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  • Adoption Advocates Largo, FL - Private, non-profit organization working in Florida and dedicated to providing homes to orphaned infants and young children.
  • Adoption Advocates, Inc. - Provides various services specializing in infant adoptions for parents and couples considering fostering and unplanned pregnancies.
  • The Adoption Alliance - Short article describing the agency’s mission of finding permanent homes for displaced children and infants.
  • Adoption Assistance, Inc. - Lists the various adoption services offered by the organization, which ranges from home studies to child placement.
  • Adoption Center of Washington - Features the photographs of newly arrived children and lists various resources regarding adoption and parenting.
  • Adoption Circle - Contains downloadable information brochures for birthparents and adoptive parents regarding the various aspects of adoption, both domestic and international.
  • Adoption Connection - San Francisco-area open adoption agency works with birth parents, adoptive parents, and professionals on domestic and international adoptions. Affiliated with Jewish Family and Children's Services.
  • Adoption in the Black Country - Aims to gather new adoptive families for orphaned children and offers more choices for children and adopters.
  • Adoption Link, Inc. - Licensed adoption agency located in Ohio that is committed to providing education and guidance to pregnant women and families considering adoption.
  • Adoption Matters Northwest - Provides guidelines for families, couples and individuals interested in applying for adopting children.
  • Adoption Ministry - Details the agency’s purpose, mission and history as well as some information regarding birth mothers, maternity home and adoptive parents.
  • Colorado Christian Services - Shows profiles of families waiting to adopt a child and lists the different services supplied by the organization for unplanned pregnancy.
  • Community Adoption Center, Inc. - Briefly describes the features of the agency and its mission together with the various programs offered by the organization.
  • Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, Inc. - Archive of stories of adoption experiences as narrated by numerous families who applied for adoption through the agency.
  • Cradle of Love - Non-profit Georgia adoption agency that provides emotional and financial support for birthmothers wanting to put their children up for adoption.
  • Family Adoption Services - Comprehensive articles that serve as guides for adoptive parents, birthmothers and professionals.
  • Family Options Adoptions - Introduces the biographies of the founders of the agency and provides background information for birth and adoptive parents.
  • Frank Adoption Center - Posts the latest global and national news regarding adoption together with the agency’s contact details and location information.
  • Homestudies and Adoption Placement Services - Features the photo gallery of children who have been adopted from different countries like China, Guatemala and Russia.
  • Adoption Minnesota - Lists the different services offered by the agency for birth parents and adoptive parents. Also provides profiles of adoptive parents.

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