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  • BR Patterns - Makes patterns for all types of clothing for women, men, boys and girls.
  • Fabricad Design - Offering design, colouration and fabric printout service for printed designs including designs for the fashion, workwear, childrens and nursery markets.
  • Flynt Amtex - Contract cutter of ladies apparel, children’s sportswear, men’s casual apparel and sportswear, as well as industrial uniforms.
  • High Grade Patterns and Design Services - Offers patternmaking and grading services.
  • Martin Wicksman - Pattern making service for men's, women's, and children's apparel provides computerized grading and marking.
  • Master Pattern - Offers a variety of services from design to engineering, protoyping to spec sheets.
  • MIG Pattern Cutting Services Ltd - Pattern cutting, grading and marker making for the clothing, garment and sewn products industry.
  • Pattern, Grading, and Marker Services, Inc. - Provides patterns, grading and marker services.
  • Sally Beers - Apparel fit consulting and technical design service offering freelance patternmaking and design using traditional or computer aided methods.
  • Vermont Fiber Designs - Publishes sweater patterns for hand knitters, from beginner to experienced.
Top  > Business  > Business to Business  > Apparel  > Tools and Equipment 
  • Alba Machine Trade Co. Ltd. - Production of ironing sets, steam boilers, steam genarators used in garment industries.
  • Alvanon - Providing full service, integrated fit solutions for the apparel industry with expertise in fit consulting and the creation and implementation of customized fit mannequins and tools.
  • Brongo - Producer of industrial washing and dyeing machines for the treatment of ready made garments and linen washing machines.
  • CAD Modelling Ergonomics S.r.l. - Creating anthropometric body models, dress form mannequins, anthropometrical mannequins.
  • Exeter Research - Performs research, testing, product design and development, litigation support, and marketing support services for companies in the sports and fitness industry.
  • Forenta - Manufactures and markets garment presses, steam-air finishing machines, conveyors, dry cleaning machines.
  • Global Model Forms - Manufactures dressmaker forms and model forms for street and sportswear, bridal and cocktail, bathing suits, mens and young mens, childrens, girls, toddler and infant.
  • MDM, Inc. - Manufactures tag attaching machinery for the textile industry such as the Elastic Staple system for packaging socks, towels, door mats, cloth swatch samples, toys, tools or anything else that can be attached to display cards, riders or header cards.
  • Vechiarelli Bros, Inc. - Dress forms, sewing supplies, pattern paper and cutting machines.
Top  > Business  > Business to Business  > Financial Services  > Loans  > Payday Loans 
  • My Payday Cash Advance Loans - Provides payday cash advance loans with no application fee, no credit check and quick approval with funds deposited overnight.
Top  > Business  > Directories 
  • AtList - Offers an online business directory and search engine along with articles about a wide variety of topics.
Top  > Business  > Shopping and Services  > Beauty  > Skin Care  > Lotion and Cream 
  • Skin MD Natural - Provides information about this product which is referred to as a shielding lotion. Also provides reviews, research results and retail store locator.
Top  > Business  > Shopping and Services  > Education  > Test Preparation 
  • Manhattan Review - Multi-national educational services firm offers GMAT and TOEFL preparation, MBA and management training boot camp and certificates. Also offers career and college admission advice for those pursuing an MBA.

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