Turkey Time!

Turkey DinnerThanksgiving Day falls on November 25th.  The first Thanksgiving Day came about in 1621 to celebrate the bountiful harvest gained by Plymouth colonists after the severe winter season. Initially, it was very similar to a traditional English harvest feast, and the Wampanoag Indians were invited to the celebration. The first American president to declare the day a holiday was George Washington, in 1789. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln delivered his notable Thanksgiving Proclamation shortly before the end of the conflict would arrive.  In the 1940s, for economic reasons, Franklin D. Roosevelt, declared the day should fall on the third Thursday of October to lengthen the holiday shopping season. Today, the holiday falls on the fourth Thursday in November and signals the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Nevertheless, the fall holiday continues to be a favorite day to feast and enjoy the warm company of loved ones.

Speaking of turkeys (and all in good fun, of course!), the White Sox have taken their first World Series championship since the World War I Era in a four-game sweep over the Houston Astros. The Windy City's franchise hadn't won a series since 1917, and they hadn't participated in one since 1959. To top it off, the White Sox were infamous for throwing the 1919 World Series, which earned the team the "black socks" moniker and tarnished the names of the players, most notably Shoeless Joe Jackson. Chicago's Jermaine Dye drives in what would become the winning run of the final game with two outs in the eighth inning; he becomes the MVP of the series. The striking resemblance to last year's win as the Boston Red Sox defeated St. Louis for their first championship in 86 years has all eyes focused on baseball's remaining wallflower club: the Chicago Cubs. But baseball fans have had two consecutive years of thrills for the ultimate underdogs, perhaps another one would be too much to handle?

Veterans Day, falls on November 11th. Armistice Day, which was the initial holiday for remembering men and women in uniform, became a holiday in 1938 and got its date from the last day of World War I. After World War II and the Korean War, congress changed the name of the holiday to Veterans Day in 1954.

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