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  • Mbango - Instant WAP development tool and site builder and manager. Aims to enable companies to rapidly and easily deploy their wireless presence, needless of any technical staff.
  • Minifile - Internet-powered contact management for users of WAP-enabled mobile devices including BlackBerrys.
  • TTemulator - WAP emulator providing users a view of how websites would look like through a WAP-enabled mobile device.
  • - Greeting card sending service through WAP. With a forum board, free SMS, and daily card picks.
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  • Chiral Software, Inc. - Offers enterprise web and mobile application development and developer training services. With downloads, articles, and contact information.
  • Momail - PHP script developed to enable the reading of emails on any WAP-enabled device.
  • Playdo Wapeditor - Facilitates the creation of a personal mobile homepage, uploading photos, and starting a WAP blog. With free support and WAP address.
  • Snaml - Family of web and mobile applications based on XML supporting multiple platforms including J2EE and .NET.
  • Kannel - Open source WAP and SMS gateway designed to optimize the market potential for WAP services from both wireless operators and specialized service providers.
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  • 2WBMP - WBMP converter enabling the conversion of images to wireless bitmap format. Converts from GIF to WBMP, JPEG to WBMP, bitmap to WBMP, and more.
  • WBMP EMS - Commercial PHP script converting JPEG, GIF, and PNG conversion into 64-color WBMP.
  • WBMP File Generator - Utility designed to convert or create WBMP files used in WAP pages. Features clipboard functions, converts to grayscale, and is compatible with JPG, GIF, NOL, NLM, NGG, and BMP file formats.

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