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  • Advanced Debugging System for CICS - Operates by menus, action codes, and free-form commands and debugs at both the source and object levels. It supports all OS/390(MVS) and VSE versions of CICS, and Assembler, PL/1, C/370 and all versions of COBOL.
  • Cobol Access Plus - Gateway between Cobol applications and database technology for Unix and Windows systems by RLDT.
  • COBOL to e-Business Migration Services - Advertises one of the leading suppliers of tools and services for modernization of legacy applications.
  • CyberMetrics - PowerStructure COBOL flowchart and structure chart tool generates structure charts from COBOL source automatically. Educates about the COBOL program logic, flow diagrams, and flowcharts.
  • Flexus COBOL Page - Automatically migrate existing COBOL screen definitions to Windows or open systems. Flexus offers user interface conversion tools and services for COBOL programmers.
  • Fujitsu NetCOBOL - COBOL compilers for Windows, .NET, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux along with Mainframe migration tools.
  • Group3Developments - Migration specialists from the Unisys CTOS operating system to Windows. ConneCT-OS is a series of tools and products that will take legacy COBOL programs up to Windows/Unix.
  • Micro Focus - Offering a scalable suite of COBOL development environments for the effective integration, extension, development and deployment of enterprise applications.
  • RainCode - Quality control and assessment tool that can take virtually any COBOL code available today, measure it against sophisticated user-defined compliance rules, and even perform automated patches on the source code.
  • TANDEM To ANSI C Conversion Suite - AEI's complete TANDEM SCOBOL, COBOL-85, and TAL to ANSI C conversion automation tool.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Cobol  > Commercial Products and Services  > Resource and Trainings 
  • Barker Pacific Group - Specialists in IMS, DB2, CICS and COBOL Training.
  • Caliber Data Training - Providing IT training to corporate clients since 1987. The curriculum includes COBOL, TSO/ISPF, Dialog Manager, DB2, SAS, Easytrieve, JCL, and Project Management.
  • COBOL Gold Mine at ILS International - Experts on Cobol migrations and conversions provide various resources on the subject including advanced Cobol technologies, training, support, and consulting services.
  • COBOL Report Writer - Introduction, Tutorial and Reference for COBOL's report writer feature (including latest developments) plus assistance and information for users of SPC Systems' software.
  • COBOL ReSource - Provides a very complete VS environment in Unix. It contains the Wang COBOL 85 compiler, a robust indexed/consecutive/relative file system ported from the premium Wang XDMS VS product, the Wang Procedure Interpreter, and a host of other components built by Wang from the original VS source code.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Cobol  > Commercial Products and Services  > Services 
  • Ajilon Services, Inc. - Collaborative approach designed to leverage existing investments in legacy systems.
  • ASYSCO's LION Technologies - Convert, migrate and replatform UNISYS mainframe COBOL applications to Windows three-tier systems automatically, offering Browser and thin client interfaces to SQL database solutions.
  • Datatek - Automated COBOL services. Examples illustrate the types of problems Datatek has helped customers solve.
  • Jerome Garfunkel Website - International COBOL consultant and author.
  • Progeni Corporation - Specializes in tools/services to solve Y2K problems and convert/migrate existing COBOL applications to open information environments and e-business platforms.
  • Siber Systems - Contains COBOL parser, COBOL Program Tree, and COBOL Code Generator that together form a base on which all other CobolTransformer products are built.
  • Source Recovery Company - Recovers missing COBOL or Assembler source code for the IBM mainframe environment.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Cobol  > Commercial Products and Services  > Software Development 
  • C-Cubed Inc. - Offering a way to reuse existing legacy systems and business logic from new Internet-based, or client-server, application, the company site allows the user to find downloads, support, and contact details.
  • LegacyJ Software - Tools bring together the capabilities of COBOL and Java technology with the flexibility of Java for Client/Server and Web applications.
  • Lemo Cobol Development Tool - IDE for Cobol developers. It supports project management, syntax highlighting, source navigation, code auto completion, syntax analysis.
  • Liant Software Corporation - Provides RM/COBOL, as well as the Relativity COBOL data access product, the Cobol-WOW GUI application builder and many other COBOL application development tools.
  • Lion Developer - Replacing Unisys COBOL or LINC/EAE code and develop in an open environment with any database.
  • SoftwareMining - Tools and services for Business Rule extraction from COBOL and CA-IDEAL code, translation of COBOL and COOL:Gen to Java or C#, COBOL rehosting and refactoring, and HTML documentation of existing code.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Cobol  > Commercial Products and Services  > XML 
  • COBOL XML Interface - XML generator and parser subroutines written in pure COBOL II. Runs on any COBOL II platform, in batch or on-line modes.
  • XMLBooster - XML parser generator for COBOL.
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  • Advanced COBOL for Structured and Object-Oriented Programming - Details a book by Gary DeWard Brown. A pre-millennial update to the classic COBOL resource. This reference has been updated to address the current realities of life as a COBOL programmer, focusing on client/server applications and featuring a hands-on tutorial on implementing object-oriented COBOL.
  • COBOL Programming Books - Descriptions of various COBOL programming books for purchase.
  • MIke Murach and Associates - Online catalog of Mainframe book titles. Subjects include MVS/JCL, COBOL, DB2, CICS, VSAM, and MVS/TSO.
  • Standard Object-Oriented Cobol - Book by Ned Chapin. Covers the new syntax in COBOL-97 and stresses the design that must be done before a COBOL program is written.
