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  • Aetherco - Dates next RPG convention hosted by the developer of Continuum, Narcissist, Chi-chian, and Yamara.
  • Alderac Entertainment Group - Houses maker of hobby gaming RPG Warlord CCG, Spycraft, Doomtown, and 7th Sea.
  • Atlas Games - Publishes card games, board games, and RPG games, which includes Ars Magica, Feng Shui, Penumbra, Over the Edge, Pandemonium and many others.
  • Atomic Sock Monkey - Creates reflection and Indie RPG like Dead Inside.
  • Battlefield Press - Features twisted adventures of the confused hero from the end of WW I to start of World War II.
  • Blue Devil Games - Made RPG like Passages, Dawning Star, Complete and Aevolutions.
  • Britannia game Designs Ltd - Gives product details and information on their products such as Chivalry and Sorcery RPG The Dragon Reaches of Marakush RPG.
  • Burger Games - Focuses on Finnish RPGs offering high quality outputs.
  • Chaosium - Made the famous horror RPG Call of Cthulhu, inspired by Lovecraft literature.
  • Cloud Kingdom Games - Publishes books and RPG for hobby. Presents all their products in the site.
  • Columbia Games - Created Harn RPG, a medieval fantasy RPG, and other fantasy games.
  • Convivium Central - Produces RPG designed for non-RPG gamers that are related to real happenings in life.
  • Cracked Mirror Publishing - Houses links to different RPG resource and title articles.
  • Cumberland Games and Diversions - Offers fonts and e-books for adventure gamers. Created RPG designs for White Wolf, Avalon Hill and Last Unicorn.
  • Darkfuries - Founded by Brian K. Moseley, the site contains RPG accessories and supplements created by d20 electronic publishers.
  • Deep 7 - Has an online catalog, art gallery, fan pages and forum for its games 1PG, Arrowflight, Red Dwarf, and Six Gun plus downloadable systems.
  • Dilly Green Bean Games - Creators of the pen and paper RPG made by Maine residents since 2001.
  • Dream Pod 9 Online - Holds online store, company overview, miniatures, goodies and worlds related to Dream Pod.
  • Eden Studios, Inc. - Know about their products like Angel RPG, Odyssey, Buffy, and CJ Carella’s Witchcraft.
  • Escape Ventures - Multi-venture business company that is responsible for the publishing of Element Masters and GateWar.
  • Firefly Games - Publishes tabletop RPG and other RPGs concerning adventure like Monster Island: The Came of Giant Monster Combat.
  • Flying Buffalo Inc. - Specializes in PBEM games and RPG supplements with games such as Tunnels and Trolls, Mercenaries, and GrimTooth’s Traps.
  • Grey Ghost Press - Shows the games published by Grey Ghost Press especially Fudge game which has posted resources for the game on the site like optional rules, magic systems, characters, monsters and adventures.
  • Heliograph, Inc. - Specializes in making combined science fiction and history-based RPG.
  • Heraldic Game Design - See their games which are Outside Chronicles and SOL plus background and product information about them.
  • Hex Entertainment - Contains upbeat RPG and supplements with matching philosophy and comics catalog.
Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Genres  > Science Fiction  > Matrix 
  • Matrix Role-Playing Game - Has two available versions of the Matrix RPG, inspired by the movie series.
  • Matrix RPG - Systemless sourcebook designed to provide information on the Matrix RPG. Includes game additions like Wushu Guide to the Matrix.
Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Genres  > Science Fiction  > Morrow Project 
  • Morrow Project Links and Information - Bases statistics for Landmaster found in page from the film "Damnation Alley.".
  • The Supply Bunker - Receives submissions from Morrow gamers, this site contains the house rules, maps, and information about equipment.
  • Timeline Ltd. - Official site of the RPG maker offering Morrow project goods and release updates.
Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Genres  > Science Fiction  > Shadowrun 
  • Big Knobi Klub - Holds repository of character journeys. Introduces Trading Card Game and RPG with highlights on FAQs, resource links, publications and profiles.
  • - Archives forum maintained by Shadowrun gamers. Provides updates and latest Shadowrun article submissions.
  • Hoosier Hacker House: Shadowrun Game Fansite - Maintains forums, links and house rules of the latest version of Shadowrun.
  • Shadowrun RPG - Offers Shadowrun collectibles like e-books and miniatures and presents updates of the latest happenings in Shadowrun RPG.
  • Shadowland Six - Maintains player accounts for a campaign of Shadowrun RPG.
  • Studies of War & Oppression - Highlights war and oppression weaponry useful not only for Shadowrun but for other RPGs as well.
Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Genres  > Science Fiction  > Skyrealms of Jorune 
  • Jorune According to Sholari James - Holds SRJ documents like rules, inhabitants facts, introductory articles, sector maps and artworks.
  • Return to Jorune - Includes history, worlds, nations, and races involved in the RPG. Contains information on editions, fanzines, downloads and conversions also.
Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Genres  > Science Fiction  > SLA Industries 
  • I.A.O.V. - Introduces additional armoury and guide from two supplements written by the site's author.
Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Genres  > Science Fiction  > Space 1889 
  • Sam T.G.'s Space 1889 Site - Scan over campaigns from past to present and observe the house rules and results that are made.
  • Home of the Shipyard - Maintains usable ship design software like Etherflyer, Zeppelins, and Airships.
  • Space 1889 - Official page of the game’s publisher, Heliograph, Inc. Houses character sheets and game updates.
Top  > Games  > Roleplaying  > Genres  > Science Fiction  > Spacemaster 
  • Splash Page for my SPACEMASTER/Star Wars Mod - Contains SpaceMaster/Star Wars Convertion Resources allowing players to use Spacemaster to run a Star Wars campaign.
  • SpaceMaster Page - Read about different races and cultures of the game world, the equipments, charcters, scenarios, and resource for player’s gain.
  • Space Master - Allows gamers to have an idea of the game by reading adventures and characters created by fellow SpaceMaster gamers.

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