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  • Blue Thermal - Paragliding company located on the west coast of Canada.
  • Deimos Paragliding - Contains news update, related links, photo gallery, testimonials, contact details, as well as information on equipment, flight school, and power kiting.
  • FlyBC Airsports Paragliding - Contains information on location and directions, flight sites, paragliding history, disabled pilot training, cross country flight, and indoor paragliding. Also contains weather links, paragliding news, photo gallery, and online logbook.
  • High Perspective - Contains testimonials, related links, photo gallery, contact details, and site maps. Also features information about the company, on tandem flights, training courses, and booking.
  • - Contain pilots lounge, press releases, and news update, as well as features information about online store, flight school, tours, and location.
  • Muller Windsports - Information on windsports such as paragliding, hang gliding, and kites.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Weimaraner  > Breeders 
  • Adelgrau News - Facts about Adelgrau breeders, including mailing list, and photos.
  • Anchellach Weimaraners - Information page related to Anchellach Weimaraners.
  • Ashlaren Weimaraners - Weimaraner kennel breeding champion show dogs and family companions.
  • Black Forest Weimaraners - Displays breeder's information, available puppies, online pet store, and related dog sites.
  • Canis Fortuna FCI - Page contains litter updates, photo gallery, pedigree information, and mailing list.
  • Carnmellis Weimaraners - Breeder's information, including breed standard, tribute page, news update, featured dogs, links, and contact particulars.
  • Casa de Juno Weirmaranars - Features standard and litter summaries, news update, photo gallery, and pedigree details.
  • Cox's Weimaraners - General information about the breeder and the breed, which also includes photo gallery, puppy facts, dogs for sale, and stud details.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Weimaraner  > Clubs 
  • Tarheel Weimaraner Club - Resource page containing club information, breed overview, event calendar, resources, available dog, photos, rescue services, and affiliated links.
  • Valley of the Sun Weimaraner Club - Provides adoption application, photos and descriptions of available dogs.
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Welsh Springer Spaniel 
Top  > Recreation  > Pets  > Dogs  > Breeds  > Sporting-Gundog Group  > Welsh Springer Spaniel  > Breeders 
  • Barhi - Offers an overview of the breed including information on show dogs, puppies and highlights.
  • Fireside - Comprehensive lists of information pages and site associated with the Welsh Springer Spaniel breed.
  • Heatherstone Kennel - Kennel page contains dog gallery, available puppies, rescue pages, photo album, contact facts, and additional links.
  • Kennel Dirlian - Features latest news, kennel information, puppy facts, litter announcements, news update, breed overview, and contact particulars.
  • Kennel Doniol - Information page containing dog gallery, news update, puppy facts, litter announcements, health issues, photos, and memorial sites.
  • Kennel Hammalgarden - Online database for featured dogs, breed by this kennel.
  • Saga - Breed standard, pedigree facts, picture gallery, and litter announcements are provided in this page.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Globe 
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Gonset 
  • Gonset CB Pictures - Photo collections of different types of Gonset radios by Dean Hemphill.
  • Gonset Company - Features an informative section about the Gonset Company, with historical overview, and details about their products.
  • GSB-201A Linear Amplifier - Displays picture of a Gonset GSB-201A, from an amateur boatanchor.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Hallicrafters 
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Hammarlund 
  • Boatanchor Restoration - James A. Moorer's page devoted to the restoration of Hammarlund Super-Pro SP-600 radio receiver. Includes photos, personal profile, and featured articles.
  • The Hammarlund Historian - Resource site for Hammarlund information that includes historical facts, picture gallery, product lists, and specifications.
  • Hammarlund HQ-150 and HQ-160 - Features general information, photo display, specifications, and pricing of the Hammarlund HQ-150 and HQ-160 tube-type short wave receivers.
  • Hammarlund HQ-129X - Showcases the vintage Hammarlund HQ-129X radio receiver model with photo display and descriptions.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Harvey-Wells 
  • Harvey Radio Labs - Virtual museum contains historical contributions, web ring articles, catalogs, manuals, and SM5HUA model transmitters.
  • Harvey Wells Bandmaster and Z-match - Provides historical overview of the Harvey-Wells company, which include supplementary photos and specifications of transmitters and bandmaster receivers.
  • TBS-50D transmitter - Photo display of the TBS-50D transmitter model at the Museum of Radio and Technology.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Heath 
  • DX-100 Drive Pot Replacement - Provides technical facts in replacing the drive potentiometer of Heath DX-100 transmitter.
  • DX-60 Modifications - Information page that contains schematics and ways on improving the audio of a DX-60 transmitter.
  • DX-100 Mods - Modification details of a DX-100 transmitter in receiving quality audio output.
  • DX-100 Mods by AA8TV - Features variety of audio modifications and improvements in the Heathkit DX-100 transmitter.
  • DX-100 Screen Modulation - Details about the screen modulation optimization for the Heath DX-100 transmitter are provided in this site.
  • International Radio: Filters for Heath Radios - Supplier of custom designed filters for Heath radio transmitters. Includes model specifications and contact lists.
  • GR-54 and GR-91 Receivers - Provides photo display of Heathkit's GR-54 and GR-91 tube-type short wave receivers, with specification details, and pricing.
