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  • Scott's Botanical Links - Offers resources for Botany, provides databases, and proffers tutorials.
  • Gardening Resources - Categories include organic, rose, vegetable, herb, butterfly gardening as well as climate zone, associations, and gardening tips.
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  • American Horticultural Therapy Association - Provides information on the nature of horticultural therapy. Includes FAQs, events list, and member's resources.
  • Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association - Offers diploma or non-diploma based curriculums. Proffers workshops, seminars and internships.
  • Garden Forever - Posts articles on allergy-free wedding flowers, asthma friendly gardens, first aid for hanging baskets and horticultural therapy issues.
  • Gardens Partners - Designs activities to augment cognitive functions, increase physical mobility, increment sensory experience or brunt social relations.
  • Growing Center - Shows information on horticultural therapy: what it is, how does it work, and who can benefit from such.
  • Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria - Supports therapeutic and recreational programs under horticulture.
  • Red Wiggler Community Farm - Highlights information on recipes, volunteering, mission, sponsors and donors.
  • Thrive - Hosts fundraising events and other garden activities as well as supporting garden projects.
  • Handicap Accessible Gardening - Highlights information and photos of gardens designed for handicapped individuals.
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  • Purdue Turf Grass Program - Showcases articles on turf grass identification and fertilizer. Lists some tips and guidelines on turf handling.
  • Lawn Sprinklers Network - Contains forums, product guides, news updates, and answers to commonly asked questions about sprinklers and irrigations.
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  • Stone the Gardener - Includes construction, flowers, personal gardens, and slide shows. Gardens presented are shade, meadows, and wetland.
  • Wildest Dreams of Kew - Posts articles on tree dahlias, fuchsias, arum creticum, oxalis comosa, iris, vineyard blooming and crocus.
  • Plant Journal by Gayla - Articles enclose houseplants, seasonal stuff, cacti, succulents, greenhouse, herbs and side gardens.
  • Zinnias Garden - Showcases photos of zinnias, daisies, tulips, roses, poppy, foxglove, buttercup, other flowers, and bouquets.
  • Human Flower Project - Encloses archives on wildflower sightings, marigolds, a wedding of green thumbs and hailing 13,000 flower cabs.
  • Kitty Joyce Gardens - Showcases annual and monthly archives of articles as well as a monthly calendar of activities.
  • Laurie's Garden - Offers garden classes and class materials for summer and spring seasons.
  • Inspring Plants - Showcases information on cyclamen, fritillaries, pleiones and tecophilia.

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