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  • Zombie Keeper - Posts a collection of horror movie reviews and related news from amateur fans.
Top  > Arts  > Music  > Bands and Artists  > Gill, Vince 
  • Vince Gill - Official Website with biography, updated news, tour dates, and merchandise. Also with a fan forum.
  • Vince Gill Lyrics - Vince Gill lyrics sorted by album title. Includes Best Of Vince Gill, Essential, For Love of the Game Soundtrack, and High Lonesome Sound.
  • MCA Nashville - Record label providing media clips, desktop wallpaper, and photos.
  • UMG Nashville - Touring dates listed along with news and photo gallery. Also with downloads.
  • Vinnyfans - Features games, MIDI files, and chat room. E-cards and photo gallery also provided.
  • Pollstar - Tour dates listed by date.
  • - Vince Gill News - News collected by various Web resources.
  • Who2 Profile - Single paragraph biography with extra facts.
  • Harmony Central - Guitar chords listed alphabetically.
  • Skinny's Wav Collection - Assortment of Vince Gill WAV files.
  • Meta Critic: These Days - Reviews of the Vince Gill album, These Days.
  • Meta Critic: Next Big Thing - Next Big Thing album reviews by critics and fans.
  • - Website with Vince Gill summary, in addition to credits, trivial tidbits, and quotes.
  • Poem Hunter - Multiples Pages of Vince song lyrics.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Theater  > Troupes and Companies  > North America  > United States  > Missouri 
  • Kansas City Repertory Theatre - Premier fully professional resident theater company of the Kansas City metropolitan area.
  • Ragged Blade Productions - Founded in 1996 and has provided the St. Louis area with quality original theater.
  • TheatrGROUP Theater Company - Information on theater workshops, theater and film related links, the Actors Studio, with a photo gallery of member artists.
  • Tin Ceiling - Non-profit organization dedicated to providing alternative entertainment to the St. Louis community.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Theater  > Troupes and Companies  > North America  > United States  > New Jersey 
  • Bergen County Players - Official website of the organization containing information such as shows, tickets, auditions, contact details, and members forum.
  • Cabaret Theatre - Longest standing student-run theater at Rutgers University.
  • Community Theatre - Non-profit organization presenting a wide range of programs that entertain, enrich, and educate the diverse population of the region.
  • Cranford Repertory Theatre - Official homepage containing information on new and past shows, rehearsal schedule, auditions, tickets, cast and crew of shows, mailing list, and contact details.
  • NJTheater.Com - Free service directory owned and maintained by James M. Curran.
  • Pax Amicus - Information including events list, show schedules, company history, maps, and contact details.
  • Playwrights Theatre - Community of professional playwrights, theater artists, and arts educators that provide opportunities for writers to develop their works in a nurturing environment and to connect with new audiences.
  • Princeton Repertory Company - Information about the Shakespeare Festival, and other productions, as well as on educational programs, play laboratory, arts and business partnerships, and contact details.
  • Princeton South Asian Theatrics - Contains information including company history, press reviews, current shows, and contact details.
  • 4th Wall Musical Theatre. Inc. - Non-profit organization in residence at the 12 Miles West Center for the Arts at 562 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, NJ.
  • Tri-State Actors Theater - Non-profit theater located in northwest New Jersey.
  • Two River Theater Company - Provides information about the company, on tickets, shows for the current season, past productions, location, and contact details.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Theater  > Troupes and Companies  > North America  > United States  > New York 
  • Horse Trade - Has been focused on creating a self sustaining, non funded, live theatrical entertainment company.
  • Mabou Mines - Avant-garde theater company that emphasizes the creation of new work either from original texts or through the adaptation of existing texts staged from a re-imagined point of view.
  • Alleyway Theatre - Founded in 1980 and aims at developing and producing new plays and musicals.
  • Animated Theaterworks - Not-for-profit production company with the unique program in developing theater called the InterActive Play Development.
  • Axial Theatre - Westchester-based ensemble of theatre artists dedicated to the creation of provocative, relevant new plays.
