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  • Downey Side - Involved in adoption services. Also accepts donations and volunteer.
  • Everyday Blessings - Encloses information on the agency’s history, purpose and services. Includes guidelines for local, domestic or international adoption programs.
  • Evergreen Children’s Services - Offers post adoption respite treatment. Services include psychiatric consultation as well as psychological assessment and testing.
  • Future Families - Provides assistance and support for adoptive families who are raising older children.
  • Friends in Adoption - Contains waiting list of families with profiles. Includes checklist on what to expect during the adoption process.
  • Florence Crittenton League - Provides options for both adoptive and birthparents. Also offers programs for overseas and home study.
  • Family Resource Center - Domestic and international adoption provided. Includes insights on financing.
  • Family Creations - Provides clinical services such as family therapy, crisis intervention or counseling and adoption support groups.
  • Families for Children - Provides records of adoption made by and with the agency from 1948 to present.
  • Golden Cradle - Offers services for birthparents such as medical care and legal assistance. Outlines the adoption process.
  • Grace Adoptions - Provides a scan of the agency license and an overview of its history. Outlines services offered for both adoptive and birthparents.
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  • Earthy Birthy Thought Swap - Contains message board that discusses birth related information. Includes registration account options, community search and contributor lists.
  • Orange County Breastfeeding Forum - Forum provides information and resources in support to breastfeeding families. Also includes lactation consultation contact.
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  • Breastfeeding Task Force - Supports breastfeeding through community campaigns and awareness outreach. Contains newsletter subscription, news and event calendar.
  • Breastfeeding Works - Project campaign in advocacy to breastfeeding in the workplace. Includes accommodation law details, award application forms and academy resources.
  • La Leche League of Florida - Non-profit organization provides education to breastfeeding mothers. Contains contact resources and events details.
  • La Leche League Canada - Facilitates informal community discussions on breastfeeding information. Also contains information about lactation.
  • Nursing Mothers Advisory Council - Volunteer organization offers support and counseling to breastfeeding women. Contains FAQs topics, publication and article resources.
  • La Leche League International - Provides information and advocacy to lactating mothers. Includes contact details, and health care resources.
  • Nursing Mothers of Raleigh - Supports education for breastfeeding women. Includes monthly meeting details, breast pump sales and journal resources.
  • Orange Country Breastfeeding Coalition - Promotes infant breastfeeding in educating health care professionals and parents. Contains membership application and contact details.
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  • Breastfeeding and Working - Contains article that covers instruction pumps washing, sterilizing and cleaning. Also includes recommended readings and resources about health issues.
  • Mothersbliss - Includes resources on pregnancy planning, shopping gifts and information about breast-feeding problems.
  • Pumping Page - Contains breastfeeding article that includes opinions about electric pumps.
  • Pumping - Presents article on breast pump information, also covers milk storage detail lists and tips. Also includes resources on maternal diet and health indicators.
  • Working And Pumping at The Office - Contains an article on maternity breast-feeding. Includes milk storage guidelines.

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