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  • Mitchell Powered Parachutes, LLC - Sells, services, repairs new and used powered parachutes and offers training.
  • Arizona Powerchutes - Sells powered parachute flyers and offers training.
  • SkyTrails Ranch Inc. - Offering introductory flights and powered parachute training and sells powered parachutes.
  • Montana Powerchutes - Offering performance design powered parachute wings, helmets, intercoms, radios.
  • Wiley Wales - Providing light sport aircraft instruction and sales, used and new powered parachutes and trikes, and aerial and stock photography.
  • Tevis Aviation Inc. - Buys and sells aircraft, light sport and all other small aircraft and powered parachute parts.
  • Airframes Unlimited - Designing and manufacturing powered parachutes.
  • Skycruiser Manufacturing Inc. - Manufacturer of powered paragliding equipment made in the United States, frames, trikes, quads, accessories.
  • Powerchuters - Specializes in powered parachutes exclusively, offering flights in a secluded environment.
  • The Ultralight Place - Providing powered parachutes, rotax engine repair, ultralight flight training.
  • SoftWing Flight, LLC - Offering powered parachutes and introductory flights.
  • Eagle Air Sports, LLC - An authorized dealer of the Powrachute product line and offering professional powered parachute flight lessons and sport pilot training for people ages 18 and up.
  • Air Born Paraflite, LLC - Offers new and used powered parachutes for sale, flight training, sport pilot light sport aircraft ground school and discovery flights for those that just want to take a ride.
  • Infinity Power Parachutes - Manufactures airframes and chutes for powered parachute vehicles.
  • Heldeberg Designs LLC - Manufactures powered parachutes and offers ground school training courses for powered parachute pilots and basic/ultralight flight instructor training.
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  • Aerospace Consulting Group, Inc. - Provides specialized technical consulting services to the aerospace industry, satellite designers, manufacturers, operators, for short and long term assignments.
  • Pacific Aerospace Consulting Inc. - Specializing in mission planning systems, data links and avionic systems.
  • Aerospace Consulting - An independent wireless, rf, gps, microwave, wireless, and analog design, development, and consulting firm.
  • Townsend Aerospace Consulting, LLC, - Provides expert advice to the aerospace industr, including government agencies such as NASA and NOAA.
  • Phoenix Aerospace Consulting Group - Provides a broad range, depth of industry knowledge and a practical business understanding with a focus on avionics and aircraft systems.
  • Baere Aerospace Consulting, Inc. - Specializing in aerospace material management, specifically fuels, lubricants, adhesives, paints, and other organic coatings and seals.
  • Maine Aerospace Consulting - Providing development of dynamic math models for fixed-wing aircraft, launch vehicles, missiles, UAVs, UUVs, satellites, multi-body systems, rigid and flexible-body effects.
  • Hoyle Aerospace Consulting - Services include aircraft technical acceptance, interior completion management, exterior paint management, conformity inspections, aircraft technical audits, pre-purchase inspection management.
  • Putnam Aerospace Consulting - Engineering consulting and tech support, engine management and maintenance programs, Stage 3 Hush kitting support, sales and leasing.
  • Groves Aerospace Consulting Inc. - Specializing in Beech turbine aircraft, parts, exchanges, expendables, rotables, airframe.
  • Consulting Aviation Services, Inc. - Provides experienced aerospace engineers for short or long term projects to Lockheed Martin and other aerospace companies.
  • Defense & Aerospace Integrators, LLC - Providing defense manufacturers with defense aerospace integration and management consulting expertise.
  • Game-Change - Specializes in business process improvement for aerospace and defense companies.
  • Eagle Force - Providing management system consulting and training.
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  • Leier Lighting - Manufactures LED lighting including spotlights, bulbs, corn lights, street lights, as well as tube lighting.
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  • Caris Life Sciences - Specializes in developing and commercializing pathology services, molecular profiling, and blood-based diagnostic technologies.
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  • Underline Communications LLC - Relationship marketing agency offering strategic interactive programs aimed at connecting businesses and customers.
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  • Getting Healthier - Offers health products and information to help prevent illness or regain health.
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  • PhotostockPlus - Allows users to sell photos online with image upload and marketing tools.

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