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  • Perltoot - Fundamental guide to the object-oriented Perl language including its class data, inheritance, meta-classical tools, and proxy methods.
  • FreeSkills: Perl - Collection of tutorials covering wide array of topics and program samples.
  • FreeTechBooks: Free Perl Books - Title list of Practical Extraction and Reporting Language-related text, with book excerpts and reviews.
  • Perl: Downloading the Latest Version of Perl - Provides accessibility to the programming language’s featured edition on source codes and binary distributions.
Top  > Computers  > Programming  > Languages  > Perl  > Modules 
  • Apache: HTTP Cookie Class - Perl interface on Libareq routines based from Lincoln Stein’s CGI cookie module. With description of each method.
  • SourceForge: Apache Htaccess - Presents Perl module applications with .htaccess files. Available for download.
  • Mod_perl: Apache/Perl Modules - Features several modules of Perl and Apache, includes short descriptions of each.
  • Perl Cache - Modules utilized in web applications for storing data. With ReadMe file, sample code, and Cache interface documentation details.
  • CDDB / CDDB_get - Perl module that needs Linux, CD-ROM drive, and Internet connection for getting audio CD. Includes version list and history.
  • - Customary library used in designing CGI scripts written in Perl language. With tutorial examples, tips and hints, and featured books.
  • Class Date Perl Module Documentation - Provides sample data type. Includes manual, version history, and subversion repository.
  • Fatalmind:Config - Module in Perl scripting language for caching files. Supplies user guide, Perldocs, and changelog.
  • Daemon: Config - Features Perl module used for opening and parsing file contents. With sample configuration code.

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