What's New For 3/12/2012

Editor Top Picks

  • iCivics - Founded by Sandra Day O'Connor as an easy way to teach civics to young Americans. Includes lessons on citizenship and participation, separation of powers, branches of government, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  
    ( Top > Science > Social Sciences > Education > Civics )

  • Hunger Games - Science fiction and futuristic action tale pits the 12 districts of what remains of North America against each other. Each are represented by a teen boy and girl who must compete in the life and death "hunger games." Stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.  
    ( Top > Arts > Movies > Titles )

  • Whale Spoken Here - Whale watching center offers this program for volunteers to help the park rangers monitor whale migrations on the Oregon Coast from the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Download an information packet for volunteering.  
    ( Top > Regional > United States > Oregon > Science and Environment )

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