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  • Car Design News - Online source for automotive design news, updates on new cars, reviews, and related forums.
  • - Automotive design resource featuring news, forums, articles, and a comprehensive collection of concept cars and automotive design studies.
  • Designerspace - Features galleries of car design pictures and contests for car designer portfolios.
  • Concept Cars - Features information about and pictures of concept vehicles including cars and motorbikes. With related articles and resources.
  • SuperFutureCars - Source for design news, images, and features on concept cars from various manufacturers.
  • OScar - Project aimed at developing a car according to Open Source principles. Seeks to explore and build a simple and functional concept for spreading mobility.
  • Concept Cars - Magazine dedicated to prototype vehicles. Offers pictures, news, and feature articles.
Top  > Recreation  > Automotive  > Car Lovers  > Sport Utility Vehicles 
  • Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Provides information and resources for owners and enthusiasts of Ford F-150, Super Duty, and SUV. Includes news, articles, specifications, forums, and galleries.
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  • Austin K Series - Site dedicated to K4 trucks or the Austin K Series of light commercial vehicles. Presents pictures and events.
  • The Golden Age of Trucking - Nonprofit museum featuring various exhibits of truck related items, collections, reading materials, and memorabilia.
  • - Features a truck forum, featured trucks, updates, truck news, and classifieds.
  • Classic Trucks - Magazine offering technical resources, news, wallpapers, photos, feature articles, and forums.
  • Old Time Trucks - Publication dedicated to the classic truck hobby, published six times a year. Focuses on heavy duty and over the road classic trucks made in North America.
  • Truckin' - Publication covering trucks and SUVs. Features a buyer's guide, tech installs, wallpaper downloads, forums, and video clips.
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  • - Online discussion board particularly created for the car and automotive community. Includes news and a picture gallery.
  • Cars Forums - Web-based venue for information and experience sharing among car lovers and enthusiasts. Serves the interest of owners and fans of various car models.
  • CarForums - Hosts discussions for owners and enthusiasts of sports, exotic, luxury, classic, concept, and muscle cars. With classified ads and pictures.
  • - Provides car forums as well as videos, articles, news, and photo gallery.
  • Carforum - Provides auto news, featured rides, and various discussions on a wide range of car related topics.

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