Happy New Year

The custom of making resolutions at the beginning of a new year is an ancient practice, which is still popular today. For many, the coming of a new year presents an opportunity to make positive changes. Giving up habits like smoking or drinking are classic favorites, while finding new jobs, losing weight and ending dysfunctional relationships are popular too.

January 9th finds North Korea officially withdrawing from the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons. However, in a cabinet meeting on January 22, the nation announces they have no plans of producing nuclear weapons.


On January 10th, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld deploys 62,000 troops to the Persian Gulf region, which brings the total number of troops in the region to 80,000. During his state of the union address on January 28th, President Bush announces he is prepared to attack Iraq with or without a mandate from the United Nations. French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin claims his nation might utilize veto power in the Security Council to cancel the US push for a resolution to warrant a first strike against Iraq. German officials claim they will stand with France on the issue, and both nations lobby for weapons inspections and diplomacy over war.


The Golden Globe Awards are held on January 19th. Best picture is taken by "The Hours," while best actor in a drama is Jack Nicholson in "About Schmidt." Best actress in a drama goes to Nicole Kidman for "The Hours," and best actor and actress in a musical or comedy awards go to  Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger for their roles in "Chicago." Supporting actor and actress awards go to Chris Cooper and Meryl Streep for their roles in "Adaptation," and Martin Scorsese receives the award for best director for "Gangs of New York."

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon defeats Amram Mitzna in an election on January 29th. Sharon's Likud Party comes away with 38 seats in the 120-seat parliament. The Labor Party loses 6, while holding onto 19 seats.


Superbowl XXXVII finds the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeating the Oakland Raiders 48 - 21 in San Diego, California, on January 26th. Tampa Bay gains dominance early in the game, but Oakland is never able to recover. Tampa Bay's Dexter Jackson is voted MVP, and coach John Gruden enjoys a championship season for his first year with the franchise.

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