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Top  > Computers  > CAD and CAM  > Development 
  • Building Block Software - Provides insights regarding boundary offset products along with documentation and coaching comments.
  • Cadmai - Provides detailed descriptions of CAD systems along with downloadable photos and video animation.
  • Component Ingenuity, Inc. - Committed to providing .NET components to assist developers in building solutions in AutoCAD DWG and DXF file formats.
  • CurveTrainer - Presents a geometric calculation designed to help programmers regarding the theory and techniques of two-dimensional curves.
  • - Committed to providing a wide range of 2D and 3D end user applications and development tools.
  • - Presents graphics and CAD components for Delphi Win32 and dotNET development systems.
  • Picture means 3D. Dinsight - Focuses on projects for the advancement of geometrical analysis, 3D simulation, and optimization software.
  • Geometry Handling Library - Serves as a C functions library of 2-D and 3-D geometric calculations.
  • IntegrityWare, Inc. - Enables 3-D component technologies for various computer industries through representational and computational components.
  • Kotem Technologies Inc. - Specializes in providing solutions for metrology and geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing.
  • Ledas Ltd. - Features a software company that provides PLM components for the automation of industrial processes.
Top  > Computers  > CAD and CAM  > Directories 
  • Architosh - Presents a web portal for Macintosh-based CAD 3D and AEC professionals and students.
  • CAD Forums - Displays an online community for AutoCAD, Solid Works, Pro/Engineer, Cadence, and MicroStation users.
  • Cad Users Ring - Provides a forum for developers and users of CAD tools.
  • - Presents CAD add-ons, plug-ins and content collections for online shopping convenience.
  • CAD Digest - Contains details on technically advanced software and procedures along with CAD-related articles.
  • - Compiles tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, and downloads provided just for CAD users.
  • - Presents a web-based marketplace designed to assist AD, CAM, CAE, AEC, MCAD, engineering and technical companies.
  • MCAD Forums - Serves as an online resource for engineering, design and consulting professionals.
  • - Compiles various links categorized by subject for CAD professionals.
Top  > Computers  > CAD and CAM  > Education 
  • CAD Center - Presents a postgraduate teaching and research unit that specializes in computer support and design methods for various engineering applications.
  • Everett Community College - Presents a community college based in Washington State that offers training in CATIA.
  • K street Publishing - Offers CBT CDROM AutoCAD training by Paul Karius, a license contractor and architect.
  • Kishwaukee College - Committed to offering courses in Microstation, AutoCAD, and Solidworks brand software.
  • Space CAD - Focuses on providing lessons for students to create two-dimensional drawings, orthographic projections, sectional views, and isometric.
  • - Presents an online training for Mastercam and AutoCAD.
  • Tech Ed Concepts, Inc. - Highlights a company that distributes CAD and CAM software products across North America.
  • Westech College - Features a post-secondary learning institution that prepares students an occupation in the fields of design, medical, and business.
Top  > Computers  > CAD and CAM  > Employment 
  • CAD Ground - Endeavors to meet the needs for an online platform in the fields of automation, engineering, and CAD drawings.
  • Cad JobMart - Designed to assist engineers and other CAD/CAM professionals in finding the right career.
  • IndustrySearch.Com - Presents a directory of CAD/CAM industrial suppliers and manufacturing companies.
  • CAD Talent - Serves as professional employment resource that connects employers and talent in the CAD industry.
  • - Presents a job resource for EDA, MCAD, GIS, AEC, and PCB professionals.
  • - Displays a database for professionals containing job openings for engineers and designers.
  • - Specializes in providing CAD, CAE, and CAM job opportunities.
  • - Presents an online community for Information Technology recruiters and employers.
Top  > Computers  > CAD and CAM  > Magazines and E-zines 
  • Up Front.eZine - Compiles various articles about CAD, graphics, and the Internet by Ralph Grabowski.
  • AEC Newsroom - Highlights a navigation device that allows to manipulate data found in applications such as Acrobat 3D, CAD, and 3D animation software.
  • AECbytes - Displays a newsletter that focuses on technology products and services by Lachmi Khemlani.
  • - Presents an e-magazine that focuses on software and hardware products for Auto CAD and other 3D modeling programs.
