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  Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Conventions and Bidding 
  • Bridge Files - Offers advanced systems used by players. Contains information on subscription instructions plus prices.
  • Bridge is It - Presents game systems for a modern standard club of players. Displays details on bidding practice, conventions and programming tools.
  • Caliper - Bidding system based on Magic Diamond and Symmetric Relays. Contains particulars on options in opening bids, project status, sample boards and resources.
  • Chilli Bidding System - Recounts the history and fundamentals of the system. Provides information on its history, auctions and rules.
  • Kent Feiler’s The Bridge - Discusses the principles of Colonial Acol and LISA Bridge systems. Includes a criteria screen for hand dealing.
  • Diamond Major - Bridge club for Contract and Rubber players. Contains details on the overview of the system proposed, no-trump response examples and notes on a competitive bid.
  • Liu, Hong’s Bidding Cards - Presents bidding options on card openings and conventions. With details on the system's advantages.
  • MAF System - Five-card major that comprises 9 different opening bids. Displays information on the system along with instructions of its usage.
  • Bridge 7 - Caters 5-card majors style. With information on the exercises, bidding principles and instructions on the software provided.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Directories 
  • Great Bridge Links - Covers Bridge software, clubs, resources and tournaments. Includes information on the game’s news updates and reviews.
  • ECatsBridge - Resource guide for Bridge players with details on game events, documents and tournaments.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Events 
  • Sharjah Bridge Festival - Annual event played in Dubai. Presents information on the event schedule and results along with photos and news updates.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Introduction 
  • Bridge Basics - Explains the game's operation with details on rules, scoring and related links.
  • ACBL: Bridge is Cool - Information and links to young players of the game. Details on Bridge overview, membership and gaming instructions.
  • Bridge Snaps - Contains resources and game links. Also includes an overview of Standard American 21 and a forum on international players.
  • Fifth Chair Foundation - Fosters online Bridge lessons. With details on bidding techniques, conventions and defense strategies.
  • No Fear Bridge - Compilation of resources for beginners and instructors. Displays information on Acol bidding, software versions and tutorials.
  • WBF Teacher’s Program - Offers lessons and instructional materials for game learning. Displays details on the requirements needed, tests, related links and tips.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Online Leagues and Tournaments 
  • Stars Bridge Club - Organizes tournaments. Includes players’ lists, membership details and game results.
  • Firesides Bidding Practices - Suggests bidding systems and alternative courses. Contains details on the lessons offered, related events and photos.
  • Skye Club - Highlights the club’s level format based on ranking; with information on the staff, tournament schedule and related links.
  • Walddk 2/1 Club - Group of intermediate and advanced players that gathers on BBO. With discussions and tournament results.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations 
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > Africa 
  • South African Bridge Federation - Highlights upcoming tournaments and results of recent games. Displays particulars on events calendar, schedule of playing times and links to Bridge gaming.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > Asia 
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > Asia  > India 
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > Europe 
  • European Bridge League - Features results on the open Bridge championships. Contains particulars on the administration staff, members and competitions.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > Europe  > Germany 
  • Bridge Turnierclub Dortmund e.V. - Consists advanced players as well as national league participants. Contains details on nationwide and local tournaments plus Bridge beginner’s courses.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America 
  • Bermuda Duplicate Bridge Unit 198 - Displays game schedules, upcoming events, and details on sectional results and directions.
  • BridgeAtSchools, Inc. - Offers Bridge lessons for children. Details include the board of directors, the association's history, and registration procedures.
  • ACBL District 18 - Official page of district 18 bridge players. With information on its member units and clubs, tournaments, and regional guidelines.
  • American Contract Bridge League - Provides resources for members, players and teachers. Displays particulars on the organization profile, master points, and district units.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > Canada 
  • Bridge Connection – Ottawa’s West End Club - Provides list of the club’s rules during contests, details on the venue, and calendar of events. Also includes news and contact particulars.
  • The Bridge Fokes - Specializes in providing lessons and games for beginners and intermediate players; with information on the course list, games schedule, and location provided.
  • MC and G Bridge Studio - Offers games that have hand records produced by “Deal Mater Pro”. Contains details on upcoming events, game results, and club races.
  • Canadian Bridge Federation - Official site of the Canadian group of Bridge players. Presents an events calendar, news, and membership information.
  • Arc-en-Ciel Bridge Club - Dedicated to the gay community of Bridge enthusiasts. Consists of club overview, location details, and activity pictures.
  • Dunes Duplicate Bridge Club - Located in Port Franks. Game schedules, updates on scores and tournament listings are provided.
  • Edmonton Bridge Society - Information on the club’s staff, membership, and games. Also includes daily competition results and contact details.
  • Hamilton Bridge Center - Full-time ACBL-affiliated club. Contains details on game schedule, results, and events plus articles and information on offered workshops.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > United States 
  • United States Bridge Federation - Selects and supports US teams in international competitions. Contains overview about the organization, details on membership, and an events calendar.
  • American Bridge Association - Provides tournament trail and results, posts master points and races, and includes membership application.
  • District 14 Bridge League - Showcases a map of all the places affiliated with District 14's Bridge league. Presents resources for events, contests, and competition winners.
  • District 19 Organization - Comprises the areas of Alaska, Washington, and British Columbia. Presents information on its governing body, competition calendar and results, and resources.
  • ACBL District 20 - Covers N. California, N. Nevada, Hawaii, Guam, SW Washington and Oregon. Contains game results, details on convention card utility, and district map.
  • District 25 - Covers the areas of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Comes with details on upcoming tournaments and results.
  • District 3 - Information on the district’s upcoming events, news and player rankings, and game results provided.
  • District 5 - Includes players from Western New York, Western Maryland, Eastern Ohio, and Pittsburgh. With details on its board of directors, members, and tournament results.
