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  • Flying Gaonas Gym - Circus art school offers flying trapeze performance training. Also includes program fees information, registration form and class rules details.
  • Flying Trapeze Australia - Offers flying trapeze training services. Contains classes information, photo gallery and circus resources.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Circus  > Circuses  > Cirque du Soleil  > Performers 
  • Pauliina Rasanen - Multi-talented performer specializes aerial art presentation. Includes personal resume, photo and video gallery, painting collections and contact information.
  • Viktor Kee - Contains the performer’s biography, photos, and video clips.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Circus  > Circuses  > Cirque du Soleil  > Resources 
  • Artists Direct - Presents cirque du soleil media releases. Includes price details and product rates on DVD, movies and videos.
  • Rise Of Cirque Du Solei - Contains article on circus entertainment business information. Includes author feedback form and article message board discussion.
  • Cirque Du Solei - Presents article on cirque du solei circus information. Includes photo album and circus theater information.
  • Circus Net - Contains collection of circus document, program information, journal and newspaper articles.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Circus  > Clowning  > Clowns 
  • Boswick Trunstyle Jr. - Television magician star performs magic, juggling, comedy and audience participation in birthday parties. Includes personal profile and contact information.
  • Circus Berzercus - Partnership company provides school and community circus skill lessons and workshops. Includes performance details, picture gallery and contact information.
  • Clown Ante - Contains festival and workshop details, party performance, resume lists, press and contact information.
  • Clown International - Non-profit organization hosts convention, festivals and workshops. Includes membership information, photo gallery and discussion forum.
  • Cotton The Clown - Provides clown performance that includes balloon animals, magic show, festivals and fairs entertainment. Includes booking details, message board discussion and photo gallery.
  • Jolly Holly The Clown - Shows photos gallery and performance lists of the comedian.
  • Mr. Balloonman - Contains performer biography and resume, production reviews, FAQs, performance resources, video and image gallery.
  • NY Goofs - Performs in playhouse, theater, circus shows, festivals. Shows performance resources, workshop training details and contact information.
  • Pongo The Clown - Provides performance to birthday party, singing telegram and balloon delivery services. Includes articles, photo gallery and booking information.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Circus  > Juggling  > Jugglers 
  • CJC Juggling - Contains details about booking and fees, multimedia photos, and video clips.
  • David Cousin - Contains the performer’s profile, history details, reference lists, FAQs and media resources that includes video and images.
  • Earth Bound Misfits - Offers circus workshops, programs and sessions. Contains performance information, history details, school resources and guest book discussions.
  • Eclisearts and Aardvark Circus - Offers circus workshop that provides skill training and production programs.
  • Emile Carey - Contains news, photo gallery, video presentation, performance timeline lists and contact details.
  • Flow Circus - Contains performance news, show categories, outreach program details, store resources and visual presentations.
  • Fly By Night Dangerous Comedy - Performs comedy, juggling and sideshow presentations. Contains performance details, client lists, media resources and a photo gallery.
  • Institute of Jugglology - Contains performance information that includes stage, school and street presentations. Also includes event details, news and juggling resources.
  • Gandini Juggling - Juggling company group offers performing technique tutorials and juggling performances for special events.
  • Give and Take Jugglers - Family oriented performers offers entertainment services for school assembly programs, corporate events, and festivals.
  • Gizmos Guys Comedy Jugglers - Provides presentation in theater programs and corporate events. Contains photo gallery and contact details.
  • Greg Kennedy-Innovative Juggler - Contains information about the performer, appearance details, show presentations and video resources.
  • Its Him Entertainment - Professional juggler offers performance packages for school and birthday events.
  • Jeff Lovett-Juggler - Performer of juggling and magic acts provides contact details, performance shows information and routines lists.
  • Jay Gilligan - Contains photo gallery, press publication, juggling resources, event details, and contact information.
  • Jason Garfield - Offers book sale on juggling practice, educational classes and company workshop. Also contains personal resume.
  • Jeremy Ansley - Contains performer personal biography and resume, picture gallery, and resources about circus artists.
  • Jester Jim - Performs balancing, magic acts and comedy presentations. Also contains schedule lists, media gallery and contact details.
  • Jim Show - Specializes in festival shows, and corporate and college comedy performances. Includes photo gallery and video tutorials.
  • John Park - Comedy Entertainer - Contains photos and video gallery, venue performance details, contact and booking information.
  • Brian Pankey - Contains record and achievement lists, video resources, lesson tutorials, photo gallery and contact details.
  • Juggler Jim - Juggler and stilt walker who specializes in knife juggling presentation offers performances in party and festival venues.
  • Jugglers and Circus Performers for Hire - Contains juggling resources, circus workshop details, performer lists, contact and enquiry form.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Circus  > Juggling  > Organizations  > Clubs 
  • Baltimore Jugglers Association - Multi-cultural sport club performs juggling, stilt walking and unicycle riding. Includes member lists, meeting details, association resources.
  • Jughead Youth Juggling Company - Provides youth juggler programs to develop goal setting. Includes club school information, media news and event performance details.
  • Newtown Jugglers - Offers a venue for skill practice, rehearsal of acts and recreational activities. Contains location direction and information about events.
  • Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club - Contains meeting lists, unicycle hockey details, juggling resources, program fees and information.
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Circus  > Juggling  > Organizations  > Clubs  > College and University 
Top  > Arts  > Performing Arts  > Circus  > Schools 
  • Circus Workshop - Circus training school participates in fund-raising activities and live performances. Includes professional performer lists and resumes, photo album and contact details.
  • CircusBox - Offers circus skills workshops. Contains demonstration details, client lists and photo gallery.
  • Circusology - Provides circus skills workshop that includes juggling, cross lateral exercise and motor control. Contains testimonials, contact information and photo gallery.
  • CirKids - Provides circus skills training and presentation lessons. Also includes map location, registration details and contact information.
  • Bizircus - Performs character comedy, acrobatic stunts and juggling presentation. Also contains workshop, show reviews and booking request.
  • Research Studio of Pantomime-Theatre - School of physical theatre offers workshops, amateur and professional classes. Includes performance program information, and event and contact details.
  • Greentop Community Circus Center - Circus school provides training sessions and workshops that include aerial, manipulation and acrobatic performance.
  • Hollywood Aerial Arts - Offers training that specializes static trapeze and circus skills performance. Contains schedule details, FAQs and contact information.
  • Israel Circus School - Multicultural center offers circus arts and skills training workshop and programs. Contains class information, picture gallery and newsletter archive publication.
Top  > Arts  > Television  > Programs  > Health 
  • Life.Live it.Give it. - Offers background information on the show in addition to resources for those interested in organ donation.

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