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  • Fuzzwich - Create animated masterpieces in just moments. View and vote on ones already created, or produce your own.
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  • The Indigo - Tribal troupe founded by Rachel Brice, currently with Zoe Jakes, and Mardi Love. Details for the individual dancers, and a link to a myspace page for the troupe with tour and workshop details, and videos.
  • Aveyanda Skye - Tribal dancer in the Netherlands who fuses several styles including goth and flamenco, and tours with Magenta Motion. Biography, images and video clips.
  • Belly Craft - Founded by Alicia Sparaco and performing gothic industrial tribal fusion. Schedule of classes in Florida, performances, and videos.
  • Florida Tribal Dance - Introduces tribal and presents Lacey's biography and details of classes in Orlando. Includes a calendar of events.
  • Moria - Tribal fusion dancer who performs with the Bellydance Superstars and offers performances and workshops worldwide. Includes photographs and background information.
  • Troupe Shuvani - Middle Eastern, Gypsy and American Tribal Style dance ensemble led by Crimson. Includes information on classes in Flagstaff, Arizona, and appearances.
  • Tribe Badir - Introduces the ATS troupe and offers details of classes in San Jose, California, and a performance schedule.
  • Mavi Bellydance - Dark fusion belly dance artist based in Washington DC. Outlines her dance experience with Romka and Martiya Possession and gives her performance schedule and details of workshops.
  • Queen Bat - Personal pages of an ATS dancer in Stockholm with a troupe called Tribal Empire.
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  • Photography Zone - Provides opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and photos online with image posting, discussion forum, and articles.

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