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  • Gerontological Society of America - Non-profit professional organization with more than 5000 members in the field of aging. Provides details of membership, meeting information, publications, programs, and resources.
  • American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) - Offering the latest research-based information on a wide range of age-related diseases, conditions, issues, features, and news.
Top  > Health  > Aging  > Anti-Aging 
  • Dr. Judy Ford - Learn how to stay healthy, minimize aging, reduce cancer risk, have a healthy baby and/or achieve maximum workplace wellness.
Top  > Health  > Aging  > Life Expectancy 
  • How Long Will You Live? - Furnishes two life calculators based on data about Americans, additional health-related information, and explanation of calculations.
Top  > Health  > Aging  > Research 
Top  > Health  > Alternative Medicine  > Chiropractic  > Directories 
  • - Offers information on chiropractor clinics nation wide and available treatments for whiplash injury, joint pain relief, headache remedy, sports injury, lower back ache and elbow pain.
Top  > Health  > Animal  > Veterinary Medicine 
  • Merck Veterinary Manual - Includes over 12,000 indexed topics and over 1200 illustrations - search by topic, species, specialty, disease, and keyword.
  • - Personal pet assessments, nutritional guides, training tips and more. Also provides information for veterinary professionals including medical news, case studies, and procedures.
  • Center for Veterinary Medicine - Regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals.
Top  > Health  > Animal  > Veterinary Medicine  > Schools  > United States 
Top  > Health  > Animal  > Veterinary Medicine  > Veterinarians 
  • Talk to the Vet - Ask a veterinarian online questions about pet health care.
Top  > Health  > Dentistry  > Associations 
  • American Dental Association - Providing information and resources for dental professionals, including discussion forums, library, events and meetings, and member directory.
  • Academy of General Dentistry - Organization provides details of membership, meetings, continuing education, professional resources, and consumer information.
  • Canadian Dental Association - Providing dentistry resources for Canadians including news, oral health tips, and related links.
  • American Association of Women Dentists - Offering information about upcoming events, women dentists, job opportunities, membership, and corporate benefactors.
  • National Dental Association - The premier dental organization for ethnic minorities. It represents a family of 10,000 dentists, students, hygienists, assistants, spouses, and the communities they serve.
Top  > Health  > Dentistry  > Education 
Top  > Health  > Dentistry  > Endodontics  > Organizations 
Top  > Health  > Dentistry  > Orthodontics 
  • eOrthodontic - Orthodontic directory and information source.
Top  > Health  > Dentistry  > Periodontics 
Top  > Health  > Dentistry  > Publications 
Top  > Health  > Dentistry  > Resources 
  • - Portal provides information on dental advice, dentist locator, case studies, and educational resources.
  • - Resources and education for dental care professionals.
  • Is Your Dentist Safe - Find your dentists credentials and see if he has been disciplined by your state licensing board.
  • Dentistry 2000 - Offer information and links to dental health related sites as well as offer dentists and dental related professional companies.
Top  > Health  > Dentistry  > Resources  > Consumer 
  • About Smiles - Providing consumers with current oral health information through partnerships with corporations, health organizations, insurance companies and professionals.
Top  > Health  > Men's Health  > Circumcision 
  • - A Bill to end male genital mutilation in the U.S.
Top  > Health  > Professions 
Top  > Health  > Professions  > Doula 
  • Doulas of North America - An international association of doulas who are trained to provide the highest quality emotional, physical and educational support to women and their families during childbirth and postpartum.
Top  > Health  > Professions  > Physical Therapists 
  • American Physical Therapy Association - Providing information about the organization, advocacy issues, governance, benefits, calendar,education, government affairs, membership, and publications.
  • - Featuring school listings, library, message board, clinic listings, and jobs.
  • - Offering resources for job seekers and employers.
  • PT Central - Physical therapy information including news, jobs, events, online learning, resources, and links.
  • Rehab Edge - Forums for therapists and patients, and information on seminars, jobs, and education.
Top  > Health  > Professions  > Physical Therapists  > Associations 
Top  > Health  > Professions  > Physician Assistant 
  • Physician Assistant History Center - Dedicated to the study of the history and legacy of the physician assistant profession through the collection and identification of appropriate papers, manuscripts, magazine and newspaper clippings.
Top  > Health  > Senior Health  > Caregiver Resources 
  • Elder Care Online - Caregiver resource features forums, newsletter, bookstore, and support network.

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