What's New For 2/17/2012

Editor Top Picks

  • W.E. - What was it about Wallis that made Edward, the Duke of Windsor abdicate the throne, and how did Wallis deal with the hatred that came from it? Madonna directs the film in exploration of a topic that has intrigued the world since 1937, as the greatest love story of all time.  
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  • AudioLiterate - Engage with literature at this resource for streaming and downloading audiobooks. Not everyone has a Kindle or Nook so this resource offers a way to hear public domain works and other free audio literature.  
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  • International Pancake Day - When Mardi Gras comes it means just one thing, it's the day before Lent. But to Liberal and it's sister city of Olney, England it means Pancake Day! In this race,= participants wear head scarfs and aprons, and must flip her pancake both at the beginning and end of the race. This 4 day event includes a cooking contest, pancake eating, talent show, and a parade.  
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