  • Bamboo and Bone - Offer productions that fuses theater, poetry, and shakuhachi.
  • Blue Roses Productions, Inc. - Contains information such as company history and mission, members, shows for the current season, calendar of shows, productions, reviews, contact details, and photo gallery.
  • Bogie's Mystery Tours - Offers interactive mystery entertainment for any event.
  • Crucial Arts Productions - Registered Charity in New York that aims to support, produce, promote, and present performance and visual media that celebrate the diverse artists and artistry of people of color.
  • Ensemble Studio Theatre - Not-for-profit developmental theatre founded in 1972.
  • Galinsky - Digital home of the actor, writer, producer, and director.
  • Geva Theatre Center - Established in 1972 by William Selden and Cynthia Mason Selden, staging 11 full productions each year.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Theater  > Troupes and Companies  > North America  > United States  > North Carolina 
  • Blowing Rock Stage Company - High Country's only professional theater at the Mariam and Robert Hayes Performing Arts Center.
  • Actor's Theatre of Charlotte - Contemporary professional theater in Charlotte.
  • BareBones Theatre Group - Not-for-profit independent theater organization, which relies on the support of its audiences and patrons.
  • Broach Theatre Company, Inc. - Professional not-for-profit theater company dedicated to challenging artists and audiences by presenting imaginative and stimulating productions for children and adults.
  • Burning Coal Theatre Company - Features information about the company, the current season, tickets, theater classes, press reviews, playwright's lab, and contact details.
  • Children's Theatre of Charlotte - Contains information of the shows of the current season, on education programs, touring group of the company, volunteers program, auditions, staff and board, and on how to make contributions to the theater.
  • Flat Rock Playhouse - Designated as the State Theatre of North Carolina in 1961.
  • Matthews Playhouse - Established in 1995 and has been producing full season plays and classes for young audiences.
  • North Carolina Theatre - Feature shows of the current season, as well as provide information about the company, on shows and tickets, auditions, and contact details.
  • Touring Theatre Ensemble of North Carolina - Educational touring theater for children and adults founded in 1981.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Theater  > Troupes and Companies  > North America  > United States  > Ohio 
  • Intuition Theatre - Feature reviews of shows and provides information about the company, on performances, and community involvement.
  • Actors' Summit - Professional theater with the aim to present theater created by Ohio artists for entertainment and enrichment of culture in the community.
  • Rosebriar Shakespeare Company - Has been a player on the Columbus theater scene since 1990.
  • Shadowbox Cabaret - Sketch comedy and Rock' n' Roll Club.
  • 34west Theater Company - Provides information on the company, booking, making a contribution, groups and schools, and location.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Theater  > Troupes and Companies  > North America  > United States  > Pennsylvania 
  • American Historical Theatre - Official website of the company containing information such as history, programs for character, school, and women, calendar of events, online press, museum consulting services, Victorian Music Hall, and contact details.
  • Arden Theatre Company - Full service professional regional theater, offering quality theatrical and educational productions and programs for artists, audiences, and students in the greater Philadelphia region.
  • Bristol Riverside Theatre - Bucks County's first Equity Regional Theater.
  • Dry Bones Productions - Pittsburgh's only G-rated, family oriented traveling production company.
  • The Forrest Theatre - Philadelphia's premier venue for live theater.
Top  > Arts  > Radio 
  • Sirius XM - Satellite radio and Internet radio provider with over 75 channels of commercial-free music and exclusive talk programming.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Conceptual 
  • Brotherton, Marc - Features contemporary art paintings, artist information, events details, and contact details.
  • Re, Jr., Bernard - Professional and personal site of lyrical expressionist artist Bernard Re, Jr.
  • Hirst, Damien - Covers artist information and famous "Freeze" artwork, artist exhibitions and publications, and selected press.
  • Hallard, Brent - Offers a works gallery, archived online exhibitions and contact information.
  • Chesnut, Fritz - Features artist works on the concept of media exposure and celebrity worship, plus biography, news update, and curriculum vitae.
