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  • UniChef - Website for professional chefs. Presents recipes, cooking tools, and related news.
  • Pulp Kitchen - Cooking resource for amateur and professional cooks. Allows for recipe searches and food shopping.
  • Karen Bernaby - Check out this chef's collection of recipes, biography, career information, and sets of cooking resources.
  • Jenny Bristow - Proffers the message of good and healthy home cooking. Recipes and recipe books presented.
  • 911 Chef Eric - Offers online cooking classes, presents food articles, and provides cooking tools and resources.
  • Chef Geir's Culinary Resources - Advertises culinary services including catering. Some interesting photos are presented.
  • Chef Jacques Haeringer - Learn about the romancing French cuisines of Haeringer. Check out his cookbooks and cooking demos as well.
  • Food Artisans - Pamela Sheldon Johns shares the pleasures of food and wine in this website that celebrates the Artisan tradition on cookery.
  • Les Kincaid - "Insider journey through the worlds of food, wine, golf, and entertainment." Offers fun and helpful tips, cooking information, and recipes.
  • Nathalie Dupree - Presents Quiche Lorraine and other classic French food. With cookbooks, recipes, and other authorships.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Chefs  > Child, Julia 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Chefs  > English, Todd 
  • Todd English - Site of the award winning chef, restaurateur, and television personality. Presents lists of restaurants, recipes, and cooking publications.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Chefs  > Iron Chefs 
  • Iron Chef - Find here the list of episodes of the Iron Chef cooking and food fanaticism battles.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Chefs  > Lawson, Nigella 
  • Ask Men: Nigella Lawson - Feature of the Ask Men Portal on the culinary expert Nigella Lawson with pictures, videos, news, and commentaries.
  • Nigella - Official website of Nigella Lawson presents information about her books, DVDs and videos, product range, and TV programs.
  • Nigella Lawson: A Sweet and Sour Life - BBC's feature on the life of the famous writer and TV cook.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Chefs  > Smith, Delia 
  • Delia Online - Overview of the recipes, cooking thoughts, and cookery learning services of Delia.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Chefs  > Television Shows 
  • Taste this TV - Online presentation of the TV show with Chef Joe Ciminera. With news, cooking tips, and recipes.
  • Best of Taste - Web version of John Sarich's television series that features sensational food, wine, and travel scenery.
  • Chef Johnson - Offers information about this non-traditional cooking show. Includes recipes, videos, and chef's sauce store.
  • Cooking with the Wolfman - Overview of the cooking show that represents a modern twist in traditional foods and cooking.
  • Graham and Freena Kerr - Documents the on-the-road cooking of this couple who live in a motor or car home.
  • Lidias Italy - Information about the chef and TV personality with her books, a list of choice restaurants, and recipes.
  • Cooking with Lee - Check out the featured recipes of this television show by an African-American chef.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Mailing Lists 
  • Busy Moms Recipes - Christian-based site offers simple and quick recipes that are mailed to members in a newsletter form.
  • Cuisine at Home Recipes - Online version of the Cuisine at Home Magazine provides weekly recipes via e-mail to subscribing members.
  • Debbie`s Country Cookin` - Sign up for this recipe list service that provides free recipe newsletters, cooking tips, and kitchen ideas.
  • Foods 4 U 2 Cook Home - Get recipes for African, appetizer, beverage, bread, meat, dessert, diabetic, holiday, international, salad, and various other dishes.
  • Good Fixins - Subscribe to this e-zine that contains features cookbooks, presents critter stories, and delivers recipes to e-mail inboxes.
  • Mighty Cool - Free recipe mailing list provides daily recipes, recipe tips, and lists of cooking resources such as cookbooks, and cookware and spices information.
  • Practical Kitchen - Recipe resource sends weekly e-mail recipes. With sections on food facts, healthy eating, holiday cooking, meal planning, and more.
  • AA Recipe Pals - Offers free recipe newsletters delivered on a weekly basis. With links to other food and recipe websites.
  • Rus Cuisine - Features authentic Russian recipes from appetizers to desserts to wild dishes. With food articles, news, and forums.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Opinions and Insights 
  • Andrea‚Äôs Recipe Box - Posts recipes and food and cooking thoughts, arranged according to food types.
