You Like Nuggs?

We are asked once in a while about the fox. Who is that fox, what is he doing on the page?

The fox is Nuggs, and he is the directory mascot. Actually he serves a few purposes. First of all, he helps to bring a little life to the page. We understand that although we love her, looking at a directory is not the most exciting thing to look at. The pages are really content heavy (nice) and graphics light, so we decided from the beginning to have a mascot on each page that would add a bit of life to each page.

Secondly, it was a great way for our developers to express some creative talent. Writing code 15 hours a day can be a little tedious (so I hear).

Most importantly, Nuggs is the personification of the spirit of BOTW – smart, cunning, a little mischevious, definitely looking to mix it up. We try to always stay one step ahead, and it helps seeing the reminder.

We currently have only a couple hundred individual images, but it is on the agenda to arrange for additional creations. If you know of anybody that is willing/able to create additional images, of course let us know. We are always looking for good people.


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