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  • Kelsey’s Basic HTML Tutor - Guide and instructions for the language. With information on basic codes, tags and images plus tables, CSS and character maps.
  • Ken Ward’s HTML Tutorial - Contains details on HTML topics and lessons along with the course outline.
  • HTML Tutorials - Instructions on changing size and color, placing pictures and adding links using the language tool.
  • McJeff’s HTML 101 - Details on lessons offered, web designing requirements and overview of tags covered as well.
  • Newbie Web Design Help - Contains details on DOCTYPE declaration, Meta and Title tags, color and layout applications. Includes information on images, tables and validation.
  • HTML Tutorial - Shows particulars on creating web sites, tables, forms and frames as well as JavaScript and style sheets.
  • HTML Tags Basics - Contains details on formatting text, background and images as well as making links.
  • HTML and Web Design Tutorial - Offers web building lessons for students. With particulars on programming language elements, tags, graphics and techniques in search engines.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Applications 
  • DARPA Agent Markup Language - Facilitates the concept of the Semantic Web with particulars on DAML, recent announcements and related links.
  • DITA Forum - Discussion about the XML-based Darwin Information Typing Architecture, hosted by Don Day and Michael Priestley. Contains information on the resources and authors.
  • Simulation Project – Geometry Description Markup Language - Primary geometry implementation language that also provides a geometry exchange format for the existing applications. Presents details on installing GDML, example file and its latest releases.
  • JSpeech Markup Language - Details on JSML elements and DTD along with the steps of its processing, XML declaration and text structure.
  • Meta Content Framework Using XML - Displays information on the basis of MCF, data model and representation. Also includes details on examples and appendices.
  • Cover Pages: Molecular Dynamics Language - Article that discusses MoDL's functions with information on references and links to related topics.
  • XML Cover Pages: DSML - Stores information on the development of Directory Services Markup Language. Contains list of its references.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Applications  > ebXML 
  • ebXML - News updates presented and details on specifications, core components and subscription information.
  • ebXML – A Critical Analysis - Comprises a series of articles on the recent ebXML initiative. With particulars on its context, architectures and interoperability.
  • ebXML Implementations - Lists the known ebXML implementations with particulars on the entries included.
  • ebXML Registry Reference Implementation Project - Displays details on the current outcome of the projects, documentation and instructions on contributing information.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Applications  > VoiceXML 
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Applications  > VoiceXML  > Hosting 
  • BeVocal VoiceXML 2.0 - Provides SOAP-based services to host applications. With details on its usage, basic tutorial and samples.
  • CPT International Inc. – Voice Harbor - Telephony platform that provides hosting capacity for VoiceXML, speech and multi-modal applications. Contains information on the services offered and industry partners.
  • MTI Speech IVR Hosting - Hosts IVR applications. Features details on the services offered, benefits and hosting options plus FAQs and related links.
  • Tellme.Studio – VoiceXML - Information on the list of VXML elements supported by the interpreter. Also contains details on development tools and community resources to publish VXML applications.
  • Visibridge VoiceXML IVR Solutions - Offers hosting services based on W3C open standards. Contains details on its features and applications.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Applications  > VoiceXML  > Implementation Platforms 
  • Envox Communications Development Platform - Offers VoiceXML platform for development of Interactive Voice Response. With information on its key features and benefits plus components included.
  • Intervoice – Omvia Voice Server - Implementation of VXML; with details on MRCP in connecting to TTS and ASR engines.
  • OptimTalk – VoiceXML Platform - Provides VoiceXML 2.0 and CCXML compliant interpreters. With details on SRGS and SISR implementations, application and current news.
  • PublicVoiceXML - Information on the software's functions, technical support and sample applications plus news, related links and downloading procedures.
  • SandCherry Apprun VXML Platform - Delivers touch-tone and voice automation capabilities and is compatible with Windows and Solaris. Presents details on its applications and functions.
  • VeraServ - Voice Processing Platform - Provides universal access via a standard telephone-to Website content. Contains details on its scalability and flexibility, standards and application versatility.