  • Successful COBOL Upgrades: Highlights and Programming Techniques - Book by Young Chae and Steven Rogers. Offers a concise primer on how newer versions of COBOL differ from older ones still in circulation, outlines programming techniques for new features, and highlights advantages, obstacles, and surprises programmers may find along the way.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Cobol  > Publications  > Resources 
  • The COBOL Center Bookstore - Learning resources for COBOL and COBOL programming.
  • COBOL Gold Mine - International site where technical staff and management can discover and learn about the possibilities of the new COBOL/OO COBOL. Free International discussion forum.
  • Year 2000 in a Nutshell - Addresses the Year 2000 computer dilemma, providing a compact compendium of solutions and reference information useful for addressing the problem. Includes a comprehensive COBOL quick reference, plus reference for date-related functions.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Cobol  > Standards 
  • COBOL-85 Test Suite - Details a product of the National Computing Centre, UK that is used to determine the degree to which a COBOL processor conforms to the COBOL standard.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Ruby  > Software  > Rails  > Articles 
  • Code Generation: The Real Lesson of Rails - Weblog article treats static versus dynamic code generation: Can Java have some of the benefits of Rails by taking a wrapping rather than a mapping approach to persistence? (March 16, 2006).
  • What Is Ruby on Rails - Curt Hibbs explores parts of RoR to show the sources of its productivity gains and flexibility. Descriptions, instructions, screenshots. [] (October 13, 2005).
  • Rails vs. PHP: MVC or View-centric? - Brief article compares 1.0 prerelease RoR, with PHP, for prototyping Web applications, in context of Model-View-Controller.
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  • About Ruby - Scripts and libraries, Pcap libpcap interface, Python embedded in Ruby, Ruby SWIG module. By Masaki Fukushima.
  • AESCrypt - Program to encrypt/decrypt streams of data using Rijndael and Cipher Block Feedback mode (CFB-128), for shell scripts and Ruby.
  • BioRuby - Software library whose goal is to implement integrated environment for bioinformatics research in Ruby.
  • HighLine - High level library containing software that deals with text user interfaces, and command line interfaces. Robust formatting has word wrap, paging, and list handling.
  • LoveRubyNet - Software archive that contains many projects authored by Minero Aoki, namely: Racc, LALR(1) Perser generator, TMail, Mail Class (implements MIME multipart, more), and strscan. English and Japanese versions.
  • Rinn - CORBA for Ruby. Goal: a pure Ruby version based on CORBA-Ruby Mapping Specification.
  • Ruby as Glue Language - Ruby bindings for several libraries, programs, with readme files.
  • RubyCocoa - Ruby/Objective-C bridge for Mac OS X with Cocoa; Cocoa bindings for Ruby. Allows native OS function mixins and GUI component use, write Cocoa programs in Ruby, mix Ruby and Objective-C code, create and use Cocoa objects in Ruby scripts. English, Nihongo. [Open Source].
  • RubyUnit - Simple testing framework for Ruby. Descriptions, downloads.
  • RUDL Library - Interfaces the Simple Directmedia Library to Ruby, giving it high speed graphics, sound, and input abilities. Links to related projects. [Open source, LGPL].
  • WxRuby - Ruby bindings to the wxWindows cross-platform toolkit; documents, references, Wiki, downloads. [Open source].
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Ruby  > Tools  > Module 
  • AspectR - Module adds simple aspect-oriented programming concepts to Ruby; allows wrapping code around extant methods in classes, which separates different concerns into different parts of the code. [Open Source, GPL].
  • Numerical Ruby - Modules: NArray class for Numerical N-dimensional Arrays; Quanty (units) class containing value and unit, for automatic unit conversion and calculation; link to PGPlot graphics library interface.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Ruby  > Tools  > Resources 
  • Hipster's - Dozens of Ruby programs. Examples: reverse dependency tool, simple HTTP daemon, vim syntax coloring, Design by Contract, Literate Ruby, Fibonacci generators, generic XML generator.
  • MySQL/Ruby - MySQL API module (extension library) for Ruby; gives same functions to Ruby programs that MySQL C API gives to C programs.
  • RDE: Ruby Development Environment - Integrated Development Environment, mostly a GUI wrapper of debug.rb with editor, Windows only. Screenshot, description, downloads: old, new.
  • Rockit - Ruby O-o Compiler construction toolKIT; easy-to-use, written in and emits Ruby code. Current focus: 'front-end' phases of compiler construction; generates lexer and parser (more advanced than yacc's LaLr(1), grammars in Extended Backus-Naur form.
  • Ruby/GP - Genetic programming library in Ruby.
  • RubyInline - Analog to Perl's Inline::C, allows embedding C external module code in Ruby scripts directly; code is compiled and run on the fly, as needed. [open source, MIT License].
  • RZBD - Ruby Zebedee: 100% compatible clone (protocol, configuration file), can be used by Ruby scripts easily like standard Socket API. Zebedee is simple program to form encrypted, compressed tunnel for TCP/IP or UDP data between two systems.
  • Yoshidam's Secret Page: Ruby - Information on Ruby, powered by his XML module. Modules: XMLParser, Uconv, Oracle, VFlib3, Perl, Multibyte Extension for String class, Syslog; Libraries: Unicode, Susie Plugin, DirectDraw for Ruby, MDN.

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