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  Top  > Home  > Consumer Information  > Jewelry and Gemstones 
  • Engagement Ring Guide - Provides consumer information and advice on purchasing a wedding ring and diamonds.
Top  > Home  > Consumer Information  > Travel 
  • - Provides unabashed, unedited reviews on the sites that consumers use to make travel plans.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Images 
  • DragonGoose Farm - Collection of pictorial home and gardening essays covers a variety of flowers, orchards, making apple cider, and growing information.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Cacti and Succulents 
  • The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall - Pools in various resources and information for all growers of cacti and succulent plant growers. Includes a list of organizations.
  • Cactus and Succulent Page - Huge compilation of cacti photos and articles.
  • Cacti and Other Succulents - Illustrated dictionary of cacti and other succulent plants.
  • Cactus Web - Lists cacti and related plant scientific and common names. Also feature a series of photo albums.
  • Choon's Cacti Collection - Showcases featured photos and cacti growing tips. Includes a book list and related links as well.
  • Cocozza Collection - Compendium of photographs, artworks including drawings, and references related to the propagation of haworthia species.
  • Haworthia - Contains haworthia related tips and literature. With a gallery of photos and news.
  • Kaktos - Information and images of Greek cactus varieties. With care basics, discussion forums, and links to related websites.
  • Succulent Plants Database - Searchable presentation of plant scientific names and photographs.
  • Succulent Plant Site - Information about the history and discovery of some succulent plants. Includes articles on cultivation, diseases, and treatment.
  • SuccSeed - Offers several varieties of cactus and succulent plant seeds, books, pots, and other sundries.
  • Rhipsalis - Features an alphabetical listing of succulent plant species and presents cultivation and propagation tips.
  • Nekoya - Collection of photographs depicting images of a number of cactus varieties.
  • Lithops - Introduces the odd stone-looking variety of cacti. Information on cultivation presented.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Cacti and Succulents  > Growing Guides 
  • The Amateurs' Digest - Resource for hobbyist information and how-to articles on cacti and other succulent plants.
  • Cactus and Succulents - Learn how to start cacti culture and grafting. Go over the list of featured resources as well.
  • Cactus Base Pro - Features a specialist database software for cactus and succulent plant growers.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Cacti and Succulents  > Organizations 
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Cacti and Succulents  > Personal Pages 
  • The Succulent Plant Page - Provides plant care and propagation hints. With pages devoted to specific succulent plant varieties such as asclepiads, haworthias, and peperomias.
  • Lithops Study Group - Compilation of files, links, messages, ideas, and photos of lithops or the living stone cacti.
  • KH Man's Cacti and Succulents - Comprehensive presentation on Malaysian cacti and succulents. Offers selection tips and information on commonly encoutered growing problems.
  • Sukkulente Euphorbien - Contains plant lists, cultivation information, and fact sheets. With photos and links to other cactus-discussing websites.
  • Sempervivophilia - Learn about this plant group's nomenclature, ethnobotany, and general features. Explore its physiology and cultivation particulars as well.
  • U4BA - Euphorbia for You. Contains illustrated articles, photos, and a commercial plants list.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Ferns 
  • The American Fern Society - Advertises a call to foster interest in ferns and related flora. With a photo gallery and forums.
  • The Hardy Fern Foundation - Comprehensive resource for fern display, testing, public education, and evaluation information.
  • Texas Gulf Coast Fern Society - Organization profile with information on activities and meetings. With news, forums, and a list of other fern societies.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Herbs 
  • Alternative Nature Online Herbal - Houses a collection of herb farming information resources.
  • Ann McCormick Herb 'n Cowgirl - Insights on herb farming from an herb garden writer and speaker.
  • Beagle Ridge Herb Forum - Contains discussions on herb propagation and use.
  • The Herb Guide - Information on herbs of culinary value. With discussions on herbs growing, gardening, and cooking.
  • Ginseng Growers - Campaigns for home ginseng gardening as a means to protect the natural ginseng ecology. With photos.
  • Henriette's Herbal Homepage - Includes culinary and medicinal FAQs, articles, classic texts, galleries, plant names, botany, and archives.
  • Herbal Gardens - Resource for information on the growing and uses of herbal plants. With book listings, gardening ideas, and links to relevant pages.
  • Botanical - Searchable database of herbal information and resources. With message boards, articles, book reviews, news, and commentaries.