  • District 6 - Conducts 4 regional games per year and covers the areas of Maryland, all of Virginia, and Washington DC. Posts district activities, results, and related links.
  • District 11 - Functions in the unit areas of Kentucky, Central and Western Ohio, Southern Indiana and West Virginia. Presents details on upcoming events and membership list.
  • District 17 ACBL Association - Includes facts on the district bylaws, list of directors, and regional game results. Also details events and member accomplishments.
  • Contract Bridge Forum - Resource for the group's tournament calendar, competition results, contact particulars, and related links.
  • Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference - Covers Districts 6 and 7 of the ACBL. Contains details on upcoming regional and sectional games, club names, and list of MABC members.
  • District 10 Mid-South Bridge Conference - Features the district's message board, with information on recent tournaments and players and club game results included.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > United States  > Alabama 
  • Alabama Bridge Association: ACBL Unit 157 - Details on the unit’s club list, officials and board meeting minutes. Also includes information on upcoming competitions and results.
  • Bridge Club of Anniston - Serves Duplicate players in Oxford and surrounding areas. Presents particulars on game results, classes offered, and photos.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > United States  > Alaska 
  • ACBL Unit 425 - Hosts two sectionals and a regional game each year. Contains details on the unit's location, schedules, and list of upcoming events.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > United States  > Arkansas 
  • Village Card Club - Displays tournament results, list of district's board, and membership details. Also posts game results and master points.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > United States  > California 
  • ACBL District 21 - Supports Duplicate games for players in Northern California. With information on schedules, contest conditions, and convention charts provided.
  • ACBL District 23 - Features tournament schedules and results. With details about the district's officers, clubs, and board meetings.
  • Barrington Bridge Club - Venue located in Sta. Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles. Contains the organization's news, schedule of activities, and details on offered lessons.
  • Dana Harbor Bridge Center - Houses ACBL Unit 538 District 22. Provides game schedule, a location map, and list of club events.
  • LaFetra Bridge Club - Contains play and bidding articles, details on game schedule, tournament results, and fee rates.
  • South Bay Bridge Club - Details on the club schedule, lessons offered, game results, and unit news presented.
  • ACBL Unit 500 - Provides scheduled weekly duplicate tournaments and Bridge lessons. Contains particulars on membership, an events calendar, and list of member clubs.
  • Stanford University Bridge Club - Offers weekly games for beginners and experts. Includes meeting schedules, news updates, and details on competitions.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > United States  > Colorado 
  • Colorado Springs Bridge - Home of the Unit 360 of ACBL. Lists the club's game schedule and tournaments.
  • Denver Bridge - Offers classes for beginners and returning players. Shows scheduled tournaments and special games, details on area clubs, and a winner’s gallery included.
  • MARS Associates Bridge Club - Provides summary of annual activities, an interactive tutorial session, and a downloadable card game program.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > United States  > Connecticut 
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > United States  > Delaware 
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Organizations  > North America  > United States  > Florida 
  • Florida Unit 128 - Details on upcoming tournaments, changes of ranks, and lists of club members by area. Also includes game results and a list of master point leaders.
  • Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club - Honored as a 3-star club by the ACBL association. Includes details on the club's board of governors, calendar of activities, and game results.
  • Fran Kaufman Bridge Club and School - Offers Duplicate and Newplicate games for beginners and advance players. Provides club overview, details on offered classes, and contact particulars.
  • Koz's Duplicate Bridge - Contains details on games listings, current events, and game results. Also includes information on the lessons offered and related links.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Personal Pages 
  • Baker, Robert - Teaches various courses on players of all levels. Contains information on the classes list, resources and learning programs.
  • Blume, Jeanni - Registered teacher and paid partner of Bridge playing. Shows details on the player’s game contributions and experiences, photos and events calendar.
  • Companile, Migry Zur - Proffers Bridge lessons and tuition. Displays particulars on the course outline, links and photos.
  • Cooper, Kitty - Bridge champion that offers lessons and teaching materials. Includes manual downloads, articles and recommendations.
  • Cronin, Paul - ACBL accredited Silver Master available for tournaments. Contains information on his Bridge career profile plus contact details.
  • Deas, Lynn - Offers coaching, teaching and playing sessions on Bridge games. Presents information on the services proffered, game-play tips and contact particulars.
  • Franz, Erwin - Offers interactive Bridge lessons and workshops. With information on his career profile, a sample hand-play and related links.
  • French, Marvin - Presents his personal handbooks and articles on Bridge-related topics. Shows list of his writings, autobiography and related links.
  • Haarlem, Gijs - Presents Bridge bidding systems and related articles. Includes details on some examples.
  • Hand, Jeff - Presents information on the classes and presentations handled, Bridge events calendar and hiring availability.
Top  > Games  > Card Games  > Trick Taking  > Bridge  > Publications 
  • American Bridge Series - Covers bidding and play techniques for all skill levels. With the book outline, style samples and authors’ profile.
  • Bridge Today University - Magazine on Bridge-related articles, lessons and resources. Presents information on its membership, subscriptions and archives.
  • Australian Bridge Magazine - Features the content of the current issue. With particulars on AB standard bidding system and subscription details.
  • Bridge Clues - Offers products for improving Bridge playing skills. Contains information on bid play definitions, example flash cards and related links.
Top  > Games  > Internet  > Browser Based 
  • Fantasy Soap League - Internet-based game designed after fantasy football. Characters, gameplay information, glossary, and related resources.
Top  > Games  > Internet  > Browser Based  > Collections 
  • - Provides a collection of browser based games available for free online play.
Top  > Games  > Video Games  > Strategy 
  • Thrillville - Simulation and strategy video game centered on theme park management.

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