  • Heathkit Page - Provides model type manuals, parts, and accessory kits for Heathkit enthusiasts who restores and repairs vintage radios.
  • Heath Kit Pages by Bill Wilkinson - Personal page of Bill Wilkinson that contains an overview of historical facts, related publications and site links about the Heath Company.
  • Heathkit Educational Systems - Provides the necessary know-how and skills for individuals to become certified in Home Technology Integration through a series of hands-on exercises and lessons.
  • Heathkit Message Board - Bulletin board for Heathkit enthusiasts. Displays information about modifications, trades, restorations, and repairs of Heathkit radios.
  • The Heathkit Shop - Shop features Heathkit products, gears, and information that are useful for vintage collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Heathkit Virtual Museum - Showcases historical information on the Heathkit era, with details about the company, and technological resources.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Johnson 
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Knight 
  • Allied Radio KnightKit Product Matrix - Contains a list of Knightkit product links.
  • Knight 6C-225 - Brief description and photo about the 1947 Knight 6C-225 model type radio, which include details on other existing vintage radios.
  • Knight Kit Manuals - Contains archive information of Knight operations manuals, schematics, and data handbook.
  • Knight R-100A - Features Knight R-100A kit receiver and speaker produced by Allied Radio that includes a frontal photo.
  • Knight Space Spanner - Allied Radios AC-DC regenerative receiver, the Knight Space Manner. With details about the kit and picture display.
  • Bitten by the Ham Radio Bug - Includes articles section written by Leo L. Bailey, Jr. in his past experiences in being an amateur in 1959-60 using the KnightKit Space Spanner receiver.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Lafayette 
  • Junior TE-50 tube tester - Compilation of data sheets for Lafayette TE-50 tube tester. Includes page links and index information.
  • Lafayette CB Radio Collection - Provides Yahoo!-based group for collectors of Lafayette CB and SWL radios.
  • Lafayette HA-225 and HA-230 - Showcasing the Lafayette HA-225 and HA-230 tube-type receivers. Includes vintage photos and general information.
  • Lafayette HE-30 - Presents photo and description of the Lafayette's HE-30 receiver that was made by the Trio of Japan.
  • Lafayette Radio Collectors Club - Yahoo!-based club for the hobbyists and enthusiasts that contains information about Lafayette radios, manuals, repairs, and products sold.
  • Lafayette Receiver KT-200 - Compilation of supplementary photos of the Lafayette Receiver KT-200.
  • LA5KI's Lafayette Radios - Showcases radios and accessories produced by the Lafayette Radio Company, with photos, and specification details.
  • N6HB: The Early Years - Highlights operating activities through 1981, with pictures of the first station, including a Lafayette HA-700 receiver and Lafayette Starflite transmitter.
  • Radio Restoration Projects - Presents details about the restoration projects on Lafayette receivers that includes photos and descriptions.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > Military 
  • U.S. Army CECOM - Provides a wide range of services in communications and electronics equipment for the military.
  • The Wireless Set No. 19 - Showcases a collection World War II vintage military radios. Also includes historical information about vintage military communications.
  • K2TQN - Contains old radio historical facts, with featured magazine, an antique radio club, and museum.
  • Bill's Room - VE3WGX - Displays personal interests in military ham radios such as tube receivers and transmitters and tube-type military radios, and the history of R.A.D.A.R and electronic countermeasures.
  • Wireless for the Warrior - Home page of Louis Meulstee, a book author devoted to the technical history and development of British Army radio communication.
  • Nolan's Redneck Boatanchor Page - Contains link on different U.S Military tube testers information that includes operation, calibration, and maintenance details.
  • PE1NGZ Signals Collection - Non-profit foundation which aim to conserve and preserve allied army, navy, and air force radio and radar equipment used during the second world war.
  • LA6NCA, Military radios - Showcases photo collections of German radios during the second world war.
  • Virtual Museum of France - Features different military and spy radios used during World War II. Includes documentations and photograph details.
  • Army Radio Sales Co. - Offers buying, selling, and trading of military radio equipments. Includes radio manuals, photo gallery, and FAQ's about army radios.
  • Milradio Co. - Presents gallery of military radio equipments, operating manuals, and lists of army surplus merchandise for sale.
  • Military Equipment List - Information site about the military communication equipment list arranged by model number.
Top  > Recreation  > Radio  > Amateur  > Boatanchors  > National 
  • A Brief History of the National Company, Inc. - Information page that features historical facts about the National Company, Inc. in the technological aspects of communication.
  • National NC-60 and NC-98 - Displays the tube-type short wave receivers NC-60 and NC-98, with specification features and images.
  • National HRO-60 and NC-46 - National HRO-60 and NC-46 technical page that provides detailed specifications about the tube-type short wave receivers.
  • National HRO Transmitter - Collection of detailed photos about National HRO matching transmitter.
  • National Radio Co. - Includes company background information, plus details on their product lines, and photos of vintage radios.
Top  > Recreation  > Travel  > Lodging  > Directories 
  • Pillows and Pancakes: A B&B Guide - Lists thousands of bed and breakfasts from all over the world. Each listing contains at least one photo, is mapped, and has a contact form for sending inquires to the bed and breakfast owners.

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