  • Cadalyst - Features a web resource for CAD managers and users to realize productivity in terms of management and purchasing decisions.
  • CADInfo.Net - Contains news and information on CAD/CAM, automated design, technical drawing, visualization, and manufacturing.
  • Computer-Aided Design and Applications - Provides an independent, international peer-reviewed technical journal for computer-aided design and manufacturing applications.
  • Design Drawing - Displays a web-based magazine that focuses on technical design and drawing tools, which include Visio, Actrix, SmartSketch and iGrafx.
  • Digital CAD - Covers computer-aided design technologies, hardware, tips and techniques and various other facets of the CAD realm.
  • Eli Journals - Committed to providing computer technology journals and information products.
  • Solid Works Community - Contains case studies, tips and tricks and other related information for users of SolidWorks.
Top  > Computers  > CAD and CAM  > Parts Libraries 
  • CAD Parts - Specializes in prototype development while giving emphasis on electronic and product design services.
  • ThomasNet: CAD Models - Focuses on providing design professionals, engineers, and architects component drawings from various industry standard formats.
  • - Fosters online subscription of 2D views and 3D models in CAD file formats.
  • Catalog Data Solutions - Aims to assist industrial distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers through an online module for the selection of new designs.
  • Virtual CAD - Highlights a design engineering company for the aerospace and automotive industries.
Top  > Computers  > CAD and CAM  > Personal Pages 
  • AutoDesk Rendering - Recalling the early days of AutoDesk tools by Brian Carl Bahr.
  • - Compiles articles that entails on drafting and technical drawing.
Top  > Computers  > Data Communications  > Telephony 
  • World Wide Telecom - Provides a call back service that may vary in accordance with the country of origination through a US network.
  • Martin Dawes Systems - Focuses on providing billing and CRM solutions to communications sector and turnkey enabler services.
  • Mediatel Data - Strives to generate professional applications for specific fields of CTI that include call centers, phone banking, and voice over IP platforms.
  • Modem Tools - Presents software that revolves personal modem into a controlling telephony device.
  • Mountain Systems Inc. - Specializes on the advancement of caller ID and computer telephony software products for Windows-based PCs.
  • NANPA: North American Numbering Plan Administration - Committed to providing a telephone numbering plan throughout the area.
  • NBX Help Desk - Serves as a resource page for all concerns about the 3Com’s NBX business telephone system.
  • NeuStar, Inc. - Provides clearinghouse services to the communications industry. Comes with product reviews and contact information.
  • NexPath Corporation - Manufactures computer-based telephone systems that include PBX functions, voice mail, auto-attendant, and computer telephony integration.
  • Optimal Communications - Offers communications services that include data and cabling, fixed, and mobile voice.
  • Ozefax - Provides telecommunication services such as faxing solutions for various businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Top  > Computers  > Data Communications  > Telephony  > Recorders 
  • Telrex - Provides VoIP recording and monitoring solutions for call centers.
  • VLR Communications - Committed to providing telephone recorders for call centers, hospitals, transportation dispatch, and public safety.
  • Veritape - Highlights a company based in Manchester, United Kingdom that is committed to reducing the cost of voice recording.
  • Versadial - Offers solutions in telephone recording both in hardware and software for various business industries.
  • Firstline Business Systems - Specializes in providing solutions for voice and document technology across Washington and Vancouver.
  • Voice Recorders Ltd - Supports systems in both commercial and government organizations by supplying digital voice and data recording solutions.
  • Wilmac - Provides voice-recording solutions for call center monitoring. Comes with product reviews and details on services offered.
  • Weston Digital Technologies - Manufactures a wide range of voice recording and logging solutions. Contains corporate profile and contact information.
  • ZOOM International - Committed to providing call recording and contact center management solutions for users of IP telephony.
  • Telephone Recording Software - Focuses on providing web-based facilities for managing call recordings.
Top  > Computers  > Data Communications  > Telephony  > Voice Response Systems 
  • TeleHold - Highlights an audio-marketing company that focuses on manufacturing messaging programs both for large and small business industries.
  • SwiFTcall Communications - Specializes in providing technology in electronic communications services.