  • VoxPilot Open Media Platform - Enables delivery of next generation interactive DTMF, speech and multimedia services on a single platform. Contains details on the software's IP convergence and its modular architecture.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Applications  > XUL 
  • Essential XUL Programming - Online version of the book written by Vaughn Bullard and Kevin T. Smith. Covers information on the chapter, code samples and appendixes.
  • Extensible User Interface Language - Presents details on the articles about XUL topics and issues.
  • Mozilla Amazon Browser - Searches and browses the Amazon database. With information on its system requirements and key features.
  • XULRunner - Bootstraps XUL+XPCOM applications which has the same capabilities with Firefox and Thunderbird. Highlights information on its tutorials and releases.
  • PrefBar 3 - Information on current versions, installing procedures and documentation.
  • XUL Applications - Software for Nestscape 7 and Mozilla. With particulars on the extensions, FAQs and update information for tracking latest versions.
  • Amoeba Role Playing Game Engine - Based upon a game XML language designed in the style of early Final Fantasy games. Contains details on its development and downloading process.
  • Gnusto - Mozilla application that interprets adventure games. Presents information on its installation procedure, version compliances and recent releases.
  • XULmine - Extension for the Mozilla browser which runs the Minesweeper using JavaScript and the Gecko layout engine. Presents information on installing procedure, source code and screenshots.
  • OneClick Sidebar - Currently includes calculator, cuneAform OE, BattleShip and MineSweeper. Shows details on the software applications, features and news.
  • Chameleon - Theme builder tool for Netscape to apply graphic designs to the browser. Displays particulars on the tool features, installation process and documentation.
  • Fooling with XUL - Article by Edd Durnbill providing instructions on the use of XUL to add a new sidebar to Mozilla. Contains information on the step-by-step demonstration and links to related topics.
  • Introductory Tour of Mozilla’s XUL - Article by Nigel McFarlane detailing instructions for developing web applications using basic XUL.
  • MDC – XUL Event Propagation - Highlights details on the event model in XUL as well as instructions in handling places in the interface. Includes particulars on adding an Event Listener.
  • XUL Tools and What They Mean - Written by Ian Oeschger that explains details on the various XUL components with their corresponding functions.
  • XUL Provides Cross-Platform UI - Presented by Eric Krock providing explanation on the benefits of using XUL as well as its applications.
  • Easing Browser Interface Development - Article about the details on creating a browser interface using common languages, as reported by Paul Festa, staff writer of CNET
  • MDC – XUL Reference - Contains information on the elements and attributes that the Mozilla XPToolkit widgets support. Includes details on the structure of valid XUL documents.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Consultants 
  • Andrew M. Andrews III – XML Consulting and Training - Provides consulting and training services for AJAX, JSON, XML and related technologies in extranet (B2B), internet (B2C), intranet and other back-end and front-end server development projects.
  • Crane Softwrights Ltd. - Specializes in structured text processing using the XML and SGML families of technologies. Highlights details on the services provided, announcements and related links.
  • Dakota Systems, Inc. - Assists organizations by designing, developing and optimizing IT infrastructures utilizing XML-based web services.
  • Denver Data Systems, Inc. - Specializes in XML and SGML Data Markup Technology. Contains particulars on services and case studies conducted.
  • Drybridge Consulting - Provides support for the NPTA – papiNet Fine Papers SIG. With information on the company profile, services and products.
  • EloquentiX - Specializes in J2EE and all open internet technologies. With details on the company software tools, services and resources.
  • Entelechy Corporation – XML Consulting - Services strategic business and technical implementation solutions. Includes particulars on the company news and events.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Reports 
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Style Sheets  > XSL  > Implementations 
  • SAXON XSLT and XQuery Processor - Details on implementation of different versions of XSLT, XQuery, and XPath. Includes information on the current releases of the product.
  • ShoXS – XSL-T Syntax - Contains details on a sample stylesheet and files, conversion table and instructions on ShoXS usage along with reference documentation.