  • Sosic, Robert - Contains exhibitions, paintings, installations, and performance art. Includes bio and reviews.
  • Halleckson, Lindsy - Features upcoming shows, portfolio of multiple medium paintings, and textual information by artist Lindsy Halleckson.
  • Gietl, Jessie - Showcases original chaos on canvas art exhibit, information on artist profile, and details about the chaos theory.
  • Angelis, Niko - Provides virtual gallery of paintings, 3D, photography, animations, and digital art.
  • Zibeon, Win - Collection of original paintings by painter Win Zibeon with details about dealer inquiries.
  • Hart, Aryen - Displays original artwork collections of pigment or polymer on aluminum and steel.
  • Groebel, Matthias - Displays artist background, studio details, offers a catalog and contact details.
  • Hedrick, Wally - Showcases artist profile, exhibit details, selected paintings and collections, and contact lists.
  • Sternheim, Gerhard - Annual collections of original paintings and digital art by artist Gerhard Sternheim.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Contemporary 
  • Setch, Terry - Provides collection of recent artwork images, gallery details, and artist biography.
  • Scott, Marsh - Art studio of Marsh Scott featuring paintings, sculpture and public artistry.
  • Steinem, Robert - Showcases oil paintings about architectural, snow scenes, and reflected light imagery.
  • Souza, Francis Newton - Compilation of paintings, drawings, and writings by Francis Newton Souza.
  • Stover, Craig - Information about original paintings, auctions, posters, and catalog details are provided.
  • Suhr, Anne Valérie - Presents drawings, pastels and contemporary paintings with artist interviews and catalogue details.
  • Sossa - Showcases electronic gallery of recent paintings with contact information.
  • Tiana Marie - Features current collection of original works, art courses, and exhibition details.
  • Tiede, Laura - Art gallery of original oil, acrylic, and pastel paintings and drawings.
  • Topley, Will - Displays drawings and illustrations, portraits, still life, and landscape paintings by Will Topley.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Egg Tempera 
  • Bergt, Michael - Features the artist’s collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures.
  • Demarco, Michelle - Gallery of egg tempera artworks with details about the art and the artist.
  • Dumoux, Raymond - Offers 35 monumental paintings collection in egg-tempura. Includes workshops and exhibit details.
  • Hardy, Fran - Offers artist’s portfolio, gallery and museum show, and details on the artist’s techniques used.
  • Mankowska, Katarzyna - Information about the icons and temperas painted on wood along with sample images of works.
  • Miliken Rob - UK artist features his exclusive paintings using egg tempera along with stonescapes and computer art.
  • Novko, Svetlana - Displays hand-painted icons and greeting cards by Svetlana Novko through his icon gallery.
  • Wessel, Fred - Offers artist’s biography, paintings and drawings, and details on workshops in Italy.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Encaustic 
  • Andrew, Simon - Presents artist’s profile and images of artwork creations.
  • Bossom, Michael - Displays collections of images of encaustic artworks by Michael Bossom.
  • Enslev, Torrez Carolyn - Compilation of oil, watercolor, and encaustic paintings and sculptures are being displayed. Resume and contact details included.
  • Gregg, Gail - Collection of painting, collage, photography, and writings by Gail Gregg.
  • Roche, Barbara - Offers gallery of paintings, drawings, and collages with artist’s biography.
  • Shahid, Mona - Presents art gallery, statements, and artist’s curriculum vitae.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Expressionism 
  • De Vanter, Van - Gallery of paintings by Van De Vanter presents information about artist’s statements.
  • Domondon, Frederico - Singer and artist displays his works on oil and acrylic paintings.
  • Feleppa, Raymond - Horse racing art themes, prints, and paintings by Raymond Feleppa.
  • Fontaine, Paul E - Contains the life and works of abstract expressionist painter plus details about artwork exhibitions.
  • Fox, Richard H. - Figurative and expressionistic in oils and watercolor works by the artist.
  • Fraser, Carol Hoorn (1930-1991) - Presents watercolor and oil paintings by the Canadian artist with details about her and her works.
  • Fuller, Martin - English artist with limited edition prints, and gallery of original figurative paintings and drawings.
  • Geiser, David - Collection of paintings by contemporary artist plus information on upcoming shows and exhibits.
  • Goldini, Claudio - Artist and doctor of medicine present expressionist paintings, drawings, and mono prints.
  • Grass, Clara - Features artist portfolio containing background information, photos of work, and updated facts.
  • Gribin, Liz - Showcases paintings and hand-colored etchings with limited edition prints.
  • Grisant, Alice - Showcases collection of recent watercolor and pencil artworks by Alice Grisant.
  • Hades, Lena - Showcases photo archive of the Russian contemporary art.
  • Hafftka, Michael - Features paintings, etchings and drawings by the contemporary artist plus information about the artist.
  • Hall, Michael - Presents selection of abstract expressionist paintings, latest works, and reproductions by artist Michael Hall.
  • Hall, Sydney - Contains artist’s paintings about still life, landscape and garden plus details about articles.
  • Harris, Andrea - Presents gallery of expressionist paintings about figures, portrait, nature, and still life.
  • Hartman, Ruth - Displays series of paintings, drawings, and photographs by the visual artist.
  • Hilts, Molly Cliff - Showcases paintings in wax, and oil by Molly Cliff-Hilts with details on encaustic technique, and upcoming projects.
  • Hoile, Wendy - Displays recent figurative paintings in thumbnails that cover portraits, still life, and illustrations.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Mixed Media 
  • Babcock, David C. - Displays creative works such as animations, studio arts, and designs by David C. Bacock.
  • Battistella, Robert D. - Gallery of paintings and photographs by the Robert D. Battistella with statements included.
  • Benrey, Lizet - Presents artist’s biography and gallery of mixed media artworks.
  • Brandon, Judith M. - Artist’s portfolio and details of upcoming exhibits and reviews.
  • Brodeur, Paulette - Displays Paulette Brodeur’s contemporary mixed media artworks.
  • Calef, Nancy - Gallery presents oil and 3D paintings of people juxtaposed in ordinary situations while humorously addressing issues facing society.
  • Carothers, Cole - Exhibits collections, portfolio, and recent works along with artist’s resume.
  • Coffman, Chuck - CHC-Art founder offers background, portfolio of music-inspired portraitures, and contact information.
  • den Hertog, Michael - Online gallery presents abstract media paintings in mixed media by Vancouver artist Michael den Hertog.
  • DePaola, Wilfred - Features original art in mixed media from the studio of Wilfred DePaola.
  • Galor, Liliana - Art-Zent offers artworks and art prints plus contact details.
  • Saccaro, Claude - Presents recent paintings, archives, and artist’s information.
  • Sobek, Richard P. - Commercial, graphic, and fine artist furnishes gallery, photographs, profile, references, and exhibits.
  • Walker, Robin Ann - Art Girls Gallery presents contemporary fine art paintings of Robin Ann Walker. Includes information about the artist and special events.
  • Waltking, Adrienne - Displays past and recent art creation with artist’s resume presented.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Pastels 
  • Allaire, Anne Gable - Displays sample of fine artworks as well as articles by Anne Allaire.
  • Allison, Brooke - Collection of pastel, charcoal, and oil paintings with artist’s biography presented.
  • Antonelli, Cynthia Blair - Array of recent pastel paintings are being displayed.
  • Bartlett, Melissa - Artist’s studio features animal and landscape pastel art with purchasing details provided.
  • Castro Jr., Arcadio - Displays colorful, dynamic pastel paintings depicting such themes as professional boxing, baseball, and other sports figures.
  • Christine upstairs - Gallery of pastel paintings usually figurative, influenced by folklore and dance.
  • Hall, Jessica - Original pastel paintings of landscapes, florals, and portraits are being presented.
  • Hartman, Lesley, Ann - Displays gallery of Lesley Ann Hartman’s Arabian horse pastel paintings.
  • Hartmann, Glenna - Offers pastel paintings of mountain tops, beaches, rolling hills and canyon themes. Includes calendar, gallery and workshops.
  • Dahl, Sandi - Pastel painting artist specializing in landscapes, drawing on her travels, and memories.
  • Edwards, Helen - Presents details on upcoming exhibitions, recent works, portraiture, and gallery.
  • Kelley, John - Displays recent pastel works by John Kelley.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Photorealism 
  • Monroy, Bert - Digital photo-realist painter provides personal information, work gallery, and contact details.
  • Flack, Audrey - Contains artist’s biography, artwork gallery, and articles.
  • Codytsa, Soryn - Gallery of artwork with artist personal information.
  • Baeder, John - Biographical entry about the artist’s with painting gallery and contact details.
  • Ziger, Ole - Features art gallery, artist’s profile, and exhibit details.
  • Loeb, Damian - Historical overview about the gallery plus art details and updates.
  • Mills, Steve - Photo realist painter offers original artworks and personal information.
  • Hoppe, Curt - Displays gallery of new paintings and photographs with artist’s biography.
  • Cross, Mark - Features publications, artworks, photos, and articles.
  • Schonzeit, Ben - Displays museum collections and artwork gallery plus artist’s personal information.
  • Goings, Ralph - Contains artist’s information, work gallery, featured articles, and contact details.
  • Arvid, Thomas - Displays collection of artworks by Thomas Arvid.
  • Hoyt, William B. - Contains exhibit facts, artist’s information, art processes and fine prints.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Pop Art 
  • Shag: The World of Shag - Page content includes news update, gallery shows, merchandise, and artist’s biography.
  • Baseman, Gary - Features reviews and show details, personal facts, updates, and work gallery.
  • Pilon, Mark Atomos - Showcases art projects and works, artist’s profile, and contact details.
  • Wiggins, Grant - Offers painting and exhibit information, collectors detail, and contact facts.
  • Keane, Margaret - Collection of big eye paintings and mixed media drawings.
  • Schorr, Todd - Home page contains gallery, biography entry, merchandise, news updates, and contact details.
  • Godard, Michael - Shows art gallery, artists profile, event calendar, and forum page.
  • Samaras, Isabel - Displays art paintings and illustrations including press releases, news, and merchandise.
  • Perez, Michael - Pages of art images including artist’s biography.
  • Britto, Romero - Presents personal information, painting gallery, event calendar, and special projects.
  • Buick, Sunny - Covers news update, artwork details, press releases, and contact particulars.
  • Ausgang, Anthony - Offers museum update, art gallery information, merchandise, and latest news.
  • Chase, Jason - Presents artist’s biography, painting gallery, and press releases.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Portraits 
  • Zamba, Larry - Presents artwork and portrait images, calendar of events and contact details.
  • Zeitler, Gisele - Displays architectural and animal portraits, and sculptures. Includes artist information and gallery.
  • Life Likes Portraits - Features dog, horse and cat oil paintings with personal biography of the artist.
  • The Jazz Masters Series - Biography of the artist and gallery of jazz paintings, custom made prints, lithographs and sketches from live gigs.
  • Solie - List of museums and galleries with artist’s biography and images of portraits, sculptures and commercial illustrations.
  • John Silver Fine Arts - Images of art products in canine, sporting, equestrian, figurative and fantasy.
  • Stalker, Geoff Portraits - Displays images and details of portrait process and portfolio of works.
  • Siobhan - Collection of figurative lanterns, timed landscapes and traditional paintings.
  • Saunders, Patrick - Presents details of workshops and the artist with images of artworks.
  • Trevor Stubley - Personal profile of the artist and images of academic portraits, landscapes and recent paintings.
  • Stein, Linda - Gallery of sculptures, paintings and essays with artist’s personal biography and press cuts.
  • Seemel, Gwenn - Contains personal biography of the artist, contact details, and various portrait images by category.