  • Telenium - Features a communications company that offers solutions for various public and private business sectors throughout Canada.
  • TeleVoice - Shares details about call these call center solutions which serve various companies in North America by providing solutions based on recent telephony technologies.
  • Tele-Works Inc. - Focuses on providing inbound and outbound communication solutions for utility agencies and local governments.
  • TERAVoice Server - Supports productivity among business industries by optimizing telephony communications.
  • True Data Technology - Offers call center solutions, VOIP software, voice mail and computer phone systems and other related products.
  • Voice Technologies - Focuses on providing products and services with regards to computer telephony, notification requirements, and Interactive Voice Response.
  • Worldly Voices - Committed to providing digitized voice files in various languages and formats.
  • Xtend IVR - Presents an application development toolkit designed for generating telephone-based interactive systems.
Top  > Computers  > Internet  > Searching the Internet  > Search Engines  > Google 
  • Google Catalogs - Comprehensive collection of merchant-provided catalogs from different parts of the world.
  • Google Alerts - Providing email updates on the latest relevant Google results and web developments based on set preferences.
  • Google Image Search - Portal to comprehensive image searching on the web, from one of the leading and most prominent search engine companies.
  • Google Homepage - Customizable search, news, utilities, and other information services from Google. A wide range of gadgets available.
  • Google Patent Search - Search tool locates patents issued in the United States and maintained in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Top  > Computers  > Internet  > Searching the Internet  > Search Engines  > Specialized  > Books 
  • Google Books - Google-powered tool for finding full-text books online. With a book search blog and information for publishers.
Top  > Computers  > Software  > File Management  > Search 
  • Google Desktop - Desktop search tool, organizer, and viewer. Also features an array of gadgets for desktop and sidebar customization.
Top  > Computers  > Software  > Internet  > Clients  > WWW  > Browsers  > Mozilla  > Firefox  > Extensions 
  • Google Notebook - Online service allows web surfers to take down notes within their browsers, on the current page notes are to be taken for.
Top  > Computers  > Usenet  > Feed Services 
  • News.Individual.NET - Serves as a worldwide provider of various newsgroups from a variety of hierarchies.
  • - Features a Usenet newsgroup provider that allows access to the web browser through an NNTP or web-based newsreader software.
  • NB News - Presents a resource page for new users to gain insights about Usenet optimization.
  • Power Usenet - The company which developed this Usenet delivery service provides details about the service, and claims to have access to the most extensive Usenet clusters there are.
  • Newsgroups - Provides access to a variety of binary newsgroups along with custom news rover software.
  • Supernews - Focuses on providing solutions to different ISPs and service providers giving emphasis on the benefits of outsourcing.
  • Tera News - Strives to allow newsgroups to gain access on free uncensored, NNTP news server.
  • - Designed for various platforms and lifestyles by allowing binaries downloading and news reading.
  • Usenet Ranger - Provides an overview about this Usenet provider along with details on services and contact details.
  • - Offers NNTP newsgroup access and downloads of thumb-nailed videos and images.
  • - Committed to providing various service plans both for text newsgroups and binary down loader.
Top  > Computers  > Usenet  > Web Based 
  • - Provides solutions for Windows, Unix, Linux, hardware and network problems.
  • BuzzardNews.Com - Provides access to uncensored Usenet newsgroups. Comes with news and contact information.
  • HighDots Forums - Features a web-authoring discussions newsgroup. Includes FAQs and calendar of events.
  • Mailgate - Provides access to a variety of newsgroup hierarchies across Italy.
  • - Committed to providing access to unfiltered and uncensored newsgroups.
  • Microsoft Newsgroups - Fosters technical discussion to specific products and technologies.
  • MCSE Brain dumps - Committed to providing a web-based access to various computer-related Usenet groups.
  • - Network News Archive - Provides access to unfiltered and uncensored Usenet newsgroups under the categories of computer, recreation, science, and society.
  • - Permits access to a wide range of newsgroups by utilizing preferred NNTP newsreader or the direct read news web interface.
  • NewsReader.Com - Usenet Newsgroup Service - Features a web-based interface demonstration along with FAQs and links to related sources.
  • - Provides access to text only newsgroups along with registration details as one requirement for posting.

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