  • Axizon – Tiger XSLT Mapper - Highlights information on the product features, a downloadable demonstration and auto mapping overview.
  • Unicorn XSLT Processor - Implements XSL Transformations Version 1.0. Contains information on the product extensions supported by the tool.
  • Xalan-C+ + Version 1.10 - Transforms XML files into HTML, text or other document types. Presents details on the implementation of the product, downloading particulars and news.
  • XML::XSLT - Transforms the XML document on basis of the template. With information on XSLT links, Perl and XML::Parser plus W3C recommendation on DOM.
  • XML/XSL Portal - Provides details on utilities and downloads for XSLT. Includes tutorials and resources.
  • RDDL for XSet - Enables XPath-based indexing and addressing of the XML document. Shows details on an example expansion form, element production and XML 1.0 property set.
  • XSL ColdFusion - XSLT Transformer - Details on product downloading. Also includes technical documentation and related resources.
  • XSL Report Designer V2.0 - Converts files into reports and forms with XSL-FO. Displays information on the product with instructions and sample output.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Style Sheets  > XSL  > Mailing Lists 
  • XSL-List – Open Forum on XSL - Presents details on XSL applications and implementation as well as the past discussions. With information on XSL-List subscription, posting guidelines and FAQs.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Style Sheets  > XSL  > Reference 
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Style Sheets  > XSL  > Resources 
  • Examplotron - Information on the tutorial for an examplotron schema, its attributes and controlling occurrences. Includes details on namespaces, iconic Datatypes and content models.
  • EXSLT - Provides extensions to XSLT. Contains details on dates and times plus functions and regular expressions.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Style Sheets  > XSL  > Tools 
  • Libxslt - XSLT C Library for Gnome - Free software based on libxml2. With details on Libxslt overview along with its links on tutorial, user manual and documentation.
  • Bryan’s XML Goodies - Presents information on books and utilities on XML by Bryan Schnabel.
  • Stylus Studio XML Editor - Offers XML tools suite and data integration components. Includes list of utilities proffered and purchasing details along with online video demonstrations.
  • Stylus Studio XSLT Debugger - Makes bug-free stylesheets and XML data transformation applications. With information on the tool’s features, demonstrations and extensions.
  • Xalan-Java Version 2.7.0 - Converts XML files into HTML, text or other document types. Contains information on its implementations, current releases and extensions.
  • Java Boutique – XMLtoAny Servlet - Provides content from XML source and XSL stylesheet. With particulars on its usage, status and author.
  • XSLDBG - Text-based tool that inspects stylesheets and uses the LIBXSLT. Information on instructions for its usage, requirements and limitations along with installation, testing and FAQs.
  • Jeni’s XSLT Utilities - Index of utilities for stylesheets with details on the tool's functions, instructions and sample forms.
  • XSLT-Process Mode for GNU Emacs - Details on the utility’s applications, requirements and the products it support. Includes particulars on its authors and license.
  • XSL Tunit - Information on the tool’s instructions, extensions and applications. Includes details on resources, an example form and legal statement.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Style Sheets  > XSL  > Tutorials 
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Style Sheets  > XSL  > XSL-FO 
  • Antenna House XSL Formatter - Implements new formatting objects and properties for XSL-FO 1.1. With information on its conformance, features and downloading details.
  • Apache FOP - Print formatter driven by XSL objects. Contains particulars on its primary output target, versions and demonstrations.
  • HTML to XSL to FO Converter - Supports most of the usual tags. With information on the elements it supports, architecture and official releases. Includes details on related links and PDF examples.
  • Using XSL Formatting Objects - Article by J. David Eisenberg about the major features of XSL FO. Contains information on the tool initialization, page layouts and directions as well as specifying region dimensions.
  • XMLmind FO Converter - Converts XSL-FO to various formats compatible with popular word processor. Details on the component’s versions and forms, features and samples.
