PubCon Vegas Recap

If you have spent any time learning the ropes of search marketing, you have undoubtedly heard people talking about PubCon. It’s an annual conference hosted by Brett Tabke of Webmasterworld that features a few days of learning, a few nights of networking, and one afternoon filled with beer. This year marked another wonderful success for PubCon and the entire search industry.

BOTW has long been a PubCon participant. Due to conflicting schedules,we were unable to bring the booth crew this year so we made the trip in reduced numbers. We were able to do some great networking at the various venues, and it’s always great to see our friends and partners. I was able to give a presentation on directories on a panel with Chris Tolles, Rebecca Kelley, Eric Enge and Roger Montti.

Because we didn’t have a booth, we didn’t bring t-shirts to hand out. We do promise though to send shirts to all of you who requested one (or two/three). Thanks to everybody that we got time to hang out with, and a big shout-out to PG for bringing the SEO dinosaurs together for a class dinner at the Wynn. And a huge shout out to DK who did another fantastic job putting together the second annual SEO poker tournament (all BOTW participants were eliminated in short order). Pics here.

So for now it’s time to dust off the keyboards and get back to work. Until next time friends…


2 Responses to “PubCon Vegas Recap”

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  2. purposeinc says:

    Thanks again BOTW crew for sponsoring the tourney.

    It will never be forgotten that you guys were the first one to step up and throw down some coin to get the thing rolling the first year.

    I agree the dinner thrown by Patrick was all time. I felt truly honored to get to sit at that table.

    The small networking session that you guys hosted on Friday also was invaluable networking.

    Much Love and appreciation!