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  • Animal House (1978) - The Internet Movie Database breaks down this comedy classic with cast and crew information, user reviews, photographs and sound clips.
  • Animal House - After more than 25 years, an official site still lives and you can take quiz on the movie, relive some classic memories or see the actual theatrical trailer.
  • Box Office Mojo - The total lifetime gross of this film is well over 140 million. Get all the numbers and check out the grading system here.
  • Soundtrack Collector - Check out all the tunes on one of the most timeless movie sound tracks of all time, from Shout to Louie Louie.
  • Useless Movie Quotes - Some of these useless movie quotes have .wav files with them so you can hear them as they were said in the movie.
  • Killer Movies -- Animal House - Killer Movies offers up a small synopsis, information on the DVD/VHS and a comment board to encourage user opinions.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Dodgeball 
  • Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) - At the Internet Movie Database, check out trivia, goofs, a full cast and crew listing, alternate versions, sound clips and user reviews.
  • - JoBlo offers its visitors an extensive gallery of photos from the film, a plot summary and a collection of news pieces.
  • Box Office Mojo - Check out the grade percentages this film got, then find out whether or not it got an A in revenue. Total gross sales figures are here.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - At Rotten Tomatoes, users will see a large conglomeration of reviews from periodicals and online sites throughout the country.
  • Killer Movies -- Dodgeball - Post your comments on the film on the message board, then, check out the film's trailer in high, medium or low resolution, depending on your connection.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Fletch 
  • Fletch (1985) - Get sound clips from the film, check out a full cast and crew listing and click on memorable quotes to read some of the classic one-liners from this film.
  • Laker Jim's Fletch Won - At this comprehensive fan site, check out downloads, a Where Are They Now section, DVD petitions and information on an apparent Fletch video game.
  • Erasing Clouds - This well-written tribute article pays homage to the film, but it also speaks of plans of a possible Kevin Smith prequel to Fletch that would star Jason Lee.
  • Soundtrack Collector - Most 80s comedies feature the appropriate harpsichord theme music, but they aren't often easy to find. All the tracks on the Fletch sound track live right here.
  • Killer Movies -- Fletch - Killer Movies offers up information on the VHS and DVD versions of the movie, as well as a comment board for discussion of the film.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Mrs. Doubtfire 
  • Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) - The Internet Movie Database provides sound clips of this family comedy, as well as memorable quotes and cast information.
  • Soundtrack Collector - This sound track is not an easy one to find, but the Collector comes through. View the tracks and find out how to get your hands on a copy here.
  • Movie Mistakes - This site concentrates on what slipped through the cracks in the filming of movies, including Mrs. Doubtfire. They deal in filming and continuity.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Old School 
  • Old School (2003) - The Internet Movie Database has cast listings, user and external reviews, sound clips, memorable quotes, trivia and movie goofs.
  • Old School - Get downloads, learn about DVD features and play the ever popular Frank the Tank's Streak-O-Matic game at the official Dreamworks site.
  • - Get an Old School movie poster and download wallpaper and screensavers to your home computer. Then, take a peak at the trailer.
  • - Check out details on Will Farrell and rest of the cast and crew, then view an extensive photo gallery and link up to the trailer.
  • Killer Movies -- Old School - Killer Movies has a gallery of photos, links to the trailer and a comment board for users to share their favorite moments.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Critics are slightly on the good side of the fence at Rotten Tomatoes, but apparently they haven't polled the masses of teens and 20-somethings who treat this movie like the new Animal House.
Top  > Arts  > Movies  > Titles  > Road Trip 
  • Road Trip (2000) - There are many memorable quotes to remember at IMDB, as well as sound clips, reviews, trivia and information on the cast and crew of this slapstick comedy.
  • DVD Wolf - The DVD Wolf reviews the movie and then helps users find the best price to purchase the DVD.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Reading some of these reviews, you wonder if critics have a sense of humor. Opinions from periodicals and web sites highlight this link.
  • Killer Movies -- Road Trip - View the Quicktime trailer, read up on reviews or post your comments about the film on the message board at Killer Movies.

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