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  Top  > Science  > Biology  > Cryobiology  > Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Storage 
  • Virgin Health Bank - Offering parents-to-be the opportunity of banking their baby's umbilical cord blood stem cells in dual public and private stem cell storage facilities. Located in the UK.
Top  > Science  > Earth Sciences  > Geology  > Tectonics 
  • Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Cocos-Nazca Spreading Center - Talks about the three spreading systems that factored in the formation, as well as the development of hotspots, in the region.
  • Plate Tectonics - Includes animation of the continental drift, plus information on the history of the earth's tectonic activity.
  • Puzzles Of The Earth - Dedicated to teaching the relatively young the geological theory of Plate Tectonics. Includes an explanation, maps and illustrations.
  • Plate Tectonics on Mars - An article examining evidence that Mars once underwent plate tectonics, based on magnetic measurements from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft.
  • World Stress Map Project - An international collaborative project to map the stress field of the Earth's crust; provides their global database of contemporary tectonic stress, and a range of maps.
Top  > Science  > Earth Sciences  > Geology  > Volcanoes 
  • Activity Report (Weekly) - Contains weekly notices of volcanic activity around the world.
  • Eruptions of Mount St. Helens - Online book contains chronicles of eruptions, with predictions for future volcanix activity.
  • Etna - Photoessay of Mount Etna's fury.
  • Mount St. Helens - Details eruptions from 1980 to 2000. Also contains facts and figures summarizing the volcanic activities.
  • Russia's Volcanoes - Photos and individual descriptions of Kamchatka volcanoes.
  • Volcano Live - Provides a comprehensive overview of the world's volcanoes, with information on joining expeditions to volcanic eruptions.
  • Volcanoes in New Zealand - Information on the region's active volcanoes, volcanic fields, geothermal activity, and causes of volcanism.
  • Volcanoes and Volcanism - Images of volcanic eruptions - terrestrial and submarine, as well as glossary of seismology terms.
  • Volcanoes of the United States - Online version of the book detailing the history and activity of the volcanoes in the region.
Top  > Science  > Social Sciences  > Economics 
  • Moody's - Provider of economic, financial, country, and industry research and information includes strategic planning, product and sales forecasting.
  • RePEc - Ideas - Database of bibliographies dedicated to economics and disseminates research, working papers, journals, software and books.
  • International Finance Corporation - Private sector promotes investment in developing countries to help reduce poverty and provides loans, equity and structures finance.
  • Job Openings for Economists - Publishes listing of employers and applicants, hiring procedures and employment, and equal opportunities.
  • Library of Economics and Liberty - Advances study of economics, markets, and liberty, features columns and articles, reading lists and bibliographies, and links economics databases.
  • McMaster University - Archive for the History of Economics Thought - Collects significant texts in the history of economic thought and includes list of authors.
  • Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency - Focuses on infrastructure development, frontier markets, conflict-affected countries, and South-South investments.
  • Resources for Economists - Guide lists available resources for academic and practicing economists like glossaries, economic departments, forecasting, jobs, and forums.
  • Technology Review - Economics of Brains - Presents collection of research papers about neuroeconomics, brain-imaging experiments, and the use of neural in decision-making.
  • EconPapers - Provides access to collection on economics working papers, journals and articles, citation data and reference lists.
  • WebEc - Lists and describes materials on economics, resources, and information.
Top  > Science  > Social Sciences  > Economics  > Indicators and Statistics  > Official Statistics  > Europe 
  • Hungarian Central Statistical Office - Designs and conducts surveys, recording, storing of data, analysis, and dissemination.
  • Ireland - Statistics - Division includes economic and social statistics, resources and services, which deal with statistics on public finances, data collection and surveys.
  • Ireland - Central Statistics Office - Collects, extracts and disseminates information on economic, social and general activities and conditions for statistical purposes.
  • Italy - National Institute of Statistics - Presents activities and organization chart, programs of conferences, workshops, and events, press releases, data banks, books, and statistical information system.
  • Latvia - Central Statistical Bureau - Bureau provides comparable statistical information on economical, demographic, social and environmental phenomena and processes.
  • Lithuanian Department of Statistics - Public institution employs methodological principles in analysis, process and release of statistical data on economic, social, demographic and environmental changes.