  • Steinbrunner, JC - Portfolio of recent paintings and personal information of JC Steinbrunner.
  • Surrency Studio - Portrait portfolio, details of fees and terms with artist’s personal information.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Realism 
  • Parsons, Herbert - Artwork gallery offered with writings and biographical information.
  • Anderson, Steve - Covers artist’s information, art gallery, aviation models, and sculptures.
  • Abraxas - Online gallery featuring artwork details, studio facts, and artist’s profile.
  • Allen, Krystal - Realist painter of watercolor landscape showcases artwork gallery and ordering details.
  • Akins, Tamlyn - Page contains gallery information, artist’s profile, and news update.
  • Annesley, Jennifer - Online studio of Canadian artist Jennifer Annesley features personal information and exhibit details.
  • Arndt, Roger D. - Showcases artwork gallery, center information, shop and studio tour, and news updates.
  • Abel, Nava - Artist’s page features art gallery and personal profile.
  • Arsenault, David - Showcase exhibit details, artist’s biography, critical essays, and art works.
  • Amendola, Dominique - Page resource includes artist’s profile, art and realism gallery, workshops, and contact details.
  • Anderson Mandette Art Gallery - Married team of Arizona artists provide dual galleries of artwork, with bios for both.
  • Adams, Lorrie - Collection of custom works with contact details.
  • Allen, Melynn - Brief overview information about the artist’s plus featured works and logo designs.
  • Artaud, Georges - Presents art work gallery and images, portraits, and artist’s biography.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Realism  > Contemporary Realism 
  • Audette, Anna Held - Contemporary woman artist provides collection of paintings on abandoned machinery and industrial ruins.
  • Fraser, Scott - Features contemporary realism artworks with image galleries, and artist’s information.
  • Juergens, Manfred - Online exhibit of selected artworks plus personal entries and media clips.
  • Whitehouse, Ben - Displays catalogue of artist’s paintings and commissioned works along with exhibits and museum details.
  • Raffael, Joseph - Page content includes artwork gallery, exhibit facts, studio details, and personal information.
  • Magee, Alan - Biographical entry about the artists plus gallery of featured artworks.
  • Collins, Jacob - Highlights on artist’s teachings and art gallery.
  • Baker, Mary - Contemporary realist painter provides art gallery, studio information, and contact facts.
  • Chandler, Shari - Selections of art images plus artist’s information and contact details.
  • Sprick, Daniel - Includes portfolio, available works, profile detail, and contact particulars.
  • Davis, Richard Thomas - Painting gallery, personal biography, and purchasing detail are provided in this page.
  • Leib, Christopher - Offers imaginative painted images. Also supplies the artists biographical details and contact info.
  • Beers, Kevin - Compilation of original artworks with featured personal information.
  • Frederick, Linden - Artist’s biography with image gallery and mailing list.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > Surrealism 
  • Conrad, Christina - Home page contains artist’s information and art gallery.
  • Cotton, Will - Artist’s biography with featured painting gallery are being presented.
  • Cusimano, Joseph - Contains video clips and art collections of this metaphysical surrealist artist.
  • Diehl, Bernd K. - Artist biography, work collections, and page resources are provided.
  • Doidge, Elizabeth - Background information about the artist with gallery of paintings.
  • Donikian, Simon - Provides life summary, art gallery, available works, and contact details.
  • Du Xinjian - Displays painting collections, artist’s biography, and article publication.
  • Eberle, Dick - Dick Eberle’s art collections with his personal information are featured.
  • Finity, Cliff - Features painting and drawing collections, and artist’s biography.
  • Franklin, Karl - Presents art and writing gallery by Karl Franklin.
  • Gilbertson, Darren - Artist’s biography with featured gallery and exhibit schedules offered.
  • Gorin, Igor - Features biographical note about the artiss, gallery details, exhibitions, and artist’s work reviews.
  • Gritsiyenko, John - Russian surreal artist featuring personal information, work gallery, and contact details.
