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  Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Abbey, Edward 
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Abbey, Lynn 
  • Worlds of Lynn Abbey - Showcases biography and written accounts of the author. Includes “Thieves’ World,” “Face of Chaos” and “Eleanor of Aquitaine.”.
  • NNDB - Lynn Abbey - Provides fast facts on the life of the author such as birthday, ethnicity and nationality. Includes a summary on her known work entitled, “Thieves’ World.”.
  • Fantastic Fiction - Lynn Abbey - Author of six contemporary historical fantasy novels. Her works include the series on “Daughter of the Bright Moon.”.
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Abe, Kobo 
  • Abe, Kobo - Inter Ice Age 4 - Presents synopsis of Kobo Abe’s novel together with its publication details and a commentary.
  • Reading Abe Kobo - Contains details on Abe Kobo’s works and his life. Includes transcription of an interview with his daughter, Abe Neri.
  • Books and Writers - Kobo Abe - Biographical account on the author. Contains citations from his works.
  • Fantastic Fiction - Kobo Abé - Lists titles of Abe’s novels and other written accounts. Showcases “The Road Sign at the End of the Street,” “Inter Ice Age 4” and “The Woman in the Dunes.”.
  • Scriptorium – Kobo Abe - Literary study on the life and works of the novelist and playwright.
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Achebe, Chinua 
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Ackroyd, Peter 
  • Ackroyd – Interview - Verbatim transcription between Anke Scutze and Peter Ackroyd.
  • Bold Type - Peter Ackroyd - Literary critic on “The Life of Thomas More.” Also contains transcription of an interview with the author and a synopsis of the book.
  • Guardian Unlimited – Peter Ackroyd - Contains fast facts on the life of the author such as his educational attainment, birthplace and literary contributions.
  • St. Thomas More - Presents book review on the biographical narrative of the saint.
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Acosta, Oscar Zeta 
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Adams, Deborah 
  • Deborah Adams - Writer of mystery fiction under the America Edgar Committees. Features her series “Jesus Creek.”.
  • Author Information - Deborah Adams - Features fiction books authored by Adams. Also provides biography of the writer.
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Adams, Léonie 
  • Poets -Leonie Adams - Provides profile and photo of the author with a list of her poems.
  • Léonie Adams - Showcases her poems such as "Kennst du das Land," "Lullaby" and "Many Mansions." Also provides brief biography of the poet.
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Addison, Joseph 
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Addonzio, Kim 
Top  > Arts  > Literature  > Authors  > Aiken, Conrad 
  • Poets - Conrad Aiken - Provides biography and photo of the poet. Contains list of selected bibliographies on his poems, prose, fiction, children’s literature, letters and plays.
  • Conrad Aiken – Poems - Selection of poems authored by Aiken. Includes “Chance Meetings,” “The Dance of Life” and “Evensong.”.
  • Books and Writers - Conrad Aiken - Features the American poet, novelist and at the same time short story writer.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Genres  > Horror  > Magazines 
  • Rue Morgue - Official site of the magazine featuring fan message boards, movie reviews, news, and magazine information.
Top  > Arts  > Music  > News and Media  > Magazines 
  • Popular Music and Society - Quarterly academic journal that presents articles on music of any genre, time period, methodology, and geographic location.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Theater 
  • PlaysInPerpetuity - Offers live and modern theatrical productions filmed in high definition, then optimized for Internet viewing.

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