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  • Bacon Jnr, Perry - National political reporter at the Washington Post.
  • Rosenbloom, Stephanie - Staff reporter with The New York Times Styles section.
  • Betancourt, Leah - New media journalist and community manager.
  • Wilbanks, Cari - Resume of Carri Wilbanks, backpack journalist, host and tv anchor.
  • Baird, Gabriel - Reporter and data analyst for The Plain Dealer.
  • Couture, Joseph - Official website of journalist and author Joseph Couture.
  • Sweeney, Emily - Presents a biography, photos, articles, resume, and contact information.
  • Fleischer, Jeff - Collection of the work of journalist Jeff Fleischer, including articles, columns and photography.
  • Todorovic, Goran - Features documentary movies, photos and books created by the freelance journalist and writer.
  • Hullinger, Jessica - Presents Jessica's portfolio, which includes print and online journalism, blogging, investigative work, and social media networking.
  • Rains, Justin - Presents examples of Justin Rains' work in both the print, online and broadcast journalism fields.
  • Truong, Alice - Portfolio web site of Alice Truong, a business and multimedia reporter at the Medill News Service.
  • Pivo, Ron - Promotes the services of Ron Pivo, a television news personality, with samples of his on-air work.
  • Jordan, Andy - Features videos that reporter and multimedia journalist Andy Jordan has made plus a biography.
  • Charaipotra, Sona - Presents a portfolio and projects of the New York City based freelance journalist.

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