  • Scally, Gwyneth - Contains art gallery of her scarlet toned paintings, artist statement, and curriculum vitae.
  • Hall, Philip - Presents painting and sculpture collections, including artist’s resume and contact details.
  • Harper, Dennis - Shows media collections and artist’s personal information.
  • Heald, Tony - Selections from the artist’s works with artist profile, exhibitions, and commissions info.
  • Hoey, Wayne - Contemporary painter featuring biographical information, painting gallery, and contact details.
  • Hughes, Richard - Features painting gallery, exhibit facts, and artist’s biography.
  • Sabraw, John - Presents art images of this Associate Professor of Art. Includes his bio and artist’s statements, and resume.
  • Kahn, Scott - Collection of original paintings with information about the artist.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Painting  > Painters  > The Human Figure 
  • Christine Rosamond - Contains information about the late artist and list of her artworks.
  • Lev Russov - List of publications with details and images.
  • Susan Stone Salas - Details and images of paintings, portraits, sculptures and poetry with personal biography.
  • Rose Ann Samuelson - Gallery of paintings in various themes with personal information about the artist.
  • Satish - Personal biography and selection of figurative and abstract paintings.
  • Art Pages - Displays various art pages by different artists.
  • M. Simmons Presley - Artist’s personal background and work details with available works of landscape, botanical, and figurative studies.
  • Aaron Smith - Displays images of paintings with details and artist’s resume.
  • Elisa Terranova - Artist’s personal background, resume, reviews and art gallery.
  • Michael Tice - Private collections of paintings, drawings, watercolors and prints with artist’s profile.
  • Jan Tichy - Contains pictures of various artworks, writings, exhibitions and news.
  • Nicoletta - Images of artworks in acrylic, watercolor and pastel with artist’s personal information.
  • Core Art Productions Amsterdam - Features images of paintings, works in progress, and process of painting.
  • Toos Van Holsten - Personal information, expositions, publications and gallery of oil paintings, lithographs and sculptures.
  • Yvonne Van Woggelum - Personal background and portfolio of works by Yvonne Van Woggelum.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Sculpture  > Sculptors  > Casting 
  • Glenna Goodacre - Gallery of artworks by world renowned large-scale bronze sculptor. With brief descriptions of sculpture.
Top  > Arts  > Visual Arts  > Sculpture  > Sculptors  > Glass 
  • Leap, J. Kenneth - Collected works of the architectural glass designer with details of his current projects and description of the different techniques used in his work.
  • Friedman, Lance - Gallery of Lance Friedmans’s sculptures with sketches. Reviews and details of his shows also provided.
  • Donlin, Martin - Biography and portfolio of glass artist with list of commissions and awards.
  • Weinstein, Nikolas - Collection of lighting and contrasting glass sculptures with details about the glass artist.
  • Gant, Anne - Artist portfolio with details on her other projects and contact information.
  • Sand, Tolans - Cold worked glass sculptures and other artworks with artist biography.
  • Fisar, Marek - Gallery of artist’s glass pyramids and sculptures with contact details.
  • Gudiño, Rosalba - Collection of artist’s glass sculptures with downloadable wallpaper available.
  • Pozniak, Janusz - Collection of glass sculptures and articles about the artist and his work.
  • Du Grenier, Robert - Sculptures for corporate awards, cosmetic packaging, premium incentives and promotional displays.
  • Heilman, Chris - Artist’s catalogue of glass sculptures and gallery of details of where his work can be seen.
  • Miller, Rodman - Articles and galleries of artist’s glass sculptures with details about the artist.
  • Townsend, Milon - Self-taught artist’s glass sculptures from decorative pieces and paperweights to functional and architectural works.
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  • Rademaker, Kirk - Sand sculptures for kids, team buildings and social causes. Gallery of his latest works also included.
  • Canadian Snow Sculpture Team - Information about the team with a photo archive of their works and calendar of upcoming events.
  • Sandscapes - Sand sculpture services for any event with gallery of previous works and profile.

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