  • Thyme for Sage Advice - Features ten tips for herb growing. With information on herb growing in shady areas.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Herbs  > Organizations 
  • The Herb Society of America - Organization established to provide educational programs and undertake research that promote knowledge on the use of herbs.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Rhododendrons  > Organizations 
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses 
  • The Rose Garden - Platform for finding articles, photos, and links to rose websites from all over the world.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses  > Chats and Forums 
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses  > FAQs, Help, and Tutorials 
  • Help Me Find Roses - Guide to roses selecting, pruning, breeding, and caring. With forums and links to commercial rose dealers.
  • Every Rose - Rose reference database provides propagation information, gardeners' experiences, and lists of online rose sources.
  • EXTOXNET - The Extension Toxicology Network. Contains newsletters, answers to frequently asked questions, and scientific information about pesticides.
  • Grow this Rose - Resource for information about specific varieties of roses. Also shares gardening experiences of several rose enthusiasts.
  • Meilland International - Learn some gardening tips and go over the featured collection of rose photos, news, and articles of interest.
  • Roses - Features a series of history pages that answers "what-grew-when" questions regarding roses. With gardening ideas, writings, and blogs.
  • The Rosarian - Features a compendium of resources on rose gardening and cultivation. With forums, literature, and a glossary of botanical terms.
  • Rose Mania - Online rose gardening seeds, supplies, and accessories. Features recommended products and provides a downloadable rose catalog.
  • Rose Gardening Tips - Free twelve-step email course on growing roses.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses  > Finding and Selecting Roses 
  • Rosenfotos - Displays a gallery of rose photos with brief descriptions.
  • Rose File - Search for rose photos and browse for rose gardening topics. Check out the featured rose color wheel.
  • All America Rose Selections - Introduces and promotes exceptional rose varieties or breeds. Also serves as a guide to rose buying and growing.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses  > Hardy Roses 
  • Buck Rose - Showcases rose photos with descriptions. Also presents a list of rose industry sources.
  • Canadian Hardy Roses - Guide for selecting rose types or varieties to suit the weather and soil conditions of a particular area.
  • Hardy Roses - Features a selection of American hardy and heirloom roses for sale.
  • Winter Hardy Roses - Explores the challenge of rose gardening in Colorado. By Christie Hale, a master gardener.
  • Hardy Shrub Roses - Tabulates nomenclature and descriptions of roses from around the world.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses  > Hybridizing 
  • Lougheed Roses - Presents photos of Viola Lougheed's hybrid roses. Brief descriptions are also appended to the photos displayed.
  • CybeRose and Bulbs - See the featured photo gallery of roses manipulated upon propagation to arrive at new varieties or appearances.
  • Sproul Roses by Design - Information on manipulated rose breeding. Dedicated to culturing new and novel roses.
  • Rose Hybridizers Association - Overview of the Association's activities and membership. With articles and information on producing hybrid roses.
  • Northern Hybrid Roses - Furnishes gallery of hybrids, with information on breeding, cultural practices, scientific methods, and embryogenesis.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses  > Lore and History 
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses  > Personal Pages 
  • Cass's Garden with Roses - Features photos of various rose types with brief descriptions.
  • Daniel Hanna's Guide to Growing Roses - Information on rose types, cultivation, diseases, and gardening pest control. With garden and rose reviews.
  • HershiGrl's Rare Roses - Showcases collections of rose photographs from gardens around the United States. With brief descriptions.
  • High Desert Rose Garden - See the images of the various garden views featured. Get to know the plants grown as well.
  • Just Our Pictures - Stock photography of roses and other garden flowers.
  • Obie Roses - Search for rose growing and gardening tips and go over the featured flower photos.
  • Rose Garden - Display of rose photographs and garden information from all over the world.
  • Antonia Motta Roses - Collection of garden pictures and rose photos sorted according to color. With e-cards.
  • Rose Dude - Blog-documentation of a personal effort to exhibit and hybridize roses.
  • Rose Gathering - Knowledge base centered on roses in art, gardens, and history.
  • A Woodland Rose Garden - Get to know the basics of growing roses in shades. See the featured selection of rose photos as well.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses  > Public Gardens 
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Roses  > Societies 
  • American Rose Society - Nonprofit, educational organization shares history, gardens, rose care and gallery, local societies, pages for kids, membership, and members-only information.
  • World Federation of Rose Societies - Pools in the organization profiles of over thirty rose societies from across the globe. With news and links to other rose-related websites.
  • Suomen Ruususeura - Provides news and updates on the Organization. Also presents information on the activities held.
  • The Heritage Rose Foundation - Learn about the activities, research works, and rose collections of this nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation of old roses.
