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  • Providers in Faith - Providing support to anyone who takes care of children on a daily basis including child care providers, homeschoolers and stay at home moms.
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  • Babywearing Parents - For parents who practice this approach with their infants.
  • Christian Family Swap Shop - Offering a place to buy, sell or trade anything home related.
  • Peaceful Parenting - Offering support for parent's who want to raise children who believe in peaceful relationships in their personal lives as well as globally.
  • Homesteading Suburbia - Offering support for those who do not live in the country but want to live a more simple, self-sufficient lifestyle.
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  • A Beautiful Keeper Sampler - Offering support for stay at home moms who want to create an atmosphere of beauty in their homes.
  • Frugal Christian Moms - Offering support to women who are trying to save money at home.
  • Slowcooking - Offering a support group of over 2,000 members exchanging crockpot recipes.
  • The Organizer Lady - Offering methods, tips, and support for de-cluttering and organization of the home.
  • Frugal Simplicity - Offering ideas, articles, and books about ways to make and save money in your home.
  • Lotsa Fun Moms - Offering a fun place to tell off color jokes or share about any aspect of your life with children and your home.
  • Practical Christian Mothers of Many - Offering support to families who have 4 or more children.
  • LDS Nurtured Family - Providing a place for discussion and support for those who are mormon and also practice AP type parenting.
  • Our Mother of Perpetual Help Pray For Us - Providing a place for mothers who want to utilize the motherly arms of Mary.
  • Fly Challenge - Offering homemaking support for those who use the Flylady's system.
  • Backyard Fence - Providing a network of women who desire old fashioned values for their homes.
  • Mom's Tea Time - Offering a place for mom's to visit virtually as though they were having tea with friends.

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