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  • MacLean Power Systems - Manufacturer of automatic splices and bolted connectors, silicone rubber non-ceramic insulators for transmission, distribution and substation applications, hollow core insulators, surge arresters, guy and foundation anchors.
  • Hubbell Power Systems - Manufactures tools, insulators, arresters, pole line hardware, cable accessories, test equipment, transformer bushings and polymer precast enclosures and equipment pads.
  • A-Aerial Service Company - Manufactures pole line hardware, aerial and underground equipment and tools for telephone and CATV construction.
  • Kortick Manufacturing Company - Manufactures pole hardware, allthread rod, braces, bands, crossbars, connectors, insulators, ladders, plates, pole steps, shear plates and tools.
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  • Associated Substation Engineering, Inc. - Provides engineering, design, and material packaging of electrical high voltage substations to the power industry.
  • VI Engineering - Specializes in engineering and design of high voltage substations, transmission lines, distribution lines, and electric power systems.
  • Realtime Utility Engineers, Inc. - Providing substation and transmission line engineering to electric utilities.
  • Power Systems Development Inc. - Providing engineering and design, procurement and construction of substation, transmission line and power distribution systems.
  • Saber Power Services, LLC - Offers engineering of electrical power systems for commercial, industrial, and utility installations.
  • HMT, Inc. - Provides electrical testing, calibration, maintenance and repair service of high and medium voltage industrial and commercial electrical equipment and low voltage switchgear.
  • High Voltage Service, Inc. - Providing transformer services, switchgear services, electrical equipment maintenance, electrical testing, repairs, replacement and circuit breaker remanufacturing.
  • High Voltage Maintenance - Provides life cycle support, startup and commissioning, predictive and preventive maintenance, arc flash, turnaround and outage services, repair and retrofit and engineering services.
  • B.J. Baldwin, Inc. - Providing electrical construction, high voltage and line construction, substations, engineering, panel assembly and control system design.
  • Michigan Switchgear Service, Inc. - Providing ground fault testing, transfer switch maintenance and repair, generator excitation retrofit, voltage regulator testing and repair, power monitoring equipment, installation and start-up, new substation start-up.
  • Applied Energetics - Provides solid state high voltage and particle accelerator systems, ultra short pulse laser systems with high average power and high pulse energy.
  • High Voltage Electric - Specializes in high voltage testing and maintenance, including locating underground cable faults, splicing, terminating, testing circuit breakers, power monitoring, calibrating protective relays, and infrared thermal inspections.
  • Southwest Energy Sytems, LLC - Provides electrical testing, field evaluation and conformity services.
  • Specialty Engineering, Inc. - Providing equipment testing and maintenance of high voltage equipment, ranging from 5kV through 230kV, including oil, air, vacuum and SF6.
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  • PF Services Co. - Specializes in the engineering and installation of power factor correction systems.
  • Carolina Precision Switchgear, LLC - Specializing in circuit breaker refurbishment, preventive maintenance, switchgear inspections, testing, infrared thermography surveys and technical support.
  • Rapid Power Management - Offering energy procurement, engineering services and strategies to define power factors.
  • Staco Energy Products Co. - Offering power factor correction equipment.
  • Professional Power Products - Manufactures custom enclosures, UL tanks, load banks, control panels, switchgear, and trailers for industrial, commercial and utility applications.
  • NRG, Inc. - Supplying power factor correction, electric power system services and supplies.
  • T-Enterprises, Inc. - Offering distributive generation, power engineering, gas engineering. Power quality monitoring, diagnostics, grounding and capacitor installations.
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  • PSP Products Inc. - Offering commercial and industrial surge protection devices.
  • Advance Products & Systems LLC - Offering surge protector products and systems designed for industrial, commercial, military and residential applications.
  • Brick Wall - Manufactures surge protectors in 15 and 20 amp versions with 2 and 8 outlets.
  • Protection Technology Group - Manufactures surge protectors, EMI protection, grounding and bonding products.
  • DEHN, Inc. - Manufacturer of lightning and surge protection products for electrical and electronic equipment and systems.
  • Total Protection Solutions - Manufactures breaker panel surge suppression and power filtering products.
  • PSP Products Inc. - Manufactures from 80,000 amp surge suppressor brick type units to 1,000,000 surge amp modular units with fused disconnects, surge counters, audible alarms, diagnostics, dry contacts, noise filtration and flush mount kits.
  • Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc. - Providing circuit protection, electromechanical, enclosures and accessories, industrial control, instrumentation, interconnect wire and cable.
  • Surge Guardian - Offers plug in surge protectors and ups back-up systems for home and office.
  • Surge Pure - Providing surge protection devices in different protection levels, ranging from models designed to protect residential buildings to models that will protect commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Delta Surge Protectors - Sells lightning arrestors, surge protectors and data line circuit protectors.
  • MDS Power Inc. - Selling uninterrupted power supplies, power inverters, power conditioners, battery chargers, power supplies and rectifiers, DC/DC converters, frequency converters and surge protection.

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