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  • Photoarts - Fine art photography and photojournalism resource for the international community of collectors, dealers, professionals, and enthusiasts.
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  • European Broadcasting Union - National association of professional broadcasters created to negotiate and advocate for the interest of public broadcasters in Europe.
  • National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) - Official NAB homepage presents industry news, contact details, and information on events and membership.
  • Parents Television Council - Organization created to ensure and promote child-friendly programming in television and other media.
  • World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters - Representative body for community-based broadcasters. Site is viewable in English, French, and Spanish texts.
  • Communication Workers of America - Organization established to represent the interests of workers in telecommunications, printing and news media, and other related industries.
  • Federal Communications Bar Association - Group of attorneys and other professionals involved in the development, interpretation, and practice of communications law and policy.
  • World Press Freedom Committee - International umbrella organization that includes 45 journalistic groups from the print and broadcast, labor and management, publishing, editing, and journalism fields.
  • Center for Media and Public Affairs - Nonpartisan research and educational organization set up to undertake scientific studies on news and entertainment media.
  • International Communications Forum - Association dedicated to media ethics and the freedom of expression and information.
  • Association of Regional News Channels - Consortium devoted to promoting the role of 24-hour local and regional television news organizations in fostering high journalistic standards.
  • Center for Rural Strategies - Aims to improve the economic and social conditions of countryside communities through creative and innovative media and communications.
  • CIMERA - Geneva-based nonprofit organization established to provide political governance in the areas of language policy and education, media and access to information, conflict transformation, and the inclusion of minorities.
  • Botswana Media Consultative Council - Nonpartisan, nonprofit organization aimed at promoting and preserving the further development of free and ethical media in Botswana.
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  • - News directory and online venue for sharing and discussing various current affairs subjects.
  • The Daily Acts - Citizen journalism newspaper that features user-submitted news content.
  • Feed the Bull - User-generated news site dedicated to stock market, finance, and economy related topics.
  • Global Voices - Citizens' media resource site offering free and open-source tools that promote freedom of information and expression.
  • Muncie Free Press - Grassroots journalism for the Delaware County of Indiana. Includes news, classifieds, opinion articles, and a media gallery.
  • Ohmy News International - Online newspaper promoting citizen or participatory journalism. Features articles written by freelance contributors.
  • Sportingo - Site featuring fan-generated sport news articles and opinions.
  • University Chic - Online magazine by and for university women. Features campus social news, advice, tips, and study abroad insights.
  • - Online community for sharing stories, photos, and blogs. Also facilitates community information searches.
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  • SourceWatch - Comprehensive source for information about the people, organizations, and issues that influence public agenda.
  • Scoopt - Facilitates the sharing and selling of news and newsworthy photos to newspapers, magazines, and television.
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  • LexisNexis - Subscription-based global provider of legal, government, business, and high-tech information sources.
  • - World news media monitoring services for global professionals.
  • Independent Television News - London based provider of professional video content, consulting, training, and advisory services.
  • ARA Content - Free content services for print and online publications. Offers copyright-free articles and images.
  • Inter Press Services - News agency for civil society. Serves as an independent voice in topics of globalization and development.
  • Marketwire - Comprehensive news services provider offering media databases, up-to-the-minute video and web options, and more.
  • Associated Press - Cooperative news agency recognized as the largest news services provider in the world. Offers a variety of media products and global and corporate services.
  • Australian Associated Press - Independent national news agency specializing in real time news. Serves media networks, corporate clients, financial markets, and private individuals.
  • Interfax - Information and news services company serving the needs of decision makers in politics and business.
  • Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) - News, sports, and business information services for the Caribbean media.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) News Agency - Specialized global intellectual property news agency. Site provides a downloadable news ticker, a guide to using the services offered, forums, and related links.
  • Federal News Services - Offering Congressional transcripts, transcript wire, news clips, and broadcast monitoring online.
  • Feature Story News - Global broadcast news agency offering customized events coverage to suit clients' specific tone, style, and news agenda.
  • ClariNet - Electronic newspaper and news services provider offering individual, corporate, and ISP/portal products.
  • Hyde Park Media - Chicago metro news service for daily newspapers, television, and radio stations.

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