  • Macedonia State Statistical Office - Disseminates marketing statistical information through publication, conducts surveys, and improves marketing strategy and databases.
  • Malta - National Statistics Office - Serves statistical information needs of parliament, government and community through protection of data and responsive statistical service.
  • Norway - Statistics - Provides information on the structure and development of society, and processes statistics and analysis for public debate, and economic and social policy management.
  • Poland - Central Statistical Office - Displays statistical information, basic data, databanks and databases, glossary, international statistics, and publication.
  • Portugal - National Institute of Statistics - Produces and disseminates official statistical information, and promotes coordination, development and knowledge of national statistics activity.
  • Slovak Republic - Statistical Office - Details international statistics, standard data dissemination, census, and indicators on economic development.
Top  > Science  > Social Sciences  > Economics  > Organizations 
Top  > Science  > Social Sciences  > Psychology  > Associations 
Top  > Science  > Social Sciences  > Psychology  > Associations  > Academic 
Top  > Science  > Social Sciences  > Psychology  > Associations  > Academic  > Psi Chi 
Top  > Science  > Social Sciences  > Psychology  > Directories 
  • AmoebaWeb - Features career preparations, journals, general references, tests, and research participation and scales.
  • APA Psychology Topics - Lists psychology topics, brochures and articles in psychological issues.
  • Athabasca University Psychology Resources - Contains list of psychology resources, journals, organizations, writing links, and glossary.
  • Encyclopedia of Psychology - Category listing includes career, people and history, organizations, resources, publications, theories, and environment behavior relationships.
  • Psych Web - Contains psychology related information, resources, books and brochures, careers, departments, and tip sheets.
  • Social Psychology Network - Provides information to psychological research and teaching, and link to forums, interactive directory, experiments, and publications.
Top  > Science  > Social Sciences  > Psychology  > Education 
  • AlleyDog - Contains definitions in the glossary, forums, links with reviews, journals, and graduate school information.
  • AllPsych - Virtual Psychology Classroom - Provides psychology related materials and links to references, journal, tests, forums, research, and FAQs.
  • Association for Psychological Science - Provides practical advice on the teachings of psychology that include contents, methods, and professional ways, lectures, strategies and tips.
  • Education Directorate - Benefits public through educational institutes, programs and initiatives, advancement on education and training, and financial and public policy support.
  • How to Read a Journal Article in Social Psychology - Article discusses journal approaches and its invaluable archival functions like documentation, research and investigations.
  • Walsh, Linda - Contains introductory courses, teaching related resources, and psychology careers and organizations.
Top  > Science  > Social Sciences  > Psychology  > Publications 
  • Acta Psychologica - Publishes original articles and reviews in experimental psychology, and focuses on empirical studies and theoretical understanding of human capabilities.
  • Aggression and Violent Behavior - Journal publishes substantive and integrative reviews, reports, research, papers, and manuscripts on homicide issues, violence, sexual assaults and psychological basis of aggression.
  • American Journal of Psychology - Reports research in experimental psychology, theoretical presentations and analysis, historical commentaries, and book reviews.
  • American Psychologist - Contains documents and articles on psychology issues, science and practice, and contribution to public policy.
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology - Emphasizes empirical reports, presents original papers, and specializes in theoretical, methodological and review papers.
  • Monitor on Psychology - Publication of the American Psychological Association features science directions, public interests, judicial notebook, news, and issues.
  • Psychology, Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist Journal - Covers entire spectrum of psychological research and articles, clinical and applied issues, and professional interests to clinical psychologists.
  • Behavioral and Brain Sciences - Journal provides controversial pieces in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral biology and cognitive science.
  • Human Nature Review - Contains update on news and views, research and commentary, reviews and discussions.
  • Individual Differences Research - Peer-reviewed journal publishes psychology research articles and papers, guidelines for submitting manuscripts, and issue updates.
  • Europe's Journal of Psychology - Publication gives free access to original studies, research, critical contributions, interviews and book reviews.
  • Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology - Focuses on the interrelationships between culture and psychological processes.
  • Journal of Mind and Behavior - Dedicated to history of psychological science, mind and behavior position, interrelationships, and ethical study of cognition.

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