  • Oyama Rose Society - Posts bulletins, events updates, and rose and rose garden photos.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Tropicals and Exotics 
  • Bugenvila - Exhibits a gallery of flower photos and provides advices on bouginvilla planting, cultivation, and propagation.
  • The Cloudforest Gardener - Information on cultivating exotic and subtropical plants in a cool, maritime West Coast climate.
  • Cycad International - Information about cycad trade for growers and exporters. Also offers landscaping suggestions.
  • Epiphytic Plant Research and Information Center - Resource for epiphytic plant publications, particular information, and newsletters.
  • Farmer's Bookshelf - Guide for tropical and exotic plants farming and cultivation. With a list of related articles and featured discussions.
  • Heliconia Society International - Overview of the Organization's membership and activities. With bulletins and discussion forums.
  • Phoenix Tropicals - Overview of exotic plants growing in the Arizona desert. With a glossary of gardening terms.
  • Tropical Plants Library - Comprehensive information resource about tropical plants and their cultivation from one of Fort Lauderdale's master gardeners.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Vegetables 
  • Due North Garden Tips - Vegetable gardening information for asparagus, beets, carrots, beans, potatoes, turnips, radish, and more.
  • Growing Taste - Home food gardening resource. Presents recommended garden crops and gardening aids.
  • The Heirloom Vegetable Gardener's Assistant - Defines a heirloom vegetable, presents varieties that are easy to grow, and provides gardening tips and advices.
  • Home Vegetable Gardening - Complete and practical guide for planting and caring for vegetable, fruit, and berry crops.
  • Kitchen Gardener - Hosts gardening and home forums, presents a gardening glossary, and provides links to various gardening resources.
  • Pumpkins and More - Search for pumpkin facts and growing guide. Learn about pumpkin growing and using basics as well.
  • Watch Your Garden Grow - Serves as a guide to growing, storing, and preparing vegetables.
  • Vegetable Garden Layout - Information on the processes and guidelines to preparing and maintaining a vegetable garden.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Vegetables  > Giant Pumpkins 
  • The Pumpkin Patch - Comprehensive presentation on pumpkin growing and cooking. With articles and recipes.
  • Big Pumpkins - Interactive resource for giant pumpkin and squash growing. With a gallery of photos.
  • Dill's Atlantic Giant - Introduces the world's largest pumpkin variety.
  • Maine Pumpkin Growers Association - Features pumpkin photos, chat rooms and message boards. Also offers seed supplies.
  • Mere Brow Giant Pumpkins - Information about the Mere Blow Giant Pumpkins competition. With news, photos, and links to related pages.
  • Nanaimo Pumpkin Festival - Go over the featured festival photos. Learn some insights on pumpkin growing as well.
  • P and P Seed Co. - Resource for pumpkin seeds derived from the world's largest giant pumpkin.
  • Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers - Lays out the guidelines of the Pacific Giant pumpkin contest. With event results and links to other related websites.
  • Pumpkin Nook - Library of pumpkin related information. Includes growing guides, articles on giant pumpkins, and games and fun items.
  • Pumpkin Fest - Overview of the Fest's activities and events. With news, photos, and contest results.
  • The Surgeon that Grows Giant Pumpkins - Features journals and offers free pumpkin seeds.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Vegetables  > Peppers 
  • Chili Cams - General chili information for hobby growers. With chili recipes.
  • Spicy - Contains true chile-head herb plant information. With a photo gallery and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • The Pepper Center - Hosts forums, presents a pepper list, and features book reviews. Chili recipes also presented.
  • Growing Tomatoes from Seed - Overview of tomato varieties and propagation. With a book feature on fruit and vegetable gardening.
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Vegetables  > Tomatoes 
Top  > Home  > Gardening  > Plants  > Wildflowers 
  • Don's English Wild Flower Collections - Displays photos and poems related to wildflowers.
  • Grow Native - Promotes the introduction of native plants into landscaping ideas.
  • Wildflower Center - Provides information that encourage the cultivation, conservation, and preservation of wildflowers and other native flora.
  • Prairie Frontier - Wildflower and prairie grass seed resource. Contains photos and planting tips.
  • Prairie Restorations Inc. - Offers natural landscaping services that utilize native grasses and wildflowers.
  • Wild Ones - Advocates for the preservation, restoration, and inclusion of native plants in landscaping ornamentation.
  • American Meadows Wild Flower Information - Search for wildflower plant profiles and photos. Get to know the different types and habitats as well.
  • Wild Flowers - Hosts forums, presents answers to frequently asked questions, and provides links to wildflower dealers.
  • Wildflowers in Bloom - Contains photos, growing information, and a list of seed sources.
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