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  • CiE-CS - Series of Computability in Europe conference series. Organized by the CiE Conference Series Steering Committee: Barry Cooper, Benedikt Lwe, Dag Normann and Andrea Sorbi.
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  • Amsterdam Colloquium 2001 - Brings together linguists, philosophers, logicians and computer scientists who share an interest in the formal study of semantics of natural and formal languages.
  • ACL2-2002 - Workshop held on April 8-9 (Monday/Tuesday), 2002, in Grenoble, France, on the ACL2 Theorem Prover and Its Applications.
  • Argument, Dialogue, and Decision 2002 - Program of activities for the special session of Non-Monotonic Reasoning.
  • Group of Logic and Computation - Augustus De Morgan Workshop on Frontiers of Revision and Contraction. Held November 5-6, 2001, in the Council Room of King's College London, Strand Campus.
  • ALP/PLILP/SAS 1996 - Conference on Algebraic and Logic Programming; Symposiums on Programming languages and static analysis. Held September of 1996 in Aachen, Germany.
  • BEST 11 - Tomek Bartoszynski, Paul Corazza and Justin Moore organized this seminar in the BEST series of 2002.
  • BEST 10 - 2001 BEST abstracts, participants and speakers contacts.
  • BEST 2005 - Includes speakers and participants, abstracts, and the schedule for this past conference.
  • CADE-17 - 17th International Conference on Automated Deduction. Held June 17-20, 2000, at the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • CADE-18 - Conference on Automated Deduction. Copenhagen, Denmark, July 27-30, 2002. With link to CADE-19.
  • CICLOPS 2001 - Workshops on the Implementation of Constraint and Logic Programming Systems. December 1, 2001, Coral Beach Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus.
  • CL2000 - International Conference on Computational Logic. Held July 24-28 2000, at the Imperial College, London, UK.
  • CLIMA'02 - Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems - Workshop held August 1, 2002, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Affiliated with ICLP 2002.
  • IJCAR 2004 - Workshop on Computer-Supported Mathematical Theory Development. Held in Cork, Ireland, on July 5, 2004.
  • BGU May Conference and Workshop - One-day conference, and a weeklong workshop in honor of Professor Saharon Shelah, winner of Bolyai and Wolf Prizes. May 21-25, 2001, Senate Hall, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.
  • Conference in Honor of D. A. Martin's 60th Birthday - Presented in coordination with the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute workshop, The Continuum Hypothesis. May 27 - 28, 2001, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA.
  • CSL'01 - Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic intended for computer scientists whose research activities involve logic, as well as for logicians working on issues significant for computer science. September 10-13, 2001, Paris, France.
  • CSL'02 - Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic, held September 22-25, 2002, in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • CSL 2000 - Conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic, held August 21-26, 2000, in Fischbachau/Munich, Germany.
  • Description Logics Workshops - With links to past DL international workshops and proceedings.
  • DL 2001 - 14th International Workshop on Description Logics devoted to discussing developments and applications of knowledge representation formalisms. August 1-3, 2001, Stanford University, California, USA.
  • FICS'2001 Fixed Points in Computer Science - Satellite Workshop to PLI'2001. Held September 8, 2001, in Florence, Italy.
  • FLA 2001 - Second International ICSC symposium to foster the latest results both in the theory as well as applications of fuzzy logic. Organized as part of the International ICSC Congress on Computational Intelligence Methods and Applications (CIMA'2001). June 19-22 2001, Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom.
  • FLoC'02 - Third Federated Logic Conference. July 20 - August 1, 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark. With links to on-line papers and next conferences.
  • FOTFS III - PhD EuroConference by the Foundations of the Formal Sciences III on Complexity in Mathematics and Computer Science. September 21-24, 2001, Universität Wien Institut fü Formale Logik, Austria.
  • Fourth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation - Organized by the Centre for Language, Logic and Speech at the Tbilisi State University in conjunction with the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) of the University of Amsterdam. September 23-28, 2001, Borjomi, Georgia.
  • FroCoS98 - Second International workshop on Frontiers of Combining Systems, held October 2-4, 1998, at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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