  • XSL Formatting Objects Tutorial - Documented by Nikolai Grigoriev with information on font and text attributes, blocks and page layout along with graphics, advanced features and RenderX extensions.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Validation 
  • Comparative Analysis of Six XML Schema Languages - Evaluates XML DTD, XML Schema, XDR, SOX, Schematron and DSD. Contains a summary of comparisons on its features.
  • Trang Version 20030619 - Supports RELAX NG XLM and compact syntaxes, XML 1.0 DTDs and W3C XML Schema. Presents information on the tool applications, manual and links to related software.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Validation  > DTDs 
  • DTDDoc - Extension of the JavaDoc concept. With details on the tool’s advantages, installation and documentations along with an example form.
  • William R. Stanek – XML Pocket Consultant - Resource guide to XML standards and technologies that introduces DTDs. Highlights information on document type definitions and its applications.
  • DTD Tutorial - Details on the instructions on basic DTD features along with example forms and related links.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Validation  > Historical Schema Languages 
  • Document Structure Description - Information on DSD 2.0 overview, links to its specification and resource. Also includes details on its schemas, stylesheet and tutorials.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Validation  > RELAX NG 
  • RELAX Core – ISO/IEC DTR 22250-1 - Provides instructions on using the software. Includes related articles and specifications plus examples and links to relevant standard organizations.
  • RELAX NG Specification - Document that represents the consensus of OASIS RELAX NG technical committee. Cites information on the data model, syntaxes and restrictions.
  • Tree Regular Expressions for XML - Merged with RELAX to create RELAX NG that validates XML documents. Shows information on tutorials, specifications and supporting resources.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Validation  > Schematron 
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Validation  > XML Schema 
  • W3C: XML Schema Text Collection - List of new tests of the XML Schema datatypes contributed by the National Institute of Science and Technology. Contains information on the test contributing process.
  • XML Schema 2001 Reference - Based on XML Schema W3C recommendations, that consists of Schema and DTD browsers. Displays details on the main features, related links and resources.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Validation  > XML Schema  > Standards Documents 
  • XML Schema Browser - Map browser for the W3C XML Schema specifications. Contains index of terms used as well as the main concepts of the schema.
  • XML Schema Requirements - Details on the purpose, scenarios, design principles and requirements for an XML schema language.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Validation  > XML Schema  > Tools 
  • Bluetetra Software – XSDdoc 2.0 - Converts plain XML files into cross-referenced, hyperlinked HTML documents. Contains details on the tool’s features and documentation.
  • CodeSynthesis XSD: XML Data Binding for C++ - Information on the tool's applications and a summary of the key advantages of the two C++ bindings.
  • DTD and Schema Validator - Checks the XML grammars with particulars on the tool applications and other references.
  • XSD XML Schema C++ Binding Code Generator - Features an overview of XML to C++ binding operation with details on the tool benefits, sample forms and documentation.
  • OSS Nokalva – OSS XSD Tools for C/C++ - Merges XML and ASN.1 and also extends XSD-based data. Contains information on the product's technical details, enhancements and a trial download.
  • Pedro - Data modeling and entry tool for XML Schema. Displays particulars on the product’s benefits and tutorials.
  • Stylus Studio XML Schema Tools - Shows details on the features of tools offered along with their respective applications and demonstrations.
  • XBinder XML Schema Compiler - Provides API for working with the other entire message definitions within an XML schema specification. Contains details on the tool's advantages.
  • XML Schema Quality Checker - Information on the tool's functions, system requirements and FAQs plus reviews included.
  • XML Schema Validator - Validates XML documents by URL, file upload or direct input. Includes particulars on the sample forms, HTML compatibility, requirements and advantages.
  • - Provides validation of documents with details on the instructions offered, list of possible error marks and an example application form.
  • Buldocs Ltd.: xnsdoc – XML Schema Documentation Generator - Supports common schema design practices. Contains particulars on the tool’s features, examples and downloading instructions.
Top  > Computers  > Data Formats  > Markup Languages  > XML  > Validation  > XML Schema  > Tutorials 

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