbon Trust - Devises procedures on reducing carbon emissions and other environmental applications. Contains an archive of publications.
  • Infiltec - Duct Leakage - Insights to the standard methods in analyzing newly constructed ducts. Topics covered encompass measurement and sealing processes.
  • Hype About Hydrogen - Cool Companies - Defines ways on how to reduce pollution through the use of the element. Features testimonials and links to related sources.
  • Solar Attic - Indicates ordering procedure for the pool heating device. Specifies its mechanisms and installation methods.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Conservation  > Building Energy Efficiency 
  • EnergyCodes.Info - Sanctioned service proposed by Britt/Makela Group, Inc. conducting training and compliance processes.
  • Environmental Design Construction - Technical references for integrated developments in building construction. Contains news updates and archive of publications.
  • Energy and Environmental Building Association - Instructional programs created to apply efficiency practices in energy utilization inside construction and residential facilities.
  • The Energy Conservatory - Diagnostic tool manufacturer producing selection of various equipment for quality control and pollution monitoring in buildings and other structures.
  • Constructive Technologies Group - Technical firm providing consultations on energy efficiency systems constructed in buildings and community structures.
  • Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings - Implements working relationship with professionals engaged in setting up tests to analyze the efficiency of energy utilization in commercial and residential structures.
  • Buildings Technology Center - Installation of energy-efficient building system technologies for industrial utilities. Also provides thermal engineering applications.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Conservation  > Organizations 
  • American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy - Established as a non-profit group advocating environmental protection by organizing conferences, analysis of policy changes and publication of reports.
  • Environmental Energy Technologies Division - Facilitates research studies for the development of energy efficiency methods, atmospheric science analysis and quality assessments.
  • Energy Saving Trust - Financed by private and government sectors in addressing climate changes in buildings around Europe.
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority - Advocates environmental protection for consumer energy utilization. Provides information on renewable energy sources and news articles.
  • China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance - Promotes reduction of carbon emission in global scope as supported by the two nations. Relays information on their efforts for global environmental protection.
  • Energy Center of Wisconsin - Private organization founded to develop methods in sustaining economic and environmental resources. Profiles the management staff as well.
  • Consortium for Energy Efficiency - Functions as a non-profit entity for members to support development of energy efficiency through products, service applications and technologies.
  • Clean Energy States Alliance - Organizer of programs and funded projects on energy markets in the eighteen states of America. Contains archive of published articles and index of affiliates.
  • Center for Resource Solutions - National coverage of global operations on issues pertaining to climate changes. Provides historical information on their operations and certification details.
  • Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Proposes methods in developing solutions for environmental problems arising from industrial, manufacturing and commercial applications. Provides references on energy efficiency and technology definitions.
  • Simulation Research Group - Focuses in creating a software capable of simulating energy applications. Includes reports and technical documentation of the project.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Devices 
  • Energy Conversion - Ebook - Collection of articles written by Kenneth Weston discussing the mechanisms of fuels, combustion, steam power, rotary engines and other mechanical devices.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Devices  > External Combustion Engines  > Stirling Engines 
  • Stirling Engine Home Page - Index of various articles discussing the functions of the device. With instructions on setting up a model and classification of different engine types.
  • Stirling and Hot Air Engine Home Page - Posts composed articles that can be used as references for model engineers and vintage air engine collectors in the maintenance and production aspect of the machine.
  • Rotary Stirling Engines - Narrates historical information about the engine's creation and theoretical details on its mechanisms as well.
  • Genoa Stirling Engine Gamma Type - Chronicles the development of the project in constructing the equipment. Indicates configuration and improvement details.
  • Stirling Engine - Insights to the functions of the equipment in energy generation. Specifies demonstration of working units.
  • American Stirling Company - Manufacturer of engines and kits in different specifications. Indicates ordering procedures for available products.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Devices  > Fuel Cells 
  • Clean Fuel Cell Energy - Technical references for the scientific project. Includes a compilation of articles and news archives.
  • Clean Edge - Publishing entity conducting research studies to analyze sanitary technologies. Contains service definition and archive of reports.
  • Cape Fear Community College Renewable Energy Laboratory - Established to conduct development studies dealing with energy generation. Integrates the research facility with existing educational programs.
  • Build Your Own Fuel Cells - Article written by Phillip Hurley discussing instructions on how to create the device including steps in constructing various types of proton exchange membrane fuel cells, electrolyzers and related systems.
  • Fuelless Engine - Defines the technical specifications of the device created to generate electricity. Provides ordering procedure of plans available for purchase.
  • Adaptive Materials Inc. - Integrates innovation of portable fuel cell technology. Includes product information and profile of the group's operations.
  • Acumentrics - Customizes products that can generate power depending on the industrial specifications. Contains news articles, event coverage and profile of management team.
  • Fuel - Compilation of industry resources including reports, presentations, technical documentation and definition of the electrochemical device.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Devices  > Fuel Cells  > News and Media 
  • Mother Jones - Hydrogen's Dirty Secret - Composed article by Barry Lynn discussing the disadvantages of using the element as alternative fuel source.
  • Hydrogen Cars - Indicates the uses of the element as an alternative fuel source for automotive vehicles.
  • Fuel Cell Today - Source of updates and development in the industry. Conducts surveys, consultation services and investment advisory.
  • Fuel Cell Car - Archive of research documentations on renewable energy. Includes information on conferences.
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > News and Media 
Top  > Science  > Technology  > Energy  > Organizations 
  • California Energy Commission - Intended to conduct development projects and researches to improve the policies implemented in operating energy sources.
  • Australian Institute of Energy - Covers the commercial, research, education and social sectors of energy development. Provides an archive of publications and membership information.

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