Back To School Blues

September Already! Even though the last day of summer is officially September 22, it feels like summer really ends once Labor Day weekend rolls around and the "back to school" sales are announced.  For most of the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is already cooling off and we unfortunately seem to be well into hurricane season.  This season officially began on June 1st, but history has shown that the United States has weathered the worst hurricanes during the fall months.

This past August, hurricane Katrina ravaged the gulf coast, killing dozens of Americans and leaving millions without power.   Even though most civilians were warned, many experienced significant financial and property damages.  Those who live along the South Atlantic coast know that hurricane preparation is very important.  Staying tuned to weather reports is always a good idea and will help determine the severity of the storm.  Civilians should have an evacuation route planned in case the storm is headed toward their specific region.  Those who plan on bunkering down and waiting it out should stock up on disaster supplies such as batteries, flashlights, first aid kits, food and water.  For more information and resources for hurricane preparation, try visiting the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Thankfully, this time of the year is not all doom and gloom. The new academic year can be a busy and exciting time for most Americans.  Retail stores are offering back to school and summer clearance sales to make room for the new autumn clothing line.  Business will likely surge for vendors selling backpacks, sneakers, and school supplies to new and returning students.

Feel free to take a gander at the below resources, as they may be of some use during this month: