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  • Algebra Helper - Collection of tools created to assist students and teachers of algebra.
  • Algebra Story and Word Problems - Collection of problems and solutions, providing a base for Integrated Thematic Instruction in mathematical problem solving.
  • Ask Dr. Math - Provides answers to common questions on basic algebra, equations/graphs/translations, linear algebra, linear equations and polynomials.
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Top  > Science  > Math  > Algebra  > Group Theory  > Tables 
Top  > Science  > Math  > Algebra  > Linear Algebra 
Top  > Science  > Math  > Algebra  > Ring Theory 
  • Associative Rings and Algebras - Includes introduction, applications and related fields, references, software, and related links.
  • Basic Books on Rings and Modules - Provides description of books on such topics as general theory of rings and modules, classical theory of artinian rings, and commutative rings.
  • Nonassociative Rings and Algebras - Widens scope of rings to be studied, with emphasis on special cases of such rings such as Lie algebras and Jordan algebras.
  • Lists of Ring Theorists - Mathematicians who study non-commutative, associative rings. With links to Web pages, e-mail addresses, MathSciNet entries, when available.
Top  > Science  > Math  > Geometry  > Polytopes 
  • The Geometry Junkyard: Polyhedra and Polytopes - Provides pointers on geometric properties of polygons, polyhedra, and higher dimensional polytopes (particularly convex polytopes).
  • Guy's Polyhedra Pages - Includes papers, current research and random resources on such topics as general theory of polytopes and polyhedra, stellation and faceting, and space-filling polyhedra.
  • The Mathematical Atlas: Polytopes and Polyhedra - Covers geometric objects made from straight pieces. Discusses applications and related fields, textbooks and references, and related websites.
  • Regular Polygons - Topics include geometric properties, diagonals, graphs, and Euler's formula, and supplements and links.
Top  > Science  > Math  > Geometry  > Polytopes  > Polychora 
Top  > Science  > Math  > Geometry  > Polytopes  > Polyhedra 
  • Virtual Polyhedra - Provides a collection of thousands of virtual reality polyhedra. Serves as a free self-contained tutorial, reference work, and object library for people interested in polyhedra.
  • Polyhedra Gallery - From books in the Tarquin catalogue. Models can be viewed and manipulated in three dimensions; virtual reality.
  • Juno's World - Includes puzzles, gallery of polyhedra and a collection of VRML models.
  • Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter - Specialized in geometry, particularly on polytopes, non-euclidean geometry, group theory and combinatorics.
  • Mathematician's Portrait: Professor Emeritus H.S.M. Coxeter - Biography courtesy of the Mathematics Survival Guide, published by the Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto.
  • Mathematical Models - Offers a set of models for purchase. Models made of solid aluminum, precision die-cast, and available in four different painted colors.
  • Multiple-Unit Dodecahedral Constructions - By Stephan Werbeck. Features images and VRML models.
  • Polyhedra Database - Solids include the regular polyhedra, Archimedean, some prisms and anti-prisms, Archimedean duals, the Johnson solids (all convex polyhedra with regular faces) and some weird solids.
  • Paper Models of Polyhedra - With over eighty paper models available for free.
  • Pavilion of Polyhedreality - Practical polyhedra constructions by George W. Hart.
  • Platonic Solids - Explores the question on why there can only be five Platonic solids.
  • The Platonic Solids by Peter Alfeld - Provides general explanation, with java applets for illustration.
  • Platonic Spheres - Presents a systematic approach to generating the Platonic bodies and discusses the symmetry of the Platonic spheres.
  • Polyedergarten - Collection of constructions and VRML models. Also available in German or French versions.
  • Polyhedra by Peter Cromwell - Book aimed at searching and presenting in a readable fashion the mathematics of polyhedra. With reviews, details, errata.
  • Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections - Book by Stewart T. Coffin. Intended to be a puzzle designerb.
  • Stellated Icosahedra - Excerpt of an article published in Mathematica in Education, discussing 59 stellations of the icosahedron.
  • Studies into Polyhedra - Written by Anthony Thyssen. Topics include regular and semi-regular polyhedra, prisms, deltahedra, Johnston solids, and known polyhedral mathematical formula.
  • Superliminal Geometry Page - Includes regular polyhedra, infinite polyhedra, flexible polyhedra, and hyperbolic tessellations. With images and links to 3D images and Tyler applets.
  • Symmetry, Crystals and Polyhedra - By Steven Dutch. Discusses symmetry concepts, crystallography, tilings, and different types of polyhedra.
  • Uniform Polyhedra - Provides an excerpt of Chapter 9 of R. Maeder's book, The Mathematica Programmer II. With images and animation of 80 polyhedra.
  • Zvi Harb - Senior lecturer at the Department of Mathematics at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. With links to papers available in ps or dvi, and software packages.
  • Polyhedra by Bob - Describes the Platonic Solids, Archimedian Solids and Catalan Solids. With download links to Poly, a dos program to study the truncations and transformations of the Platonic Solids.
Top  > Science  > Math  > Geometry  > Polytopes  > Software 
  • Peek - Program for N-dimensional polytope visualization by cross-section and projection.
  • Poly - Shareware program for exploring and constructing polyhedra. Fully-functional evaluation version available for download.
  • PPL: The Parma Polyhedra Library - C library providing numerical abstractions especially targeted at applications in the field of analysis and verification of complex systems.

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