Hot Adult Stars

We don’t spend all of our time building out Regional. There are some editors who take a keen interest in editing in the Adult branch. For better or for worse, Adult sites are part of the internet. And it is our job to properly categorize them.

Most recently, some Porn Star categories are starting to fill in nicely. For instance see:

Lily Thai

Brittney Skye

Jenna Jameson

Nikki Nova

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More to come. (no pun intended)


3 Responses to “Hot Adult Stars”

  1. For better or for worse????

    Come on porn helped create the web… why are we so quick to push it back into the dark now that the web has matured???

  2. Brian says:

    Different strokes for different folks; but there is no denying that adult sites certainly DID have a meaningful impact on the rapid evolution of the web as we know it….

    In fact, one could argue that the origins of all modern SEO and SEM practices were invented, perfected, and invented again within the adult webmaster community. So in that vein, let us rejoice and celebrate the creation, evolution, and current video-on-demand state of the adult industry!!

  3. Is this result in good things???!!! Anyway ,you have done categories in good way…All the best

    Don Lapre Watcher