April Fools!

April Fools Day is believed to have started during the confusion that followed the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar by Charles IX in France around 1582. As people were used to celebrating the arrival of a new year on April 1st, some refused to accept January 1st as the new first day of the year, and those backwards folks became the subject of ridicule and were labeled "fools."


Daylight savings time begins on the 3rd. Remember to set your clocks!


Mother Earth takes the spotlight on Earth Day, which is April 22. The ecological holiday began on April 22, 1970, and it continues to raise awareness about issues related to conservation, recycling and alternative energies.


Passover begins at sunset on April 24th and ends at sunset on May 1st. It's one of three pilgrim festivals in the Jewish religion. It celebrates Israel's Exodus from slavery in ancient Egypt, which followed the ten plagues. The final plague that brought about the ultimate release of the children of Israel, found death coming to first-born males throughout Egypt overnight, including the son of Ramses II, unless the door posts and lentils were marked as Aaron and Moses had instructed. If the markings were correct, the death angel was said to have "passed over" the home--leaving the first-born male of that household alive.


Easter falls on April 27th of 2005; Good Friday is on the 25th. Also, Palm Sunday is on the 20th.


The Detroit Pistons lose the NBA Championship to the San Antonio Spurs four games to three. Tim Duncan scores 20 points and 14 rebounds and is the MVP. This is the third championship for the franchise since the Spurs defeated the Lakers in 1999. The victory over the Lakers was somewhat begrudged by critics who claimed the odd nature of 1999's shortened season helped the club into the playoffs, and San Antonio's failure to repeat the following year left others saying the victory was a fluke. However, with two more championships under their belt since the Lakers defeat, San Antonio's reputation as a powerful force in the NBA is undisputed.


Macintosh announces the launch of Mac OSX Tiger on April 29th, and Mac users are anxious to install the update for new features, including Spotlight, Dashbord and Automator. Apple says Tiger is the most successful OS release in the history of the computing world and delivers 2 million copies of the software within six weeks of its official release.


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