  • Obsession with Food - Provides essays about the art of eating, presents wine news, and posts blogs that tackle food subjects.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Pizza  > Collections and Indexes 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Pressure Cooker 
  • Pressure Cooker Recipes - Features recipes for slow and easy cooking including the Jamaican Pork Tew, Sicilian Artichokes, and Corned Beef and Cabbage.
  • Pressure Cooker - Check out this collection of pressure cooker recipes for oxtail, broccoli, chicken, seafood, and more.
  • Miss Vickie - Website dedicated to pressure cooker enthusiasts provides recipes and pressure cooking instructions. With pressure cooker recommendations.
  • Pressure Cooker Recipes from Diana's Kitchen - Collates recipes for the pressure cooker starting from artichokes to chicken to lamb.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Recipe Collections  > Cookbooks 
  • The American Ethnic Cookbook for Students - Features two to six recipes from each of the American Ethnic Groups.
  • Cookie Club Recipes - Introduces the world's largest cookie recipe club. Shares and accommodates recipe suggestions.
  • Cooking with Shirley - Features twelve recipe cookbooks for appetizers, barbecues, breakfasts, pastries, canning and freezing, side dishes, main courses, and more.
  • EEE Cooks - Family cookbook for Italian, Asian, Latin, meat, and vegetarian dishes. With a recipe search tool.
  • What's Cooking America - Features diet recipes and dinner party menus. With a culinary dictionary and information on the history of foods.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Recipe Collections  > Cookbooks  > Publishing 
  • Cook in a Book - Cookbook that uses advanced digital printing techniques. Intended for individuals and fund raisers alike.
  • The Cookbook Company - Site of a company that publishes custom or personalized cookbooks. Information on pricing and features presented.
  • Cookbook Originals - Offers simple solutions for cookbook fund raising. Check out the featured cookbook gallery.
  • Cookbooks by You - Offers on demand print publishing services for the recipes of chefs, cooks, and homemakers.
  • Recipe Legacy - Consists of details which are meant to help to preserve the personal recipes of families and other cooking enthusiasts. Offers celebration planning ideas as well.
  • Wimmer Cookbooks - Provides creative development services for the printing, marketing, and distribution of personalized cookbooks.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Recipe Collections  > Cookbooks  > Reviews 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Recipe Collections  > Directories 
  • Best Cooking Sites - Comprehensive directory of cooking, cookware, cooking school, recipe, and nutritional information pages.
  • Bloomington Cooks - Browse for information about gourmet foods, ethnic and vegetarian dishes, food history, food writers, cooking ingredients, recipes, and more.
  • Gourmet Spot - Compiles several lists of recipes categorized as healthy, ethnic, kosher, restaurant, and vegetarian.
  • Recipe Websites - Collates listings of food-related websites including those of food associations, manufacturers, restaurants, and recipes.
  • Recipe America - Find recipes by ingredient, time, or nutritional information. Send in questions or comments as well.
  • The Info Recipes - Portal to recipe finding at the Epicurious, RecipeLand, and RecipeSource databases.
  • The Cooking Portal - Comprehensive listing of cooking and food websites including news and guides, information on cooking and dining etiquette, and food shopping.
  • WebChef Recipe Search Engine - Key in a recipe ingredient in the search field to search for related recipes or food resources.
  • Websbest Recipes - Tool for finding recipes for main meals, starters and soups, side dishes, and desserts. With lists of international cuisines.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Recipe Collections  > Media Recipes 
  • Hudson's on the Bend - Check out the menu of this Austin based restaurant. Learn how to do fearless cooking as well.
  • Cooking with Marie Simmons - Learn about the cooking insights and ideas of Marie Simmons - an award winning cookbook author and cooking teacher. Go over her recipes and articles.
  • Epicurious - Dining magazine features recipes for gourmets and gourmands alike.
  • Leite's Culinaria - Contains recipes, writings about food and dining, news, and a recipe testing section.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Recipe Collections  > Media Recipes  > E-zines 
  • Showcook - Annette Kesler and other food authors discuss food, travel, and wine in this online magazine.
  • Worldwide Recipes - Provides free recipes, food jokes, cooking and kitchen tips, and other food-related resources.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Recipe Collections  > Media Recipes  > Radio 
  • Favorite Radio Recipes - Collates the recipes heard on Arthur Schwartz's Food Talk show.
  • Ask Your Neighbor Free Recipes - Posts recipes for appetizers, beverages, breads, cakes, casseroles, desserts, main dishes, and more.
  • Celebrity Recipe Archive - Presents a weekly list of recipes introduced by various movie, music, and TV stars.
  • Food Dude Radio - Find here collections of recipes, recipe reviews, and restaurant listings.
  • Melinda Lee - Hosts an archive of recipes, provides cooking teaching segments, and facilitates food and cooking discussions.
  • The Splendid Table - Find answers to kitchen questions, get a weekly cooking newsletter, and go over the featured special collection of recipes.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Recipe Collections  > Media Recipes  > Television 
  • Bringing It Home - Web version of Laura McIntosh's culinary TV show. Features a recipe search tool and presents video recipes.
  • Food Rules - Website of the show known for the catchphrase "America's first cooking show for really stupid people." Features kitchen humor, photos, and videos.
  • The Fretz Kitchen - Offers top chefs' tips and techniques for food and wine.
  • Get Stuffed - Features a satire cooking television show that offers food jokes and various other fun items.
  • KSL TV Recipes - Provides cooking guides for main and side dishes, salads, breads, desserts, beverages, and more.
  • Loving Spoonfuls - Site of The Grandmother Cooking Show. Contains food news, recipes, photos, and videos.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Recipe Management 
  • AccuChef - Features an award winning recipe software for Windows PCs. With screenshots and lists of sample recipes.
  • Alenka's Printables - Resource for clipart and printable items also provides recipe card templates for cooking enthusiasts.
  • Meal Master - Cookbook wizard recipe software that offers recipe organization, a recipe website builder, and a shopping list builder.
  • Burlington Software Incorporated - Offers retail and restaurant-food service software designed for inventory control and back-office monitoring.
  • Inaka Software - Presents the Computer Cuisine Deluxe software - a recipe database that also generate shopping lists and cooking instructions.
  • ReciPants - Introduces a Perl-written application that does recipe management.
  • Recipe Center Software - Includes freeware version of the EGS collection of recipe management programs.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Soups and Stews  > Beef 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Soups and Stews  > Grains 
  • Millet Soup - Soup recipe that uses millet, vegetable stock, cauliflower, and other vegetables. By The Small Kitchen Gourmet.
  • Buendner Gerstensuppe - Features a classical soup recipe that has air-dried beef or smoked bacon and salted pork knuckles as the main ingredients.
  • Turkey, Tomato, and Barley Soup - Features a soup taken from the "One Dish Meals the Easy Way" section of the Reader's Digest. A printable ingredients shopping list is provided.
  • Oatmeal Soup Recipe - Dish from FatFree Recipes. Classified as vegan, this soup yields eight servings.
  • Oatmeal Soup - Presents an inexpensive Scottish grain soup finished with sprinkles of finely cut parsly.
  • Toasted Rice Soup - Check out this easy to prepare dish that is served with spinach and parmesan cheese.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Soups and Stews  > Pasta 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Soups and Stews  > Poultry  > Chicken 
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Soups and Stews  > Sausage 
  • Portuguese Sausage and Kale Soup - Presents a soup recipe that highlights the flavors of linguica or chourico - Portuguese sausages.
  • Italian Sausage Soup - Learn how Italian sausages can be served as a healthful dish along the menus of dieting diners.
  • Italian Sausage Soup - Contributed recipe that puts a flavorful sausage delight into an elbow macaroni soup.
  • Italian Sausage Soup - Recipe that explores the flavor of combining sausage, broccoli, tomatoes, and pasta.
  • White Bean and Sausage Soup - Easy to prepare soup dish that may be cooked more quickly by using canned beans.
  • Lentil and Sausage Soup - Provides the cooking directions for a soup cooked in a crockpot or over the stove. Note and recipe variations presented.
Top  > Home  > Cooking  > Wild Foods  > Insects 
  • Bay Area Bug Eating Society - Presents bug eating stories and pictures, lists bug recipes, and answers the common questions about bug eating.
  • Locust Bisque - Snack recipe using locust shells and served with animal crackers and whipping cream.
  • Cafe Insecta - Site of the gourmet insect chef Lou Kudon. Offers culinary demonstrations, classes, and events.
  • Woodlice Recipes - Collection of recipes that have woodlice as main ingredients - fritters, sushi, scones, and fries.
  • Cicada Recipes - Illustrates the preparation of a few cicada snack recipes.

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